The Fraternity of Jesus: Other Ordinances enacted for Divine Service

Pages 446-452

Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis. Originally published by Nichols and Sons, London, 1873.

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fforasmoche as the honorable persone Maister John Colet, doctour yn Theologie, Deane of the Cathedrall Churche of Seint Poule in the Cite of London, and Rectour of the ffraternite founded and establisshed in the Crowdes vndre the seid Chirche in the honour and in the Name of JJh[es]uu, William Bromwell and John Monke, Wardeins of the same ffraternyte, with consent and assent of the more part of the Brotherne thereof, haue ordeigned and established that certene obsequies and diuine seruice shalbe yerely kept, holden, and observed in the seid Crowdes forevirmore, and for maintenaunce of the same obscquies and seruice the said Rectour, Wardeins, and Brethern haue ordeigned and establisshed, for them and their Successours, asmuche as in them ys, that certeine ordinary chargis and som[m]es of money shalbe levied and avaunced oute of the comon tresoure of the seid ffraternite yerely, to be given and distributed to the Ministres of the seid Chirche, in maner and fourme and vnder condicion as foloweth.

§ 1.How the Subdeane shalbe present at diuine seruice in the ffest of the Tranfiguracion of oure Lorde, and what he shall haue.

Ffirst, it is enacted, ordeyned, and establisshed, that in the vigile or even of the ffest named Transfiguracon of oure Lorde, at the first Evensong, and also at Matens and Masse vpon the ffestiuall daie of Transfiguracon folowing, the Subdeane of the seid Cathedrall Chirche of Seint Paule for the tyme being shalbe present personally, whiche shall haue and perceive aftir the seid Masse done two shillings.

§ 2. How the numbre is appointed to kepe the diuine seruice there, and that a Dirige shalbe kept with a Masse of Requiem.

Also it is ordeigned and establisshed that yerely at the first Evensong, Matyns, and Masse of the seid fest of Transfiguracon of oure Lorde, twelf Petichanons, if ther be somany, viij Chauntry Preestis, six Vicars, and tenne Queresters, of the seid Cathedrall Chirche, shalbe present in the seid Crowdes, and there syng the diuine scruice of Transfigurac[i]on solemply by note, after the diuine seruice ordinary in the seid Cathedrall Chirche fully complet, at suche conuenient tyme as the seid service be fulfilled. And in likewise it is ordeigned and establisshed that at Evensong vppon the seid daie of Transfigurac[i]on, and also at Matyns, and Hy Masse vppon the daie next folowing, whiche is named ffestum de Nomine Jesu, the seid numbre of Petichanons, Chauntry Preestis, Vicars, and Queresters shalbe present in the seid Crowdes, and there sing the diuine service de Nomine Jesu solemply by note. And ffurthirmore incontinently after the last evensong, even vppon the same ffestiuall daie de Nomine Jesu, the seid numbre of Petichanons, Chauntry Preistis, Vicaries, and Queresters, before their departure out of the Crowdes, shall syng a solempne Placebo and Dirige by note for all the Brethren and Sustren of the seid ffraternite; and on the morowe than folowyng a solempne Masse of Requiem by note: and the seid Petichanons shal haue among them for their seruice as aboueseide twenty shillings; the seid Chauntry Preestis to haue amongist them eight shillings; and the seid Vicars to haue amongist them nyne shillings; provided alwey that if enny of the seid persones that may conveniently be there and be absent and come not to all the diuine seruice afore reherced, that than his part after the rate of his absence shalbe recouped of the seid sum[m]e and remayne to the comon tresour aforeseid.

§ 3. ffor the Processyon.

Also yt is ordeigned and establisshed that all and singler High Chanons, Pety Chanons, Chauntry Preistis, Vicaries, and Queresters of the seid Cathedrall Chirche that be present and bere a Cope atte Processions, aswell vppon the seid ffestiuall daie of Transfiguracion, as de Nomine Jesu, euery of the seid persones, more and lesse, there beyng and beryng a Cope, to haue and perceive for thos two processions iiij d.

§ 4. ffor the Hy Masse and of the Collacon.

