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Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londiniensis. Originally published by Nichols and Sons, London, 1873.

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A folio volume, about fourteen inches in height by nine and a half in width, bound in wooden boards (very much decayed), covered with a rough skin of leather. On the outside of the last cover is a horn plate, secured by small nails to the board of which the cover is composed; and beneath the plate a piece of vellum inscribed Statuta Majora Ecclesic Sancti Pauli. The volume is so called to distinguish it from the Statuta Minora, from which it differs in being a much larger volume, though it contains less of the Statutes than the smaller volume, and it is also written in a much bolder hand. I proceed to give an account of its contents.

fo. 1. Redditus in Civitate London debiti Ecclesie Beati Pauli.

2 b. Redditus pitanciarum que solvuntur in anniversariis defunctorum, et quibusdam sollempnitatibus Sanctorum.

3 b. He sunt pensiones que debentur Capitulo.

fo. 4. Redditus deputati ad luminare Ecclesie Beati Pauli.

5 a. Nomina et estimaciones Prebendarum.

5 b. Descripcio vasorum aureorum et argenteorum, Librorum, Caparum, Tunicarum, Dalmaticarum, Vestimentorum, Pannorum de serico, Thesaura Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London: facta in crastino Sancti Bartholomei Apostoli, Anno gracie Mo CCo xl. quinto, per Henricum de Cornehille, Decanum. Tunc ibi presentibus Alex. Thesaurario, Magistro Roberto de Barton, Johanne de Bullmere, Canonicis. (fn. 1)

9. Kalendar, with list of Obits.

15. Detailed accounts of the Obits, with the sums paid to the different orders of Clergy present, and the sources from which the income was derived.

33. Compotus maneriorum solvencium ad denas et ad denum denarium.

Portions printed in Archdeacon Hale's Domesday, pp. 154–157, followed by accounts of pensions, stipends, and pitances.

39 b. Taxacio maneriorum spectancium ad Ecclesiam Sancti Pauli.

40. Compotus maneriorum et firmarum. (Printed in Archdeacon Hale's Domesday, pp. 158–164).

47 b. Bona spiritualia et temporalia Canonicorum.

48 b. Registrum Fulconis Bassett quondam London Episcopi.

An account of the livings in the Archdeaconries of London, Essex, Colchester, and Middlesex, set down under the several Deaneries, with the patronage and value of each, together with the nomina domorum religiosorum.

90. Articuli Visitacionis Ecclesiarum, Maneriorum, et firmarum Capituli Sancti Pauli London.

92 b. Carte Episcoporum London de licencia concessa Decano et Capitulo Sancti Pauli, ut ipsi auctoritate sua possunt proferre sentenciam excommunicacionis in omnes detentores reddituum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli.

96–141. Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum, etc. (Printed in full in the present volume.)

142. Consuetudines de decimis et aliis Ecclesie rebus, juribus exigendis et solvendis, sub pena excommunicacionis, secundum concilium Oxoniense, et eciam secundum statuta sancte Romane ecclesie.

145 a. Cirographum inter Decanum et Capitulum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London et Moniales de Cadindon 1145.(The Dean is Ralphe de Langford.)

145 b. Ordinacio Ecclesie Monialium Sancte Helene infra Bishopesgate et Eleccionis nove Priorisse.

The Religious were to obtain the licence of the Dean and Chapter to proceed to the election: and the ritual to be used on admission of the Prioress is duly set forth.

146 b. Ordinacio pensionis x marcarum Abbatis et Conventus de Lesness pro ecclesia de Alvethelee. 1332.

147 b. Carta de x s. de terra de Twiforde. Obligacio Prioris et Conventus Sancte Trinitatis London de dimidia marca solvenda de Ecclesia Sancti Eadmundi Regis. 1300.

148. Carta Thome de Storteford de pitancia die Assumpcionis Beate Marie. (Thomas de Storteford, Precentor about 1240.)

The Manuscript is well preserved; the fine bold handwriting both of the text and of the rubricated headings being as fresh as if it were executed yesterday. The letters lying within the lines, such as a, m, n, &c. are usually about one-fifth of an inch in height: the portion containing the Statutes is written in double columns, with about thirty-five lines to a full page. The Volume is in the possession of the Dean and Chapter: it consists of 149 folios, written upon vellum, temp. Richard II. [Press mark w. d. 9.]


