Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1696

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1696

September 1. Tuesday, the comitte for the Hall with workmen &c. met at my house at 11, went past 1. daughter & Roger dined with us; about 5 we took coach for Peele, called at sister Whitleys & Lady Bellots doore. stayd not. came to Peele at 7. Mainwaring retorned about 9. Houseman went to Shotwick. Huson came to Chester. I left him there.

2. Wednesday, about 2 Mr Sam Fletcher came from Chester with a recommendation from the Sheriffe, some Aldermen, Leavelookers &c. to gather the Mayors=toll=corne in place of Mr Roger Penant [fo. 208v] September. Mr Ratcliffe came afterwards about the same businesse; my daughter told him how it was disposed of; I did not see him; Roger came about 8; stayd all night.

3. Thursday, Sam Hussey called here about 10. stayd diner; Moulton & Huson came about 7, stayd all night; Moses was with me. stayd diner; Moulton & Heghson came about 7, stayd all night; Moses was with me from Bechin.

4. Friday, Houseman came home this evening from Bechin; a man came to take Brombrow & brought Turner with him; they & Moulton dined with us (the man signed the agreement for Brombrow interl ) went about 3; past 4 came Edwards, Birckhead & Kerison; went past 5. Mainwaring, I & Roger went to Ashton, drancke a bottle of ale (in the coach) at Bromleys; Huson & Houseman met the tenants but received little rent.

5. Satorday, Roger went (past 4 to) Chester; Huson past 10. John Holland came to speake with me about leasing Ashton; in the evening Mainwaring & I went to see the new enclosures, common=grounds.

6. Sonday, Mainwaring was at church; Fletcher came from Chester; dined with us; Sam, the porter, came with him; dined with the servants; there was also a man came to be brewer & his brother with him; they all went before 3. Moses came for directions to see Tatenhall & Bechin; Huson came in the morning; was going to Bonbery to meete Holand about leasing.

7. Monday, Houseman went early (to goe with Huson) to Bechin; Smith went to Chester.Norton.& Mould; Mainwaring daughter &c went to Sir William Ashtons ( they were abRood) then to Rock. Savage; retorned before 7.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 8. Tuesday, while we were at diner came Shales & Biggens; they dined in the buttry then came Jackson, Horton & a frind of his (a stranger to me) they came to our table as we were rising; had beefe, venison &c. they all went neare 5; Lunt came to give me account of the corne sewed to parts in the new enclosures; viz; 60 measures of barley by Yong & his partners & 16 of barley & oates by Mr Hignet.Yong came about 7, bid me 15 li..for the barley; afterwards came Bunnell & Profit about the same matter, but no agreement. Roger came about 9.

9. Wednesday, Huson & Houseman came back (past 4) from Bechin & Tatenhall; Mrs Huson, her children & another woman came with them; also Rollegrd & sons..........; the dined with us, also Captaine Littleton; all went that evening, &c. widow Cookson came & made up her accompt & promised to cleare all at Michaelmas.

10. Thursday, Profit was with me about the corne in the new enclosures; sayd he would come againe & bring Bolton & Bennet with him; the 2 Sheriffs, Cratchley, (Vicars inter) Mainwaring, Robinson, Davyes dined with us; Fernehall came after diner; soe did Grantam (he brought me Mrs Sherards rent) all went about 6; some went before.

11. Friday, Mainwaring & Roger went about 9 to Chester; Bradborne came past 11 about the bonds assigned to Mrs Philips, stayd not long; Yong came about my part of corne & a lease but came to no agreement; Lunt came about a lease; Hughes about his slating; Houseman went with Lunty to view the Common enclosures; Mainwaring & Morgan came past 8.

12. Satorday, Brock went early to Chester; Morgan went after him past 9. Mainwaring at the same time to Namptwich &c. Houseman went past 10 to Utkinton to welcome Crew home; Smith came back from Northop at night.

13. Sonday, daughter went to church; Bowker & Moses were with me in the evening; the man that stole my wood at Bechin came with Moses in the morning. I remitted his trespasse against me provided he would pay the men that brought him before the Justice of Peace which he promised to doe; this night (about 3 o'clock) I had one of my fitts.

14. Monday, Smith went (about 3) to Northop & Mold agen.

15. Tuesday, Raph went for letters to Chester; we began to reape our barley this morning but the rayne forced them off before 12, Hughes came about his slating; I orderd Houseman to goe for Crew at Utkinton but he went not & Gough came to complaine of Persell Wilkes for demanding the tithes of Frodesley; they stayd all night.

[fo. 209r]

16. Wednesday, Purcell & Gough went to Huson's; but if he were not at home they would. goe home to Frodesley; Cadwalader brought a buck from Frodesley, cosen John Lloyd & Cottrell dined with us, went past 3. Yong came about 4. agreed to give 20 li. for the barley; Houseman to visit Crew & invite him to dine here tomorow Mainwaring & Houseman came home about 9.

