Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1684

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1684

May 1st. Thursday Mrs Foulks came to me to borrow 50 li. or to speake to Mr Duncombe to lend it her; I told her I wanted money myselfe; she told me she would sell me her land &c. but I refused & she went away; then Mr Euard, the Scotch minister, came to me; offered to be my Chaplaine; would prepare to goe downe with me &c; then I gave Mr Jones some papers to compare with Mr Duncombes books & to have the account new drawne over in order to release on both sides &c; I went out before 12 to cosen Kirks who told me there were many unkinde malitious reports raised of me & constant unkinde letters sent up &c. she advised me to leave the contrey for a while, till people [fo. 6r] were more just & charitable &c; I thanked her & told her I relyed on my owne integrity &c; I went thence, dined with Mr Baskervile where was my brother, sonne, Mr Minshall, Mr Gleg, Mr Ashurst, Mr John Wright, Alderman Mainwaring, a master of a ship, Mr Baskervile's brother's wife & another who I know not but beleive he belonged to the house; after we drank 2 or 3 bottles of wine I took leave & went to my lodgings; my sonne & Mr Minshall with me; about ½ houer past 6 I went to Grays Inne to Mr Williams; he told me he had moved at the side bar to take off the restraintes upon the informaceon of perjury & that I might have a sub pena &c. but Sir George Jeffreys told him he would not admit it but referred me to prosecute in the contrey &c; Mr Williams told me he would move it to the Attorney Generall; I gave him a guiney & left him; at the stayers head I mett Major Wildan; I told him my businesse at the Recorder; he wondered at the refusall &c; in the court I mett Mr Griffith Williams; whilst I was talking with him & cosen Minshall, Sir G.G. came to us; I told him how my informaceon had bin refused; we walked together to the gate; I took coach for the Temple, went to Mr Humfreys, he told me they had replyed to my answer in the Exchequer, he promised to advise with my councell &c; I went thence to the Sunne Taverne where I mett Mr John Wright, Alderman Mainwaring, my sonne & Mr Ben Gerard & Mr Minshall who drank 2 or 3 bottles of wine & parted to our lodgings about 11 o'clock; in the morning, as I went to cosen Kirks I mett Mr Harbord in the streete; I told him how my informaceon of perjury had been discountenanced; he wondered at it.

2. Friday, Mrs Miles came before me; whilst she was with me & my servant Houseman there came to me a young man from one Mrs Howard (as he sayd) who was in prison & desired releife; he sayd my brother sent him; I told him I would discourse my brother, that he was a stranger to me; I had nothing more to say to him &c; I went that morning to Lord Maxfeild, was not in his house but walked before the doore till Sir G. G. came, then I brought them to Grays Inne & went my selfe to dine with my brother where was my sonne, Alderman Mainwaring, cosen Minshall, Abraham Dashwood, Morgan Whitley &c; about 5 I went thence to Grays Inne (with Alderman Mainwaring & cosen Minshall) to Mr Williams; thence [fo. 6v] to Sir G.G. lodgings, whither came Lord Maxfeild, Mr Swinborne & his sonne with writings about Sir G. Gerard's sonnes businesse; after awhile being there, my Lord, Sir G. & I went to the Temple to Mr Wards chamber; after I went to Humfreys; my Lord & Sir G. to the garden whither I followed them; I found them sate downeon a seate & a gentleman talking with him (they told me his name Russell) about Hamburgh &c; he went presently away; my Lord, Sir G. & myselfe soone after (there was Mr Baron May & (I think), Judge Withers & 2 or 3 more walking together); we had no discourse with them; we went out of the garden & I soone left my Lord & Sir G. I went thence to the Castle Taverne in Paternoster Row to drink some tokens &c; there was Alderman Mainwaring, cosen Minshall, Mr Abraham Dashwood, my sonne, Mr Ben Gerard, brother Peter, Mr Gleg, Mr Manley, Morgan Whitley, & one Mr Baker (a stranger to the company, but had businesse with Alderman Mainwaring); he went soone away; afterwards came in Mr Arrowsmith; we stayed till past 10; as we went downe the master of the house gave us a bottle of wine behind the bar, soe we parted & went home, my sonne with me.

