Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1697

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1697

July 1. Thursday, Mainwaring & Morgan went to Peover; I took phisick; Crew, Nat Lloyd & Cottrell dined with daughter & sister & Roger; came to my chamber past 4. stayd past 5. went home at 8; cosen Whitley came about 6. stayd all night. I saw him not this night. Bishop sent to visit me.

2. Friday, the mowers began to mow the meadow; cosen Whitley dined, stayd all night.

3. Satorday, Houseman & Broster went to Chester; Mainwaring & Morgan came at night from Peover.

4. Sonday, cosen Whitley & Roger went in the morning (Cottrell dressed me interl); I tooke the ayre with daughter in the evening.

5. Monday. Deane, Holland, Yeomans, Minshall, Salman dined with us & Angell; Minshall & Morgan & Salmon stayd all night &c. Cottrell dressed me.

6. Tuesday, Mainwaring & Minshall went to Chester; dined at Jacksons with the late Common Councell (Mainwaring having sent them a buck) retorned at 10. Roger went (I suppose to Newbery) Houseman to Shotwick, Brombrow &c. was out all night; Salmon went away.

7. Wednesday, Minshall went past 11. Cottrell past 12. Houseman came back. .

8. Thursday, Angell dined with me; Cottrell dressed me.

9. Friday, Houseman went to Bechin; Cottrell dressed me past 11; he & Morgan dined with us; after diner came Hand, we had a bottle of wine; then went from my chamber (where I dined) Cottrell stayd all night, soe did Morgan &c. Houseman stayd out all night.

10. Satorday, Cottrell dressed me at 11. thenn went to Chester; Angell came & dined with us, soe did Mainwaring, sisters &c. Angell discoursed about my distempers; went about 5. Dounton came then (on Satorday evening) from Chester where he had bin to talk with Huson about Parson [defaced]ilks & tithes of Frodesley; he stayd all night but I saw him not; left him to Roger.

11. Sonday, Dounton went on Sonday before diner; Cottrell dressed & dined with me; I sent for him very early, my leg being in great payne, he, Morgan &c. stayd all night.

12. Monday, Mainwaring, Morgan & Roger went betimes; the 2 first to Chester, the last I know not whither. Cottrell dressed me about 8, then went abRood; Angell came about 12. dined with us; after diner came Gerard, Lloyd, Jackson, Ridge &c. stayd not long.

13. Tuesday, Mainwaring went early to Namptwich & Morgam, Cottrell dressed me; went with Roger to dine at Brutns; Thomas Bolland came after 5 but I did not see him.

14. Wednesday, Roger, Cottrell went a setting; Mainwaring & Morgan retorned from Northwich; Cottrell came to Peele about 9; then to Stapleford for all night & cosen Whitley came about 6; was not well, went to bed.

15. Thursday, I sent Hickson for Cottrell about 5 to be with me by 7;. he dressed me before 8. he dined with sister Sidney in the next roome; Johnson, Sheriffe Mainwaring, Morgan dined with me; left me past 3. Mainwaring & Morgan went with them.