Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1687

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1687', Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 13 June 2024].

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. "Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1687", Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ([s.l.], 2004). . British History Online. Web. 13 June 2024,

September 1687

Sepr 1. Thursday, went to the Temple to Humfreys; dined with Lady Wood (Biddolph & his wife with me) past 4 Biddolph & I went into London; I called at Duncombs; spoke with his brother about Talleys; went to the East Indya house; transfered to Adams; went with him to Snagg about the money; spoke with Aston (a lame broker) about selling some stock; went to the Sunne; there was Biddolph & Velbert; then came Jones & then Basset, dranck a glasse or 2 then left us; Biddolph went away with his wife; neare 8 I came home; Baroby came to us & stayd an houer; parted past 10 2 Friday, cosen Francks, Mrs Bret, Fowler & George Puckridge came to me; also Mr Jones; stayd not long; I went with daughter Whitley to Combe; Minshall & Houseman on horseback; dined there with the Lady, Basset, his wife, Biddolph & his; after dinner came cosen Philips to see us; past 5 we retorned; I & Minshall went to the Kings Armes; to Crispe & Baroby; Morgan came to us but went before 10; I went home soone after.

3. Satorday, I went to Page's; gave his sonne a letter to look after a cheese; then I went to the Qeens Head taverne (spoke with Velbert about fish in the streete).

[fo. 80r]

3. then Biddolph & his wife came; had a bottle of wine & some oysters Morgan & Minshall, Houseman, Cook, John &c with us; Biddolph his wife &c went on theire journey about 11; I came home; brother Peter came to see me; Mr Fanshaws man served me with a Processe about disbanding businesse; brother & Ewart dined with me; Jones came past 4 about our accounts then daughter Whitley; she brought me in her coach to the Temple; I spoke with Humfreyss 8 Captaine Fanshaw together about the writ Fanshawe sent me; thence I went with Minshall to Lutwich (about 6) there was Sir Humfrey Mackworth with him; we had 2 or 3 bottles of wine; parted past 8; we called on Ben Gerard, he went with us to the Kings Armes; Baskervile came to us; we parted about 11.

4. Sonday, I & Minshall dined at Hogsden; there was my daughter, William Morgan, Cole & Mason; I retorned at 4; Jones came & stayd awhile; I went to Lady Woods, saw her & her 2 daughters (I left Minshall at the Piasto); I went to Sir G.G. lodging; stayd awhile with him; then came his sonne G.; I left them; went to Baskerviles; saw him, his wife, daughter & neece; there was one of Middlewich with him; we had a bottle of wine; I let them before 10.

5. Monday, cosen Francks came to see me; then Kent, Tovet, John Lloyd, Morgan, one Whitehand recommended by Mr Bird to be my chaplaine; then Minshall then Mr Andertons sonne with a letter from his father; Fowler & George came about accounts & hyring a coach; I went to Saladine; then to Martyns; dined at Grillons with Sir G.G. & his 2 sonns; Martyn came thither with the Jewell; stayd not; I went with Sir G. &c. to the Sunne; there was brother Peter & Dorisla, parted past 5; came home; there was cosen Brereton, Lloyd & Mainwaring; they stayd not; I went to Humfreys with him to Lord Chancellors; called on Tovey then went to the Kings Armes; there was Jones; I settld accounts with him; there was also Morgan, Mason & Baskervile; a man came with bowles for Biddolph, we parted neare 11.

6. Tuesday, daughter Whitley, Cole, Baroby &c. came to take leave of me; I parted from London ( Minshall & Houseman in the coach with me) about 10; called on Mr Thomas at Highgate to see his rabits; drank a bottle of wine (his mother with us); Morgan brought us to Barnet; we called at the Greene Man; eate some cold meate; stayd not; Morgan retorned to London; we called at the Bull at St Albans; had a pinte of wine; lay at the Crowne at Dunstable 7. Wednesday, before 10, Biddolph, his wife &c. came to us; we went together to Newport; dined at the Swan; betwixt the towne & Northampton; we met Sir Edward Wood in his coach alone; we lay that night at the Peacock in Northampton.

