Temporall government

A Survey of London. Reprinted From the Text of 1603. Originally published by Clarendon, Oxford, 1908.

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The temporall Gouernment of this City, somewhat in briefe manner.

Patent. Aserius Meneuen. Florencius Wigorn. Marianus Scotus.; Portgraues.; Robert Fabian.

THIS Citie of London being vnder the gouernment of the Britons, Romaines, and Saxons, the most ancient and famous City of the whole realme, was at length destroied by the Danes, and left desolate: as may appeare by our histories. But Aelfred king of the west Saxons, hauing brought this whole realme (from many parts) into one Monarkie, honourably repayred this Citie, and made it againe habitable, and then committed the custody thereof to his sonne in law Adhered Earle of Mercia: after whose decease the Citie with all other possessions, pertayning to the saide Earle, returned to king Edward surnamed the Elder, &c. And so remained in the kings hands, being gouerned vnder him by Portgraues (or Portreues) which name is compounded of the two saxon words, Porte, and gerefe or reue. Porte betokeneth a Towne, and Gerefe signifieth a Gardian, ruler or keeper of the towne.

These Gouernors of old time (saith Robert Fabian) with the lawes and customes then vsed within this citie, were registrated in a booke called the Doomes day, written in the saxon tongue: but of later dayed when the said booke was of a small were changed, and for that also the said booke was of a small hand, sore defaced, & hard to be red or vnderstood, it was lesse set by, so that it was imbeseled, & lost. Thus farre Fabian.

Li.S. Albanie.

Notwithstanding I haue found by search of diuers old Registers and others record abroad, namely in a booke sometime appertayning to the Monastery of saint Albons, of the Portgraues, & other Gouernors of this citie, as followeth.

Cittizens of London called Burgesses.

First, that in the raigne of king Edward the last before the con quest, Wolfegare was Portgraue: as may appeare by the Charter of the same king, in these words. Edward king, greeteth Alfward Bishop, and Wolfgar my Portgraue, & all the Burgesses of London. And afterward that in another charter, king Edward greeteth William Bishop, and Swetman my Portgraue. And after that in another charter to the Abbey of Chertsey, to William Bishop, and Leofstane, and Alssey Portgraues. In the raigne of William Conqueror, William Bishop of London procured of the said Conqueror his Charter of liberties, to the same William Bishop, & Godfrey Portgraue, in saxon tongue, and corrected in English thus:

Charter of W. Conquerour; Prouost.

William king greet W. Bishop, & Godfrey Portgraue, & all the Burgeses within London, French and English. And I graunt that they be all their law worth, that they were in Edwards dayes the king. And I will that each child bee his fathers heire. And I will not suffer that any man do you wrong, and God you keepe. And then in the raigne of the said Conqueror & or W. Rufus, Godfrey de Magnauile was Portgraue, (or shiriffe) as may appeare by their Charters, and Richard de Par was Prouost.


In the raigne of king Henry the first, Hugh Buche was Portgraue, and Leofstanus Goldsmith Prouost, buried at Bermondsey.


After them Aubery de Vere was Portgraue, and Robert Bar Querel Prouost. This Aubery de Vere was slaine in the raigne of K. Stephen. It is to be noted also that K.H. the first granted to the Citizens of London the Shriuewicke thereof, and of Middlesex, as in another place is shewed.


In the raigne of king Stephens, Gilbert Becketwas Portgraue, and Andrew Bucheuet Prouost.

After him, Godfrey Magnauile, the sonne of William, the sonne of Godfrey Magnauile, by the gift of Maulde the Empresse, was Portgraue or shiriffe of London and Middlesex, for the yearely farme of three hundred pound, as appeareth by the Charter.

Portgraues, since called Shiriffes, and ludges of the Kings Court, & have therefore vnder Shiriffes men learned in the law, to sit in their Courts. Domesmen of Iudges of the kings Court.

In the time of king H. the second, Peter Fitz Walter was Portgraue: after him, Iohn Fitz Nigel was Portgraue: after him Ernulfus Buchel became Portgraue: and after him, William Fits Isabel. These Portgraues are also in diuers recordes called Vice counties, Vicounties, or shiriffes, as being vnder an Earle, for that they then, as since, vsed that office as the shiriffes of London do till this day. Some Authors do call them Domesmen, Eldermen, or Judges of the kings Court.

William Fitz Stephen, noting the estate of this Citie, and gouernment thereof, in his time vnder the raigne of king Stephen, and of Henry the second, hath these words.

This Cittie (saith he) euen as Rome, is diuided into wards, it hath yearely shiriffes insteade of Consuls, it hath the Dignity of Senators and Aldermen, it hath vnder Officers, & according to the quality of lawes, it hath seueral Courts, and general assemblies vpon appointed dayes. Thus much for the antiquity of shiriffes, and also of Aldermen, in seuerall Wardes of this Cittie, may suffice. And now for the name of Bailiffes, and after that, of Maiors as followeth.

Bailiffes of London.

In the first yeare of king Richard the first, the Citizens of London obtained to be gouerned by two Bailiffes, which bailiffes are in diuers ancient deeds called shiriffes, according to the speech of the lawe, which called the shire Balliua, for that they, like as the Portgraues, vsed the same office of shriuewicke, for the which the City paid to fee farme three hundreth pounds yearely as before, since the raigne of Henry the first, which also is yet paid by the Citie into the Exchequer vntill this day.

They also obtained to haue a Maior, to be their principall Gouernour and Lieftenant of the citie, as of the kings Chamber.

1189. The names of the first Bailiffes, or Officers, entring into their office at the feast of Saint Michael the Archangell; in the yeare of Christ 1189. were named (fn. 1) Iohn Herlison, Roger Duke, William de Hauerhill, (fn. 1) bailiffes or sheriffes.

First Maior of London.

Their I. Maior was H. Fitz Alwin Fitz Liefstane, Goldsmith, pointed by the said king, and continued maior from the first of Richard the first, vntill the fifteenth of king Iohn, which was 24. yeares and more.

1190. The 2. of Richard I, shiriffes William de Haverhill, Iohn Bucuinte. (fn. 2) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin. (fn. 3)

1191. The 3. shiriffes Nicholas Duket, (fn. 4) Peter filius Neuelon. (fn. 5) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1192. The 4. Roger le Duc, Roger Fitz Alan. (fn. 6) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1193. The 5. William Fitz Isabel, William Fitz Alulf. (fn. 7) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1194. The 6. Robert Besaunt, Iukel. (fn. 8) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1195. The 7. Godard de Antioche, (fn. 9) Robert filius Durand. (fn. 10) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1196. The 8. Nicholas Duket, Robert Blund. (fn. 11) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1197. The 9. Constantine Fitz Alulf, (fn. 12) Robert de Bel. (fn. 13) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1198. The 10. Arnold Fitz Alulf, (fn. 14) Richard Blunt. (fn. 15) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

King Iohn began his raigne the sixt of April 1199.

1199. The I. of King Iohn, shiriffes Roger de Deserto, (fn. 16) Iames the Alderman (fn. 17); Maior H. Fitz Alwin.

King Iohn granted the shiriffewicke of London, and Middlesex, to the cittizens thereof, as king H. the first before had done, for the summe of 300. pound yearly. Also he gaue them authority to chuse and depriue their shiriffes at their pleasure.

