Volume LXVIII: 9 Clement VII. Anti-Pope

Page 568

Petitions to the Pope 1342-1419. Originally published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1896.

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9 Clement VII. Anti-Pope

1387. (f. 47d.)
Patrick David, of the diocese of St. Andrews, B.A. and student at Paris in the same, natural son of a custumary of the king of Scotland. For the perpetual vicarage of Dunlope, in the diocese of Glasgow, value 16 silver marks, void by the death of John de Renfru.
Granted. Avignon, 7 Kal. Feb.
(f. 137d.)
Walter, cardinal of Scotland. For the archdeaconry of Argyle, or Lismore, on its voidance by the consecration of John, bishop elect of Argyle or Lismore, or by lapse of time, and for dispensation to hold the same together with incompatible benefices.
Granted motu proprio, and we dispense him. Avignon, 3 Kal. June.
(f. 183d.)
The same. On behalf of John de Merton, bachelor of canon law, and official of the court of Glasgow, for the canonry and prebend of Barlanak in Glasgow, void by the death of Simon de Kethnis, notwithstanding that he has the church of Cambuslang, in the same diocese. Granted. Avignon, Id. June.
(f. 243.)
John Wischard, of the diocese of Glasgow, bachelor of canon law. For the vicarage of Kilpatrick, in the said diocese, value 25 marks, void by reason that Walter Bricii, who held it, obtained also the precentorship of Glasgow, notwithstanding that John has a canonry and prebend of Glasgow. Granted. Avignon, 3 Non. Oct
(f. 256.)
Alexanderde Ward[l]au, of the diocese of Aberdeen, B.A. nephew of the late Walter, cardinal of Scotland. For the archdeaconry of Argyle, value 45 marks, void by the death of the said cardinal, notwithstanding that he has a canonry and prebend of Glasgow.
Granted, and we dispense him as being under age, if he needs it Avignon, 7 Kal. Nov.