Knights of the Shire from 1542 to 1837

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The History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk: Volume 1. Originally published by WS Crowell, Ipswich, 1846.

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Knights Of The Shire In Parliament For The County Of Suffolk.

a. d.
1542. Sir Arthur Hopton.
1547. Sir Anthony Wingfield. Sir Thomas Wentworth.
1553. Sir William Drury. Sir Thomas Bedingfeld.
1553. Sir William Drury. Sir Henry Jerningham.
1554. Sir Thomas Jerningham. Sir William Drury.
1554. Henry Jernegan. Sir William Drury.
1555. The same.
1557. Sir T. Cornwallis. W. Cordell, Esq. (Speaker.)
1559. Robert Wingfield. William Walgrave.
1563. William Walgrave. Sir Robert Wingfield.
1571. Sir Owen Hopton. Thomas Seckford.
1572. Nicholas Bacon. Sir Robert Wingfield.
1585. Sir William Drury. Sir Robert Jermyn.
1586. Sir Robert Jermyn. Sir John Higham.
1588. Anthony Wingfield. Arthur Hopton.
1592. Edward Bacon. Sir Clement Heigham.
1597. Sir William Walgrave. Henry Warner.
1601. Sir Henry Glemham. Calthrop Parker.
1603. Sir John Higham. Sir Robert Drury.
1614. Sir Henry Bedingfeld. Sir Robert Drury.
1620. Sir Robert Crane. Thomas Clinch.
1623. Sir William Spring. Sir Roger North.
1625. Sir Edmund Bacon, Bart. Thomas Cornwallis.
1625. Sir Robert Naunton. Sir Robert Crane.
1628. Sir William Spring. Nathaniel Barnardiston.
1640. Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston. Sir Philip Parker.
1653. Jacob Caley. Francis Brewster. Robert Dunken. John Clark. Edward Plumstead.
1654. Sir Thomas Barnardiston. Sir William Spring, Bart. Sir Thomas Bedingfeld. William Blois. John Gurdon. William Gibbs. John Brandling. Alexander Bence. John Sicklemore. Thomas Bacon.
1656. Sir Henry Felton. Sir Thomas Barnardiston. Henry North. Edmund Harvey. Edward Wennieve. John Sicklemore. William Blois. William Gibbs. Robert Brewster. Daniel Wale.
1658–9. Sir Henry Felton. Sir Thomas Barnardiston.
1660. Sir Henry Felton. Sir Henry North.
1661. Sir Henry Felton. Sir Henry North. Sir Samuel Barnardiston, in the room of Sir Henry North.
1678. Sir Gervase Elwes. Sir Samuel Barnardiston.
1679. Sir William Spring. Sir Samuel Barnardiston.
1681. The same.
1685. Sir Robert Brook. Sir Henry North.
1688. Sir John Cordell. Sir John Rous.
1690. Sir Gervase Elwes. Sir Samuel Barnardiston.
1695. The same.
1698. Sir Samuel Barnardiston. Sir Lionel Talmache. Earl of Dysart, in Scotland.
1700. Earl of Dysart. Sir Samuel Barnardiston.
1701. The same.
1702. Earl of Dysart. Sir Dudley Cullum.
1705. Earl of Dysart. Sir Robert Davers.
1707. Sir Robert Davers. Henry Martin.
1708. Sir Thomas Hanmer. Sir Robert Davers.
1710. The same.
1713. The same.
1714. Sir Thomas Hanmer, (Speaker.) Sir Robert Davers.
1722. Sir Thomas Hanmer. Sir Robert Davers. Sir William Barker, in the room of Sir Robert Davers, dead.
1727. Sir William Barker. Sir Jermyn Davers. Sir Robert Kemp, in the room of Sir William Barker, dead.
1734. Sir R. Kemp. Sir J. Davers. Sir Cordel Firebrace, in the room of Sir R. Kemp, dead.
1740. Sir Jermyn Davers. Sir Cordel Firebrace.
1747. Sir Cordel Firebrace. John Affleck.
1754. Sir Cordel Firebrace. John Affleck. Rowland Holt, in place of Sir Cordel Firebrace, dead.
1761. Rowland Holt. Thomas Charles Bunbury.
1768. Sir T. C. Bunbury, Bart. Sir J. Rous, Bart.
1774. Sir T. C. Bunbury. Rowland Holt.
1780. Sir T. C. Bunbury. Sir J. Rous.
1784. Sir J. Rous. Joshua Grigby.
1790. Sir J. Rous. Sir T. C. Bunbury.
1796. Sir T. C. Bunbury. Lord Brome.
1801. The same.
1802. Sir T. C. Bunbury. Lord Brome. T. S. Gooch, in the room of Lord Brome.
1806. Sir T. C. Bunbury. Thomas Sherlock Gooch.
1807. The same.
1812. Thomas Sherlock Gooch. Sir William Rowley, Bart.
1818. The same.
1820. The same.
1826. The same.
1830. Sir Henry Edward Bunbury. Charles Tyrell.
1831. The same.

Eastern Division.

1832. Lord Henniker. Robert Newton Shawe.
1835. Lord Henniker. Sir Charles Broke Vere.
1837. The same. Lord Rendlesham, in place of Vere, dead.

Western Division.

1832. Charles Tyrell. Sir Hyde Parker, Bart.
1835. Henry Wilson. Robert Rushbrooke.
1837. Robert Rushbrooke. Hart Logan. Henry Spencer Waddington, in place of Logan, dead.

The Seal of Michael Stanhope, Vice-Admiral of Suffolk.—Temp. Eliz.