1200. The 2.shiriffes Simon de Aldermanbury, William Fitz Alis. (fn. 18) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1201. The 3. Norman Blund, (fn. 19) Iohn de Cayo or Cay (fn. 20); M. Henry Fitz Alwin.

1202. The 4. Walter Brun, (fn. 21) William Chamberleyn. (fn. 22) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

Walter Brune, and Rose his wife, founded the Hospitall of saint Mary without Bishopsgate, commonly called saint Mary Spittle.

1203. The 5. Thomas Haverel, Hamond Brond. Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1204. The 6. Iohn Walran, (fn. 23)Richard Winchester. (fn. 24) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1205. The 7. Iohn filius Elinandi, (fn. 25) Edmund Fitz Gerard. (fn. 26) M. Henry Fitz Alwin.

1206. The 8. Henry of St. Alban's, Serlo the Mercer. (fn. 27) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1207. The 9. William Hardel, (fn. 28) Robert Winchester. (fn. 29) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1208. The 10. Peter Duke, (fn. 30) Thomas Nele, (fn. 31) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

The King, by his letters Patents, graunted to the Citizens of London, libertie and authoritie yearely to chuse to themselues a Maior.

1209. The II. Peter Neuelun, (fn. 32) William Blund. (fn. 33) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1210. The 12. Adam de Withebi, (fn. 34) Stephen le Gras. (fn. 35) Maior Henry Fitz Alwin.

1211. The 13. Ioce (fn. 36) Fitz Peter, Iohn Garland. Maior Henry Fitz Alwin. (fn. 37)

This Henry Fitz Alwin deceased, and was buried in the priorie of the holy Trinitie, neare vnto Aldgate.

1212. The 14. Ralph Helyland, (fn. 38) Constantine Fitz Alulf. (fn. 39) Maior Roger Fitz Alan. (fn. 40)

1213. The 15. Martin Fitz Alis, Peter Bate. (fn. 41) Maior Roger Fitz Alan. (fn. 42).

This yeare the ditch about London was begun to bee made of 200. foote broad, by the Londoners.

1214. The 16. Salomon Basing, Hugh Basing. Maior Serle Mercer. (fn. 43)

1215. The 17. Iohn Travars, Andrew Neuelun. (fn. 44) Maior William Hardel.

King Henry the third began his raigne the 19. of October, 1216.

1216. The I. shiriffes, Benet Senturer, (fn. 45) William Blund, (fn. 46) Maior Iames Aldermanfor part, and Salomon Basing for part. (fn. 47)

1217. second, Thomas Bokerel, Ralph Eiland. (fn. 48) Maior Serle Mercer. (fn. 49).

1218. The third, Iohn Viel, Ioce le Spicer. (fn. 50) Maior Serle Mercer.

The Forrest of Middlesex, and the warren of Stanes were this yeare disaforrested.

1219. The fourth, Richard Wimbledon, Iohn Viel. (fn. 51) Maior Serle Mercer.

1220. The fifth, Richard Renger, Ioce le Ieofne. (fn. 52) Maior Serle Mercer.

1221. The sixt, Richard Renger, Thomas Lambart. Maior Serle Mercer.

Constantine Fitz Alulf raised great troubles in this citie, and was hanged with his Nephew and other.

1222. The seuenth, William le Ioynour, (fn. 53) Thomas Lambart. maior Richard Renger. (fn. 54)

1223. The eight, Iohn Trauars, Andrew Bokerel. Maior Richard Renger.

1224. The ninth, Iohn Trauars, Andrew Bokerel. Maior Richard Renger.

The king graunted to the comminaltie of London to haue a common seale.

1225. The tenth, Roger Duke, Martin Fitz William. maior Richard Renger.

1226. The eleuenth, Roger Duke, Martin Fitz William. maior Richard Renger.

This yeare the king confirmed to the citizens of London, free warren or libertie to hunt a certaine circuite about the citie, in the waren of Stanes, &c. And also that the citizens of London should passe tol-free throughout all England, & that the keddles, or weres in the riuer of Thames, and Midway should be plucked vp and destroyed for euer, &c. patent xi. Henry3.

1227. The twelfth, Stephen Bokerel, Henry Cocham. (fn. 55) Maior Roger Duke. (fn. 56)

The liberties and franchises of London were ratifield, and the king granted that either shiriffe should haue two Clarks and two sergeants, also that the Citizens should haue a common seale.

1228. The thirteenth, Stephen Bokerell, Henrie Cocham. maior Roger Ducke.

1229. The fourteenth, Walter de Winchester, (fn. 57)Robert Fitz Iohn. Maior Roger Duke.

1230. The fifteenth, Richard Fitz Walter, (fn. 58) Iohn de Woborne. Maior Roger Ducke.

1231. The xvi. Michael de St. Helena, (fn. 59) Walter le Bufle. (fn. 60) Maior Andrew Bokerel (fn. 61) Pepperer.

1232. The xvii. Henry de Edmonton, (fn. 62) Gerard Bat. Maior Andrew Bokerel Pepperer.

1233. The xviii. Simon Fitz Mary, Roger Blunt. (fn. 63) Maior Andrew Bokerel Pepperer.

1234. The xix. Ralph Ashwye, (fn. 64) Iohn Norman. Maior Andrew BokerelPepperer.

1235. The xx. Gerard Bat, Robert Hardel. (fn. 65) Maior Andrew Bokerel Peperer.

1236. The xxi. Henry Cocham, (fn. 66) Iordan of Couentrie. Maior Andrew BokerelPepperer.

1237. The xxii. Iohn Toloson, (fn. 67) Geruaisthe Cordwainer. (fn. 68) Maior Andrew Bokerel (fn. 69) pepperer, [and then Richard Renger] (fn. 69).

1238. The xxiii. Iohn de Codres, (fn. 70) Iohn de Wylhale; (fn. 71); M. Richard Renger, [and then William Ioyner]. (fn. 72)

This William Ioynerbuilded the Quire of the Gray Friers church in London, and became a lay brother of that house.

1239. The xxiiii. Reiner (fn. 73)de Bongey, Ralph Ashwy. (fn. 74) Mayor Gerard Bat. (fn. 75).

1240. The xxv. Iohn de Gisors, Michael Touy. (fn. 76) Maior Reginald Bungeye. (fn. 77)

This yeare, Aldermen of London were chosen, and chaunged yearely, but that order lasted not long. Gerard Batwas againe elected Maior for that yeare to come, but the king would not admit him, being charged with taking money of the victualers in the precedent yeare.

1241. The xxvi. Thomas Duresme, (fn. 78)Iohn Viel. (fn. 79) M. Rolph Ashwy. (fn. 80)

1242. The xxvii. Robert Fitz Iohn, (fn. 81) Ralph Ashwye (fn. 82) Maior Ralph Ashwye. (fn. 83)

1243. The xxviii. Hugh Blunt, Adam Basing. (fn. 84) Maior Ralph Ashwye.

1244. The xxix. Ralph de Arcubus spicer, (fn. 85) Nicholas Bat Maior Michael Touy. (fn. 86)

1245. The xxx. Robert of Cornehil, Adam of Bentley. (fn. 87) Maior Iohn GisorsPepperer. (fn. 88)

1246. The xxxi. Simon Fitz Mary, Laurence Frowicke. Maior Peter Fitz Alan. (fn. 89)

Simon Fitzmaryfounded the Hospitall of Mary called Bethelem without Bishopsgate. Queene Hith let to farme to the cittizens of London.

