Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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November 1696

November 1. Sonday, was not at church; daughter &c. were; I sent Nixon to visit Crew; Bowker & Gill were with me about concernes at Bechin.

2. Monday, cart went to Chester for malt; Jack with letters; after diner Yong came to talk of selling me barley, pease &c. one Leftwich to see Akerleys house in order to lease, Williamson came from Norhop about leasing theere; Key came past 4, Roger past 6.

3. Tuesday, some coles cartyers came for theire money; Roger & Key dined with us, Key went about 2.

4. Wednesday, no company nor businesse.

[fo. 211r]

November 5. Thursday, Jackson of Kelsall brought me a horse for a waife; Crosse of Shotwick dined with me. Jordan came about his accounts. 4 men came from Dyssart with 21 measures of wheate in 6 lods; Mrs Alport came from Peover & Mr Lloyd (& his wife) from Chester past 5. Smith was abRood all day; came at night.

6. Satorday, Lachford was with me about his lease; Palin, Harison, Row & Moses came from Bechin (brought 3 loads of wood) Millington with Williamson & Bethell came from Northop; all dined & Abraham the Quaker.

7. Satorday, Houwseman went past 9 to Chester; Huson retorned about 11 from Frodesley. Grice came from Runcorne about the rents due there; brought no money; promised to clear all (being 2 years) this day fortnight; Lloyd & his wife retorned to Chester past 2 of the clock; Huson went past 4. Smithers came to see us from Sir John Crew; Roger went away this evening, his when or whither we know not.

8. Sonday, were not at church. gardener (the Goldsmith) frind with him from Ireland & Roger Whitley dined with us.

9. Monday, Houseman went early to Bechin, no company or businesse this day.

10. Tuesday, no company nor businesse onely Gaugh at night from Frodesley about the tithe.

11. Wednesday, I writ to Mr Gill, enclosed to Mainwaring; Gaugh went early this morning; Houseman retorned from Bechin.

12. Thursday, Smith went after Huson to Mold & Northop. Lachford, his son & 3 Halls dined with us; I sealed a lease of Ashton Hall &c. to Lashford; they went past 4.

13. Friday, Mr Deane & Pemberton dined with me; retorned at 4. Thomas Finchet came past 5 about my Kelsall rents; retorned past 6. Houseman went out in the morning, stayd out all day till 7 at night.

14. Satorday, Houseman & the husbandman went to Chester to buy corne. Ben. the gardner came from the Ladys at Rock Savage to visit us; I spoke with Pickering about his, his wife & son's working in my garden; Houseman was out all night.

15. Sonday, the yong women &c went to church; I had a fit this morning; Bowker & Gill were with me after diner; Profit & his sonne (in the evening) about ridding & kidding; Roger & cosen Whitley came about 6.

16. Monday, cosen Whitley & Roger dined with us; after diner came Fletcher (late toll gatherer) stayd not long; after supper came Biggins, stayd all night.

17. Tuesday, I sent Brock (and the cart) to Chester with 6 dozen bottles of mumme to Sheriffe Mainwaring & to bring bottles & iron back &c. Biggins went early to Chester; the man came about taking of Frodesley (Huson with him interl), Williamson & Bethell about Lleece & Venghlog; Millington came with them & dined, supt & stayd all night; Morgan came also in the afternoone; Crew came past 2. I went past 4.

18. Wednesday, the men that came yesterday about taking the lands went away this morning; about 3 cosen L: Lloyd came to us; Huson went past 4. but before he went, he, Morgan & I discoursed about the Receriver place; widow Akerley came after diner about leaving her house.

19. Thursday, Friday, cosen Whitley & L. Lloyd dined, went about 2. Bromley & Yong came to seale leases & bonds; Davyes of Tarperley brought a letter from Crew & to discourse about getting him a bag of his owne as Postmaster of Tarperley.

21. Satorday, Bowker was with me past 10. we discoursed about leasing some of the Common ground in Ashton; about businesse at Bechin, his work at the mill &c. he & Houseman went to view the trees in Popes=Buty Threusdale &c. Houseman went to Chester at one, retorned past 11.

22. Sonday, Roger, daughter &c. went to church; he went thence to Chester; Houseman went to visit Crew after diner.

23. Monday, Houseman went to receive rents at Kelsall; Morgan, Roger, Broster, Huson (& Gough with him) came in the evening; Bowker, Gill were with me about Bechin.

[fo. 211v]

November 24, Tuesday, the 2 Lunts came about to 2 seale a lease at Ashton. Gough went back to Frodesley without agreeing for the demeane there: the keepers son brought a leane doe. Broster went to Chester to get the Captains? bill to Lord Ranelagh for the 40 li. I lent them,25. Wednesday. Roger went early to Utkinton; Morgan & I discoursed about the Receivers Place; he fell off from his former proposals; soe we are both free as to that businesse &c. I declared it before Huson, 26. Thursday, Hixon went to Tarperley with a rowle of brawne, for wood; past 11 Witshard the Attorney came about Roger's debt to Griffith &c. also another man & Hales of Namptwich. while we were at diner came Adams, Davyes, White, Grey, Reeves his sonne; some dined with us; some in the buttry: also Partington & Batho; they all went in the evening, & Morgan with them; Dounton came about Frodesley, stayd all night; & Roger dined with us but went agen to Utkinton.

27. Friday, about 11 Amy went to be marryed at Tarvyn (other 3 mayds with her)) in my coach; also Huson, Houseman & some other servants; Joseph came to trim me about 12. Amy, with her husband, his mother, sister & 2 men, came with them & dined with us: soe did Dounton, the mother & sonne, stayd all night, about 4 James Mainwaring sent Thomas with a letter to acqainte me that Alderman Streete was dead & to desire me to write for his place in the Mint for him; Alderman Lloyd writ about 8 to the same effect; I & Dounton sealed Frodesly articles that night.

28. Satorday, Huson & Dounton went to Chester past 9. Houseman, Madamoiselle, Nixon &c. past 10 Thomas went to Tarperly with a letter to Mainwaring; past 1 Charles Lewes & Robinson (officers of the Mint) came & dined with us; went about 4. Moses came from Frodesley, Madamoiselle about 7. Houseman past 10.

29. Sonday, daughter &c. want to church; Bowker & Moses came at night to goe next day to Bechin.

30. Monday, Houseman went about 8 to Chester to goe with Huson into Worrall; Dick Minshall came before 10. dined & went about 3 towards Chester; daughter & children wen about 4 to eate a goose at Margett Kents, retorned about 6.