A manuscript on vellum, quarto size, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter, in a hand of the early part of the fifteenth century. It measures nearly ten and a half inches in height, by about six inches in width, and was rebacked, the original boards being preserved, about the year 1832, as I gather from the evidence of the water-mark on a leaf of paper inserted at the beginning. Under a horn plate on the upper cover are the words, Statuta Minora Ecclesie Sancti Pauli. The volume is called the Statuta Minora because it is written in a small hand, unlike the previous volume the Statuta Majora, which is written in majuscular letters. Its contents, however, are far more extensive, so far as the Statutes are concerned, than those of its larger rival; for, in addition to the Statutes comprised in folios 96 to 141 of MS. A, the present MS. (whilst it preserves the same Statutes in folios 1–47) adds a large body of other Statutes in folios 48–56, and folios 71–103, which are printed from this Manuscript in the present volume, pp. 99 to 171. The text exhibited in Book I. supra is almost invariably that of MS. B; deviations from its text are carefully noted in the margins. I proceed to give a detailed account of the more important contents of the volume, which consists of 103 numbered leaves, preceded by 4, and followed by 2, unnumbered leaves. The latter leaves are almost blank; the former contain a list of the principal sections of the work in a contemporary hand, together with a catalogue of the Archbishops of Canterbury, the Bishops of London, and Deans of S. Paul's, in various hands, continued (in the case of the Bishops) down to 1813.

fo 1–56 a. Statuta (printed in the present volume, pp. 1–111).

56 a. Redditus spectantes ad Elemosinariam Sancti Pauli London, tum ad sustentacionem puerorum, tum ad elemosinam faciendam.

57 a. Taxacio bonorum spiritualium et temporalium Decani et Capituli.

59 b. Hic incipiunt pitancie Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London.

64 b. De terminis statutis ad solvendas firmas.

66 a. Taxacio Pensionum ecclesiarum in Civitate et suburbiis quas Decanus et Capitulum Sancti Pauli annuatim percipiunt. (Followed by a list of other Pensions and Pitances.)

68 b. Recepta Camerarii.

70 a. Redditus pertinentes ad victualia et pitancias Capellanorum, Vicariorum, Puerorum, pauperum, et aliorum, Ministrorum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli.

71 a. The larger portion of this leaf was originally left blank, and on this space are written, in a later hand, some brief notes of Cardinal Wolsey's Statutes, continued on a similar space on fo. 91 b. See p. 263 supra.

71 b. Charter of Edw. III.

The volume is in good sound condition; the writing legible, though full of contractions, about thirty-five lines to a full page. Press mark [W. D. 20.]

MS. C.

A Manuscript on vellum preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge. From a book-plate within the cover the volume appears to have been purchased by the University with money presented by George I. "Munificentia Regia. 1715." It was formerly in the possession of Bishop Moore of Ely. (fn. 2)

The whole of this volume has been very minutely collated with the text, and all the important variations are noted in the margins. The manuscript is carefully written; the first page of the Statutes is illuminated in gold and colours. The height of the volume is eleven inches and a quarter, by eight inches and a quarter in width. It comprises 145 leaves, numbered in pencil: leaf 136 was wanting, 21 Oct. 1867. The following account of the volume is condensed from the Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the University Library. (fn. 3)

MS. No. 1075. [Ee. v. 21.]

A parchment book, quarto size, formerly bound in wood, containing, on nearly 160 leaves, written for the most part in the year 1450, Documents relating to St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

On the first four leaves are the six following Articles.

1. Excerpta ex Magno Rotulo, 35 Henry 6.

2. Compota aunuatim facienda in Ecclesia Sancti Pauli London.

3. Quotidiane distributiones Ecclesie deservientibus dande.

4. Taxa medietatis decime Domini Regis omnium bonorum spiritualium et temporalium Decani et Capituli Sancti Pauli London.

5. Feoda in admissione alicujus Dignitatis seu Canonici, Capellanorumque et aliorum Officiorum de consuetudine in Ecclesia London debita et consueta.

6. Juramentum admittendorum ad Cantarias vel officia in Ecclesia Sancti Pauli.

7. On fo. 17. Tabula de contentis in libro Statutorum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli.

After this Tabula Statutorum, on the next leaf (otherwise blank) is the rubric,

Liber Statutorum Ecclesie Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londoniarum scriptus ad mandatum Magistri Thome Lyseux, ejusdem Ecclesie Decani, anno decanatus sui nono: anno gracie millesimo quadringentesimo quinquagesimo: Anno Nicholai Pape iiiito. Et anno translacionis Magistri Johannis Stafforde ad sedem Cantuariensem viiio. Anno autem consecracionis Magistri Thome Kempe in sedem Londoniensem primo: Anno Henrici Regis Anglie post Conquestum sexti xxixo: anno sicli solaris xiiiio: Litera dominicalis D: Anno sicli lunaris septimo: anno indiccionis xiiiio.