1247. The 32. William Vyel, (fn. 90)Nicholas Bat. Mayor Michael Touy. (fn. 91).

1248. The 33. Nicholas Fitz Iosey, (fn. 92) Geffrey Winchester. M. Michael Touy. (fn. 93)

1249. The 34. Ralph Hardel, (fn. 94)Iohn de Tolesane. (fn. 95) M. Roger Fitz Roger.

1250. The 35. Humfrey le Feure, (fn. 96) William Fitz Richard. Mayor Iohn Norman.

1251. The 36. Laurence Frowike, Nicholas Bat. Mayor Adam Basing.

1252. The 37. William Durham, Thomas Wimborne. M.Iohn Tolason Draper.

The king graunted that the Mayor should bee presented to the Barons of the Exchequer, and they should admit him.

1253. The 38. Iohn Northampton, Richard Pickard. Mayor Nicholas Bat. (fn. 97)

1254. The 39. William Ashwy, (fn. 98) Robert de Linton. (fn. 99) Mayor Ralph (fn. 100) HardelDraper.

The liberties of this city were seized, the Mayor charged that hee looked not to the assize of bread.

The Maior, diuers Aldermen, and the shiriffes of London, were depriued, and other placed in their roomes.

1255. The 40. Mathew Bukerel, Iohn le Mynur. (fn. 101) M.Ralph (fn. 102) HardelDraper.

1256. The 41. Richard Ewel, (fn. 103) William Ashwie. (fn. 104) Mayor Ralph (fn. 105)Hardel.

1257. The 42. Thomas Fitz Thomas, William Grapefige. Mayor William Fitz Richard. (fn. 106)

The king caused the walles of this Cittie to bee repayred and made with bulwarks.

1258. The 43. Iohn Adrian, Robert Cornhill. Mayor Iohn Gisors Peperer. (fn. 107)

1259. The 44. Adam Bruning, (fn. 108) Henry de Coventry. Mayor William Fitz Richard.

1260. The 45. Iohn Northampton, Richard Picard. Mayor William Fitz Richard.

1261. The 46. Philip le Tayllur, (fn. 109) Richard Walbrooke. Mayor Thomas Fitz Thomas. (fn. 110)

1262. The 47. Robert de Mountpiler, Osbert de Suffolke. Mayor Thomas Fitz Thomas. (fn. 111)

1263. The 48. Gregory Rokesley, Thomas de Ford. (fn. 112) Mayor Thomas Fitz Thomas. (fn. 113)

The cittizens of London fortified the Cittie with iron chaines drawne thwart their streetes.

1264. The 49. Edward Blund, Peter Angar. Mayor Thomas Fitz Thomas. (fn. 114)

1265. The 50. bailiffs, Iohn Adrian, Walter Hervi, till 28. Nov., and then Sir Iohn de la Linde and Iohn Walrauen; custos Hugh Fitz Otho. (fn. 115)

The chaines and postes in London were plucked vp, the Mayor and principall Cittizens committed to Ward, and OthonConstable of the Tower, was made Custos of the Citty, &c.

1266. The 51. Iohn Adrian, Lucas de Batencourt (fn. 116) custos Alan de la Souche. (fn. 117)

This Alen de la Souchbeing a Baron of this Realme, and also chiefe Iustice, was in the yeare 1270. slayne in Westminister hall by Iohn WarrenEarle of Surrey.

The Early of Glocester entered the Citty with an Armie, and therein builded bulwarkes, cast trenches, &c.

1267. The 52. [bailiffs] (fn. 118)Iohn Adrian, Lucas de Batencourt; Custos (fn. 119) Alen de la Souch.

Thomas Fitz Theobaldand Agneshis wife founded the Hospitall of S. Thomas of Acon in Westcheape.

1268. The 53. Walter Haruy, William Duresme. (fn. 120) Custos Sir Stephen de Edeworth. (fn. 121)

A varience fell in London betweene the Goldsmithes and the Taylors, where through many men where slayne.

1269. The 54. Thomas Basing, Robert Cornhill; C. Hugh Fitz Ottonis, custos of London and constable of the Tower. (fn. 122)

1270. The 55. Gregory Rocksley, Henry Waleys. M. Iohn Adrian, Vintoner. (fn. 123)

The steeple of Bow church in Cheape fell downe, and slew many people.

1271. The 56. Richard Paris, Iohn de Bodele. (fn. 124) M. Sir Walter Haruy.

1272. The 57. Iohn Horne, Walter Potter. (fn. 125) Mayor Sir Walter Haruy; (fn. 126) Custos Henry Frowike, Peparar, for part of that year. (fn. 126)

King Edward the first beganne his raigne the 16. of Nouember, 1272.

1273. The first, Shiriffes Nicholas Winchester, Henry Couentrie. (fn. 127) M. Henry Walles.

1274. The 2. Lucas Bate <n> corte, Henry Frowike. M. Gregory Rocksley: chiefe Say-maister of all the kings Mints throughout England, and Keeper of the Kinges Exchange at London.

1275. The 3. Iohn Horne, Raph Blunt. Mayor Gregory Rocksley.

1276. The 4. Robert de Araz, (fn. 128) Raph Le Feure. (fn. 129) Mayor Gregory Rocksley.

1277. The 5. Iohn Adrian, Walter Langley. (fn. 130) Mayor Gregorie Rocksley.

1278. The 6. Robert Basing, William le Mazerer or Mazeline. (fn. 131) M. Gregorie Rocksley.

1279. The 7. Thomas Box, (fn. 132) Raph de la More. (fn. 133) M.Gregorie Rocksley.

1280. The 8. William Farindon, Nicholas Winchester. M. Gregorie Rocksley.

This W. Farindon Goldsmith, one of the shiriffes, was father to Nicholas Farindon: Of these two, Farindon Ward took that name.

1281. The 9. William le Mazerer or Maseliner, (fn. 134) Richard Chigwel. M. Henry Walleis.

This Henry Walleis builded the Tun vpon Cornhill to bee a prison, and the Stockes to be a Market house.

1282. The 10. Anketel de Betevil, (fn. 135) Walter le Blund. (fn. 136) M. Henry Walleis.

1283. The II. Iordaine Goodcheape, Martin Box. Mayor Henry Walleis.

Laurence Ducket Goldsmith, murdered in Bow Church, and the murtherers hanged.

1284. The 12. Stephen Cornhill, Robert Roksley. Mayor Gregory Roksley, (fn. 137) Custos Raph Sandwitch. (fn. 138)

It was ordained, that Millars should haue but one half peny for a quarter of Wheat grinding, and the great water Conduit in Cheape was begun to be made.

1285. The 13. Walter le Blunt, (fn. 139) Iohn Wade. C. Raph Sandwitch. (fn. 140)

1286. The 14. Walter Hawtoune, (fn. 141) Thomas Cros. (fn. 142) C.Raph Sandwitch.

Wheate was solde at London for sixteen pence, and for twelue pence the quarter.

1287. The 15. William Hereford, Thomas Stanes. C. Raph Sandwitch.

1288. The 16. William Betain, (fn. 143) Iohn Canterbury. C. Raph Sandwitch, Raph Barnauars and Sir Iohn Britaine. (fn. 144)

1289. The 17. Salomon le Cutiller, (fn. 145) Folke S. Edmond. C. Sir Iohn Briton knight.

This yeare a subsidie was graunted, for the reparations of London Bridge.