3. Saturday, Sister Whitley & cosen Morgan came to see me & after them Mrs Tovey; the barber came to trim me; after that my cosen Minshall & I went to Sir Robert Cottons (by the way we mett Mr Winne & gave him order not to put in my declaracon) we stayd with Sir Robert Cotton & my lady about ½ houer; went thence to take leave with Sir Edward Wood & his Lady who were going out of towne; so returned to my lodging where we dined; after dinner Sir Robert Cotton came to us, stayed about an houer; we went with him to Cornewall; looked awhile on the King's new statue on the Exchange (a fine peice & like him); went thence to Grays Inne where we found Lord Maxfield, Mr Winne & Mr Ashton with Mr Williams; after a short stay I left them; met Sir G.G. in the court; went with him & cosen Minshall to the Temple; talked with cosen Humfreys under the trees; then met Mr Ash who gave me a short account of Mr Sacheverill's businessse; then I went to Mr Turton's chamber where was Mr Vernon; Mr Turton & I went to the Castle Taverne (Sir G. & cosen Minshall with us); after a while Mr Vernon (& 2 more strangers) came to us; drank 2 or 3 glasses & left us; we stayed till past 10, then parted; I & cosen Minshall went home.

[fo. 7r]

4. Sonday, Mr Saladine brought me the news of Flanders; I went to the Parish Church; dined at my sonne's lodgings with Mr Gerard (his Landlord); cosen Minshall went with me; also Morgan Whitley dined there; after dinner I went home; about 6 o'clock I visited Sir T. Clarke & his Lady & daughters & my sonne; stayd about an houer; thence went to Lord Maxfeilds; found him at his stables; he went immediately away with Lord Oxford & we went to Sir G.G. found his eldest sonne with him; he went presently away and we soon after called at the Sunne Taverne where we found Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Turton, his sonne & Mr Ben Gerard; then came in Morgan Whitley; Mr Cook enterteined us with cold rost beefe & a dish of sparagus, we parted after 10 & went home.

5. Monday, Mr Saladine came to me for a paper he left the day before (being the foreigne news); then came my brother & stayed with me above an houer; then came a Harden woman (one Robinson) to desire me to speake to Mr Chase about money he owed her husband; then came Mr Eward (the Scotchs minister), was much troubled he was not to goe with me in to the contrey; I promised to speake to my Lord Maxfield for him; my brother went away; then came the Welsh woman about the cloth businesse & 2 men with her; they desired to get one of them a watchman's place in the Custome House &, if they peticond the King & Councell, that I would certify the debt due & assist them all I could, which I promised to doe; I went to see Mr Fogs sonne & met Mr Adams who desired to meet that night at the Castle; then Alderman Mainwaring came to desire me to goe dine with him at a brother in laws house in the contrey which I promised & went accordingley; there dined with us the old gentleman, his 2 daughters & Mr Nevell (husband to one of them); after dinner we went into the garden where was another gentleman that lived in the house (his name I know not); the raine drave us immediately in; we presently tooke our leaves; the Alderman & I called at Sir William Gulston's; I saw the children & went home; about ½ an houer after I went to the Temple; was with cosen Humfreys & Mr Browne; I went with Mr Humfreys to Serjeants Inne; he told the Chiefe Justice I was below; he was going out & desired to see me some other tyme; then I went to the Castle Taverne in Paternoster Row where I met Mr Arrowsmith & Mr Adams; afterwards came in one Mr Hiccock (a stranger to me); then came Alderman Mainwaring, my sonne & cosen Minshall & Morgan Whitley, the occasion of our meeting was in order to a Wirral feast (those gentlemen being of that hundred); they endeaverd to engage me & the Alderman Mainwaring to stay in towne [fo. 7v] till after Thursday that we might have dined that day together but we refused it; we drank 2 or 3 quarts of wine & parted before 11; then I & my sonne & Mr Minshall went home.