On f. 1 is the title

Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London, que sunt extracte ex pluribus antiquis libris et munimentis in archivis ipsius Ecclesie existentibus, ipsas Consuetudines sparsim preter certum ordinem olim confuse continentibus, in presens opusculum seriosius redactum per recolendum memorie Radulphum de Baldok tunc Decanum, cum Capitulo ipsius Ecclesie, cum quibusdam Injunccionibus et Declaracionibus postea subsecutis.

At the end of the fifth part (f. 41) are the rubrics,

Explicit Ordo Registri Consuetudinum Antiquarum.

Incipiunt Declaraciones super dubiis emergentibus, que in precedentibus non sunt expressa.

8. On f. 42. He sunt declaraciones super quibusdam dubiis emergentibus in Ecclesia Sancti Pauli London post priorum consuetudinum in unam compilacionem, extracte de Registris Capituli Sancti Pauli London tam novis quam antiquis, que in precedenti compilacione non comperiuntur plene determinate.

These declaraciones, or ordinances, are included under the running title, Sexta Pars, in 29 capitula, and are followed by

Cap. 30, f. 58 b. Redditus spectantes ad Elemosinariam Sancti Pauli London, tum ad sustentacionem Puerorum tum ad elemosinam faciendam.

Cap. 31, f. 59 b. Taxacio bonorum spiritualium et temporalium Decani et Capituli Sancti Pauli London.

Cap. 32, f. 61 b. Pitancie Ecclesie Sancti Pauli London, de omnibus libris et memorabilibus Ecclesie prefate per Dominum Rogerum de Watham ipsius Ecclesie Canonicum compilate.

In the margin are noted the Obitus, which became extinct 28 Hen. VIII., under Edw. VI. and in 9 Eliz.

Cap. 33, f. 72 b. De terminis statutis ad solvendas firmas.

In the margin the scribe refers to payments made in 1444 and 1446.

Cap. 34, f. 73 b. Taxacio maneriorum spectantium ad Ecclesiam Sancti Pauli. Ao Di 1294.

Cap. 35, f. 74. Taxacio pensionum ecclesiarum in Civitate et suburbio quas Decanus et Capitulum Sancti Pauli annuatim percipiunt.

Cap. 42, f. 75 b. Infrascripta solvuntur ad Cameram de maneriis.

Cap. 46, f. 78. Ad horas subscriptas debent Capellani infrascripti celebrare pro defunctis in Ecclesia Sancti Pauli London, per ordinacionem factam Decani et Capituli, anno gracie 1195.

9. On f. 79 the only rubric is Septima Pars, and of this Cap. I. is the Carta Edwardi iiiti, which recites and confirms the charters of Edward the Confessor, William II., Henry I., John, Henry III., Edward I.

This is followed by the Bull of Innocent, Dignis laudibus attollimus magnificenciam; some ordinances of Radulphus de Diceto, De pertinentibus Ecclesie, and Memoranda De allocatione libertatum.

10. On f. 35 is the rubric, Constituciones et statuta et declaraciones consuetudinum antiquarum et approbatarum edite tempore Magistri Radulphi de Disceto, Decani Sancti Pauli London.

This is marked as Cap. 6m of Pars Septima.

11. On f. 88 b is the rubric, Statuta edita per Radulphum de Baudak Decanum . . . anno gracie millesimo cclxxxxviiio . . ., with the statement of the Originale being in libro piloso.

12. f. 93 b. Vetus rentale Prebende Ecclesie Sancti Pauli in Holburne.

Novum rentale . . . . . tempore Magistri Henrici.

13. f. 94 b. Licencia pro annexione diversarum Cantariarum, 14 Ric. II.

This is followed by various ordinances relating to the same.

14. f. 103. Ecclesie spectantes ad patronatum Decani et Capituli Sancti Pauli London per quoddam antiquum registrum. Printed in Dugdale's S. Paul's, Appendix xlvii. p. 371.

15. f. 103 b. Firme solvende ad Bracinum, a.d. 1444.

16. On ff. 104 b—109 follow various Episcopal letters, licences, and ordinances.

17. On f. 110 is the rubric, Confirmacio libertatum per Regem Henricum Sextum, anno regni sui xxo.

On f. 120 begins, Tabula super carta libertatum, after which on f. 125 begins an index, De Cantariis in Ecclesia Sancti Pauli secundum ordinem alphabeti, and on f. 127 b is De Cantariis.