1290. The 18. Thomas Romain, William de Leyre. (fn. 146) C. Ralph Sandwitch. (fn. 147)

1291. The 19. Raph Blunt, Hamo Box. C. Raph Sandwitch. (fn. 148)

1292. The 20. Henry Bole, Elias Russel. C. Raph Sandwitch.

Three men had their right hand cut off, at the Standarde in Cheape, for rescuing of a prisoner, arrested by a Sergeant of London.

1293. The 21. Robert Rokesley the yonger, Martin Amersbury. (fn. 149) C. Sir Raph Sandwitch. (fn. 150)

1294. The 22. Henry Box, Richard Gloucester. C. Sir Iohn Briton. (fn. 151)

1295. The 23. Iohn Dunstable, Adam de Halingbery. C. Sir Iohn Briton. (fn. 152)

1296. The 24. Thomas of Suffolke, Adam of Fulham. C. Sir Iohn Briton. (fn. 153)

This yeare all the liberties of the Citty were restored, the maioralty excepted.

1297. The 25. William de Storteford, Iohn de Storeford. (fn. 154) C. Sir Iohn Briton.

Certaine Cittizens of London brake vp the Tunne vppon Cornhill, and took out prisoners, for the which they were grieuously punished.

1298. The 26. Richard Refham, (fn. 155) Thomas Sely. (fn. 156) Mayor Henrie Walleis.

1299. The 27. Iohn de Armenters, (fn. 157) Henry de Fyngrye. (fn. 158) Mayor Elias Russel.

1300. The 28. Lucas de Hauering, Richard Champs. Mayor Elias Rusell.

1301. The 29. Robert Callor, Peter de Bosenho. Mayor, Sir Iohn Blunt knight.

1302. The 30. Hugh Pourt, Simon Paris. Maior, Sir Iohn Blunt.

1303. The 31. W. Combmartin, Iohn Bureford. (fn. 159) C. Sir Iohn Blunt.

1304. The 32. Roger Paris, Iohn de Lincolne, C. Sir Iohn Blunt.

Geffrey Hertilepole, Alderman, was elected to bee Recorder of London, and tooke his oath, and was appointed to weare his apparrell as an Alderman.

1305. The 33. William Cosine, Reginald Thunderley. C. Sir Iohn Blunt.

1306. The 34. Geffrey Cundute, (fn. 160) Simon Bolet. (fn. 161) C. Sir. Iohn Blunt.

Seacole was forbidden to be burned in London, Southwark, &c.

Edward the second began his raigne the 7. of Iuly, the yeare of Christ, 1307.

1307. The first, shiriffes, Nicholas Pigot, Nigellus Drury. M. Sir Iohn Blunt.

1308. The second, W. Basing, Iames le Boteler, (fn. 162) Mayor Nicholas Faringdon Goldsmith.

1309. The third, Roger le Paumer, Iames of S. Edmond. Maior Thomas Romaine.

1310. The fourth, Simon de Corpe, Peter Blakeney. (fn. 163) Mayor Richard Reffam, Mercer.

The king commaunded the Mayor & Comminaltie to make the wall of London from Ludgate to Fleetbridge and from thence to the Thames.

1311. The 5. Simon Merwod, Richard Wilford. Mayor, Sir Iohn Gisors, Pepperar.

Order was taken, that Marchant straungers should sell their wares within forty dayes after their arriuall, or else the same to be forfeited.

1312. The sixt, Iohn Lambin, Adam Lutkin. (fn. 164) Maior, Sir Iohn Gisors, Peperar.

1313. The seuenth, Robert Burdeyn, (fn. 165) Hugh de Garton. Maior Nicholas Farindon, Goldsmith.

Prices set on victuals, a fat stalled oxe, 24.s. a fat mutton, 20.d. a fat goose two pence halfe penny, a fat capon two pence, a fatte henne one penny, two chickens one penny, three pigeons one penny, twentie foure egges one penny, &c.

1314. The eight, Stephen Abingdon, Hamond Chigwel. Mayor, Sir Iohn Gisors, Pepperar.

Famine and mortality of people, so that the quicke might vnneath bury the dead: Horse flesh, and dogs flesh was good meat.

1315. The ninth, Hamond Goodchepe, William Bodelay, Mayor Stephen Abendon.

1316. The 10. William Caustone, (fn. 166) Raph Belancer. Mayor Iohn Wingraue.

An earely Haruest, a Bushell of Wheate that had beene sold for ten shillinges, was now sold for ten pence, &c.

1317. The eleventh, Iohn Prior, W. Furneis. Mayor Iohn Wingraue.

Such a murren of kine, that dogs and rauents that fed on them were poysoned.

1318. The twelfth, Iohn Pontel, (fn. 167) Iohn Dalling. Mayor Iohn Wingraue.

1319. 13. Simon Abindon, I. Preston. M. Hamond Chickwel, Pepperar.

Iohn Gisors, late mayor of London, and many other cittizens fled the citty for thinges laid to their charge.

1320. The 14. Renauld at Conduit, W. Produn. (fn. 168) Mayor Nicholas Farendon, Goldsmith.

1321. The 15. Richard Constantine, Richard Hackney. M. Hamond Chickwell, Peperar.

1322. The 16. Iohn Grantham, Richard Elie. M. Hamonde Chickwell, Peperar.

Fish and flesh market established at the stockes in the midst of the Citty.

1323. The 17. Adam of Salisbury, Iohn of Oxford. M. Nicholas Farindon, Goldsmith.

Of this Nicholas Farindon, and of William Farindon his father, reade more in Farindon Warde.

1324. The 18. Benet of Fulsham, (fn. 169) Iohn Cawson. (fn. 170) M. Hamonde Chickwell, Peperar.

1325. The 19. Gilbert Mordon, Iohn Cotton. M. Hamond Chickwell, Peperar.

The Cittizens of London tooke the Bishoppe of Excester, & cut off his head at the Standard in Cheape.

1326. The 20. Richard Rothing, Roger Chaunteclere. Mayor Richard Betoyne, (fn. 171) Goldsmith.

This Richard Rothingis said to new build the Parish church of S. Iames at Garlicke Hith.

Edward the third beganne his raigne the 25. of Ianuary, the year, 1326.

This king Edward granted, that the Mayor should be Justice for the Gaole deliuery at Newgate, that the Cittizens of London should not be constrained to goe out of the Citty of London to any warre. More he granted, that the liberties and franchises of the citty should not after this time, for any cause, bee taken into the kinges hands, &c. More hee graunted by his letters Patents, dated the sixt of March, that no Escheter should be in the Citty, but the Mayor for his time.

1327. The first, shiriffes, Henry Darcie, Iohn Hauton. Mayor Hamond Chickwell, Peperar.

This yeare the Walles of London were repayred.

1328. The second, Simon Francis, Henry Combmartin. M. Iohn Grantham.

1329. The 3. Richard le Lacer, (fn. 172)Henry Gisors. (fn. 173) Maior, Simon Swandland.

This yeare, the king kept a greate lusting in Cheape, betwixt Sopars lane, and the great Crosse.

