Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1687

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1687", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 22 June 2024,

November 1687

Nor; 1st Tuesday, the Tarvyn barber trimmed me; we dined at home; in the afternoone the gentlemen went a setting, retorned in the evening; my sonne took phisick; Roberts came about 5; stayd all night; supt with us; we parted about 10; Hughson retorned.

2. Wednesday, Robert Lloyd came about 12, he would not eate, the rest dined; about 3 came the Vicar & his father (he offered me the purchase of Kinsley); they went past 4 then we went about the accounts betwixt my sonne, Lloyd and Roberts; it held us till 8; then we supt; had some further debate about it, after supper had a bottle of wine; (Lloyd & Roberts with us) parted neare 11.

3. Thursday, baker of Alrey & a man with him came to my sonne, also Ricard Hughes; they did eate in the buttry; they stayd all night & the other company; I left them drinking & taking tobacco; about 10 Selman & another came to take work.

4. Friday, Mainwaring went to meete Lord Cholmely, Egerton &c. a hunting; the rest of us dined at home (cosen Whitley, Lloyd, Baker, Billington ) Roberts Hughs, Robert Lloyd & Morgan in the buttry; after dinner Baker & Billington went away; my sonne & the rest went a coursing & to Kelsall; came home past 7, also Mainwaring, Thomas Hughes came in the evening about Revenue Accts; supt, went to bed, past 10.

5. Friday, (sic) Mainwaring & Hughson went to Chester; Robert Hughes & his sonne came about Mr Roberts mortgage; went away about 12; the rest dined; we settled accounts betwixt my sonne & Roberts; cosen Whitley, Lloyd & Roberts went away past 3; my sonne & Morgan to bring them on theire way; Thomas Hughes, Richard Hughes went in the morning; Mainwaring & Hughson retorned late, after I was in bed.

6. Sonday, I went to church, (with sonne & Mainwaring ) in the afternoone; after sermon we went to the Grey Hound with Hardware, his wife, Grantham & old Bruen; we stayd about an houer; went home &c; Traverse dined with us, today.

7. Monday, Mainwaring (& the cook) went to Badely; Morgan & Hughson to Chester & Bretton to meete Robert Lloyd, & Richard Hughes; I & my sonne stayd at home; Hughson & Morgan retorned at night; Angell dined with us; went away past 3.

8. Tuesday, I went to Chester, Charlotte & sister Sidney with me; my sonne & Morgan on horseback; I dined at Wrights; my sonne, Mainwaring, Billet, Bedisford, Minshall, Streete, Warburton, Wright, his sonne with us; after dinner came Ned Lloyd, Roberts, Hughes &c; I left them past 2; went to Angells & with my 2 sisters & Charlotte to see the Bishop's wife & daughter; saw them & her cosen Mr Wade; met Mr Ma ssey & an officer coming from them; then we went to see Mrs Henry; saw her & her mother; stayd not; I left my sisters & Charlotte at Angells; went to Jacksons; there was the company that dined with us (most of them) & G.Mainwaring also Wright of Stretton and Lloyd, Robert Lloyd &c; Lady Bunbery came thither to speake with me; also Alderman Edwards spoke with me in the kitchen about Mainwaring of Shotwick's bill; also Taylor; & Jones attorney about Geddin's statute; about 6 my sonne & Bellot went home with me in my coach; Mainwaring, Bedisford & Minshall came after on horseback; supt; I left them past 10.

[fo. 83v]

Nor; 9. Wednesday, Taylor came about 10 to prepare my son's accounts; Grantham came to speake with him, about 12; they dined with us; Bellot, Mainwaring my sonne, Minshall & Bedisford's frind went a coursing; I went to the workmen in the field; the gentlemen (all but Minshall) dined with us; also Poole & Colson (from Chester) about 4 they all parted; my sonne & Mainwaring went to Utkinton; retorned when I was in bed; Minshall came in the evening, stayd all night.

10. Thursday, Mainwaring my sonne, Morgan, Minshall & Huson went to Chester about my sons reference; I dined alone with daughter, Mainwaring sister Anne; after dinner Kelsall (Lord Delamer's servant) called, dined in the buttry, stayd not long; Marget's sister came to know how Marget carried herselfe because of some false reports; stayd not; the gentlemen stayd at Chester all night.

11. Friday, I dined alone with my daughter & sister; I went out to the workmen & servants at the sand hole & garden; my sonne, Mainwaring & Minshall retorned about 6, supt, parted past 10.

12. Satorday, Houseman went to Chester to look after tenants; Mainwaring & Minshall to meete Crew a coursing; they retorned to supper.

13. Sonday, we dined at home (Minshall &c.) after dinner came Alderman Lloyd & Arderne; they eate some beefe & had a bottle of wine; Mainwaring & I went to church; they followed us; after sermon we went (with them) to the Greyhound; there was also Bruen & his unkle, Hardware & Traverse; we soone parted; Lloyd went to Chester; Traverse came after us home, supt with us, Minshall &c. my sonne was in phisick; after supper Morgan, Hughson & Griffith retorned from Mold.

14. Monday, Mainwaring, Minshall & Traverse went a shooting; retorned to dinner; Mr Wright of Stretton came about 12 (Robert Lloyd soone after) dined; Wright went before 3; Sir Rowland Stanley sent his man with another letter; I sent him back presently; about 4 came Mr Hardware to invite us to dine with him tomorrow; he went againe before 5; Robert Lloyd stayd all night.

15. Tuesday, Mainwaring & Minshall went a shooting about 10; past 11 the Tarvyn barber trimmed me, Mr Taylor came about sonnes accounts; I left him to dine with Morgan & Robert Lloyd; I & my family dined at Hardware's; there was Bruen, Gerard, Traverse, Arderne; we retorned past 3; Taylor was gone before we retorned; about 5 came L. Lloyd, supt, sate up with him, Minshall, Mainwaring Robert Lloyd, Morgan till 10; I left them.