8. Thursday, we dined at Creek; met some Chester women there (frinds of Mr Minshall) one of them came into the coach; we lay at the Star in Coventry; Mr Bernard Howard came to visit us; we were at supper; he sate by us; drank a glasse of sack, after supper.

9. Friday, I was trimmd by the next barbers sonne; went to waite on Mr Howard in his chamber; Captaine Biddolph came to visit us; he went with me to Hopkins; Biddolph and Minshall followed us; we drank a glasse of mumme; stayd not; we drank a bottle of wine at Coleshill; betwixt that & Lichfield; Mr Hanmer & severall others; met Biddolph; we called at the Swan; had a bottle or 2 of wine; left them, came to Elmehurst; where Mr Mainwaring & my sonne came to us.

10, Satorday, we dined &c. about 5 came Captaine Dyatt to invite me to dine with him on Monday; we had 2 or 3 bottles of wine; went about 6; Biddolph & I went to visit Mr Vicers & his wife; his neece & her husband came in whiles we were there.

11, Sonday, we went to sermon in the Cathedrall; dined at home; it was rayny day; we went not abroad afterwards.

Peele September 14th 1687 to August 10th 1688 [fo. 80v] Sep'r 12. Monday, we went (about 11) to visit the Deane; (Biddolph, Mainwaring, my sonne &c.) then to the Swan; there was Lord Colechester & Lord Westmorland; we had a glasse of wine with them below; the barber trimmed me; we dined at home, Mr Swinfen with us; he went past 5; then came Captaine Ormes, Alablaster & another; stayed till 8; had 5 or 6 bottles 13. Tuesday, we dined at Elmehurst; went thence about 1 (Biddolph & Mainwaring in the coach with me) my sonne & Minshall on horseback) came to Stone about 6; there William Minshall & Jackson met us; also Mr Dresser & Tomkinson (but they went back about 9).

14. Wednesday, we went from Stone before 8; came to Dodington before 12; dined there; there was (besides Sir Thomas Delves, his lady & family) Sir John Corbet & his daughter & sonne; Mr Offley, his lady, Thomas Offley, another Offley (a lawyer), a minister and his wife &c; Robert Gleg was there, but stayd not dinner also John Hussey & his brother; we went thence at 3; came to Namptwich at 4; called at the Lambe to mend the coach; there was Savage, 2 Bromwells; 2 Johnsons &c; went thence past 5; but the coach broke againe, in the streets; we went into Mrs Stringers house; there came one Mr Wright to us; we had a bottle of wine; & some ale; borrowed Lady Minshalls coach to bring us home; called at Utkington, past 8; Crew came to the coach to us; had a glasse of sack; came home past 10; Minshall & Jackson with us; went to bed at 12.

15. Thursday, dined at home; Jackson went home in the morning; Cadwallader brought venison from Frodesley; Traverse came in the evening; supt; I went to bed at 10; Lady Bellots man & Sir John Crews man came to visit us.

16. Friday, the hopman came to me about the hops; Hughson went towards Wales; past 11 came one from Chester to see Minshall &c; then came Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Burrows, Brett, Anderson, Humfreys, Deane, Dr Bulch &c. from Chester; dined; went away about 5.

17. Satorday Mainwaring my sonne, Minshall & I went to Chester; light & dined at Wrights with Streete, Lloyd, Dr Bulch, G.Mainwaring Captaine Heron, Wright &c; Jackson brought us some wine; Salisbury came to us before dinner; dranck some ale with us; Holland trimmed me; Farington came in at dinner; about 3 I went (with Mainwaring & my sonne) to Angells; saw the doctor, my sister & Rogers wife; went then to the Bishop; saw him in his study & his sonne; had a bottle of wine; went then to his lady; stayd not; thence to Jacksons; there was Edwards, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Swetnam, his brother in law; Farington; Deane, &c; Holywell came in to Mainwaring stayd not; Bradshaw was in the hall as we went out; went thence past 5 &c; Minshall stayd at Chester.