1330. The 4. Robert of Elie, Thomas Harewolde or Harrewode. (fn. 174) Mayor, Sir Iohn Pultney, Draper.

1331. The 5. Iohn Mocking, Andrew Auberie. Mayor, Sir Iohn Pultney, Draper.

1332. The 6. Nicholas Pike, Iohn Husbond. Mayor Iohn Preston, Draper.

This yeare was founded Elsinges Spittle, by W. Elsing, Mercer, that became first Prior of that Hospitall.

1333. The 7. Iohn Hamond, William Hansard. Mayor, Sir Iohn Pultney, Draper.

1334. The 8. Iohn Hingstone, (fn. 175) Walter Turke. Mayor Reginald at Conduit, Vintoner.

1335. The 9. Walter de Moredon, (fn. 176) Ralph de Vpton. (fn. 177) Mayor Reginald at Conduit. (fn. 178)

1336. The 10. Iohn Clarke, (fn. 179) W <illiam> Curtes. (fn. 180) Mayor, Sir Iohn Pultney, Draper.

This Sir Iohn Pultney founded a colledge in the parish church of S. Lawrence by Candlewicke streete.

1337. The II. Walter Nele, Nicholas Crane. Mayor Henry Darcy.

Walter Nele, Bladesmith, gaue lands to the repaying of the high wayes about London.

1338. The 12. William Pomfret, Hugh Marberer. (fn. 181) Mayor Henry Darcy. The king graunted that the Sergeantes of the Mayor and shiriffes of London, should beare mases of siluer and guilt with the kings armes.

1339. The 13. William Thorney, Roger Forsham. (fn. 182) Mayor Andrew Aubery, Grocer.

1340. The 14. Adam Lucas, Bartlemew Deumars. (fn. 183) Mayor Andrew Anbery, Grocer.

1341. The 15. Richard de Barking, Iohn de Rokesly. Mayor Iohn of Oxenford, (fn. 184) Vintoner.

1342. The 16. Iohn Loueking, Richard Kyslyngbury. (fn. 185) Mayor Simon Francis, Mercer.

The price of Gascoyn Wines at London, 4.d & Reinish wine, sixe pence the Gallon.

1343. The 17. Iohn Syward, (fn. 186)Iohn Aylesham. M. Iohn Hamond.

1344. The 18. Geffrey Wichingham, Thomas Leggy. (fn. 187) Mayor Iohn Hamond.

1345. The 19. Edmond Hemenhall, Iohn of Glocester. Mayor Richard Leget.

1346. The 20.Iohn Croyden, William Claptus. (fn. 188) M. Geffrey Wichingham.

1347. The 21.Adam Brabasoun, (fn. 189)Richard Bas. M. Thomas Leggy, Skinner.

King Edward wonne Callis from the French.

1348. The 22. Henry Picard, Simon Dolsely. (fn. 190) Mayor Iohn Loueken, Fishmonger.

A great pest. Sir Walter Mannie, knight, founded the Charterhouse by Smithfield, to be a buriall for the dead.

1349. The 23. Adam of Bury, Raph de Lenn. (fn. 191) M. Walter Turk, Fishmonger.

1350. The 24. Iohn Notte, W. Worcester. Mayor Richard Kyslyngbury. (fn. 192)

1351. The 25. Iohn Wroth, Gilbert Stayndrop. (fn. 193) Maior Andrew Aubury, Grocer.

1352. The 26. Iohn Peche, Iohn Stodeye. (fn. 194) M. Adam Frauncis, mercer.

This mayor procured an act of Parliament, that no knowne whore should weare any hoode, or attire on her head, except reied or striped cloth of diuers colours, &c.

1353. The 27. W. Welde, (fn. 195)Iohn Little. Mayor Adam Francis mercer.

This Adam Francis was one of the founders of the Colledge in Guildhall chappell, &c. Henry Frowikewas the other.

1354. The 28. William de Todenham, (fn. 196)Richard Smelt. Mayor Thomas Leggy, Skinner.

Aldermen of London, were vsed to be changed yearely, but now it was ordayned, that they should not be remoued, without some speciall cause.

1355. The 29. Walter Forester, (fn. 197) Thomas Brandon. Maior Simon Francis, mercer.

1356. The 30.Richard Notingham, Thomas Dolsely, (fn. 198) Maior Henry Picard, Vintoner.

This H. Picardfeasted the Kings of England, of France, Cipres, and Scots, with other great estates, all in one day.

1357. The 31. Stephen Cauendish, (fn. 199)Bartholomew Frestlynges. (fn. 200) Maior, Sir Iohn Stody Vintoner.

This Iohn Stodygaue tenements to the Vintoners in London, for reliefe of the poore of that Company.

1358. The 32. Iohn Barnes, Iohn Buris. Maior Iohn Louekin, Stockfishmonger.

1359. The 33. Simon of Benington, Iohn of Chichester. Maior Symon Dolsely, (fn. 201) Grocer.

1360. The 34. Iohn Denis, Walter Berny. Maior I. Wroth, Fishmonger.

1361. The 35. William Holbech, Iames Tame. Maior I. Peche, Fishmonger.

1362. The 36. Iohn of S.Albons, Iames Andrew. Maior Stephen Cauendish, (fn. 202) Draper.

1363. The 37. Richard Croyden, Iohn Hiltoft. (fn. 203) Maior Iohn Not, Pepparer.

1364. The 38. Iohn de Mitford, Simon de Mordon. Maior Adam of Bury, Skinner.

1365. The 39. Iohn de Briklesworth, (fn. 204) Thomas Ireland. Maior Iohn Louekin, Fishmonger, and Adam of Bury, Skinner. (fn. 205)

1366. The 40. Iohn Warde, Thomas of Lee. Maior Iohn Lofkin, Fishmonger.

This Iohn Lofkinbuilded the parish church of saint Michael in Crooked Lane.

1367. The 41. Iohn Turngold, William Dikeman. Maior Iames Andrew, Draper.

1368. The 42. Robert Girdelere, (fn. 206) Adam Wimondham. Maior Simon Mordon, Stockfishmonger.

This yeare Wheate was sold for 2.s. 6.d. the bushell.

1369. The 43. Iohn Piel, Hugh Holbech. (fn. 207) Maior Iohn Chichester, Goldsmith.

1370. The 44. William Walworth, Robert Geyton. Mayor Iohn Barnes, mercer.

1371. The 45. Adam Stable, (fn. 208) Robert Hatfield. Maior Iohn Barnes, mercer.

This Iohn Barnes gaue a chest with three lockes, and one thousand marke to be lent to poore yong men.

1372. The 46. Iohn Philpot, Nicholas Brembar. Maior Iohn Piel, Mercer.

1373. The 47. Iohn Aubury, Iohn Fifhyde (fn. 209) Maior Adam of Bury, Skinner.

1374. The 48. Richard Lions, William Woodhouse. Maior William Walworth, Fishmonger.

1375. The 49. Iohn Hadley, W. Newport. Maior Io. Ward, Grocer.

1376. The 50. Iohn Northampton, Robert Laund. Maior Adam Stable, mercer.

The Londoners ment to haue slaine Iohn Duke of Lancaster: Adam Stable maior put downe, and Nicholas Brembar elected. Also the Aldermen were deposed, & other set in their places.

Richard the second began his raigne the 21. of Iune, in the yeare 1377.

