Roger Whitley's Diary: February 1691

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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February 1691

Feb: 1. Sonday, was not at church, no company all day; Huson came in the evening;.

2. Monday, Cooper, Davyes & Ormes (with 2 others) came from Chester to see me; stayd till after dinner; Sir William Aston, Traverse, Radley, Mrs Hardwar & Grantham dined with me; after dinner came Sefton & Raphson from Barrow to speake in Akerly's behalfe; they all went in the evening; but Traverse supt & stayd till 10; Mr Lee came to see us from Lord Warington, supt, & stayd all night.

3. Tuesday, Lee went away about 9; & Mainwaring went then to a funerall at Namptwich; Palin, Cookson came about theire rents & one Taylor to take land; they went in the eveninG.

4. Wednesday, I & daughters went to Chester; dined at Angells, Mainwaring dined with us; severall came to see us; Bolland to get me sign a petition to Lord Shrewsbury; Donald trimmed me; I went to see Mrs Mainwaring thence her husband & I went to Hunt; then to the funerall of Lady Delves; thence to Jacksons; there was G.Mainwaring Streete, Deane, &c. past 5 I went home with my daughters.

5. Thursday, Bellot & Warburton dined with us; Hardware came after dinner, stayd not long; the other 2 went about 7; Ormes & 3 other Pipemakers came in the morning, dined below & went about 4; Kate Calvert came in the evening, stayd all night.

6. Friday, Mainwaring went to the Sheriffe's; no company dined with us but Kate Calvert; after dinner, Traverse came & stayd an houer; Huson & Tomkinson went to receive money for my sonne from Sir Philip Egerton & to buy sheep on the forest; Delves was here, 2 or 3 days, about his accounts: 7. Satorday, Huson went to Chester; Tomkinson & Delves to Shotwick; my 2 Grandsons & Kate Calvert went to Peover:.

8. Sonday, was not at church, Travers dined with us.

9. Monday, John Hough came before 11; dined with us; after dinner Mainwaring & I went to visit the Deane; there were Arderne, Bunbery, Stanley, Clark & another with him (all but him at dinner) Clark went soone after; the rest stayd; Mainwaring & I left them past 5, called at Olton's' then home.

10. Tuesday, Angell dined with us; a surgeon let daughter Mainwaring blood; Thomas – Jones & his sonne came to view land at Moldsworth; Cookson payed some money; a man brought me a letter from Leeke about copper oare.

11. Wednesday, I went in the afternoone (with Mainwaring & my daughters) to visit Hardwar; stayd there till past 5; no company all day.

12. Thursday, the Governor, Colonel Peirce, G.Mainwaring, Angell, Jackson, Deane, Bell, Jones, &c. dined with us; went before 5.

13. Friday, I went to the Glassehouse (Mainwaring with me) to meete Tatenall & Bechin tenants; there was Bolton, Wright, Palin, Tonna, Cumberbach, &c. I left them past 12 with Huson & Tomkinson to settle accounts & to pay money; went to Chester (Mainwaring being walked before) dined with G.Mainwaring his wife, sister, daughters, sonne, Sreete; I was trimmd there; Streete & I went to Angells,. saw him & my sisters; then went to Jacksons; there was 2 Mainwarings, Johnson, Deane, Wright, Murray, Kinaston, Parry, Taylor, &c. we parted at 6; went home.

14. Satorday, Mainwaring went early to Knotsford & Peover; Huson to Chester, &c. Fletcher came to see me;,&c. stayd all night; Burgesse came to me from Shotwick: 15. Sonday, Mr Parry came after dinner (having sent to him to come discourse with me about keeping the Assises at Flint); he went agen past 4; Fletcher & Bridge came to me, stayd not.

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Feb: 16. Monday, about 4 Grantham came to speake with Mainwaring, & Akerley's wife, with a present & to agree for her house & some ground.

17. Tuesday, the smith went to Chester to put up the bell at the Chappell; retorned late; Mainwaring retorned at night from Peover; Bromley came about his house; I sent Huson & Tomkinson to view it.