Item, it is ordeigned that vppon the ffestiuall day de Nomine Jesu, the Subdene in absence of the Dene, and in absence of the Subdene one of the Cardinalls of the seid Cathedrall Chirche, shall syng the Hy Masse in a Grey Amys, perceiving for his seruice two shillyngs: and if the Deane of the seid Chirche syng the seid Masse, and make a collac[i]on at the same Masse, he shall haue six shillings eight pens; and if enny persone othir than the seid Deane make a collac[i]on, the same persone to haue thre shillings ffoure pens, half of the seid six shillings eight pens, and the Deane to haue the residue, yf he be present and doo the diuine seruice aforeseid: and yn defaute of his presence the money to remayne to the comon tresoure aforeseyd.

§ 5. ffor the Masse of Requiem.

Also yt is ordeigned that one of the Petychanons shall syng the Masse of Requiem afore specified, and that two Chauntry Preestis of the seid numbre, to be assigned by the Subdeane, shall rede the Gospells and Epistles at all thre Masses aboue rehercid, and every of them to haue for their redyng, beside their salary before extendid, vj d.

§ 6. The Sexten.

Also yt is ordeigned that the Sexten of the seid Chirche, called Keper of the Vestry, for garnysshing of the Alters in the seid Crowdes during the ffestiuall dais and diuine seruice aboue especified, and for his labour in bering of bookis and othir ornaments, shall haue thre shillings foure pens.

§ 7. The Vergers.

Also it is ordeigned that everiche of the iiij Vergers belonging to the seid Chirche, and attending duely att the seid seruice in the seid ffests, shall haue xvj d.: and yf enny make defaute, that than the part of him that so defauteth, after the rate of his absence, shall remayn to the comon tresour.

§ 8. The Bell Ryngers.

Also yt is ordeigned that two Belle Ryngers of the seid Chirche shall haue for openyng, closyng, and shutting the dores of the Crowdes at al seasons whanne seruice shalbe, or whan nede requireth, aswell in enny of the seid ffestis, as ffridays and whanne Salves shuld be songen, or othir tymes convenient, so that the seid ffraternite be not hurte nor enpaired by their negligence, and also for rynging ryngers and tollyng of bells, blowyng organs, lighting and quenching of torches and tapers, in maner and fourme as hathe ben accustumed, and for swepyng and making clene the seid Crowdes, xxxiij s. iiij d. betwene them by the yere, to be paid in fourme folowyng, that is to sey, in the ffest de Nomine Jesu xiij s. iiij d., and xx s. to be payd quarterly.

§ 9. ffor Jesus Masse on the ffridays.

Item, it is ordeigned that the Masse of JJh[es]u be kept and songen solempnely in the seid Crowdes every ffriday yerely, as yt hathe ben accustumed: a Cardenall in his habite to syng the Masse, and to praie for al the Brothern and Sustren of the seid ffraternite, with certein suffrages rehercyng all the names conteyned in the Table, in maner and fourme as beforetyme hathe ben accustumed, and he to haue for his labour iiij d.; at eueriche of the whiche Masses, beside the same Preest that syngeth the Masse, shalbe present to syng the same by note solempnely Pety Chanons, Vicars, vij. in numbre, and ten Queresters, euerich of the same persones to bere their habits and surplices; and eueriche of the seid Petichanons and Vicaries to haue for their labour ij d.

§ 10. ffor the Masse of Requiem on the ffriday.

Also that incontinently after the seid Masse of Jh[es]u ended, a Masse of Requiem be songen by note euery ffriday yerely, by one of the seyd Petichanons, in his habite, and to haue for his laboure iiij d. And yf a Chauntry Preest syng the Masse, he to have ij d. Of whiche Masse six of the seid tenne Queresters shall syng the seruice accustomed.

§ 11. ffor thre Salves to be songen daily.

Also it is ordeigned that, after Complyn done in the seid Cathedrall Chirche, thre Salves shalbe songe solemply daily and yerely in the seid Crowdes, in places and dais accustumed, that is to sey, before JJh[es]u, oure Ladie, and Seint Sebastian; oon of the Vicaries, Maister of the seid Queresters for the tyme being, to haue for his labour yerely xxvj s. viij d., at iiij termes of the yere by even porcions.