6. Tuesday, I went to the Treasury Chamber; I met Mr Bulstrode in the passage neare Sir Edward Woods lodgings; he had a little boy with him; told me he was his grandson, said his mother was dead & repeated to me a letter she wrote to him the last year about the Turks invading Germany, with reflexions on the French &c; I left him at the Treasurey Chamber doore; desired Mr Seagar to tell Mr Guy that I was there which he did; Mr Guy came to me, desired me to stay a little without & he would acquainte the Lords; whilest I wayted there Mr Chase, Mr Brett, Mr H. Howard & Sir Thomas Meeres discoursed me with howdees &c. then I was called in; acquainted the Lords with my businesse about the disbanding accounts &c; they bade me give the Auditor an account in writing; I left them & sent for Mrs Jones to come to me to my coach; she told me Mr Seymor & other friends asked for me, but thought my businesse would goe hard; I then called at the Duke of Beauford's house but he was abroad; then I came home & dined alone; after dinner Mr Zouch came to see me, after him Mr Fauche about Mrs Marbery's businesse; then came Mr Jones, had bin with Sir Thomas Player's lady &c. about disbanding accounts; must goe againe tomorrow &c; I went that evening to the Auditor's but he was abroad, then to my Lord Maxfeild's; my Lord Brandon came with me to a coffee house doore in Covent Garden; there I left him & went to take my leave with Mr Williams at Grays Inne; went thence (to Mr Charles Williams & gave him & his nephew a bottle of wine at the Divell [interl] to Mr Humfreys chamber & saw Mr Browne at his chamber; told him my answer from Alderman Symson; I went thence to Sir G.G. & Mr Turton & his sonne at the Castle Taverne in Fleete Streete; there I found them & Mr Mainwaring of Whitmore, Mr Ben Gerard & another stranger; then Alderman Mainwaring came; we stayd late; the Alderman & I left them & came home to bed.

[fo. 8r]

7. Wednesday I went to the Auditor told him what directions the Lords had given me, went hence to Sir Thomas Lee's; there came in my Lord Castleton, after him Mr Harden; Sir Thomas gave us account: of the Nottingham businesse; I called & took leave of brother Peter & his wife; called on Lady Conway but did not see her; went thence to dine with Lord Maxfield where dined Lord Brandon, his Lady, Mr Minshall, Mr Winne the Attorney & Fitt Gerard; then came my sonne & Alderman Mainwaring; after dinner my sonne & I went to Mrs Tovey's, thence to Sir St. Johns Guillims; saw him & his Lady; thence to Lady Conway; where was her 2 daughters & one Mrs Lloyd (as I take it, a fair haired lady) & Sir Thomas Grosvenor; when I came in he went out; I stayed not long; went to Mr Humfrey's chamber; stayed there late; called on Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Gerard & Mr Wright at the Castle; went thence to Sir Robert Clayton's where I found Mr Wilman; had some little discourse together about my suite & the news abroad; Mr Wilman went away; Sir Robert & I talked of my businesse about Bidston, Sir Thomas Chichley's mortgage &c; some Lord came to speake with him; I went away to the Sunne Taverne where was Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Gleg, (whose sonne was also arr[ivin]g at the Castle) Mr Wright, Mr Thelwall, Mr Lewis, Mr Swetnam, Morgan Whitley, my sonne, cosen Minshall; I stayd 2 or 3 bottles of wine & left them & went to bed about 11.

