Volume XIII: 6 Clement VI

Petitions to the Pope 1342-1419. Originally published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1896.

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'Volume XIII: 6 Clement VI', in Petitions to the Pope 1342-1419, (London, 1896) pp. 124-126. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/petitions-to-pope/1342-1419/pp124-126 [accessed 20 April 2024]

6 Clement VI

1347. (f. 38.)
Roger Holm, clerk of the diocese of Salisbury. For the canonry and prebend of Erchefonte in the collegiate church of the Benedictine nuns of St. Mary's, Wroton, value 20 marks, void by the consecration of John Trillek, bishop of Hereford; notwithstanding that he expects a benefice in the gift of the abbot and convent of Rameseye.
Granted. Avignon, 14 Kal. Dec.
(f. 51d.)
William Potence of Ore, in the diocese of Salisbury. For a canonry of the Benedictine monastery of St. Edith's, Wilton, and prebend of Stanton, void by the resignation of Paul de Monteflorum; notwithstanding that William has the church of Grenford Magna, in the diocese of London. Granted. Avignon, 16 Kal. Dec.
(f. 59.)
The kings of France and Scotland, bishops William of St. Andrews, William of Glasgow, William of Aberdeen, Richard of Dunkeld, Martin of Argyle, Adam of Brechin, and Maurice of Dunblane. Signification that although Elizabeth Mor and Isabella Boutellier, noble damsels of the diocese of Glasgow, are related in the third and fourth degrees of kindred, Robert Steward of Scotland, lord of Stragrifis, in the diocese of Glasgow, the king's nephew, carnally knew first Isabella, and afterwards, in ignorance of their kindred, Elizabeth, who was herself related to Robert in the fourth degree of kindred, living with her for some time and having many children of both sexes by her; the above king and bishops therefore pray the pope that for the sake of the said offspring, who are fair to behold (aspectibus gratiose), to grant a dispensation to Robert and Elizabeth to intermarry, and to declare their offspring legitimate.
To be granted by the diocesan, at whose discretion one or more chapelries are to be founded by Robert. Avignon, 10 Kal. Dec.
William Laci, of the diocese of Lincoln. For a canonry and prebend of St. Davids. Granted. Avignon, 9 Kal. Dec.
(f. 61.)
John de Thoresby, bishop elect of St. Davids. For faculty to grant dispensations to a, certain number of persons of illegitimate birth in the realm, who by reason of the long journey by sea and land cannot come to the Roman court, that they may be ordained and hold benefices.
Granted, for twenty sons of unmarried persons, and ten of those either married or in orders. Avignon, 9 Kal. July.
The same. For faculty to reserve six benefices in his gift, to be given to his clerks. Granted for four. Dated as above.
The same. For licence to exact for his necessary expenses a charitable subsidy from all, whether secular or regulars, who obtain benefices which pay tithe in his diocese.
Granted. Dated as above.
The same. For faculty to confer the office of notary public on six of his clerks. Granted for three. Dated as above.
The same. For dispensation to wait three months beyond the canonical time before he is consecrated, and meanwhile to retain the canonries and prebends which he has.
Granted. Dated as above.
The same. On behalf of Robert son of Alan de Askeby, of the diocese of Lincoln, for the church of Stretton in that of York, void by the death of Master Adam de Heselbeche, and reserved by the pope. Granted. Dated as above.
The same. On behalf of John de Provana, for the canonry and prebend which the above Adam held in Howden; notwithstanding that John has the provostship of Pinarolo in the diocese of Turin.
Granted. Dated as above.
The same. Signification that the pope lately made provision to Alan de Setrington, who then held the parish church of St. Crux in Fossegate, York, of a benefice in the gift of the abbot and convent of Peterborough, by which Alan accepted the parish church of Ketringis in the diocese of Lincoln, belonging to the presentation of the said abbot and convent, and void by the death of the last rector; he therefore prays the pope to make provision to John de Luda, of the diocese of Lincoln, of the said church of St. Crux, value 20 marks, when Alan has got possession of Ketringis. Granted. Dated as above.
(f. 81.)
Ralph atte Gredyk of Malberthorp. Signification that lately, in regard to the parish church of Fenny Draiton in the diocese of Ely, a question was moved between John Elis of Hilton, who held the said church, and Robert Abbot of Wodweston, first before Oliver de Cergeto, and afterwards before Bernard de Novodompno, papal auditors; Oliver, giving sentence in favour of Robert, ordered the church to be given up to him, condemning John in costs; which sentence was confirmed by Bernard, but its execution was resisted by John, and while things were in this state Robert died at Rome. Ralph therefore prays the pope to transfer to him the right that Robert had in the said church. Granted Avignon, 6 Non. July.
(f. 72.) (fn. 1)
William de Kerdestone, baron and knight, of the diocese of Norwich. For plenary remission at the hour of death to his mother Matilda de Kerdestone, and to Sir William de Tendringgis, knight, and Margaret his wife. Granted. Avignon, 6 Id. Dec.
(f. 83.)
Laurence Hastyngs, earl of Pembroke. On behalf of David de Penros, of the diocese of Llandaff, for a benefice in the gift of the dean and chapter of the same, value 30 marks with cure of souls, or 20 without. Granted. Avignon, 9 Kal. Jan.
(f. 85.)
Robert de Nassington, abbot of Ramsey, in the diocese of Lincoln. On behalf of his nephew, Robert Kendale de Nassington, B.C.L. of the diocese of Lincoln, now studying at Oxford, for a benefice in the gift of the abbot and convent of Ramseye, value 60 marks with cure of souls, or 50 without.
Granted to the value of 40 marks with cure of souls, 30 without.
, 9 Kal. Jan.
The same, That the examination of Robert Kendale, who, by reason of the difficulties of the journey cannot come to Rome, may be remitted to him. Granted. Dated as above.


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