Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1686

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1686

June, 1st. Tuesday, Hilman came about clothes; Foche about money; I want to Sir Robert Clayton about the mortgages; then the clark of the Grocers Company came to me to my coach at the end of the streete to discourse of Cutters money; then I went to Duncombs & to the Excise to speake with him, could not finde him; spoke with Mr Browne; went then to Cuttlers freind in Lime Streete about telling of the money; Saladine came to Duncombes to me; dined at home; Jones came to me about telling the money; one Oldfield came & dranck a glasse of wine with me; then Duncombe about paying the money into the Exchequer; then Oneby, about the house & goods; I went to Humfreys & with him to meet Child at [fo. 57v] 1st. Mr Buttler's in Holborne Row to seale writings; then brought Humfreys back to the Temple; then I went to the Bull Head, there was 2 Tims, Turvy, Oneby, Richardson, Baskervile, Baroby & another (a stranger) he and Baroby went betimes, the rest fell to play (most of them) I left them past 11; went home.

2. Wednesday, Hilman's man came for my coate, next barber trimmed me; about 12 I went to Clayton's, spoke with Keck; called on my sonne at the Sunne Taverne doore; there was another standing there with him (Sir John Borlace's friend) I dined at home; in the afternoone Saladine brought me a letter; my sonne came to me, then Jones; I went to Humfreys, then to the Fountaine; there was Wood, Stephens, Lee, Rogers & my sonne; he stayd not; Wood parted 10; we a little after; I put Rogers downe at Somerset House; Stephens & Lee in Fleete Streete; went home.

3. Thursday, I went to Mosiers; there came Chitchley, Cuttler, Clayton, Keck, Ravenill & Howseman, &c. we sealed writings about Chitchley's mortgage, &c. I went to Westminster; met Humfreys in the Hall; also Sir John Cotton; stayd not, met my sonne & Huwseman in the Strand; came home to dinner; my sonne dined with me; after dinner came Ravenhill about Cuttler's money; but stayd not; in the evening I went to Humfreys, with him to Lord Chancelor's; there was Sir Edward Mansell & Clayton; I spoke with Lord Chancelor, brought Humfreys back to the Temple; called at the Castle, there was Sir G.G., his 2 sonnes & another man; I dranck one glasse standing; left them, came to the Bull Head with Crispe & Baroby; parted neare 12.

4. Friday, Fowler came to me about hyring a coach & Wood's man from his master & lady to see how I did; I went to Westminster with Sir G.G. met Duncombe, Humfreys, Ward, Williams &c. went to Cuttlers, then to Lord Treasurer, there was Darcy, Savile & another with him; then to Duncombs; there was Bret with him; then to Garoways; to Wood; we dined at Hogsden; there was Major Williams, another (stranger to me), Bedisford, Alderman Lewes, his sonne, his wife & Morgan Whitley; Wood & I left them about 6; came home; there was Jones; then Wood & I went to Collins & then to the Greene Dragon, (Collins with us, stayd but awhile) then Sir G.G. & his 2 Sonnes came; then Minshall; we parted past 10; I came home.

5. Satorday, Kent came about Roger's debts; I went to Clayton's, spoke with Keck; Morgan came to me from my sonne; I went to Cottons; saw him, his Lady, daughter &c. I called on Kent; saw him; his brother went with me to the Red Lyon about a horse; I met Lee, he came into my coach; I called at Tovey's, saw her and her sonne; dined at home, Minshall with me; about 4 came Zacary Kent about the horse; Manly's partner came about money Roger owes him & Barnard with a letter from Corbyn to borrow forty shillings; my sonne came and stayd awhile; & 2 French men came to be hyred; Minshall & I went to the Temple; Captaine Fanshaw met me in the Court; talked about Basier's businesse; Minshall & I went to Mr Jenings house, then to Chitchleys (he was abroad) then to brother Peters; saw his wife; then to Sir G.G., stayd with him awhile; then to Williams; he was abroad; then to Lutwich, had a bottle of wine with him; a gentleman came in; I left him; then to Brownes chamber; Humfreys came thither to me; we came to Cheapside together; I came home &c; next barber trimmed me.