18. Wednesday, Yates, Hughes & Holland came to see me from Chester; dined & went away; Parry came about 9 with account that the inhabitants of Flint desire that the Assises may be held there & that I would write to the Judge about it; he dined; went about 4; a man from Badely brought apples & wine to Mainwaring, &c. James Ward & his wife came about Bromley's house; also a man from Staffordshire with his sonne to serve Mainwaring 19. Thursday, my daughters went (past 9) to Mrs Hardwar's labor; & Mainwaring to Chester; he retorned about 9; Huson went home about 5.

20. Friday, Mainwaring took phisick; Mr Newcomen & Roger Barnes dined with us; went away past 3; Yong came for money for a cow; Charles Davyes to mend the grate; Huson met Kerison at Lach about setting some lands there;.

21. Satorday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester; lighted at Jacksons; there was Parry; dined at Angells; after dinner Donald trimmd me; Vicars came to me with a letter from Warburton; Mainwaring & I went to the Castle; the Governor was abroad; then we went to the Sunne; there was Vicars, G.Mainwaring, Murrey, Deane, Johnson, Taylor, Kerison, Johnson, Kinaston, Huson, Farington, Parry, Morgan Whitley, &c. went thence before 5; met Streete at the doore; called at the new Chappell (with 2 Mainwarings & Streete) there was Crosse, &c. had a little ale at widdow Johnson's doore; went then to Lady Bellots' saw her & 2 daughters, stayd ½ houer; came home past 8.

22.Sonday, Mainwaring went to church, the Bishop preached; (came home with Mainwaring) & his Chaplen; dined with us; went away about 2; his Chaplen preached in afternoone,&c. Tomkinson went in the morning to Stafford; a man came with a letter from Leeke.

23.Monday, Mr Kerison came after dinner about taking of land at Lach & S: Huson's man with a letter they both went past 4; the under cookmayde came this day.

24.Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Chester; retorned about 9; Morgan Whitley with him 25.Wednesday, about 12, Bidolph (& his 2 daughters) came; also his faulkoner, & other servants: about 4 came Hardwar to see us; we went to Bromleys; Jones of Chester brought me a letter thither from Taylor; he stayd about ½ houer; & we went home before 6; Huson came to Peele past 5; was somewhat indisposed, by reason of his fall;.

26.Thursday, Leeke & another, one Morley, came about 12 to treate about copper oare, they dined; at the end of dinner came Vicars & Fernehall; they also did eate; the last went about 5; the other 2 about 6; Mainwaring went to Peover about 3; Houseman went to Chester in the morning; retorned about 8, & the carts from Shotwick about 6.

27.Friday, Mr Taylor came about 10; & stayd till 5, when he & Morgan went to Chester; Tomkinson retorned about 1 from Staffordshire: 28.Satorday, Huson went to Chester about 10; Bidolph & I soone after; light at Jacksons; there was G.Mainwaring, Bromfeild, Parry, Farington, &c. Bidolph & I dined at Angells; Donald trimmed me; Betty Booth came in, did not stay; T: Whitley dined with us; Ned: Morgan & his mother came after dinner; I went to visit Mr Williams & his sister; then to Sir John Hanmer at the Feathers; there were with him H: Grosvenor, Dutton, Peirce, & severall others; these went presently away; Wilcocks, Lloyd & some others stayd with him; I left him in a quarter of an hour; went to G.Mainwarings (with Bidolph) stayd ½ houer; Streete came to us; & Quartermaster Johnson; Streete & I called at the Mayors; he was abroad; went then to the new Chappell; drank at widdow Johnson's; visited the Bishopp: then to Jackson's, (about 5) there was G.Mainwaring Streete, Vicars, Morgan, Governor came in but stayd not; Warburton came in as we parted; there was Kerison, Richard Hughes, Penket, & severall to speake with me; I left them to Huson; Bidolph & I went home about 6; the children with us;.