Statutes (not included by Baldock & Lisieux): Visitation by Archbishop Laud, 1636

Pages 280-281

Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis. Originally published by Nichols and Sons, London, 1873.

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Orders injoyned by the most Reverend ffather in God William [Laud] Lord Archbishop of Canterbury his Grace, Primate of all England and Metropolitane, to bee observed by the Deane and Chapter and others of the Cathedrall Church of St. Paul London; made upon their Answeres unto the Articles of Inquiry given them in charge in his Grace's Metropoliticall Visitacon dependinge in the Dioces of London, Anno Domini 1636. (fn. 1)

1. Imprimis, that square capps, as well as surplices and hoods, be dayly used by all those of your Quire who ought to weare them, without any omission.

2. Item, that those officers of the Company of Mercers, who for the time beinge claime and enjoy the government of the free school commonly called Paul Schoole, doe att some certaine time and place, by you the Deane and twoe others of your Prebendaries Residentiaries appointed, shew to you, the said Deane and Prebendaries, by what right the government of the said Schoole is invested in them, and render us an accompt of what you find.

3. Item, that speciall notice be taken that none of your Quire whoe doe alsoe belonge to his Majesties Chappell, doe escape without condigne punishment if att any time they neglect performance of their service in both places.

4. Item, that some fitt houses (if any such be) belonginge to your Church be suffered to runne out of lease, and then reserved for your severall Residentiaries, who now are forced to dwell in hyred houses, havinge none belonginge to their places.

5. Item, that due and diligent observance be made of all maner of prophanacons in your Church and Churchyard, and a particular thereof delivered unto us, that a remedy may be ordained.

6. Item, that you the Deane and Prebendaries doe carefully observe the late decree in Starr Chamber, which will helpe muche to represse the lay dwellers and inmates within the precincts of your Church, and (if need be) wee shalbe ready to yeeld you further assistance.

7. Item, that you the Deane, with 2 or 3 of your Prebendaries Residentiaries, doe att some certaine time and place call those leassees who hold vaults or crowdes under your Quire to exhibitt their leases, and then examine the validities of them, that (if possible) they be lawfully avoyded and further misusage of those vaults prevented. However, lett care be taken that noe more bee hereafter lett: and that in like manner you call those laymen that have cellars under the body of your Church, and examine by whose grant or permission they hold them, and lett us have a certificate of the particulars.

8. Item, that noe howses belonginge to the Colledge of your Petti-Canons (after expiracon of the leases nowe afoote) be hereafter made or graunted to any laymen or others, but that they be wholy conferred for the habitacon of your Petti-Canons, and only occupyed by them to whose places they were aunciently assigned, and doe properly belonge.

9. Item, wee require that these our Injunccons bee carefully registred and observed. (fn. 2)

In witness hereof wee have hereunto put our Archiepiscopall seale. Yeaven att our mannor of Lambeth, the ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord God 1639.


  • 1. That is, the monumental brasses, which were very numerous and of great interest. Some of these were engraved by Hollar as illustrations to Dugdale's S. Paul's.
  • 2. Printed from a MS. in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, MS. No. 943, p. 463.