6. Sonday, went twice to church, Kent came about a horse; brother Peter & Minshall dined with me; after dinner came G. Mainwaring & Baroby; stayd not; in the evening I went & took leave of Baskervile's family, Mr Doane, Chandler, Timms & Oneby; Richardson & another was with him; my sonne came; we went to Humfreys; then to Brandon; he pressed me much for money Roger owes his sister for 2 horses; I promised to pay some part of it with in a day or 2; I went to Woods; supt with him, his Lady & daughters; came back to the Bull Head; there was Minshall, G. Mainwaring. Baroby, Ben: Gerard, Baskervile & another; we parted about 11.

[fo. 58r]

7. Monday, Jones came to me with an account; then Keck about the assignment of a mortgage; also young Fowler about the coach horses; a cook came to be hyred; Wood & his Lady, Sir G.G., Alderman Lewes, his sonne, daughter, brother Peter, Bedisford, Lee, Baskervile, Oneby & Jones (for the rent) & many others came to take leave. neare 2 my sonne, Baroby & I tooke coach; we called at the Greene Man at Barnet; Zac: Kent brought us soe far; we called for a tankard at the Red lyon at St Albans, dranck it (the master of the house) in the yard; lay at the Crowne at Dunstable.

8. Tuesday, we went from the Crowne about 8, dined at Newport; went thence about 4, lay at the White Hinde at Northampton, the master and the Mrs came up when we were at supper, the master was somewhat in drink; soe was another man that came after supper to speake with Baroby; I left them, went to bed before 11.

9. Wednesday, we went thence, past 8; dined at Creek; there we met Mr Edows but stayd not with him; then came Mr Syon Biddolph & his lady; he came into the roome, dranck a glasse of wine & left us; we went thence at 5; lay that night at the Starre in Coventry; Mr William Biddolph came to see us, supt with us; I went to bed past 11.

10. Thursday, went thence at 9; called at Colesill; had a bottle of wine & water & some bread and butter; we came to Lichfeild about 6; met Sir Michael Biddolph at Mr Hamonds doore; he gave us 2 bottles of ale; we came to Elmehurst about 7; Morgan Whitely left us at Lichfeild; after supper Mr Cope came to us; I left them together & went to bed past 11. discharged the stage coach man & postillion.

11. Friday, my sonne & Baroby left us about 9, they went towards Stone; here I met my postilion and horses from Peele; Mr Jenner dined with us & Cope; we parted past 5; at night came Tittle, Mary & the 2 Frenchmen; at night Thomas Harpur.

12. Saturday, Garbet dined with us; parted soone after dinner; I stayed with in & about the house at Elmehurst all day.

13. Sonday, I went not to Church; before dinner came Alderman Mainwaring, Baskervile & his sonnes & another schoole boy, they & Pickens dined with us; about 4 came another man (I think his name is Antropus) he had bin drinking at Lichfeild; they all parted about 7; Cope came home; supt with us; sayd prayers.

14. Monday. Marckland came from Lichfeild to demand money for some old nets, &c; brought a young man with him to be a fowler; I went that afternoone from Elmehurst (Sir Michael Biddolph with me) to Ridgley; called on Chetwyn; there was one Littleton with him; we had a bottle of wine & 2 bottles of Ale in the porch; we stayed but awhile; at Sand Mr Tomkinson met us, we onely spoke to him; went on to Stone; went to the kitchen to bespeake supper; at the end of supper came Bellot, Mainwaring, Swetnam & Ewart; Barber & his wife sate with us awhile; we went to bed about 12.

15. Tuesday, Sir Michael Biddolph & we parted; he homewards, the rest with me to Crew; we met Mrs Crew Offley (& others with her in her coach) going towards Maidly; we came to Crew at 2; dined with Mr Offley, Captaine Church, his chaplaine & another minister; we parted about 6; at Sambach, Mr Wells gave Mainwaring & me a glasse of wine in the coach; a neighbor of his fild it; it rained, thunderd & lightned very much; we stayd not but called on Mr Staniers, he gave us a glasse of beere & sent his servant to bring us through his grounds; we met the rest of our company in Brereton Lanes; Bellot had left them and went home from Sandbach; it was neare 11 before we came to Peover.

