Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1697

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1697

May 1. Satorday, Houseman went to Chester before 11 & the cart & goods; neare 5 I & daughter &c. went from Peele, came to Chester about 7. Cratchley came before ?; after supper came agen [two lines illegible) [fo. 217r] May 3. Monday, Houseman & Broster went early to Shotwick; about the Lay; Moses came to Huson then to Bechin, Huson was with me about Pelford's businesse, promised to goe to Shotwick; about 12 Thomas Whitley, his wife & cosens, Angell & sisters dined with us; went past 3. at 6 I went to the.comitte at the Penthouse; there was Mainwaring, Hand, Cratchley & Murray; also Cumberbach & Adams; the Mayor sent answer to our last message (by Cumberbach) that he would consider of it; we went to the Ship; Wright & Deane came to us; we parted before 10, went home, Morgan came to us past 10. stayd till 11, Nixon retorned from Peele.

4. Tuesday, Nixon went early to Shotwick; Mainwaring went to Peover; Yong came to complaine that the Collectors had distreyned on him for the tax; Clarke & Robinson (of the Mint) came to see me, went before 12. Norbery dined with us; Johnson & Sher[iffe]:? Mainwaring came after diner, all went before 3. past 6 I went to Newton (after my daughter & sisters &c.) stayd above an [houer]. Captaine Harlestone was abRood, we met him coming home; I orderd Nixon to goe to Peele next morning.

5. Wednesday, I had an ill fitt in the night & all morning; we dined abovee, sister Lloyd with us; about 6 Deane came to see me, I sent for Johnson; they stayd an houer, then came Cratchley, stayd awhile; Johnson the glasier was with me about glazing at Shotwick; & Davyes to discourse of timber, cordwood &c. Houseman, Broster & Huson retorned from Shotwick & Soughall, Aldermen Kinaston & Holland came to see me past 8 but I was gone to my chamber, soe they stayd not; we supt alone, Sidney with us &c. Broster went to Peele.

6. Thursday, Houseman went to Shotwick & Whitby past 10. Sheriffe Mainwaring, Clark, Robinson, Davyes & Higgson dined with us; went about 3. past 6 came Tindall, stayd an houer, then came Kinaston & Holland; then Deane, Hand, Murray, Cratchley & Johnson; he went presently; the rest past 10. Houseman retorned from Whitby & Shotwick.

7. Friday, Houseman went (past 10) to Bechin about Pulfords debt. Cottrell let my daughter blood. Angell, Sidney & Lloyd dined with us; sister Angell came after diner; soe did Sheriffe Mainwaring & yong Booth; all went about 3. Mainwaring retorned from Peover about 6. I went to visit Mrs Mainwaring & Johnson; called on Mainwaring; went with him to Jackson's, met Horton there, had a bottle of wine; retorned about 8. Johnson came & stayd an houer; after he went came the Sheriffe, went past 10. Houseman retorned from Bechin.

8. Satorday, Huson was with me. past 11 Hughes came to discourse of slating at Shotwick. Shelley was with me about his debt & Span about his small tithes; I gave Houseman direction in the matter. Deane came, tooke a pipe with Mainwaring; past 5 Cratchley came as I was taking coach for Peele; we came home about 7. afterwards came Roger; then Mainwaring & Houseman.

9. Sonday, Mainwaring, daughter &c. were at church; no company or businesse.

10. Monday, no company nor businesse, onely repayring the fender.

11. Tuesday, Pointon & Harper with us; after diner my 3 grandaughters went to Peover; Nixon with them; Jonathan was with me about his lease; I referd him to agree it with Houseman; Richard Holland came about 6 to desire some timber for his building at Lach; about 7 came Mr Harvey to be my Chaplaine; stayd all night; soe must reckon this day the first of his coming to me; is to have 20 li. yearly wages.

12. Wednesday, Mainwaring & Roger went to dine at Newton; Nixon came agen from Peover. about 5 came one Mr Bennet (with a letter from Nat. Lea) about making the river Dee navigable. he went past 7. Mainwaring retorned from Newton past 10.

13. Thursday, Houseman went early to Tatenhall & Bechin; about 11 Throp (the cooper) came to consider & to advise about a hogshed of wine I had from London; Pack, Warmingham & severall other came with him; Hurlestone, his son, Pennington came with Roger; Cratchley, Johnson, Hand, Sheriffe Mainwaring, yong Gulliam dined with us Johnson went about 4; Cratchley & Guillim after him; the rest stayd till after supper; yong Hurleston stayd all night; Houseman was out all night.