8. Thursday; I went early to Mr Humfreys where came Mr Duncombe; he & I had a long discourse under the trees about my concernes; I told him I had heard he had done & spoke unkindly by me; he denyed all with many professions of kindnesse &c. & discourse of an houer long of the Lord Treasurer ill using him & many storyes as to his owne vindicacion; I aquainted him that I had bin with the Lords of the Treasury, that they looked a little strange & that my Lord Rochester had not that serenity in his countenance as at Tonbridge, that some body had done me ill offices but no body would doe me good ones to help out of my troubles &c; he gave kinde words but I was weary; told him my businesse called me & soe parted; I then went with Mr Humfreys to Baron Streete; made affidavit about the absence and distorsione of some material witnesses &c; I went thence to Sir Robert Cotton but he & Mr Keck were abroad; I spoke with Mr Clayton; went thence to the Coffe House, could not finde Mr Fauche; saw Mr Millington, Mr Perrott, Mr Scotto, Mr Clarke; went downe with Sir William Gulston; promised to [fo. 8v] dine with him the next day; saw Mr. Lewes at Mr. Nokes doore; left them there & came home & about 2 o'clock went to dine at the Cock where dined with us my sonne, Mr Lewes, Mr Swetman, cosen Minshall, my brother, Alderman Mainwaring & selfe; thither one Kingsley came to me about money Captaine Row owed him for some disbanded soldyers; he stayd not long, then I went home; Mr Jones came to me, after him Mr Keck about Sir Thomas Chichley's businesse & took the writings with him; then Sir P. Neale & one Mr Shepherd gave me a short visit; then came Alderman Mainwaring; we went to Bow Lane where I had a tooth drawne; then to Mr Adams house where Mr B. Gerard came to us; we stayd there (his wife & daughter with us) till past 9; then we went to the Marimayd in Cornewall where was Mr Millington, Mr Scotto, Mr Sitwell & Mr Bowery; we drank 3 or 4 quarts of wine & went home betwixt 11 & 12; Alderman Mainwaring writ 2 letters at my lodging for the post.

9. Friday, brother Peter came to see me but did not stay; I went to the East Indya house; took my leave with Mr Page; visited Mr Sitwell & returned home; about 2 I went home with Sir William Gulston; & after us coming my sonne & Alderman Mainwaring after dinner; I went home about 5, thence to Sir Robert Claytons; spake with Mr Keck, thence to (the) Mr Humfreys chamber, thence to Lord Maxfeild; his Lordship abroad but Lord Brandon at home; I found with him Sir Michael Wharton; after came in Mr Marriot; after them Mr H. Herberd; the 2 first went away together (after having a short discourse of Holyway; Mr Marriot said he knew him from a youth, that he was a stout fellow), then Mr Harbord enquired how his kinsman (our Judge) carryed him selfe at Chester; I gave him account how that I was continued bound upon the false informacion of Morris for kneeling to the D. of Mon; he sayd he could witnesse the contrary; at this tyme there [came] a trades man selling hatts to Lord Brandon who went away as Mr Herbert & I ended our discourse & I took my leave and went soone after; I went to Sir Robert Claytons; stayd there till 10; then to Lady Players; called on my sonne at Sunne Taverne but stayd not to drinke, went home (cosen Humfreys with me & my sonne) where he stayd till past 11 talking of my businesse &c. then Mr Jones & I had some discourse; then about 12 I went to bed.

[fo. 9r]

10. Saturday, Sir Robert Cotton visited me; after him Sir G.G ., Alderman Mainwaring, cosen Minshall & severall others; we would faigne have persuaded Alderman Mainwaring to have stayd till Monday; but he & cosen Minshall were against soe we resolved to goe that evening; I stayd at home all morning; Mr Keck came to me to seale some writings; Mr Tuttle about preparing some pills; Mr Jones about settling some accounts; [Mr Kingsley to desire my evidence in Captaine Rowes businesse, interl] I dined at a cookshop neare Mr Garroways coffee house (in the lane) with Sir G.G., Mr Abraham Dashwood, Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Thomas & my sonne, brother, Mr Minshall &c; before dinner Mr Baskervile came to take his leave & after dinner Mr Perrott; I left them immediately, went home to settle accounts with Mrs Jones & prepare for my journey; I went from my lodging about 5 to meete Alderman Lewes, his sonne &c. at the Whitehart without Bishopsgate; drank 2 qrts of wine; took coach about 6; called at the Red Lyon at Barnet; drank a bottle of wine whilst we put up 6 bottles of water in the coach & soe went to the Red Lyon at St Albans where we lay (the man of the house a little in drink).