§ 12. ffor giving Gownes to the Queresters.

Also yt is ordeigned that the Wardeins of the seid ffraternite of Jh[es]uu for the tyme being, shall paie and yerely deliuer vnto the Maister of the Amery (fn. 1) of the seid Chirche for the tyme beyng at the ffest of Midsomer every yere iiij £., ffor and to thentent that the same Maister shall emploie and bestowe the same iiij £. vpon wollon clothe: and the same clothe he shall distribute and do to be made in tenne gownes, mete for the seid tenne Queresters, to be worne at the ffestiuall dais aforeseid. And yf default be in the seid Maister that enny of the seid Queresters lakke his goune as is aforeseide, the same Maister to pay for every gown so lakking not worne, to the Wardeins of the seid ffraternite, ten shillings.

All whiche ordenaunces beforeseid concernynge the Ministres of Poules are ordeygned and establisshed by the seid Deane, Rector, and Wardeins, with thassent and concent of the Subdeane and Mynystres aforeseid, to endure and contenue vnto suche tyme as the Rectour and Wardeins hereafter for the tyme beyng, and othir hauyng therin interest, shall thinke for a comon weale and profitt of the said ffraternite more expedient to adnulle and repelle them or enny of them. And yn witnesse of the agrementis aforeseid the Subdeane now beyng, in the name of all the seid Ministres, by their assent and request, hathe subscribed here his name, affermyng the seid ordenaunces to be good and stable, and to be vsed likewise, as is before reherced.

Be me, Sir John Chyrch,
Subdeane of ye sayd Cathedrall Chyrch of Seynt Paule.

§ 13. ffor one that shall attende to helpe Prcistis syng Masse.

Also it is ordeigned, that an honest aged man shalbe attendaunt at all convenient tymes, to helpe Preestis to syng Masse, and to see the copes, vestimentis, and othir ornaments belongyng to the Autres of the seid ffraternite be safly kept, ordred, and lokked vp in a chest; and to gif attendaunce, and do suche othir necessaries as by the seid Wardeins he shalbe appoynted: ffor the whiche seruice he shall haue yerely xxvj s. viij d., to be paid quarterly.

§ 14. ffor the Waits.

Also it is ordeigned, that Six Waites yerely shall goo in al the Stretys of London and subbarbs of the same, before the ffestis of the Transfigurac[i]on of owre Lorde and de Nomine Jesu, with ther Instruments plaieng, to gif warnyng and knowlege to the people of the seid ffestys: and they shall haue amongest them all Six for their laboure, ten shillings; provided alwey, that yf ther wante enny of the same numbre of vj, that than there shalbe abated of the same some after the rate of the persone or persones so wantyng; and that the Wardeins or their deputie shall deliuer vnto the seid Six Waites for every of them a Banere pictured with the counsauns (fn. 2) of Jh[es]us, and also a liverey of Jh[es]us browdred; all the whiche baners and lyveries the seid Waytys shall redeliuer vnto the seid Wardeyns in the ende of the seid ffestis.

§ 15. ffor the Bonefire.

Also it is ordeigned, that yerely, in the vigill of the ffeste de Nomine Jesu, a bonefire shalbe made in the Chirche yerde of Seint Paule, before the dore of the Crowdes on the northesyde there, and that the Proctour of London cause it to be done, and to be allowed for the same ij s. viij d.

§ 16. ffor the payment of chargis on ffridais.

Also, that the Proctour of London or his deputie, or enny othir by the Wardeyns assigned, shall yerely every ffridaie in the Crowdes pay the Preistis, Clerkes, and othir charges before none; and shalbe attendant and redie to do all besynes whanne he ys commaunded by the seid Wardeins; and he to haue for his labour likewise as it shalbe covenaunted betwene the Wardeyns and him.

§ 17. ffor Brede and Ale to be expended

Also it is ordeigned, that in the ffestis of the Transfigurac[i]on of our Lorde and de Nomine Jesu shalbe brede and ale expended in the Crowdes amongest the Brothren and Sustren: and the Proctour aforeseid shalbe allowed for the same ten shillings.

