Ilketshall St. Margaret

The History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk: Volume 1. Originally published by WS Crowell, Ipswich, 1846.

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'Ilketshall St. Margaret', in The History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk: Volume 1, (Ipswich, 1846) pp. 165-167. British History Online [accessed 18 April 2024]

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Ilketshall St Margaret

contains 2088 acres, 2 roods, and 16 perches of heavy but fertile land, with a population of 315 souls.

On the 3rd of March, twenty-sixth of Queen Elizabeth, Philip Chapman, alias Barker, of Sibton, Gent., in consideration of a certain sum of money, not mentioned, did grant, bargain, sell, &c., unto William Gooche, the elder, John Gooch, the elder, Edward Woodville, the elder, John Cory, the elder, William Gooch, the younger, Robert Gooch, and others, owners of estates lying in St. Margaret Ilketshall, "all those two pieces of land and pasture, adjoining, containing in the whole by estimation 30 acres; be there more or less; lying and being in Peasenhall, aforesaid, &c., to hold, &c., to the said Gooche, &c., their heirs and assigns for ever, upon trust, and to be feoffees for the whole of the inhabitants of the said parish of St. Margaret Ilketshall; that with the issues and profits of the premises, such books and ornaments, meet and convenient for the service of God, which the inhabitants of the parish were bound to find, might be provided—the parish church of the said parish decently and orderly repaired—the old, poor, and aged and impotent people of the said parish charitably relieved, and other charges and burdens of the said parish borne and defrayed." (fn. 64)

Henry Smith, Esq., by deed, dated January 26th, 1626, devised a gift to be bestowed in clothing, bread, flesh, or fish, among the poor of the parish of St. Margaret Ilketshall, who have been inhabitants above five years. There is a clause excluding from the benefits of this donation, "any who are guilty of excessive drinking, or profane swearing, pilfering, and other scandalous crimes; or are vagrants, or idle persons, or have been incorrigible when servants, or do entertain inmates."—"But if any clothing be given, it shall be in upper garments, on the right arm of which shall be a badge with the letters H.S., that it may be known to be the gift of the said Henry Smith." Is not this sounding a trumpet before thee, when thou doest thine alms? "Upon default of any of the conditions in this bequest being fulfilled, the parish is to lose the benefit of this charity for one yeare." The estates charged with this donation are situated at Tolleshunt Darcy, in Essex, and produce about £4 per annum.

The Church
comprises a nave and chancel without aisles, and an ancient round tower at the west end, in which are three bells. The edifice was covered till very lately with thatch, scarcely water-proof, which has recently given place to slate. The interior is neat, and reputably kept, but the fittings far inferior to what they should be, in a church so well endowed as this is. The fabric is probably very ancient, though the windows partake of the perpendicular character; and the only remarkable feature it possesses is the rather curious stone which forms the lintel of the chancel doorway. There is a narrow arch, now built up in the east wall, which probably led in former days to a chapel now destroyed. The family of Hunne, or Hunn, were formerly of some importance here, and bore for arms, a lion ramp. guardant. . . . . .

Susanna, Thomæ Hun, gen. conjux, obiit 28 Decemb. 1658, æt. 28. Tobias, ejusdem Thomæ et Susannæ filius, obt. Decem. 14, 1680, æt. 22.

Maria, Thomæ Hunn, gen. conjux, obiit 26 Feb. 1683, æt. 45.

Thomas Hunne, gen. obiit 8 Aug., 1689, æt. 56.

Charles Pinson, Gent., died a widower, September 1st, 1786, aged 78.

The great tithes of this parish having been appropriated to Bungay Nunnery on its first foundation, the benefice has ever since been a vicarage. The impropriation is now in the family of Patteson. The great and small tithes are both commuted; the former for a rent-charge of £528, and the latter for £121. 10s. There are 40 acres and 23 perches of glebe land, belonging to the vicar; and £15 per annum are payable to the Rector of St. John Ilketshall, as the value of his great and small tithes for 68 acres, 1 rood, and 29 perches of land lying in this parish. The parish registers commence in 1538.

Vicars of Ilketshall St. Margaret.

Vicars. Date. Patrons.
William Aleman 1313 Prioress and Convent of Bungay.
Richard de Rattlesden 1313 Id.
Richard de Wortham 1323 Id.
William Thornekyn de Colkirk 1327 Id.
Philip Grenlyng de Yakesly 1333 Id.
Reg. Bishop
Hugo Cleres de Dychingham 1351 Id.
Robert Waryner de Ryburgh 1374 Id.
Hugo de Cantasthorp 1375 Id.
Barth. Beneyt 1378 Id.
Roger de Berneby 1381 Id.
Walter, fil. Gilbert de Tilney 1383 Id.
John de Middleton 1388 Id.
John Cappe 1394 Id.
John Norman de Beston 1395 Id.
Galf. Crow de Wyrlingham 1418 Id.
William Skirbek de Multon 1421 Id.
Robert Richardson 1453 Id.
William Warnyr 1457 The Bishop, by lapse.
William Warnyr 1458 Id.
John — 1466 Id.
Leon Goldbeter
Robert Wilson 1504 Prioress and Convent of Bungay.
William Tomson 1513 The Bishop, by lapse.
William Boys 1541 Richd. Wharton, Arm. assign. Prioress, et Conv.
John Greffith 1554 Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.
Richard Mericocke 1557 Id.
Thomas Gooche 1567 Id.
Robert Richardson 1570 Id.
Richard Bradley 1572 The Bishop, by lapse.
William Buck
Hugo Ashley 1576 Will. Dix and Will. Cautrell.
Alexander Shipdham 1625 The Earl of Arundell and Surrey.
John Strowger
Eliazar Sheene 1663 Henry Howard.
Henry Fenton 1679 Henry, Duke of Norfolk.
John Hacon 1694 Charles, Duke of Somerset.
William Evans 1731 John Anstis, Garter King at Arms.
Valentine Lumley 1755 Valentine Lumley.
John Clement Ives 1794 The Duke of Norfolk.
Patrick Ballinghall Beath 1812 Id.

Estimatio eccliē xviij marc: estimatio Vicariæ illius vj marc. Synodalia per ann: iis. viijd. Denarij S. Petri, xvjd.


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