11.we rose early on Sonday; Mr Kingsley there served me with a sub pena to appeare a witnesse on Tuesday following; in a cause between him & Captaine Rowe; Alderman Mainwaring & cosen Minshall went thence Post; I dined there (my landlord with me) & went back that night to my old lodging at London; there I mett cosen Humfreys & my [second?]cosen Heron; as I went to Mr Williams to Grays Inne: met brother Peter at the court; went back with cosen Humfreys; drank a glasse of cyder with him; went home a little past 9; my sonne came to me; eate a dish of sparagas, then came in Sir Thomas Rolt; talked of Parliament, the East Indya Company &c; drank a glasse of wine, parted & to bed.

12 Monday I went out early; met Sir Robert Thomas in the streete; he gave accounts of his fellow prisoners in King's Bench &c; I took a hackney went to Mr Humfreys chamber; his clark told me he was gone to Westminster; I took water, found him at the Exchequer Court; the Court sate &c; there I attended above 2 houers; one Mr Waring, an attorney of Staple Inne, spake to me about son Rogers debt to Mr Plumley; asked me if we would sell Frodesley; would get us a chapman &c; then another man came to me, told me he had order from Sir John Corbet to speake to me about a debt of 400 li. Colonel Screven owed him, also a 100 part of Egerton's debt &c; Colonel Milnay spoke to me saying he stayd for Mr Williams to move for his discharge in the King's Bench; Mr Humfrey Lloyd spoke to me about Mrs Fishers businesse; brother Peter also there &c. at last Mr Williams moved the Court for tyme to bring in [fo. 9v] witnesses &c; Mr Lichmore & Mr Ward also moved thesame; the Attorney General opposed it (& Jenner a little); the Attorney did it reflectingley; moved that I should give security because the summe was great & I had cheated the King, &c.; I desired leave to speake; told the Court I believed the Attorney said did not think my fortune soe desperate because he was soe vigorous in his prosecucons; that I was told by some that stood by me, that he called me a cheate; I confessed I did not heare him (the noise was soe great behinde me) soe that I could not well tell what to reply, onely that I had now lived to be olde & had never that character given me before, that I was always esteemed an honest man & hoped I should live & dye soe & I hoped their Lordships would not permit him to make such reflexions on me; &c; the Court was civill to me, gave me tyme &c; as the Attorney went out by me he sayd, your servant Coll:Whitley, I thanked him for his character but desired better; he sayd I had bin loyall but now degenerated; I told him he should find the contrary &c. then I went out of the Court, took water to the Temple & thence home by coach; then my sonne came to dine with me & after him Lady Wood & her daughter Clare; after dinner they all went away & left me alone; a little before Lady Wood came to me Sir G.G: was with me but stayd not but a short tyme; Mr Swainford came thither to him but stayd below till G.G. went downe & Mr Jones was with me awhile &c; I stayd at home till abut 6, then went to Mr Humfreys chamber; after a short discourse with him I went to Mr Willliams at Grays Inne; whilst he was busy in his study I walked in his inward roome with Major Widman, Mr Wynne (the Attorney) & another stranger; the Major asked me some generall things about my suite; Mr Wynne & I talked about a coppy of the declaracons to send to some of the gentlemen concerned in Cheshire; I made my businesse short with Mr Williams; met Sir G.G. in Chancery Lane; brought him home & then went up to Mr Duncombe, sate with him over a bottle of wine talking of my businssse, Lord Rochester &c; then came in Mr Brett; we sate together telling old storyes till past 10; then I went home to bed.

[fo. 10r]