§ 18. ffor Lyveryes.

Also it is ordeigned, that against the seid ffest of the Transfigurac[i]on of our Lorde lyveries of golde and silver shalbe made and given to the Brothren and Sustren, after the olde eustume, by the Proctour of London, and he to be allowed for the same xiij s. and iiij d. except that the Wardeins, Waites, and ffeliship of Wexchaundelers shall yerely haue their conysaunces and lyveries ovir and beside the seid sume.

§ 19. ffor garnysshing of the Crowdys.

Also it is ordeigned, that the seid Proctoure shall purveie and yerely ordeyne for the garnysshing of the Crowdes with boughes and herbes, after the old custume, and he to be allowed for that by the discrecion of the Wardeins for the tyme beyng.

§ 20. Rewarde to the Prechours.

Also it is ordeigned, that the seid Proctour of London shall every Sondaie pay to the Prechours at Poules Cross and Seint Mary Spittell, (fn. 3) which in their bedys shall remembre and praie for the Brotherne and Sustren of the seid ffraternite, as yt hath bene accustumed, every Prechour there iiij d.

§ 21. ffor the Accompte of the seid Proctour of London.

Also it is ordeigned, that the seid Proctour shall yerely make his Accompte, or as often and whanne the Wardeins for the tyme beyng shall appointe, and that he be redie to do his dutie and to give warnyng to the Bretherne aud Sustren of the seid ffraternyte to assemble at al tymes whanne as he shalbe com[m]aunded by the seid Wardeins. And yf the seid Proctour paie or axe to be allowed for ordynary charges othirwise and more than is before lymytted, that than he shall not be allowed vppon his Accompte for that surplusage of the seid Wardeins.


  • 1. Amery, i. e. the Almonry.
  • 2. Counsans, that is, cognisance; compare p. 445, § 7, supra.
  • 3. "The Priory and Hospital of our Blessed Lady, commonly called S. Mary Spittle," stood in the Ward of Bishopsgate: a full and interesting account of it will be found in Stowe's Survey. (Edit. 1720. Book II. pp. 97, 98.) "A part of the large Churchyard pertaining to this Hospital, and severed from the rest with a brick wall, yet remaineth," says Stowe, "as of old time, with a Pulpit Cross therein, somewhat like to that in Paul's Churchyard. And against the said Pulpit, on the south side. . . remaineth also one fair builded house of two stories in height for the Maior, and other honourable persons, with the Alderiaen and Sheriffs to sit in, there to hear the Sermons preached upon Easter Holidays. In the Loft over them stood the Bishop of London, and other prelates; now the Ladies and Aldermen's Wives do here stand at a fair Window, or sit at their Pleasure. And here it is to be noted, that time out of mind it hath been a laudable custom, that on Good Friday in the Afternoon, some especial learned Man, by appointment of the Prelates, doth preach a Sermon at Paul's Cross, treating of Christ's Passion: and upon the three next Easter Holidays, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the like learned Men, by the like Appointment, do use to preach on the forenoon at the said Spittle, to persuade the Articles of Christ's Resurrection; and then on Low Sunday, before Noon, one other learned Man at Paul's Cross is to make Rehearsal of these four former Sermons, either commending or reproving them, as to him (by Judgment of the learned Divines) is thought convenient. And, that done, he is to make a Sermon of himself, which in all were five Sermons in one. At these Sermons so severally preached, the Maior with his Brethren the Aldermen are accustomed to be present in their Violets at Paul's on Good Friday; and in their Scarlets, both they and their Wives, at the Spittle in the Holidays, except Wednesday in Violet: and the Maior with his Brethren on Low Sunday in Scarlet at Paul's Cross, continued until this day." To bring down this note to the present time I may add, that the Good Friday morning Sermon is now preached in S. Paul's Cathedral by the Lord Mayor's Chaplain: the Easter Monday and Tuesday Sermons are preached in Christ Church Newgate Street, before the Lord Mayor and Aldermen, the Monday Sermon usually by a Bishop, the Tuesday Sermon by the Lord Mayor's Chaplain. The Wednesday Serrmon is not now delivered.