16. Wednesday, one Mr Davenport & an Attorney (one Skellam, both strangers to me) dined with us; besides Sir Thomas Mainwaring his sonne William & 2 daughters; after dinner came Jodrell to make a visit; they went to bowles; past 5 I retired to my chamber; about 8, Jodrell & Davenport went home.

[fo. 58v].17, Thursday, Roger Mainwaring sent his servant to visit us; cosen Brereton of Beech came to me to acquainte me with his bad condicion and to get some maintenance for his brother Roger; after dinner Sir Thomas Mainwaring , Mr Mainwaring and my selfe went to ? carringham; there was Roger Mainwaring , his mother, wife, sister and Mrs. Ratcliffe; then came 2 Holinsheds; we walked to the well and in the garden; parted past 6; came home before 8; called at the mill (going) to see the way of catching ? houles, &c; we came to Peover, Roger Barnes was there to pay his rent; dranck a glasse of beer in the buttry; I left him, went to supper.

18. Friday, Mrs. Offley, Mrs. Brereton, Mrs. Minshall and another woeman, also Roger Mainwaring , Mr. Stanyers and Hugh Delves dined with us; they parted past 7; all but Delves.

19. Satorday, Roger Barnes to speake with Mr. Mainwaring ; about three o'clock we left Peover; called at Northwhich; dranke a tankerd (in the coach) at a barbers; (Thomas Harpurs brother) called agen at John Dods; had a flagon of ale &c. for the servants; stayd not; on the other side of the forest I was met by our minister (Mr Gerard), Mr. Traverse, his tenant, Syddall, Bunnell and Coppock; in Aston Towne Johnathan Hignet's wife and mother gave us some cakes and ale at the gate; those that met us went with us home to Peele; they drank a glasse of wine and left us; Traverse supt with us and our house keeper's brother; my sonne came to us out of Wales.

20. Sonday I went twice to church; Traverse dined with us and the housekeeper's brother, he also supt with us; we had no other company; my old brewer and some neighbors came to see us.

21 Monday, Fryer came to see me and talk about mowing; 2 Overseers of the Poore came to get money to bury a poore dead neighbor; Mrs. Hardware, his wife, daughter and Traverse and Dr. Angell dined with us; Dick Minshall & Jackson came just as we had dined; Sir William Aston's came to know how we did from that family; Angell and Jackson went before 6; Hardware &c soone after; Minshall and Traverse supt with us; I left them past 10; Minshall stayd all night; Billins (Roger's old friend) came to me for money his master owed him for wages; I told him I would pay none for him; nor have anything to doe with him; the farmer came to look to the lane.

22. Tuesday, yong Hardware came to see us; his sister with him; they dined with us; also D. Minshall and Traverse and Mr Robert Lloyd; he went away about 4; Hardware and sister about 7; the rest supt; I left them past 10.

23. Wednesday, sister Lloyd came to see us from Chester; also sister Lettice Whitley's servant;; also Lloyd came to make up accounts; with my sonne; Sir John Crew, Deane, Arderne, Mr Lee, Mr Sherwood and another (a stranger to me, I think his name Vanam) dined with us, also D. Minshall, Lloyd, Mr Hardware, sister Lloyd &c. Lee and Lloyd went before 6; Sir John Doane past 7; Minshall stayd all night, Hussey came in the afternoone; stayd all night; there were many servants with Sir. John Deane.

24. Thursday, Mainwaring , my sonne & Minshall went to Chester; Hussey went with Houseman to the top of the garden house to take the plan of the ways from Aston, Tarvyn &c; sister Lloyd and Mrs Hardware dined with us, my sonne and Mainwaring came late home, Traverse with them; they parted about 11.