14. Friday, Mainwaring went past 10 to Baddley, Donnington &c. about 11 came Huson & Horton; they dined; went to Kents (past 2) with Roger & Hurleston in order to Husons going with Roger's wife to Shrewsbury & thence to Frodesley; Brock went to Chester about 2 & Thomas to Shotwick to order carts to bring things home tomorow from Sheriffe Mainwarings; they retorned at night; Horton went past 6. Houseman not yet retorned.

15. Satorday, Ince trimmd me; Roger & Hurlestone went to Newton about 3. Houseman retorned past 9 also the cart from Shotwick.

[fo. 217v]

May 16. Sonday, the bad weather kept us all from church; we had prayers at home; Houseman went about 12 into Shropshire to Mr Knight; then after Huson to Frodesley.

17. Monday, the cart went agen to Shotwick; past 8 Mainwaring retorned & Morgan with him Mainwarings man came about nine. I had an ill night.

18. Tuesday, Sheriffe Mainwarings man (Thomas) rakt my hogshed of wine; Hall came for 50 li. for the bill he sent me by Houseman & had 30 li. more for which (& 20 li. more on Lightfoote's account) he gave me another bill for 50 li. on Brampton in Soho; he dined with us & went about 3. past 2 came Angell & my sister; she stayd all night; he went at 5.

19. Wednesday, Mainwaring & Morgan went early to Chester; Huet came about his money, I promised to pay him; he dined & went about 2; in the evening my daughter & I went to take the ayre; Mainwaring retorned about 8 & Roger with him.

20. Thursday, Mainwaring went past 11 to Chester; a man brought a letter from Mr Knights agent to Houseman to meete him next day at Bechin about taking up the wood; Brock writ an answer that Houseman was abRood but would send somebody; past 2 Lashford brought me a bill for 40 li.; I gave him a receipt; I & daughter took the ayre past 6. Mainwaring did not retorne from Chester till after I was in bed; a man came from Dyssert about the mines.

21. Friday, Broster went early to Bechin; Roger went abRood (but retorned to diner interl ); my sheep were shorne this day; after diner came Cratchley & 9 (Hall crossed out)?Wall & 2 more to Mainwaring; I left them about 3. Broster retorned from Bechin.

22. Satorday, Broster went about 10 to Chester; Ince trimmd me; Nat. Lea came past 11, dined with us; I went about 4; Broster & Houseman came home about 8.

23. Sonday, were? not at church; Morgan came about 9. Bowker was with me about the fender.

24. Monday, Mainwaring, Roger & Morgan went early towards High Lee & Peover. Broster went to Dyssart; Ed[ward] Lightfoote came & cleared his bond; Bowker &c. were about the fender; past 2 came Huson & Horton (to pay his rent) they went before 4. I & daughter tooke the ayre at 6.

25. Tuesday, Mosse came to get some bricks; Jeynson to change a life in his lease; Deane & his sonne came past 11. dined with us; after diner came Fletcher (of Forest Streete) & Hall's son; did eate below; all went past 4. after diner I had an ill fit of purging with some vomiting, but (praised it be to God) it lasted not long & I was better after it.

26. Wednesday, Houseman went to Chester past 11. the cart to Shotwick; Angell came about 1, dined with us. I left him past 3. he went at 5. Mainwaaring & Roger retorned from Bouer; brought ½ buck with them.

27. Thursday, Houseman went past 7 to Bechin &c; Mainwaring past 11 to Chester to wayte on the Lords Justices of Ireland &c. I sent the coachman to invite Crew to dine with us to morrow, &c. I & daughter tooke the ayre at 6.Row & Harison came about the tax of Ashton; mainaring stayd all night at Chester.

28. Friday, I sent the coachman early to assist Houseman at Shotwick; Crew, 2 Davenports, 2 Sheriffs, Horton, Taylor, Mainwaring &c. dined with us; bowled after diner; went past 7.

29. Satorday, I sent Brock (with some old money) to Houseman at Chester to pay Morgan or Fox for the taxes; Angell came about 12, dined with us; went at 5; Ince trimmd me; Robinson the paynter brought the cases for the Mayors sword & Mace; dined with the servants; Houseman came home with Brock.

30. Sonday, (Trinity Sonday) Mr Gerard gave us the Sacrament; daughter & I took the ayre in the evening.

31. Monday, I sent 2 bills in Housman's letter to Gibson; Angell & Gerard dined here; the last wentat 9, the other at 5; June 1 Tuesday, Widow Cookson came & cleared her account; Huet dined with us; Roger went from home in the morning (to Newton interl); retorned at night; Broster came back from Dyssert.