13. Tuesday. I called on Sir G.G. about 10, we went together to Westminster Hall, being sub penad in a suite betwixt Captaine Rowe & one Kingsley but they agreed it before we came; and whilst they were drawing bonds to referre it we walked in the Hall where I mett & talked with Sir Francis Winnington; after with Sir Thomas Duppa, brother Peter, my sonne &c; then we went over to the Grayehound Taverne & discoursed a little with Captaine Row, Mr Kingsley, theire Attorney & another stranger & Mr Jones; the businesse was referered to Sir G.; we immediately went away; I put Sir G. downe neare the Temple gate & Mr Jones at the stockmarket; I went home & betwixt 1 & 2 went to dine with Mr Page where was him, his wife, Sir Thomas Rolt & Mr Andrew Duncan; after dinner I discoursed awhile with Mr Page & took my leave; I went thence to Mr Hesket; he enquired of me about the state of my suite in the Exchequer & of our concernes with the Grand Jury in Cheshire; I gave him account of both; left him & went to Mr Vannams where I found him, his wife. Lady Biddolph & another woman; after a short discourse of Sir Michael Biddolph, his children &c. I left them; went home; & about ½ houer past 6 went to Sir G.G. lodgings; then made his sonne a visit in Grays Inne; thence to my coach; we mett Mr Swinford neare Grays Inne Gate; I left him & Sir G. together in the streete; went to the Exchange where Mr Dorisla came to me; we went to the Sunne Taverne; discoursed him about my Lord Arlington's concerne in my suite; then came my sonne to us, after him, Mr Lewes, Mr Abraham Dashwood, (a friend of his a stranger) & Mr Swetman; we stayd till neare 11; soe parted & to bed.

14 Wednesday, I stayd within till 5. Sir G.G. came to me; soe did Mr Edisbury & Mr Swetnam, Mr Jones, Mr Fauche; & Mr Mosier; I went out about 5, called on Sir Robert Clayton; discoursed ½ houer with him about my businesse; went thence to Mr Humfreys, went with him to wayte on the Lord Cheife Justice; he was not within; my sonne went with me; we retorned to the Temple; Mr Humfreys talked a while with Sir John Trevor & another; in the meanetyme Mr Cresset came & talked with me & my sonne, would have shewed me his chamber [fo. 10v] but I was in haste & left them; I went to Mr Gerards chamber in Grays Inne where I found Sir G. & his daughter & 2 more (one of them a clark, writing in parchment) Sir G. & I went away, called at Sir John Otway's chamber but he was out; we met Mr Swinbourne in the walkes &c; we stayd not but Sir G. & I went to Lord Maxfields; he was abroad; we went thence to the Cellar in Scotland Yard enquired for Mr Cooling & Sir Thomas Duppa, they were not there; we drank a bottle of wine; when we went out we found Sir William Howard in the Court; had a short discourse with him; I bid him be soe just & charitable as to have no ill opinion of old friends till it appeared they deserved it, that I (for my part) ever was & would be as loyall as any subject in England; all the world could not make me otherwise notwithstanding the malice & falsehoods of my enemyes; Sir G. & I went thence to Grays Inne; I left him at the gate; went to Mr Duncombe's; drank a glasse of ale; he told me Sir Nicholas Buttler had sent for him; sayd much in his comendacon & I nothing against him but that I heard he had begd me; we parted; I went to the Sunne Taverne, spoke with Mr Cooke for a dish or 2 of meate for next day's dinner; then came my sonne, Mr Lee of Darnell's sonne, Morgan Whitley, Mr Thelwall & Mr Lewes & Mr Swetnam; we stayed till neare 11, then I went home to bed.

15. Thursday, I stayed within till about 11; there had bin at my lodging that morning Mrs Foulks & another woman but I would not see them; cosen John Lloyd came to me with a book & Mr Saladine came to take leave of me; I went out about 11 & and went to Serjeants' Inne to speake with Mr Humfreys but he was gone; I mett Mr Parkhurst in Chancery Lane, we walked to the Temple Gate where we mett Mr Palmer; I told him them how I should examine them & some other members about their franck letter; they told me they would be just in their answers; I went then to Mr Humfrys chamber; discoursed my business & left some papers with him; went thence to the SunneTaverne where I found Lord Maxfield; presently came Sir G.G . Mr Lewes, my sonne & brother; we dined there; I went thence to take leave at my lodgings; thence to the White Hart without Bishop's Gate; drank a glasse of wine with Mr Lewes; &c; & at 5 o'clock, took coach; called for some water at Barnet; drank a tankard in the court & to Red Lyon at St Albans, to bed.

