Proceedings in Parliament 1624: The House of Commons. Originally published by British History Online, 2015-18.

This free content was born digital and sponsored by the History of Parliament Trust, with the support of the Leverhulme Trust and Yale Center for Parliamentary History. All rights reserved.



This edition of the proceedings of the 1624 Parliament was begun by Professor Robert Ruigh in the late 1960s and continued by Dr. Mark Kennedy and the Yale Center for Parliamentary History. Following the closure of the Yale Center in 2007, the History of Parliament Trust agreed to take on the completion of the project. We are grateful to Yale University, the Yale Center and the Friends of the Yale Center for Parliamentary History for their support and particularly to Dr. Maija Jansson, the former Director of the Center, for her assistance and support throughout.

The project was funded by a Research Project Grant from the Leverhulme Trust; the J.H. Hexter Grant provided by the Friends of the Yale Center for Parliamentary History, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; and a grant from the Mercers' Company.

The edition is based on manuscripts in the following archives: Bodleian Library, Oxford; The British Library, London; Cumbria Archive Centre (Carlisle); Hampshire Record Office; Houghton Library, Harvard University; Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas; Northamptonshire Record Office; Parliamentary Archives, London; Staffordshire Record Office; The National Archives, Kew; and Wiltshire and Swindon Archives. We are grateful to them for their assistance and hereby also acknowledge the kind permission granted by them and the following organisations to publish the texts concerned: Special Collections, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas Libraries; the Lowther Estate Trust; and Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Services.

Finally, we would like to thank Jonathan Blaney and Sarah Milligan of British History Online for their work in digitizing the proceedings; Dr. Gavin Robinson for his work on the diary of Richard Dyott; and Dr. Mark Kennedy, who was exceptionally generous in providing us with research materials from his earlier work on the proceedings.