Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1684

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1684', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1684', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Edited by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024,

"Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1684". Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington([s.l.], 2004), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024.

December 1684

1st Decrr. Monday, I dined with daughter, Sir Michael Biddolph and Minshall; went in the evening to Humfreys then to Dr. Taylor and Mr Kents where was Mr Leigh; thence to Mr Jones cellar with Sir Michael, Mr Leigh and Mr Kent; thither Sir Edward Wood came to us; we stayed till past 8, then parted, went home.

2 Tuesday, Mr Booth was with me about Mr Marsh's business; then came sonne Roger, after him Duncomb; discoursed my business that after the hearing would be a fit tyme to make applicacion &c.; stayed till almost 12; had several rambling discourses; I dined with daughter, Sir Michael Biddolph and Minshall; went in the evening to Humfreys, Ward, Lichmore, Turton, Williams, and Pemberton; they met at Pemberton's chamber at 7; stayed there till 9; I went thence with Turton and yong Williams to the new Devill; found there Sir Michael Biddolph & Minshall; stayed till 10 then parted & went home; [fo. 22v] 3. Wednesday, went to the hearing at Serjeants Inne; Mr Graham used some unhansome aspersions, I told him he was severe but I knew him not; a stander by sayd his name was Graham, I replyed I had heard his name indeed; I worded our discourse; the cause lasted till 2; Lord Macksfield, Lord Oswarldstone, Lord Brandon, Woosely, & many others, Mr Cholmely &c; they ordered me to come to account &c;. I dined at home with Sir Michael Minshall &c; went to the funerall of cosen Randle Baskervile, thence to the Bull Head, Sir Michael, brother Peter; Minshall came to us & Sir William Gulston; & sent for Mr Poines, an upholster about buying beds; stayed till near 10; went home.

4. Thursday, was served in the morning with an attachment (by Mr Sparke) for not answering to Gwyns suite; went with Points to Mr Oneby's house to order bedding & furniture; saw Mr Oneby; dined at daughter's, Sir Michael Minshall & Mr Lee; in the evening Sir John Conway & Mr Griffith came to visit me. Cevinght & left them at the Sunne taverne; bespoke supper to be sent to daughter's lodgings; went to Humfreys & retorned back before 6 having visited Sir Thomas Rolt in the morning & be promised to sup with me at my daughters; I invited Mr Page to meete us there; we supt together, Roger with us & parted about 10.

5. Friday, I went to the counter to give bale for a contempt in not answering the bill of Gwyn (about the old cloth buinesse in chancery); I cald on cosen Baskervile & at Onebys house to hasten theire removall & the upholsterer &c; dined with daughter; went with her to Oneby's; left her there with the workmen; went to Humfreys then to Lord Maxfield; found Mr Mountayne & Sir Rowland Gwyn with him; they went away; Roger came to us; went together to Jones about 6; Lord Brandon & a stranger came to us; afterwards Mr Woosely & Sir Rowand Gwyn; Roger left us; I left them before 11 went home.

6.Satorday, Mr Mason came to me about Roger's money; I dined at daughters, Sir Michael & Minshall (& brother interl); in the evening we removed to Mr Oneby's; I left my daughter there, went to (Humfreys crossed out),Mr Lock & Sir Andrew Forester about my businesse; Lock sayd he had order by Lord Arlington in Sir John Benets tyme; that I denyed his private letters; but the publique (often 40 pacqets on a night) went free; Sir Andrew Forester sayd he came to Lord Louderdales office in 1670; that he found the Black Box used there before his tyme & is still, that he would discourse the matter to his superiors; if subpenad will owne soe much & free me from the imputacion of any collusion in the matter; Mr Lock desires also to be subpenad;. I them retorned home to my house at Dyer's Court;.

7. Sonday, dined at home, Sir Michael & Minshall went to Parish church with Baskervile; after evening sermon Sir Edward Wood & daughters came to visit; stayed but little; I went with Sir Michael & Minshall to Grays Inne to William's; met there Sir Rowland Gwyn; went thence to Jones; Lord Brandon, Fountaine, Charleton; Mr Griffith, Thomson came to us; afterwards Sir Rowland Gwyn & Fit Gerard; stayd till 10; retorned home 8. Monday, the upholster, joyners &c came to put the house in order; dined at home; Roger & Minshall with us; went in the evening to Sir Robert Cotton; saw his sonne & 2 daughters; thence to Sir Edward Wood, saw him, Lady & daughters; then to Castle taverne to meete Sir Michael Biddolph; were brought by Mr Turton & Parkhurst into the company of Sir Thomas,Samuel Fleetwood, Tate, Sir William Yorke; Mr Stephens, Noble, Ashurst & another ( a lawyer), I know not his name, most strangers to me; most of us stayd till past 11; then went home.

[fo. 23r]

Dec 9. Tuesday, Mr Tuttle came to see me; after him Vosse about Rogers money & Mr Minshall; (went to the 3 Tunns to meete Mr Booth about Marsh interl}; wedined at home; we went in the evening to Humfreys; retorned soon; supt at home with Minshall, Sir Michael Biddolph &c.