1377. The first, shiriffes, Nicholas Twiford, Andrew Pikeman. Maior, sir Nicholas Brembar, Grocer.

Iohn Philpota Citizen of London, sent shippes to the sea, and scoured it of Pirates, taking many of them prisoners.

1378. The 2. Iohn Boseham, Thomas Cornwalis. Maior, sir Iohn Philpot, Grocer.

This Sir Iohn Philpot gaue to the Citie lands for the finding of thirteene poore people for euer.

1379. The 3. Iohn Helisdon, William Barrat. Maior Io. Hadley, Grocer.

1380. The 4. Walter Doget, William Knightcoate. Maior W. Walworth, Fishmonger.

This William Walwortharrested Wat Tilerthe rebel, & was knighted. He increased the parish church of Saint Michaelin Crooked lane, and founded there a colledge. Other Aldermen were also knighted for their seruice in the field.

1381. The 5. Iohn Rote, Iohn Hend. Mayor Iohn Northampton, Draper.

1382. The 6. Adam Bamme, Iohn Sely. Mayor Iohn Northampton, Draper or Skinner, as I find in record.

1383. The 7. Simon Winchcombe, Iohn More. Mayor, Sir Nicholas Brembar, Grocer. Iohn Northampton, late Mayor of London, was committed to perpetuall prison, and his goods confiscated.

1384. The 8. Nicholas Exton, Iohn Fressh. (fn. 210) Mayor, Sir Nicholas Brembar, Grocer, knighted with William Walworth.

1385. The 9. Iohn Organ, Iohn Churchman. Mayor, Sir Nicholas Brembar, Grocer: the foresaid Iohn Churchman new builded the custome house neere to the Tower of London, and did many other works for the commodity of this Citie.

1386. The 10. W. Standone, (fn. 211) W. More. Maior Nicholas Exton, Fishmonger. This yeare the Citizens of London, fearing the French, pulled downe houses neare about their City, repaired their walles, and clensed their ditches, &c.

1387. The II. William Venor, Hugh Fastolf. (fn. 212) Maior Nicholas Exton, Fishmonger. Sir Nicholas Brember, late Maior of London, was this yeare beheaded.

1388. The 12. Thomas Austin, Adam Carlhul. Maior Nicholas Tuiford, Goldsmith, knighted with W. Walworth.

1389. The 13. Iohn Walcot, Iohn Louenay. (fn. 213) Maior William Venor, Grocer.

1390. The 14. Iohn Francis, Thomas Viuent. Maior Adam Bamme, Goldsmith: this Adam Bamme prouided from beyond the seas Corne in great aboundance, so that the Citie was able to serue the countrie.

1391. The 15. Iohn Shadworth, Henry Vanner. (fn. 214) Maior Iohn Hend, Draper: this mayor was for displeasure taken, sent to Windsor Castle, and the king made Warden of the Citty, &c.

1392. The 16. Gilbert Maghfield, Thomas Neuton. (fn. 215) maior William Stondone, Grocer.

1393. The 17. Drew Barintin, Richard Whitington. mayor Iohn Hadley, Grocer: Faringdon Warde was by Parliament appointed to be diuided into two Wardes, to wit, infra, & extra.

1394. The 18. William Brampton, (fn. 216) Thomas Knoles. mayor Iohn Froshe, (fn. 217) mercer.

1395. The 19. Roger Elles, William Shyryngham. (fn. 218) maior William More, Vintner.

1396. The 20. Thomas Wilford, William Parker. maior Adam Bamme, Goldsmith.

1397. The 21. Iohn Wodcoke, William Askam. maior Richard Whitington, mercer.

1398. The 22. Iohn Wade, Iohn Warnar. maior Drew Barentin, Goldsmith.

Henry the fourth began his raigne the 29. of Septemb. the yeare 1399.

1399. The i. shiriffes, William Waldern, William Hyde. (fn. 219) mayor Thomas Knoles, Grocer.

1400. The 2. Iohn Wakel, William Enote. (fn. 220) maior Iohn Francis, Goldsmith.

1401. The 3. William Venor, Iohn Fremelyngham. (fn. 221) maior Iohn Shadworth, mercer; the Conduit vpon Cornhill was this yere made of an old prison house called the Tunne.

1402. The 4. Richard Marlow, Robert Chicheley. maior I. Walcote, Draper.

1403. The 5. Thomas Falconer, Thomas Poole. maior W. Ascham, Fishmonger.

1404. The 6. William Louthe, (fn. 222) Stephen Spilman. maior Iohn Hend, Draper; this Iohn Hendwas a new builder of the parish church of Saint Swithen by London stone.

1405. The 7. Henry Barton, William Crowmere. (fn. 223) maior Iohn Wodcocke, mercer: this maior caused all the Weres in the riuer of Thames, from Stanes to the riuer of Medwey, to bee destroyed, and the trinkes to be burned,&c.

1406. The 8. Nicholas Wooton, Gefferey Brooke. maior Richard Whittington, mercer. This year a great pestilence in London tooke away more then 30000. people.

1407. The 9. Henry Pontfrackt, Henry Halton, Mercer. Maior William Stondon, Grocer.

1408. The 10. Thomas Duke, (fn. 224) William Norton. Maior Drew Barentine, Goldsmith. This Drew Barentine builded a part of the Goldsmith Hall, and gaue them lands.

1409. The II. John Lane, (fn. 225) William Chichley. M. Richard Marlow, Ironmonger. A great play at Skinners well, which lasted eight dayes, and was of matter from the creation of the world: the most part of all the great Estates of England were there to behold it.

1410. The 12. Iohn Penne, Thomas Pike. Maior Thomas Knoles, Grocer. This Thomas Knoles began anew to build the Guild hall in London, &c.

1411. The 13. John Rainwel, William Cotton. Maior Robert Chichley, Grocer.

1412. The 14. Ralph Lobenham, (fn. 226) William Seuenocke. Maior William Waldren, Mercer.

Henry the fift began his raigne the 20. of March, the yeare 1412.

1413. The i. shiriffes, Iohn Sutton, John Micholl (fn. 227). Maior William Cromar, Draper. Sir John Oldcastle assembled a great power in Fickets field by London, which power was ouercome and taken by the king and his power.

1414. The 2. John Michell, Thomas Alen. M. Th. Falconer, mercer: this maior caused the Posterne called Moregate to bee builded, and he lent to the king 10000. marks upon Jewels, &c.

1415. The 3. William Cambridge, Alen Euerard. maior Nicholas Wotton, Draper.

1416. The 4. Robert Whittington, John Couentrie. M. Hen. Barton, Skinner: this Henrie Barton ordayned Lanthornes with lights to bee hanged out on the Winter euening betwixt Hallontide and Candlemasse.

1417. The 5. H. Read, Io. Gidney (fn. 228) M. Ri. Marlow, Ironmonger.

1418. The 6. Iohn Brian, Raph Barton, Iohn parnesse. (fn. 229) maior William Seuenoke: this William Seuenoke, sonne to William Rumsched of Seuenoke in Kent, was by his father bound an Apprentise with Hugh de Bois Citizen and Ferrer of London, for a terme of yeares, which being expired in the yeare 1394. the xviii. of Richard the 2. Iohn Hadley being maior of London, and Stephen Spilman Chamberlaine of the Guildhall: he alledged that his maister had vsed the trade or mystery of a Grocer, and not of a Ferrer, and therefore required to bee made free of the Grocers companie, which was graunted: this William Seuenokefounded in the towne of Seuenoke a free schoole, and almes houses for the poore.

