Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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November 1692

November. 1. Tuesday, the Poore Gownemen dined with me at the new house with the Mason, Paver, also the Citty Officers according to custome; they dined in the first roome; I & some frinds with me in the Parlor; Charlotte & Sidney came to [to] me; & we lay at Angell's.

2. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse at 11; dined at home, some frinds with us; lay there that night.

3. Thursday, dined the Bishop & clergy (..........)(some of the stayd all day interl crossed out) (I went to the Penthouse at 4; had an entertainment there (being the Kings birhday) there were severall Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriffe, &c. also the Towne major, Lee, my sonne…..Luke Lloyd; had bonfire there, at home severall frids with me, &c crossed out.) [fo. 151r] 4. Friday, dined at home, (Lee with us) at 4 went to the Penthouse (being the King's birthday, had an entertainment by the Treasurers; there were severall Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriffs, Towne Major, Lee, sonne, Morgan, Luke Lloyd, &c.) had bonfires there, at home (with illuminations interl.) severall frinds with me, & parted at 9.

5. Satorday, Gunpowder Treason day, went to the Penthouse; proclaimed the Thanksgiving day; the severall companyes appeared in theire gownes with banners, &c. went to the Great Church (in usuall manners interl.) my chaplain preached; dined at home with G.Mainwaring, Johnson, theire wifes, daughters &c. went at 5 to visit the Deane, then the Bishop; came home before 7; had a bonfire; many more in towne; with illuminations; severall frinds stayd with me till past 9, &c. Mr Taylor, Streete, G.Mainwaring, & others.

6. Sonday, was not at church; Lady Bellot, sister Whitley, theire daughters, L. Lloyd, sonne, severall frinds dined with me; in the evening G.Mainwaring & some other frinds came; stayd till 9.

7. Monday, went to the Court; severall Aldermen, Recorder, Sheriffs, Lawyers, Gleg, Angell & severall others dined with me; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Booth, Comberbach were with me in the evening about the militia; Johnson &c. came afterwards; parted past 9.

8. Tuesday, I went to the Court to take a verdict (of the day before) then the Assembly met; (the list was cald over interl.) 2 Poore Gownes disposed of by lot; afterwards a plummers petition (to be made free) was read; the Aldermen, Justices & Sheriffs voted for it & named the fine; Alderman Wilson refused to vote, objecting that he was not called in his proper place; (Alderman Starkey did the like) they were called as single Aldermen after the Sheriffs according to the usual & ancient custome of the old Charter; it caused a great hurly-burly by the new charter men with some passionate & indecent expressions; soe I dissolved the Assembly; went home; G.Mainwaring, Parry & a frind or 2 more dined with me; after diner I went to G.Mainwarings; there was Henry, Kirke & another about an information of burning the Chappell; the Deane came to speake with me, did not stay; they came to my house, (all but Henry) severall witnesses were examined but could find no materiall evidence; the Deane came agen to speake with me in the outer roome, stayd not; then Streete & I went to Charles Griffith's; G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Murray, Cratchley, Deane after us; also Bolton, Robinson, Croughton, Gerard, &c. we parted at 9; went home.

9. Wednesday, dined at home, Mrs Crofts with us; Streete, G.Mainwaring, Johnson, came after diner; we left them, took coach about 3; called at the Bars (my sonne with us) came home about 5.

10. Thursday, Huson went past 7 towards Mold; It was Thanksgiving day but I could not goe to church.

11. Friday, Angell dined with us, went agen about 4; Moses went to meete Huson at Mold; Bowker & Casterton retorned from Shotwick.

12. Satorday, Hickson went past 11 to Chester; retorned at 4; Griffith & carts came from Shotwick & Burges with a doe.

13. Sonday, was not at church; Morgan came about 8.

14. Monday, Danold came about 1 to trim us; dined in the buttry; went past 4; Huson came in the evening, stayd all night.

15. Tuesday, Captaine Dorington, Colson, Partington, Darlington & another dined with us; went about 3 & 4.

16. Wednesday, no company.

17. Thursday, no company, & Bowker & Kesterson came to work.

18. Friday, Griffith went to Lach & Nixon to Chester; James Ward came to speake with me past 10; Salmon came past 11, dined with us; also Jones the sadler; after diner came another cheesefactor to speake with Morgan & a man from Salop to speake with Huson & Neild with his bill; they all went about 3; Walforne went to Utkinton & Houseman to Chester, &c. stayd out all night.

19. Satorday, cosen Morgan went early to Chester; afterwards Nixon; Cadwalader brought 2 does; Huson went home at 6.

20, Sonday, I was not at church; my sonne & Walforne went in the afternoone; Houseman retorned about 8.

21. Monday, Dutton went with a cart to Shotwick; Mrs Crofts & Bolland dined here, went about 4; Huson went abroad at 1; retorned late.

22. Tuesday, Cadwalader went towards Frodesly; Bowker & the miller came to talke of work, &c. barber trimmed me; dined with us; also Ned Burrows & Dob in the buttry, they all went at 3; Morgan came about 4.

23. Wednesday, no company.

24. Thursday, Alban Gray & Isack came past 9 to speake with cosen Morgan; Gray dined with me, Isack with the servants; Hughes was also here; they went about 4.

25. Friday, my sonne & Morgan went towards London about 11; soone after came Streete, G.Mainwaring & Comberbach; they went about 4; Huson went home about 6; Cartright went early to Brombrow & Shotwick (& Nixon to Chester interl.) retorned about 7.

26. Satorday, no company; nor any thing observable.

[fo. 151v]

27. Sonday, was not at church; Walforne went in the afternoone.

28. Monday, Mr Gerard & his brother dined with us; went about 4; & Huson came about 11.

29. Tuesday, Bromley & his wife came at night came to see us past 2, went about 4; settled accounts with Huson.

30. Wednesday, no company.