10. Wednesday, Booth and Marsh came to me; promised to meet at 3 o'clock with Minshall and Roger; Mr Turton, his sonne and Mr Rawlins & Minshall dined with us; Roger came after dinner; after they went away came Onebey & Borroby, drank a bottle of wine then parted; I went to Humfreys; retorned by 8; Sir Michael & Minshall came about 10; dranck a bottle of wine then parted &c.(that day, one Mr Fines came to me to aske some questions about disbanding the army in 1667; I told him, I knew nothing of it; did not like him, left him}.

11. Thursday, both Mr Hicks came to me; begd pardon for theire mistake in theire examinacion about Sir Michael Biddolph &c. denyed the plaseing my letters to the King's account in tyme of privilege; John Howseman was present;. I went to Humfreys at 12, retorned past 2;dined at home with Minshall &c after dinner came Mrs Tovey; stayd with daughter till evening; I stayd at home all day after.

12. Friday, I went to Humfreys then to a Master in Chancery to put in an answer to Gwyn's bill; then to Baron Gregory's chamber in Serjeant's Inne but he was abroad; I looked into the garden (with Humfreys) & saw Greaves & another walking there; I went to dine at Pontacks with Lord Brandon, Sir Michael Biddolph Sir Harry Hubbard; Mr Harbert, Sir Rowland Gwyn, Woosely, Molsworth & Bendy; parted about 4; went to Mr Duncombe, found him, Titus & Player together; after came Guy; they stayd till past 11; Player & I till neare 2 .

13..Saterday, Mr Booth came about Marsh's businesse; I gave him a bill for 34 li. another for 40 li. to be paid 3rd February &c; dined at home; in the evening Mr Mainwaring &c. came to town & Franck Jackson ; he was called from supper & arrested;, 3 serjeants had him in custody. (Minshall Lee &c; supt with us). I gave the serjeants a bottle of wine; past my word for him till Monday.

14. Sonday, dined at home, Minshall, Jackson, Roger &c with us; stayd within all day; Sir William Gulston & Lady came in the evening & Lord. Brandon; we drank a bottle together; Sir William & Lady went away; Lord Brandon supt with us; stayd till past 10 then parted, Jackson supped with us.

15. Monday, I went to the counter about Jackson's businesse; dined at home; after dinner Mr Hargrave (clark of the counter) came to take my bale about Jackson; drank a bottle of wine &c; then I went with Mr Mainwaring to the Lord Chiefe Justice's; he was abroad; then I went with Baskervile to visit the minister; he was abroad; I went to visit Serjeant Gregory, he was abroad (Minshall went with me to Serjeants Inne, there left me); I went to Sir Thomas Chichley, he was abroad; then to Lady Wood, she & her daughters were at home; thence to Sir Richard Mason; he went with me in my coach to Temple Gate; there I left him; went home; Abraham Dashwood & Jackson supt with us; we parted past 1016. Tuesday, Waring was with me about Roger's businesse; I went to Mr Mosier soe back agen; cosen Minshall came to dine with us; in the evening he & I went to meete Mr Waring at the Griffin in Holborne about Rogers businesse; we parted about 7; then we went to the Queens Armes taverne in Newgate Streete; we found there Sir Michael Biddolph, Mainwaring, Abraham Dashood, Baskerville Hore, Ben Gerard, Jackson; Dashwood left us; then came Mr Thomas but stayd but awhile; we all parted a little past 10 17. Wednesday, Hilman came to me about making me a coate; Sir Edward Wood came to see us; Mr Lee dined with us; I visited Mr Oneby in the morning, there was Mr Mitten, Mrs Oneby, another man & gentlewoman; we had a bottle of wine; I went thence to Humfreys & Mr Norway; retorned by 8..

[fo. 23v]

18 Thursday, I went to Lord Maxfields with Mr Mainwaring. Lord Brandon, his brother; Talmash, Forbes, Murray & the 2 Ladyes who were in the lower room; I stayd not but went to Colonel Sackvile's where dined Lord Maxfield, Sir Phil Medows, Mr Pitts, Mr Sackvile & his lady; soone after diner we parted; went home with Lord Maxfield; Mainwaring & I went to Sir Robert Cotton; drank a bottle of wine with him below; went thence to Lady Wood; I went to Sir Richard Mason, stayd awhile; retorned to Lady Wood & thence we went home 19 Friday, dined at home; went in the evening to Mr Mosier; thence (past 7) to the Sunne where I met Dorisla & Gardiner; stayd till 10; thence to the Bull in Wood Streete where was Mr Mainwaring, Biddolph, Borroby, Baskervile, Roger, Minshall, Wright, Sturton & Jackson; stayd there till neare 12; then home.