16. Wednesday, Mainwaring, Minshall, Lloyd went a shooting; Mr Adams & Rutter came about 12; dined with us, also Mainwaring, Lloyd &c; stayd all day, supt, had a bottle after supper, I left them past 10; Turner of Bromborow came at night.

17. Thursday, Mainwaring my sonne, L; Lloyd, Robert Lloyd, Minshall went to Chester; stayd there all night; Adams & Rutter dined with us; went away about 3; we had no more company this day.

18. Friday, I dined at home with my daughter & sister; a man came from Shotwick & another from Wenachlegg with woodcocks; one Dod came from Tatenhall about a lease & Mr Basnet from Chester (Alderman Anderson's man with him) about Bryan's tenement; they went away about 3; my sonne, Mainwaring & Morgan retorned from Chester about 6.

19. Satorday, I went to Chester with Mainwaring & my sonne; alighted at Wrights, went in but stayd not; went thence to the Mayors with G.Mainwaring; I signed & sealed 2 transfers of East Indya stock; the Mayor &c. witnessed it; we dined at Angells with Charlot, Sidney, Rogers wife &c; spoke with Mr Hand, Cooper & Mr Gleg in the Row about money due to Mrs Gleg deceased; I went & saluted Colonel Hastings in the Row; went to Jacksons; thither came Alderman Lloyd, Captaine Hooke, G.Mainwaring, Streete, Minshall, Robert Anderson &c; we parted 1/2 houer past 3, came home (there was also Shelby & some others, about taking land.

[fo. 84r]

20. Sonday, I went not to church, we had no company all day or at night.

21. Monday, Mainwaring went towards Morton; Tarvyn barber trimmed me; no company all day or at night but my sonne, sister, daughter & Morgan.

22. Tuesday, Bolton & the 2 Smiths came about 12 to agree for lands in Tatenhall; they dined & parted past 3; Robert Lloyd came after dinner, took a pipe, & left us talking of our businesse; Traverse came to see Morgan supt & stayd all night; Morgan the Quaker came in the evening about money Roger owes him; supt in the buttry, came in to the Compasse after supper, took a pipe & 2 or 3 glasses with Robert Lloyd, Traverse & Morgan I & my sonne parted past 10.

23. Wednesday, Morgan the Quaker, Lloyd, Morgan, my sonne, sister &c. dined with us; the Quaker went away about 2; all the rest of the day we spent about Mr Lloyds accompts; the lymers brought lyme; stayd all night; Cawley came about the stone work, &c; Lloyd supt, & stayd all night.

24. Thursday, Lloyd went to Wrexam; Neale the farryer came with a bill for money; he had it; John Nixon was payd his wages & all demands; I gave him 1/2 guiney for gratuity, he was discharged; James Wright was enterteyned as groome; Grantham, Cawley & one Jackson came about businesse from Mr Hope to my sonne; they dined with us, went away before 2; my sonne & Morgan went a coursing; Jones came from Shotwick in his way to Dysart; Jacksons man came at night with some fowle from Minshall.

25. Friday, Hughson went early to Tatenhall; about 11 came yong Withens & the excise mans sonne of Tarvyn, to goe a coursing with my sonne & Morgan; they retorned before 11, the other 2 with them; dined, took a pipe & a glasse of wine; the excise mans sonne stayd, he came from Irelond; had lived in the Lord Deputy's family 5 years; they parted past 2; no company that night.

26. Satorday, I went to Chester with my sonne, alighted at Jackson's; went to the Mayor to the Penthouse to get him witnesse some writings; went to see Dr Angell &c; dined at Jacksons with my sonne, Gleg, Morgan & Mr Daxson, Parson of Coddington; there was Shelby & some other tenants & others to speake with me & Hughson; after dinner came Minshall & Dr Balsh & Alderman Wright (he came whilst we were at meale) daughter Charlotte & Sidney called about 3; we went home together; my sonne & Morgan came after a horseback; Mainwaring retorned that night from Morton.

27. Sonday, we dined at home, Traverse with us; my sonne took phisick; I & Mainwaring went to church after dinner; went to the Grayhound with 2 Bruens; Morgan & Traverse; went home about 4; Traverse came back with Morgan & supt; & stayd all night.

28. Monday, Sam Shelby came to Peele about holding his land; Mr Gleg & Hand about money due to Mrs Gleg deceased; they dined; & parted past 3; Harvey came & went with Shelly; Sir Robert Cotton's servant came to Gleg & went with him to Chester.

29. Tuesday, Bruen, 2 Hardwares, Traverse, Davyes of Manley, Davyes of Frodsham, the churchwarden of Frodsham dined with us; also Minshall; Bridge of Tatenhall came but went before dinner; there was also Mr Manley; he & 2 Davyes came about William Davyes debts & mortgage; agreed to sell the land to the Parish of Frodsham; they all went about 6 (onely Traverse, Minshall stayd all night; & Robert Roberts.; [fo. 84v] Nor; 30. Wednesday, Mainwaring, Minshall & Traverse went a hunting; Grantham came about 10 to buy a cow; 6 of Tarvyn scholers came to invite me to heare their exercises at their breaking up schoole; Roberts stayd to speake with my sonne about the land he sold him; he dined with us, also Robert Lloyd & Mr Savage & his wife; they & Roberts went after dinner; Hide the excise man came for an akey &c & a shoe maker of Namptwich came for Roger's money &c;i n the evening Mainwaring, Minshall & Traverse retorned & Roger Mainwaring with them; supt, parted neare 11.