18. On ff. 128–130, arranged in parallel columns under their respective titles, are Nomina Obituum, Dies obitus, tota distribucio, pars Canonicorum, cophinus in quo reperitur.

In the list a few names have been subsequently inserted, and among them are the names of T. Lesaux and Willielmi Say Decani.

This is an older list than that printed in Dugdale, ib. p. 29.

19. f. 131. Carta de temporalibus vacante Episcopatu London.

20. f. 132. Excerptum de carta civitatis London.

21. f. 132 b. Statutum domini Thome Kempe, Episcopi London, pro capis emendis editum, dated 5 May, 14(5)5. Suscepti pastoralis officii. With which the volume ends.

MS. D.

A MS. on vellum about 7¼ inches in height by 6 inches in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. It comprises eleven numbered leaves, containing the Statutes of Bishop Warham, who was installed Bishop of London 5 Oct. 1502, and translated to the See of Canterbury towards the end of 1503. This little volume is water-stained, and in one or two places is legible only with difficulty. It is here printed in extenso, (fn. 4) and has been carefully collated with a transcript made, probably from another copy, by the Rev. W. Hall, about the year 1724. Press mark [W. D. 10.]

MS. E.

A MS. on vellum, 10½ inches in height, by about 6½ inches in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. It consists of 29 numbered leaves, and contains the first four parts of Dean Baldock's Statutes, to which is added the section "De firmariis Maneriorum:" this is the original MS. from which the Transcript a was taken. The headings of the chapters are in red, and the principal initial letters and section marks in red or blue. It commences on fo. 1 a with the usual heading In Dei nomine, Amen. and ends abruptly on fo. 29 b, in the section De firmariis maneriorum. It is identified as the original from which the Bishop of London's Transcript a was taken, not only by the general agreement with the readings of that copy, but also by an erasure at the foot of fo. 19a, and by the abrupt termination on fo. 29 b. Press Mark [W.D. 7.]

MS. F.

A MS. on vellum, 9¾ inches in height by 6½ inches in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter, of 112 numbered leaves, preceded by eight, and followed by three, unnumbered leaves, the latter blank. The following collation exhibits the most important contents of the volume.

fo. i. a—iv. a. Enumeration of the Chapters of Baldock's Statutes.

iv. b. Ordinacio Capellanorum Steph. de Gravesend. 1360.

vi. a. Ordinacio Cantarie per Magistrum Alanum Hotham. 1351.

vi. b. Ordinacio Cantarie Ricardi Neuport. 1309.

vii. a. Admission of Roger Gerveys as Chantry Priest in the Chantry of Alanus Hotham. 1388.

vii. b. Convencio facta inter Decanum Robertum, Capitulum, et Johannem Belemeyne, Canonicum.

viii. a. Copia Carte Henrici Regis de Dycereslane.

viii. b. Memoranda. See below.

fo. 1 a—48 a. Statuta redacta . . . per Radulphum de Baldok. Partes I.—V.

48 a—69a. Declaraciones super dubiis emergentibus.

69 a—69 b. Soluciones ad Cameram de Maneriis.

70 a—78 b. Statuta . . . Radulphi de Disceto Decani.

79 a—87 b. Literæ Episcoporum London.

88 a. Memoranda of Rentals.

88b. Blank.

89 a. Compotus maneriorum solvencium ad denas et denarios (followed by accounts of payments to Minor Canons, Vicars, and others, with list of priests celebrating at different altars.)

95 a. Account of Obits.

102 a. Acta Capituli. 1295.

102 b. Copia Bulle de Statu Minorum Canonicorum et Confirmacione (granted by Pope Urban).

103 a. Dispensacio Martini Pape de secta Chori. 1381.

105 a. Account of Twelve Manors.

110 a. List of Prebendaries and Cardinals.

Three of the memoranda on fo. 8 b may be considered worth preservation.

Anno Domini Millesimo lxxxvijo, mense Julii die septimo, Ecclesia Sancti Pauli London et omnia que in ea erant igne consumuntur, tempore Mauricii, Episcopi London, regnante primo Rege Normannorum Willielmo.

Anno Domini Mo C xxxij, iij Idus Aprilis, London in maxima parte comburitur ex igne Gilberti Beket.

Anno Domini Mo C xxxvij combusta est Ecclesia Sancti Pauli London per ignem ad pontem London accensum, et processit ignis ad Ecclesiam extra Barras novi Templi London.