25. Friday, I went to Chester lighted and dined at Wrights; Lee, Streete, Captain Hunt, Glegg, cosen Whitley, Luke Lloyd, G.Mainwaring , Robert Lloyd, Mr Whitley, 2 Hurlestons, Mainwaring , my sonne, &c; with us; (it being the receipte for the Kings rents); severall others came into the roome to us about businesse &c; I went with Minshall (after dinner) to see his mother; stayed not; [fo. 59r] 25. then I went to Dr Angells, met Colonel Roscarog & severall other acquaintance (men & women) in the Rows; found the doctor, my sister & Roger's wife at home (Minshall was with me before we came thither; we called at Madocks (the Quaker's) to discourse Mr Gerard about our businesse with Sir John Arderne; there was Minshall & Hughson; my bayliffe of Soughall was there awhile; I called to aske Lewes Williams how he did; went with Minshall to Alderman Mainwaring ; there was Sir John Corbet, Kenrick, Bunbery, Mainwaring & some others; I had a glasse of wine or 2 & all parted; Minshall & I went to the Sunne; I sate awhile with Roscarrog alone in the lower; had a tankard of beer; we presently parted; I went up staires; there was Mr Brereton, cosen Whitley, Morgan Whitley,.Lloyd, G.Mainwaring , Streete, Mr John Wright, Gleg, Mainwaring my sonne Anderson Apothecary, &c. we parted past 7; I called at Murray's shop; he was abroad; went to Jackson's with Minshall & Burrows; there came my sonne, Mainwaring , Lloyd, 2 Whitleys &c; we had 2 bottles of wine; parted past 8 &c, came home (my sonne & Mainwaring with me) about 10.

26. Satorday, I dined at home; onely sister Lloyd with us; about 4, some of the tenants came with Coales; they dined, in the servants hall; after they had dined I went to thank them and gave them some of the best beere; drank to them &c.; at night late Morgan Whitley came with my sonne from Chester.

27. Sonday, stayed at home all day; Michael Whitley & sister Lloyd dined with us; she went to Chester in the afternoone; Morgan stayed all night.

28. Monday, one Pinchet from Kelsall came to me, about summoning those tenants to meete me on Friday; Morgan went to Chester early; my sonne & Hughson went neare 11 o'clock; I dined at home with Mainwaring &c. after dinner came yong Hardware, his sister, another gentlewoman & a gentleman; they dranck a glasse of beer; I left the men with Mainwaring ; they went to bowles, parted about 7.

29. Tuesday, I went to Chester (with Mainwaring & my sonne) to the funerall of my cosen Morgan; there was the Governor & a great deale of company; Mr Brooks made me a great apology that he had certified against me; I told him I neither valued or considered what he or any others had done; I had charity to forgive & forget; sister Lettice Whitley came to the chamber doore to speake with me; there was much company; I went with the Corps out of towne; my sonne, Mainwaring & Robert Lee in the coach with me; I retorned presently to the Sunne; dined there with my sonne, Mainwaring , G.Mainwaring , Streete, Minshall, Paine, Baskervile, Baroby, Mitton, Mostyn, Lord, 2 or 3 other Londoners; every man payd his club; onely Nevet (G.Mainwaring 's cosen) who came in after dinner; we parted past 4; I went to the next roome to Mr Hunt; his clark was with him but stayd not; we lookt over writings & discoursed Sir John Arderne's businesse till past 6; then had a bottle of wine in the next roome with Streete, Morgan, Minshall, my sonne & Mainwaring , we parted, I went to Dr Angells; found sister Whitley, Mrs Simson & Roger's wife in the Row; saluted, & left them; went up stayres to sister Anne, there was cosen Brerewood; with her sisters Kate & Pris; I saluted & left them; my sister Mary came in to us; I went downe to the doctor; there was Brooks, Rycaut & ? Bodanda with him; the 2 first left us; I stayd but awhile & left them; went with Mainwaring to Jacksons; (I spoke with his father at the Sunne as I went out & thither old Roger Madocks came to me to borrow a blunderbus; I told him I had none but for the Troop); as I went to Jacksons Bradshaw met us (Mainwaring spoke to him about mending his sword); at Jacksons was Streete, Minshall, my sonne, Morgan & Robert Lloyd; then came Mainwaring we had 2 bottles of wine; parted 8, went home.

30. Wednesday, Mrs Mainwaring , Mr Nevet, his wife & sister, & Mrs Bret dined with us; in the afternoone came Mr Gerard, his wife, sonne & daughter; also Mr Lightfoote; they parted past 6; my sonne & Mainwaring went with me to Mr Hardwares; his wife, daughter & Tongue were at home; we stayed there neare an hour; as we retorned we met Mr Hardware & his sonne in the lane; Minshall & Morgan came to Peele past 10. I left them.