1419. The 7. Robert Whityngham, (fn. 230) Iohn Butler. (fn. 231) Maior Richard Whittington, Mercer: this maior founded Whittington Colledge.

1420. The 8. Iohn Butler (fn. 232) Iohn Wells. Maior William Cambridge, Grocer.

1421. The 9. Richard Gosseline, William Weston. Maior Rob. Chichley, Grocer. This maior gaue one plot of ground thereupon to build the parish church of S. Stephen vpon Walbrooke.

Henrie the sixt began his raigne the 31. of August, the yeare 1422.

1422. The i. shiriffes, William Eastfield, Robert Tatarsall. Maior William Waldern, mercer. This yeare the west gate of London was begun to be builded by the Executors of Richard Whittington.

1423. The 2. Nicholas Iames, Thomas Wandesford (fn. 233) Maior William Cromer, Draper.

1424. The 3. Simon Seman, Iohn Bywater. (fn. 234) Maior Iohn Michel, Fishmonger.

1425. The 4. William Melreth, iohn Brokle. (fn. 235) maior Iohn Couentrie, mercer.

1426. The 5. Iohn Arnold, Iohn Higham. M.Iohn Reinwell, Fishmonger. this maior gaue tenements to the Citie for the discharge of three wards in London for fifteenes, &c.

1427. The 6. Henrie Frowicke, Robert Oteley. Maior Iohn Gidney, Draper.

1428. The 7. Thomas Duffehouse, Iohn Abbot. Maior Henry Barton, Skinner.

1429. The 8. William Russe, Raph Holland. Maior William Eastfield, mercer. Raph Holland gaue to impotent poore 120 pound, to prisoners 80. pound, to hospitals 40. pound, &c.

1430. The 9. Waltar Chartsey, Robert Large. Maior Nicholas Wotton, Draper. Waltar Chartesey, Draper, gaue to the poore 100.li. beside 20.li. to the Hospitals, &c.

1431. The 10. Iohn Hatherley (fn. 236) Stephen Brown. Maior Iohn Wels, Grocer. This Iohn Wels, a great benefactor to the new building of the Chappell by the Guild hall, and of his goods the standard in west Cheape was made.

1432. The 11. Iohn Olney, Iohn Paddesley. M. Iohn Parneis, Fishmonger.

1433. The 12. Thomas Chalton, Iohn Ling. Maior Iohn Brokle, Draper.

1434. The 13. Thomas Barnewell, Symon Eyre. Maior Robert Oteley, Grocer.

1435. The 14. Thomas Catworth, Robert Clopton. Maior Henry Frowicke, Mercer.

1436. The 15. Thomas Morsted, William Gregorie. Maior Iohn Michel, Fishmonger.

1437. The 16. William Hales, William Chapman. Maior, Sir William Eastfield, mercer: this sir William Eastfield knight of the Bath, a great benefactor to the water Conduits.

1438. The 17. Hugh Dyke, (fn. 237)Nicholas Yoo. Maior Stephen Browne, Grocer. Wheate solde for three shillings the Bushell: but this man sent into Prusia, & caused to be brought from thence certaine ships laden with Rie, which did great reliefe.

1439. The 18. Philip Malpas, Robert Marshal. Maior Robert Large, Mercer. Philip Malpas at his decease gaue 120.li. to poore prisoners, and euery yeare for fiue yeares 400. shirts and smocks, 40. payre of sheetes, and 150. gowns of frise to the poore, to poore maides marriages 100. markes, to high wayes, 100. markes, and to 500. poore people in London euery one six shillings eight pence, &c.

1440. The 19. Iohn Sutton, William Wetinhale. Maior Iohn Paddesley, Goldsmith, mayster of the Workes of money in the tower of London.

1441. The 20. William Combes, (fn. 238) Richard Rich. M. Robert Clopton, Draper.

1442. The 21. Thomas Beamont, (fn. 239) Richard Nordon. (fn. 240) M. Iohn Hatherley, Ironmonger.

1443. The 22. Nicholas Wyfold (fn. 241) Iohn Norman. Maior Thomas Catworth, Grocer.

1444. The 23. Stephen Forstar, Hugh Witch. Maior, Henrie Frowicke, mercer: this yeare Powles steeple was fiered with lightning and hardly quenched.

1445. 24. Iohn Darby, Godfrey Filding. (fn. 242) Mayor Simon Eyre, Draper: this Simon Eyre builded the Leaden Hall in London, to bee a common garner for the citty, &c.

1446. The 25. Robert Horne, Godfrey Bolaine. (fn. 243) Maior Iohn Olney, mercer.

1447. The 26. William Abraham, Thomas Scot. Mayor Iohn Gidney, (fn. 244) Draper.

1448. The 27. William Cantelowe, (fn. 245) William MarrowMayor Stephen Browne, Grocer.

1449.The 28. William Hulin, Thomas Caninges. Mayor Thomas Chalton, mercer: this yeare Iacke Cade a Rebell of Kent came to London, entered the Citty, &c.

1450. The 29. I[ohn] Middleton, William Deere. Mayor Nicholas Wyfold, (fn. 246) Grocer. Souldiers made a fray against the maior the same day he tooke his charge at Westminster.

1451. The 30. Mathew Philip, Christopher Warter. (fn. 247) Mayor William Gregory, Skinner.

1452. The 31. Richard Lee, Richard Alley. Mayor Godfrey Filding mercer, of counsell to H. the 6. and E. the fourth: this yeare was a great fray at the wrastling.

1453. The 32. Iohn Walden, (fn. 248)Thomas Cooke. Mayor Iohn Norman, Draper: this Iohn Norman was the first Maior that was rowed to Westminster by water, for before that time they rode on horsebacke.

1454. The 33. Iohn Field, W. Taylor. Mayor Stephen Forstar, Fishmonger: this Stephen Forstar enlarged Ludgate for the ease of prisoners there, &c.

1455. The 34. Iohn Yong, Thomas Olgraue (fn. 249) M. William Marrow, Grocer. The Mercers seruants in London made a riote vpon the Lombards and other strangers.

1456. The 35. Iohn Styward, (fn. 250) Raph Verney. Maior Thomas Caning, Grocer.

1457. The 36. William Edwards, Thomas Reiner. Maior Godfrey Boloine, mercer. This Godfrey Boloine gave 1000 pound to poore householders in London, &c.

1458. The 37. Raph Ioceline, Richard Nedeham. (fn. 251) Maior Thomas Scot, Draper.

1459. The 38. Iohn Plommar, Iohn Stockar. (fn. 252) Maior William Hulin, Fishmonger.

1460. 39. Richard Fleming Iohn Lambard. Maior Richarde Lee, Grocer.

Edward the fourth began his raigne the fourth of March in the yeare 1460. after the account of the Church of England.

1461. The first, shiriffes, George Ireland, Iohn Locke. Maior Hugh Witch, mercer.

1462. The 2. William Hampton, Brtholomew Iames. M. Thomas Cooke, Draper, made knight of the Bath in the fift of Edward the fourth, and had great troubles after.