The Press mark by which the volume is known in the Cathedral archives is [W. D. 2.]

MS. G.

A MS. on vellum 11½ inches in height by 8 inches in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. Press mark [W. D. 8.] It consists of 38 leaves, the matter arranged in double columns, with the headings of the sections in red. It is sewn in a vellum cover, on the outside of which is a large letter T, and the words Liber Statutorum.

fo. 1 a—18 a. Statutes. Part I.— Part IV. end of § 22.

18 a. Redditus spectantes ad Elemosinariam.

18b. Taxacio bonorum spiritualium et temporalium Decani et Capituli.

19 b. Finalis concordia, 4 Henry III.

20 a. Pitancie Ecclesie S. Pauli, Redditus, Taxacio Pensionis, Recepta Camerarii, Stipendia Ministrorum.

27 a—30 a. Statutes. Part V.

30 a—34 a. Declaraciones . . . to end of De officio Puerorum.

34 a. Statuta Stephani de Gravesend . . . blado impleto.

35 b. Statuta Radulphi de Baldock. Frequens et assidua, &c. matris ecclesie filios.

MS. H.

A MS. on vellum, 11½ inches in height by 8 inches in width, sewn in an overlapping vellum cover, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. Press mark [W. D. 5.] It comprises three blank leaves, two at the beginning and one at the end, with eighty numbered leaves: very carefully written in black ink only, with spaces left for initial letters, and with broad margins.

fo. 1–29. Statutes. Part I.—Part V.

30. Declaraciones.

37. Addiciones ac Statuta Stephani de Gravesend.

40 b—43 b. Injuncciones W. de Monteforti . . . Declaracio.

45 b. Constituciones Radulphi de Diceto.

49 b. Statuta Radulphi de Baldok.

52 a—66 a. Redditus, &c.

66 a. Contencio inter Capellanos, &c. Insinuacione, &c.

68 a. Carta Edwardi.

74 a—80 b. Peticio Johannis Episcopi Cicestrensis. Recordum in Memorandis Scaccarii, 29 Edw. I. Gilbertus nunc Cicestrensis Episcopus.

with other documents super Regiam Capellam de Hastyng et prebendas ejusdem.

MS. J.

A MS. on vellum, 10¾ inches in height by 7½ in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. Press mark [W. D. 19.] It consists of fourteen numbered leaves, besides the old parchment cover: and has been bound, comparatively recently, in red morocco. The folioing of the leaves is ancient, and is so arranged that the two pages seen ad aperturam libri bear the same numbering. The volume, which appears to have been written in the time of Edward II. or even earlier, presents some of the Statutes of the Cathedral in their most ancient forms, before their reduction into order by Dean Baldock. Excerpts from this MS. will be found supra, Book II. No. I., pp. 181–190. The chief matters contained in the MS. are indicated in the following brief collation.

fo. 1. Constitucio Radulphi de Disceto. Ad rescindendum scandalum.

2 a. Constitucio Henrici [de Cornhill] nondum approbata de statu personatuum.

5 a. De Residencia et modo residendi.

6 a. De officio pro defunctis et de modo officii.

7 a. De Regula Canonicorum. Ab illecebris, &c.

MS. K.

A Manuscript on vellum, 8¼ inches in height, by 5½ in width, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. Press mark [W. D. 22.] It consists of eight numbered leaves, written circa 1325, and has been bound in red morocco. It comprises a few Statutes and Ordinances, and is valuable chiefly on account of its very early date.

MS. L.

A very interesting and valuable MS., written on vellum, 11 inches in height by 7¼ in width. In Dean Lyseux's Catalogue, this volume is described as, "antiquum et notabile Registrum de tempore Willielmi Conquestoris:" this date, however, is not really accurate. The twentysix leaves at the commencement of the book probably belong to the time of Stephen: the date of the latest document contained in this section is 1141. That portion of the volume which contains part of the Statutes was written about the time of Edward III., or even a little earlier. The manuscript comprises one hundred and forty-eight numbered leaves, and retains its ancient overlapping- leather cover: portions have been printed in Archdeacon Hale's Domesday (See Preface, p. xv.) The first section of the MS., fos. 1–26, contains Privileges granted to the Cathedral by Æthelberht, Adelstan, Ædeldred, Cnudus, William I., William II., and Henry I.

fo. 27–31. Documents relating to Churches belonging to S. Paul's.

32–46. De Maneriis Canonicorum Sancti Pauli.

47–56. De mensuris terrarum Sancti Pauli inter Civitatem London.

57–62. Portions of the Statutes.