20. Satorday, dined at home, Bretland came to me; afterwards Foche about Marbry &c; went in the evening to Humfreys and then to Gulston; thence (about 7) to the Castle; stayed there in expectation of Mainwaring & Biddolph till past 9; had no company but Mr Glover (master of the house sometimes) then home, the barber Cosens came & trimed me, soe to bed.

21. Sonday, went twice to Parish Church; Turton & Minshall & Mrs Jones dined with us; after evening sermon Baskervile & Mitton came in with me, dranck a bottle of wine, Mr Duncombe came in; went up to my daughters when the 2 others went away I went up to him; there was Mrs Tovey & her sonne; they went presently away; Duncombe stayd till neare 7 &c; I sup't at home.

22 Monday, went to Humfreys & with him to Sir Edward Herbert, then home, dined; in the afternoone came Minshall then Foche; he & I went to Bretland; then I cald on Minshall; went to Stysted's; he was abroad, then to Sir Thomas Chichley; stayd with him neare ½ an hour; then to Pryor at the Romer, dranck a pinte of hock; discoursed him about Roger & Stisted, then to Lawrenceson's at the other Romer; discoursed him & his wife about the same businesse; then called on Mr Gulston at the Devill taverne, one Mr Gwin (a friend of Gulston's came to us) we dranck 2 bottles, soe home.

23.Tuesday, Mr Thomson & Minshall dined with us; after dinner came Lord Brandon & Woosely, afterwards Jackson; stayd till 10; Thomson & Minshall till past 11.

24. Wednesday, went to Mosier, dined at home Mainwaring, Biddolph, Roger & Minshall & Jackson; in the evening went to Stisted's house; he was abroad, then to the Bachus in Channell Row; spake with Mr Prior about Stisted &c; then to the Queens or Kings Armes in Newgate market (Minshall with me); there was Mainwaring, Biddolph & Jackson; we parted about 9 & soe home;.

25. Thursday, Xmas Day, received the Blessed Sacrament; dined at home; at night went to meete Lord Brandon at the Castle Keys in Covent Garden where was Brandon, his brother, Thomson, Molesworth, Mainwaring, Biddolph. Mr Herbert; we stayd till neare 11, then home..

26. Friday, Mosiers clark came to me about Roger's business & Mr Kind's man with a letter about money Roger owes him; Minshall dined with us; after dinner Mr Lee came to us; they stayd not long. in the evening Lady Brandon & Mrs Wood came &c; & about 9 Mr Mainwaring, Lee & Minshall; they parted about 11.

27. Satorday, Humfreys came to me; after him Mr Prole about his servant John Whitley; I dined at home, went in the evening to Sir Thomas Player then to Mr Prole's, then home &c . Minshall, Mainwaring & Biddolph came in after supper; then the barber's man to trimme me &c.

[fo. 24r]

28. Sonday, went twice to Parish Church; dined at home; Minshall &c. went in the evening (with Biddolph) to visit Sir Thomas Gold; went afterwards to visit Lady Wood; there was Lady Fox & her daughter; when they went came in Mr Shales & Mrs Gaunte; I went with Mainwaring & Biddolph to Mr Jones; Mr Coling came to us & dranck a glasse or 2 of wine, then left us; about10 we went home Mr Boleys man came to me about John Whitley .

29. Monday, brother Peter came to me, then Mr Prole to shew me Cheife Justice's warrant; Mr Baskervile, wife, daughter, Mr Gerard, Minshall, Jackson dined with us; after dinner Mr Lee came; after him Mr Williams; after they went away I went to Mr Prole with 2 letters that came to my house for John Whitley; there were 2 or 3 with him drinking a bottle of wine but strangers to me; I went to the Temple; Humfreys abroad soe was Gulston, I spoke with his clark; retorned home.

30.Tuesday, Mr Mount was with me about Rogers mortgage, also Mrs Vosse about their money; I went to Waring, spoke with his clark, then to Humfreys; then to Garroways, spoke with Mr Foche; enquired for Mr Duncombe at the shop; soe home; there came to me Mr Mount about Roger's writings; Mr Wood dined with us; Warings clark came to me; I went in the morning to Mr Colings lodgings; stayd neare ½ an houer with his brother Ben; then went to Sir Richard Mason; stayd awhile with him; then he brought me to his Lady & daughter; I stayd with them about ½ houer; then went to Mr Proles; he was abroad, talked a awhile in the entry with his mayde & porter, then home; Roger & Jackson came to me; we soone parted & to bed.

31. Wednesday, Mr Mount came to me about Roger's businesse; showed me the draught; Warring came to me for a bill of 200 li. on Phinley's account; the barbers man trimed me; Dr Shalford, Oneby, wife, daughter & Richardson & Jackson dined with us; the doctor went soone after dinner; Richardson about 5 o'clock; then came one Mr Dee (a neighbor acquainted with Oneby but a stranger to me); they stayd till past 9; Morgan Whitley came to us & a man from Mr Prole &c; I stayd at home, supt &c; Mr Mount brought draught of the writings.