[fo. 11r]

16. Friday, I went early from St Albans; called at Crowne in Dunstable; eate some bread & butter, went imediately away; stayd about an houer & ½ at Newport; as I went out Mr Nevill came in, had a few words of friendship &c. at the gates; I went to bed; at Northampton the master of the house came to me at the end of supper, drank a glasse of wine & to bed.

17. Saturday early, I went to Creek; dranck a tankard of ale in the coach; thence to Coventry; stayd there from one to 4;sent for Mr Biddolph; he did eate a piece of mutton, drank 2 pintes of wine; the Mistress of the house, all the while with us; I went thence at 4; came to Elmersly about 10; I called at the Swan at Lichfield, did not light but saw Mrs Rawbone at the door.

18 Sonday; I received the Sacrament in the Quire; returned to Elmhurst & stayd at home the afternoone.

19. Monday. we went to the evening service in the Quire; thence to the Swan where we stayd about an houer (Sir Michael: Biddolph, Mr Mainwaring & selfe) with Mr Rabone & his wife; Mr Rawlins came to us; stayd a while with us; went away & we soone after to Elmehurst..

20. Tuesday, we dined at Pillington where was Mr Littleton his lady & one Mr John Littleton (a stranger to me); we stayd there till 6 then returned to Elmehurst where we found Dr Angell; 21 Wednesday, Mr Rawlins dined with us; after dinner came yong Mr Turton, after him 2 yong gentlemen (Mr Dyat & another) with Mr Coper & towards evening Mr Turton;. he & his sonne stayd longer than the rest & went away about 7 o'clock..

22.Thursday, I took pills & Barnet water; stayd at home all day & no company came to us.

23. Friday; I took phisick; dined at home; went with my daughters, Sir Michael Biddolph & Mr Mainwaring to christen Mr Rawlins child; after we returned from church we were brought into a roome where was a colation & severall women; I sate at a bytable with Dr Angell, Dr Flyer, the Minister (Mr Baker); Mr Hamon came in afterwards & the Bayly of Lichfield (an apothecary) we stayd together till about 8 & then went home to Elmehurst.

[fo. 11v]

24. Saturday, I went with Sir Michael:Briddulph, Dr Angell & Mr Mainwaring to dine with Mr Turton; where was himselfe, lady, sonne & 2 daughters; we came thither about 3 o'clock & returned againe past 7..

25 Sonday, we dined at Elmehurst, went afternoone to the Quire, thence to the Swan; where Sir Michael & I found Mr Mainwaring, Mr Hamond, Mr Rawlins & Mr Raborne; after awhile came in Mr Wakefield (Mr Rawlins sonne-in-law); we stayd together in the lower roome by the kitchen till about 7; then Sir Michael & I went back together to Elmehurst.

26. Monday, Dr Flyer, Mr Rawlins, Mr Hamond, the Bayliffe of Lichfield & yong Mr Turton dyned with us; in the afternoone Mr Swinfen & Mr Turton gave us a visit; Mr Swinfenn & Dr Flyer went away first, then Mr Turton & his sonne; then the rest (past 7 o'clock).

27. Tuesday, Dr Angell went away past 10 in the morning; Markland came to me & asked money for nets, &c; I bade Howseman discourse with him, I would have nothing to do with him.

28.. Wednesday, we left Elmhurst about 2 o'clock & lay at Stone that night, Mr Tomkinson came thither to us, he supt with us, soe did Mr Val: Short & Mr Barber; we dranke 3 quarts of wine after supper & to bed.

29 Thursday, we dined at Namptwich (cosen Minshall &Mr Ward dined with us); we went thence about 3, came to Peele about 7 at night; there met Mr Eywart (my Chaplaine) from London.

[11v to 13v blank] [fo. 13r] I retorned from London to Peele, May 29 1684 May 30. Friday, after dinner Mr Hardware came to see me & he brought Mr Hall with him; I gave them a glasse of wine; they went presently away, then Mr Burrows (the barber) came to trimme me & Mr Mainwaring & I dranke a bottle of wine and he retorned to Chester.

31. Saturday, we had no company.