Volume XLV: 1 Clement VII. Anti-Pope

Petitions to the Pope 1342-1419. Originally published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1896.

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. "Volume XLV: 1 Clement VII. Anti-Pope", Petitions to the Pope 1342-1419, (London, 1896). 537-539. British History Online. Web. 23 May 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/petitions-to-pope/1342-1419/pp537-539.

1 Clement VII. Anti-Pope

1378 Roll of the earl of Douglas:
(f. 156.)
Whereas in the realm of Scotland, on the borders between it and England, and in the territory of William, earl of Douglas and Marr, there are places anciently dedicated to the service of Christ's poor, such as poor hospitals, and lazar-houses, and the like, which were endowed by their founders, and are now rendered uninhabitable by wars, the said earl purposes to restore the same to usefulness, and to maintain them and cultivate their lands, and to defend them against the enemies of the realm, and for the health of the souls of the original founders and of himself and of his ancestors, to found and endow a chapel, in honour of God, and St. Mary the Virgin, and under the name of St. Bridget, with a tower and bells, and therein, as in a collegiate church, to have a dean and certain beneficed priests, to serve the same, and celebrate divine offices in perpetuity, and do other things as the ordinary shall see fit; so that the patronage of the dean and beneficed priests shall belong to the earl and his heirs and successors. He therefore prays the pope to order the bishops of St. Andrews and Glasgow, in whose jurisdiction the said places are situated, to grant their licence to him to exchange and transfer to his hands the said places and adjacent lands and pertinences, so that the said chapel may be built and endowed.
Granted a commission to the said bishops jointly and severally, and on their information and approval the petition may be granted, provided the collegiate church be erected and sufficiently endowed. Avignon, 7 Kal. Nov.
(f. 156d.)
Whereas Edward de Bruys, brother of Robert, king of Scots, with the king's consent and that of the bishop of Glasgow, set himself to build a hospital with a chapel for the sick poor, within the limits of the Premonstratensian monastery of Holy Wood, but by reason of the wars and of Edward's death the same could not be founded or endowed, whereupon Archibald de Douglas, knight, lord of Galloway, for the health of his soul, and the souls of Robert and David, kings of Scots, and the said Edward, and his progenitor James, lord of Douglas, and all others his ancestors and successors, and all the faithful departed, founded and endowed a hospital with a chapel for the poor and infirm, and for the support of the same gave lands under conditions and with the consent of king Robert, and Walter, bishop of Glasgow, as appears in the king's letter patent. The pope is therefore prayed on the part of Archibald to confirm the said foundation and endowment.
Granted. Dated as above.
(f. 157.)
Gilbert de Grenlaw. For provision anew of the church of Liston, in the diocese of St. Andrews, which he obtained from pope Gregory on a petition in which he was described as M.A. when he was not, and therefore fears he may be molested touching the same, notwithstanding that he has a canonry and prebend of Moray.
Granted. Dated as above.
The pope, motu proprio, makes provision to Adam de Tiningham, dean of Aberdeen, a member of his household, of the canonry and prebend of Glasgow, collated to him by the ordinary, if no other has a right to them, and void by reason that pope Gregory promoted John de Peblis, papal collector in Scotland, to the see of Dunkeld, he having held the said canonry and prebend for three months. Dated as above.
(f. 182.)
Roll of the envoys of the university of Paris:—
Robert Wardroper. For a benefice in the gift of the bishop and prior of St. Andrews.
John Taite. For a benefice in the gift of the bishop, dean, and chapter of Glasgow. Granted for the above. Fondi, 9 Kal. Dec.
(f. 205.)
The pope, motu proprio, makes provision to William de Trehorn, M.A. bachelor of theology at Paris, envoy for the masters of the English nation, of a canonry of Glasgow, with expectation of a prebend. Granted. Fondi, 10 Kal. Dec.
(f. 206.)
Whereas the bishop of St. Andrews, considering the needs of the abbot and convent of St. Mary's, Cambuskenneth, by reason of divers incursions of the English and others, who have taken away gold and silver chalices, linen and woollen cloths, and church ornaments, charters, and instruments, and also that their bell tower was struck by lightning and burned, has appropriated to them the church of Kinnoul of their patronage, saving the right of Brice de Kreich, rector of the same; but Andrew de Trebrine, after two years, asserted that the church had lapsed to Urban V. and had been given to him by that pope, and obtained a sentence against the abbot and convent, and has despoiled them of the church, which he now holds; the pope is therefore prayed to confirm the aforesaid appropriation, a fit portion for a vicar being reserved; or else to appropriate the church anew to the said abbot and convent.
Granted a commission to the bishop of Glasgow, who is to appropriate the church anew if he find it useful and expedient so to do. Avignon, 7 Kal. Nov.
(f. 224.)
Part of a roll of the university of Paris:—
Thomas de Tornellis. For the church of Dunhenach, in the diocese of St. Andrews, void by the death of John de Tornellis in the Roman court so long ago that it has lapsed to the apostolic see, notwithstanding that he has the perpetual vicarage of Bonkil, in the diocese of Dunkeld, which he is ready to resign.
Granted. Fondi, 9 Kal. Dec.
Walter Bricii, perpetual vicar of Cader, in the diocese of Glasgow, papal sub-collector in the city and diocese of St. Andrews. For a canonry of Aberdeen, with expectation of a prebend, notwithstanding that he has a like grant in Glasgow, which on account of the multitude of petitioners is useless.
Granted. Dated as above.