18. Sonday, went to church in the morning; dined at home; Traverse with us; he also supt with us.

19. Monday, Sir John Arderne, his sonne, Crew, Mr Deane, Sherwood, Traverse, Cockaine; Hardware, his wife; his sonne & his wife; her 2 sisters, dined with us; they all went before night; Cockaine & Traverse supt & parted past 9; Matt Browne came about old accounts & Presbery about coach wheeles.

20. Tuesday, I went to Chester with my sonne & Mainwaring dined at G; Mainwaring's; with his wife & sister; Streete, Minshall, Kinaston & Hunt &c. Taylor came to us after dinner; also Brook of Upton about a horse; past 3 we went to the Sunne (all but Kinaston); thither came Alderman Anderson & his cosen to us & Swetnam; we parted neare 5; called on Mr Mayor, (G.Mainwaring with us) to witnesse my signing and sealing & Transfere of 500 li. of stock in the East Indya company; parted past 6; came home at 8.

[fo. 81r]

Sepr; 21. Wednesday, Mainwaring & my sonne dined at Tarvyn; Mr Kelsall came to us from Lord Delamer; dined with us & went away about 4; Minshall came home with Mainwaring & my sonne; supt.

22. Thursday, we dined at home, Minshall & Traverse &c; past 5, one Mr Gosse (steward to Lord Derby came to enquire of my purchase of Mr Levet, what I payd him &c; he stayd all night; we had a bottle or 2; after supper I left them about 10.

23. Friday, Mr Goffe went away past 9; about 12 I went to Kelsall (my sonne, Mainwaring & Minshall in the coach with me) Traverse & Hughson on horseback; we dined at Ale's & Sir John Arderne, his sonne, Crew &c with us; severall tenants were there in order to settle businesse with Arderne; we parted past 6; came home &c; Morgan came from London.

24. Satorday, Mainwaring, Minshall, my sonne & Morgan went to Chester; my sisters to Oulton; Mainwaring sonne & Morgan retorned about 10 at night.

25. Sonday I went to church (with Mainwaring) in the morning; dined at home; in the evening Traverse came then William Minshall; I left them at 10.

26. Monday, Mainwaring went towards Cumbermere; Bostock, his brother, Winnington & a yong Irishman (Bagot) came to Peele; Bostock told me he lay at theire house & was a gentleman; he dined with us; the rest with the servants; William Minshall also dined with us; about 3 they all went away; then I went in the coach to the wood with my sonne, Morgan and Hughson; Ward & 3 other labors were making fagots &c; Traverse supt with us; we parted before 10.

27. Tuesday, Morgan went to Chester; John Wright of Tatenhall came with rents &c; then came Palin & a man about taking of Shotwick; 2 others about taking Tatenhall; Resbury the wheelewright; Ackerley & Dentith with their wifes, Nant Ales & 2 other woomen from Kelsall; we dined together in the hall; William Taylor attorney came when we were at table, dined with us; after dinner came Mr Mainwaring (of Shotwick) & Mr Davenport of Calveley; they dined in the buttry; these & Taylor stayed till neare 7; the rest went about 5; Turner of Brombrow came about his holding that demesne & a fellow (with fish) from Shotwick; Traverse came in the afternoone; went away about 7; Morgan retorned late from Chester.

28. Wednesday, Hughson went towards Shotwick; John Griffith (with some more of the servants) went to Bechin to bring fat cattle to Chester faire; Fryer came to me to discourse of hyring him after his yeare is out & demands a suite of clothes or 20s more than his wage &c; my sonne & Morgan dined with us; no company all day.

29. Thursday, Hughson went to Chester & about 11 my sonne, Morgan & Houseman went after him; I & my daughter dined alone; Mainwaring my sonne &c, (& Thomas Hughes with them) came late to Peele after I was gone to bed.

30. Friday, Mainwaring & Morgan went abroad; came back after dinner; Hughson went to the audit at Middlewich; Houseman to Chester; Sam Hussey came overnight from Chester, stayd till afternoone; we went a coursing in the evening.