17. Thursday, I sent Thomas to Chester to see Roger Shales came after diner & bought a cow of me for 4 li. 10s. 0d; Sefton came to me about his bond I promised to abate him 1/2 if he would pay the rest. Morgan came about 6. Holland, Yong & Bromley came about leasing at Ashton, stayd an houer but did not agree.

18. Friday, Neale came to get 2 or 300 of bricks; Mainwaring & Morgan went a setting.

19. Satorday, Morgan went early to Chester, then Brock & about 10 I & Mainwaring followed them; we alighted at the Penthouse; went thence to see my sisters; dined at Mrs Mainwarings; bought a hogshead of Lisbon red & a quarter caske of white, sent it with my cart to Peele; went to Jacksons, there was Mainwaring, Roger, 2 Sheriffs, James Mainwaring, Wright, Parry, Jackson; Streete came late. Mainwaring & I left them at 5. called ot sister Whitley & Lady Bellot but not goe in; Houseman went to Shotwick; met me at Chester; soe did Smith from Mold & Northop. I orderd Crosse to put widow Robinson into the hospitall. I promised Moris to glase the houses at Shotwick; Mainwaring & I came to Peele about 7. Houseman stayd at Chester al night.

20. Sonday, was not at church; some others were, Mainwaring in the afternoone; Huson came in the morning; dispatched Cadwalader with letters to Pursell & Wilks about the tithes of Frodesley, he went home at night; Moses was with me in the evening.

21. Monday, Mainwaring & Houseman went a setting towards Stamford Bridge expecting to meete the Sheriffe, Roger &c. Jordan & Hughes came about worke & money; past 3 I went to visit Crew at Utkinton, there was Mainwaring. Llee & Warburton of Grange & Captaine Littleton,Mainwaring & I came thence at 6 & at home at 7; Roger was at Peele; Huson came about 9 having been with Rolland in viewing the ground and Hall at Ashton22. Tuesday, a man came from Croton about leasing Ashton demesne; sayd he would come agen on Thursday; past 2 Lord Rivers sister & daughter came to visit my daughter; Boughy & severall servants came with them; I wayted on them before they went, brought them to the coach &c. Huson & Smith went to Chester; Smith retorned at night; Morgan came in the afternoone 23. Wednesday, Mainwaring went early to Peover; Roger & Morgan (with 2 of my grandaughters) went a coursing; cosen Whitley came in the evening; stayd all night; Huson went home.

24. Thursday, cosen Whitley went to Oulton; Huson came about 10; Widens, Roger & Morgan dined with us; Laxford, his sonne, Hall & another came after diner, dined in the buttry with Huson. they came about leasing of Ashton Hall & part of the demesne; Laxford offered me earnest to give 700 li. fine & 3 li. old rent; they are to come agen on Saturday; cosen Whitley came back about 9.

25, Friday, Houseman, Smith & Raph went to measure some of the common ground; Roger went early to Chester cosen Whitley & Morgan dined with us; Gerard, his wife, Mrs Arderne & Mrs Davenport came to visit us past 4. went past 5.

26. Satorday, cosen Whitleys & Huson went to Chester past 9. my cart went also with goods. Lachford, his sonne, Hall & another came about leasing Ashton Hall &c.& Gorse to view Akerleys they dined with us; Lachford agreed for Ashton at 720 li. fine, 3 li. rent &c. they went about 4. I gave out 3 suits of old clothes for Houseman, Brock & Tittle; Mainwaring came back from Peover this night.

27. Sonday, Mainwaring, daughter &c went to church; Huson came after diner, stayd not, I sent for the old cowman about stealing my wood &c. I discharged Thomas (the helper) from my service.

28. Monday, I discharged Kit from my service; my daughter discharged the cook mayde; Gorse came (& his wife) about leasing at Ashton but did not agree; Bromley agreed for it, also Yong agreed for the high fields; we left Peele at 3 & came to Chester at 6. James Mainwaring supt with us; Deane came after supper, parted at 10.

29. Tuesday, Huson came about 10. 3 Officers of the Mint came to see me; they afterwards came & dined with us, after diner came another; also 3 Officers of Army about payment of theyre quarters; Jordan came [fo. 209v] September 29. also Wayne (Alderman of the Butchers) with a petition & complaintes against Fernehall theire Steward, it was referd to the Penthouse to morow; Morgan dined with us & sister Lloyd, Smith came from Peele in the evening; he & Huson came to me about 9 in order to goe to Northop & Holywell next day.

30. Wednesday, Huson & Smith went early to Wales Shard came to me to desire that I would not countenance the arresting of Fernehall; Adams, Swordbearer & Macebearer about citty concernes; Norbery about keeping my courts; Bromley about the lease; Lloyd, Mainwaring & Roger, sisters Sidney & Lloyd dined with us; after diner came Cratchley & Huett & Fletcher about toll corne; all went by 4. Mainwaring bought coach horses for me at 12. I went to visit Mrs Mainwaring about 8. retorned past 9.