63–64. De officio Archidiaconi London. Printed supra. Book II. Article ii. pp. 190–195.

65–68. Portions of the Statutes.

69–76. Regula Canonica Sancti Pauli. Ab illecebris, &c., and Statutes.

77–86. Inquisitions of Manors.

87. Nomina Prebendarum, et estimaciones, et Psalmi.

88–90. Pensions.

99–111. Memoranda relating to Altars in the Cathedral. Redditus que debentur Elemosine. Pitances payable on certain days throughout the year.

112–114. Status terrarum Ecclesie.

114–117. Redditus in Civitate London debite Ecclesie.

118–129. This section is missing.

130. De pannis et culcitris pendentibus in Choro.

130. De tapetis et Velis.

131–134. De libris ecclesiasticis ad ministerium Ecclesie deputatis.

134–136. Ordo firmarum que solvuntur ad Bracinum per anni circulum, &c.

136–141. Status ecclesiarum que pertinent ad Capitulum.

141–144. List of persons qui "tenent pecora ad sustentacionem luminarium," together with other returns relating to lights, Paschal tapers, &c.

146. Compositio facta pro Episcopatu London custodiendo, sede vacante.

146. De Capellanis celebrantibus pro anima ffulconis Basset.

147. De donacione domus in yvieslane, alias Alfieslane, extra portam borialem Sancti Pauli.

MS. M.

A manuscript on paper in a vellum cover, lettered outside "Paulles, 1611," "Collections and Extracts of Statutes," written in several different hands; in the possession of the Dean and Chapter. [Press mark, W. D. 6.] The volume contains

Excerpta from the Statutes of R. de Baldok, with marginal notes.

Notes as to leases and Church property, made apparently by one of the Prebendaries who was interested concerning the rights of the Prebendaries as against the Dean (probably Dean Overall).

Memoranda as to the Statutes of Bishop Warham, Dean Colet, and Cardinal Wolsey: the most important of which will be found printed above, Book IV. Article xvii. pp. 416–419.


MS. A.

The MS. designated by the letter a is in the possession of the Bishop of London. It is a volume about 12½ inches in height by 8 inches in width, bound in calf, and lettered on the upper side, The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul. On the verso of the first blank leaf is written—"This Book belongs to the Bishop of London for the time being. Edmd. London." (fn. 5) In the same hand is also written, "Given by Mr. Hall, who was Secretary to Bishop Compton, and afterwards Rector of Acton, for the use of the Bishops of London." On the recto of the same leaf is the following:—"Memorandum. This and another folio book contain the Statutes of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London. It was collated at my desire with another copy of those Statutes, transcribed by Mr. Ascough (fn. 6) for the use of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's; and was found much more correct; but the latter contained a few articles of no importance which are not in the former, and which are specified in the Paper here annexed. Mr. Watts who made the collation for me is a Prebendary of St. Paul's, Librarian of Sion College, and a man of great accuracy. Beilby London, (fn. 7) March 1804." Pasted within the cover of the volume is the following note from Mr. Watts:—

Sion College, March 2, 1804.

My Lord,

Inclosed are the Notes and Extract respecting the Statutes of St. Paul's, in which I have corrected a mistake I made as to Cardinal Wolsey's Statutes, printed in Dugdale, which I thonght were the same with those in Mr. Hall's larger folio, page 57, but upon collation find to be different. Dugdale's, however, are those to which Dr. Knight refers in his Life of Dean Colet.
I am, my Lord,
With the greatest respect,
Your Lordship's dutiful and obliged Servant,
Robert Watts.

The "Paper here annexed," which is also in Mr. Watts's handwriting, adds the following information. "The copy of the Statutes of Saint Paul's made by Mr. Hall, Chaplain to Bishop Compton, and Rector of Acton, is much more correct than the original from which Mr. Ayscough made his copy, at least in the first four parts. At the beginning of part V. in Mr. Hall's copy it is noted that this part was wanting in the original from which his was transcribed, and that this and many other things were supplied from a book intituled Statuta Minora. Perhaps this was the very MS. from which Mr. Ayscough's copy was made. (fn. 8) In the other four parts are some small variations. All the contents of Mr. Ayscough's copy are in one or the other of Mr. Hall's two Folios, except the following:—

p. 95. Declarationes super Dubiis, &c. de Processionibus, &c.

140. De Virgiferis, &c.

142—192. Redditus spectantes ad Elemosynariam S. Pauli—Taxationes—An Inspeximus, &c.

211. Contentio inter Capellanos et Vicarios, &c.

218. Memorandum, relating to Chantries.

219. Ricardus Dci gratia, &c., relating to Chantries.

224. Some Notes.

225—230. Robertus, permissione Div. Lond. Ep. &c., relating to Chantries. 1391.

231—235. Robertus, &c. a Statute respecting Chantries. 1391.

241. Injunctions by the same about Bread and Ale for the Canons, &c. 1401.

247. An ordinance by Robert, Bishop of London, 1438, about Bread and Ale.

The Statutes of Cardinal Wolsey respecting Residence, &c. are printed in Dugdale's History of S. Paul's, second ed. Appendix, p. 43, and also in his Monasticon Anglicanum, vol. iii. p. 347, second ed., of which Dr. Knight thus speaks in his Life of Dean Colet, p. 227–229, &c., "I do not transcribe this passage here as I shall have to refer to it in another place."

The actual Transcript itself, written on one side of each leaf, in a small but clear hand, is a very careful copy of MS. E. It exhibits a text which is not verbally identical with that of either A or B, though it is substantially the same; it is occasionally collated with B, from which MS. it receives matter not included in E. It comprises Dean Baldock's Statutes, Parts I.–IV., together with Part V. cap. 5 and part of cap. 6.

MS. B.

MS. B. is a folio volume, 15 inches by 9¾, bound in calf, and lettered on the first cover The Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul; like the volume just described, it is in the possession of the Bishop of London. Within the first cover Bishop Gibson has written the inscriptions which are found in MS. B. Pinned to the first fly-leaf is the following letter from the transcriber, the Rev. W. Hall, addressed to Bishop Gibson:—

My Lord,

I am sorry my illness hath hindered me from performing my promise to your Lordship. I have a pretty strong Tertian Ague, wch first appeared when I was at Fulham; but am indeavouring to dislodge so uncomfortable an Inmate. The Bearer is charged with the two Books I mentioned; wch, if I dye, I desire your Lordship's acceptance of. If not, that when you have made what use you please to make of them, they may be returned to me. I have inclosed a Paper relating to the choice of a Residentiary. It seems to me to be the stating of that case when it began to be disputed in K. Ch. 2ds time. Your Lordship must know better of what use it may be towds the recovery of the Rights of the Church, than I can pretend to. I beg the Benefit of your Prayers, and am,
My Lord,
Your Lordship's most obedient humble servt,

W. Hall.

Acton, July 24, 1724.

The transcript is in a small clear hand, written on both sides of the leaf, by Mr. Hall himself, and occupies 90 pages. The remainder of the volume consists of blank paper; except ten leaves at the end of the book, which are filled with copies of the following Letters Patent granted by Bishops Sheldon, Henchman, and Compton:—

1. Bp. Gilbert Sheldon grants to Dr. Thomas Exton the office of Commissary General; Dr. John Barwick, Dean of S. Paul's ratifies the appointment. 1663.

2. Bp. Humfrey Henchman appoints Dr. Thomas Exton as Vicar General and Official Principal; Dr. William Sancroft, Dean, ratifies. 1670.

3. Bp. Henchman appoints Dr. Exton Commissary, Dean Sancroft ratifies. 1670.

4. Bp. Henry Compton appoints Christopher Cleeter Principal Apparitor. 1675.

5. Bp. Compton appoints Thomas Champants (Public Notary) Official Registrar, Dean Edward Stillingfleet ratifies. 1688.

6. Bp. Compton grants to Henry Parker and to James Compton the office of Registrar, with Dean Edward Stillingfleet's confirmation. 1683.

7. Bp. Gilbert Sheldon appoints Joseph Sheldon, Thomas Bennett, and Richard Butler, Registrars. 1660.

The following is a list of the contents of this important volume:

p. 1–4. Declarationes compertæ in posterioribus Registris Ecclesiæ.

5. Ordinatio incepta super perfectione Subdecani.

6–11. Additiones ad Statuta per Stephanum de Gravesend.

11–18. Injunctiones Willielmi de Monteforti.

19–20. Charta Edwardi Regis 2di [a portion only].

20–26. Constitutiones Radulphi de Diceto.

27. Statuta Radulphi de Baldock 1298 pro Capellanis, &c.

28. Vetus Rentale Prebendæ Ecclesiæ S. Pauli in Holbourn.

29. Novum Rentale ejusdem Prebendæ tempore Magistri Henrici de Idesworth, Prebendarii ibidem. Charta Henrici Regis 2di.

30–32. Injunctiones Roberti de Braybroke.

33–34. Anno 45to R. Edwardi 3ij in Turri London.

35–37. Decretum Bonifacii IX. de Expensis Residentiariorum.

37–40. Decretum Martini de iisdem Expensis.

40–44. Commissio Leonis X. ad Episcopos Winton. et Norwic. de Confirmatione Decreti Martini predecessoris, Ao Dni 1513.

45–47. Charta de Temporalibus vacante Episcopatu London.

47–55. Statuta Willielmi Warham, Episcopi London.

56. Statuta Richardi Fitz James, Episcopi London.

57–74. Statuta facta per Thomam Cardinalem Ebor.

75–85. Compositio Realis inter Decanum et Residentiarios S. Pauli. 1555.

86. Blank.

87–90. Articuli Visitationis Ecclesiarum, Maneriorum, et Firmarum Capituli S. Pauli. The rest blank.

MS. C.

MS. C. is a folio volume, in the possession of the Dean and Chapter, transcribed for their use by the Rev. Samuel Ayscough in 1724. It is a fairly accurate transcript of MS. B. Press mark [W. C. 7.]

MS. D.

MS. D is a transcript made in the time of Bishop Compton, as we gather from the circumstance that a list of Bishops prefixed to the Statutes ends with that Prelate's name; the character of the handwriting is consistent with the date suggested. It is a copy of MS. B, the Statuta Minora. The transcriber has copied all the contractions as he found them. The volume is in the possession of F. H. Dickinson, Esq. who has kindly allowed me to examine it. The following excerpta from this volume are printed by Dr. Rock in The Church of our Fathers, vol. iii. pt. 2, pp. 113–126.

Pars. II. Capp. 1, 2, 3.
III. Cap. 19: and parts of Capp. 15, 17, 18, 28, 30, 31, 36, 37, 42, 51, 53.
IV. Capp. 13, 14, 15: and parts of Capp. 16, 22.
V. Cap. 3 great part.

TANNER MS. No. 221.

The following description of Tanner MS. 221 (in the Bodleian Library) is taken from the Catalogue made by the Rev. Alfred Hackman.

Codex partim membranaceus, partim chartaceus, in fol. majori, ff. 131, secc. xv. et xvi. ineuntis.

Collection of letters patent, ordinances, charters, deeds and accounts of the Guild of Jesus in the Crowds, in St. Paul's Church, London.

1. The Graunte of kyng Harry the sixt for the foundacion and corporacion; in Latin; Westminster, Jan. 25th, 1459, fol. 2.

2. The Confirmacion of king Harry VII. drawen into Englisshe; Croydon, Apr. 16th, 1507. fol. 3.

3. The Actes and Ordenaunces examened, approued and accept by the most reuerend fader in God William, Archebisshopp of Caunterburry, and Chaunceller of Englonde, Thomas Surrey. Tresourer of Englonde, &c.; Apr. 28th, 1507, fol. 3 b.

4. Othir Ordenaunces enacted for diuine seruice by the Rectour, Wardens, and Brothers. fol. 6 b.

5. Conveyaunce by certen dedes of diuerse londes and tenements lying in Woxbrigge, in the countie of Midd., to the Fraternite or Gilde. fol. 10 b.

6. Various Memoranda relating to the Fraternity. fol. 13 b.

7. Letters patent granted by Henry VIII. authorizing the Fraternity to collect alms and devotions; Westminster, July 24th 1535. fol. 15.

8. Order of the Fraternity that prayers be said for the souls of sir Barth. Rede, Mayor of London, and dame Elizabeth his wife; March 26th 1524. fol. 16.

9. Letter of protection granted by Henry VIII. to Hen. Hasylwood, appointed by the Fraternity to collect alms in the diocese of York; in Latin; Westminster, Apr. 4th, 1536. fol. 16 b.

10. Annual accounts of the several Wardens for the years 1514—34, fol. 17, seqq.

11. Further Ordynaunces made by the Fraternite, fol. 27.

In folio codicis premisso legitur: This booke bought and ordeigned by Maister John Colett, doctour of diuinite, Deane of the Cathedrall Chirche of Poules, and Rectour of the ffraternite and Guilde of JJh[es]us in the Crowdes of the said Chirch, William Bromewell and John Monke, wardenis of the same, recordeth and sheweth the copies of certeine lettres patents of Kyngis and ordenaunces for the fundacion and corporacion of the foreseid Fraternite, and also the copies of divers Chartres and Dedys, with accompts and othir necessaries, whiche hereafter are to be hadde, entitled, and remembred for the behof of the said Fraternyte and Guyld.


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