1463. The 3. Robert Basset, (fn. 253) Thomas Muschampe. Maior Mathew Philip, Goldsmith, made knight of the Bath, the fift of Edward the fourth, and after in the field the tenth of Edward the fourth.

1464. The 4. Iohn Tate, Iohn Stone. Maior Raph Ioceline, Draper, knight of the Bath, and also in the field.

1465. The 5. Henrie Wauer, William Constantine. Maior Raph Verney, mercer. Henrie Wauer one of the shiriffes, made knight of the Bath.

1466. The 6. Iohn Bromer, (fn. 254) Henry Brice. (fn. 255) Mayor Iohn Yong, Grocer, made knight in the field. This yeare began the troubles of sir Thomas Cooke, and of other Aldermen, as yee may read in my Summarie.

1467. The 7.Thomas Stalbroke, Humfrey Heyford. Maior Thomas Oldgraue, Skinner.

1468. The 8. Symon Smith, William Hariot.Maior William Tayler, Grocer. This Maior gaue tenementes to discharge Cordwayner streete ward of fifteenes.

1469. The 9. Richard Gardener, Robert Drope. Maior Richard Lee, Grocer. This yeare the tower of London being deliuered to the Maior and his brethren, they deliuered king H. from thence.

1470. The 10. Sir Iohn Crosbie, Iohn Ward. Maior Sir <Iohn> Stockton, Mercer. Thomas the Bastard Fauconbridge with a riotous companie set vpon this Citie, at Aldgate, Bishopsgate, the Bridge, &c. and xii. Aldermen with the Recorder were knighted in the field by Edward the 4. to wit, Iohn Stokton Maior, Raph Verney late maior, Iohn Yong late maior, William Tayler late maior, Richard Lee, late maior, Mathew Philips late maior, George Ireland, William Stocker, William Hampton since maior, Thomas Stalbroke, Iohn Crosbie, and Bartlemew Iames since maior, with Thomas Vrswike Recorder.

1471. The 11. Iohn Allin, Iohn Shelley. Maior Willey Edward, Grocer: the water Conduit at Aldermanburie, and the standard in Fleetstreet were finished.

1471. The 12. Iohn Browne, Thomas Bledlow. Maior, Sir William Hampton, Fishmonger: this sir William Hampton punished strumpets, and caused stockes to be set in euery ward to punish vagabonds.

1473. The 13. Sir William Stockar, Robert Belisdon. (fn. 256) Maior Iohn Tate, mercer: this yeare the Shiriffes of London were appoynted each of them to haue sixteene Sergeants, euerie

Sergeant to haue his yeoman, and six Clearkes, to wit, a Secondarie, a Clearke of the Papers, and foure other Clearkes, besides the vnder shiriffes Clearkes.

1474. The 14. Edmond Shaw, Thomas Hil. Maior Robert Drope, Draper: this Robert Drope increased the water conduit vpon Cornehill, &c.

1475. The 15. Hugh Brice, Robert Colwich. Maior Robert Basset Saltar: this Robert Basset corrected the Bakers, and other victualers of this Cittie.

1476. The 16. Richard Rawson, William Horne. Maior, sir Raph Ioceline, Draper, Knight of the Bath: by the dilligence of this Maior, the walles of the Cittie were repayred.

1477. The 17. Henry Collet, Iohn Stoker, Maior Humphrey Hayford, Goldsmith.

1478. The 18. Robert Harding, Robert Bifield, Mayor Richard Gardener, mercer. Robert Bifield shiriffe was fined by the Maior, and payd 50.li. toward the water Conduits.

1479. The 19. Thomas Ilam, Iohn Warde. Maior, Sir Bartholomew Iames, Draper, made knight in the field, by E. the 4. T. Ilam newly builded the great Conduit in west Cheape.

1480. The 20. Thomas Daniel, William Bacon. Maior Iohn Browne, Mercer.

1481. The 21. Robert Tate, William Wiking. (fn. 257) Mayor William Hariot, Draper.

1482. The 22. William White, Iohn Mathew. Maior Edmond Sha Goldsmith. This Edmond Sha caused the Posterne called Cripplesgate to be newly builded, &c.

Edward the fift began his raigne the 9. of April, in the yeare 1483.

Richard the third began his raigne the 22. of Iune, in the yeare 1483.

1483. The I. shiriffes, Thomas Norland (fn. 258),William Martin. M. Robert Bilisden, Haberdasher.

1484. The 2. Richard Chester, Thomas Brittaine, Raphe Austrie. M. Tho. Hill, Grocer, sir William Stocker, Draper, Ioh. Ward, Grocer: three shiriffes and three Maiors this yeare by means of a sweating sickness, &c. Thomas Hil appointed by his testament the water Conduit in Grassestreet to be builded.

Henrie the seuenth began his raigne the 22. of August, in the yeare 1485.

1485. The I. shiriffes, Iohn Tate, Iohn Swan. MaiorHugh Brise (fn. 259), Goldsmith. This Hugh Brise was keeper of the kings mints at London.

1486. The 2. Iohn Perciuall, Hugh Clopton. Maior Henry Collet mercer: the crosse in Cheape was new builded in beautifull manner.

1487. The 3. Iohn Fenkell, William Remington. Maior, Sir William Horne, Saltar: this William Horne made knight in the field by Henry the 7. gaue to the repayring of high wayes betwixt London and Cambridge 500. marks, and to the preachers at Paules Crosse, &c.

1488. The 4. W. Isaack, Raph Tilney. Maior Robert Tate, Mercer.

1489. The 5. William Caple, Iohn Brocke. Maior W. White, Draper.

1490. The 6. Henry Cote, Robert Reuell (fn. 260),Hugh Pemberton Maior, Iohn Mathew, mercer.

1491. The 7. Thomas Wood, William Browne. Maior Hugh Clopton, mercer. Hugh Clopton builded the great stone bridge at Stratford vpon Hauen in Warwicke shire.

1492. The 8. William Purchase, William Welbecke. Maior William Martin, Skinner. A riot made vpon the Esterlings by the Mercers seruants and other.

1493. The 9. Robert Fabian, Iohn Winger. Maior, Sir Raph Astrie, Fishmonger, made knight by H. the seueth: Robert Fabian, Alderman, made Fabians Chronicle, a paineful labour, to the honor of the Cittie, and the whole realme.

1494. The 10. Nicholas Alwine, Iohn Warner. Maior, Richard Chawry, Salter.

1495. The 11. Thomas Knesworth, Henry Somer. Maior, Henry Colet, mercer.

1496. The 12. Sir Iohn Sha, sir Richard Haddon. Maior Sir Iohn Tate the yonger, mercer, the king made this maior, Robert Shefield Recorder, and both the shiriffes knightes, for their good seruice against the rebels at Black Hith field.

1497. The 13. Bartlemew Read, Thomas Windout. Maior W. Purchase, Mercer. All the Gardens in the Morefielde were destroyed and made playne ground.

1498. The 14. Thomas Bradbury, Stephen Ienings. Maior Sir Iohn Perceuall, made knight in the fielde by king Henrie the seuenth.

1499. The xv. Iames Wilford, Thomas Brond. Maior Nicholas Alwin, Mercer. This Nicholas Alwyn gaue to three thousand poore people in London, twelue pence the peece, and to three thousand in the towne of Spalding the like, &c.

1500. The xvi. Iohn Hawes, William Steede. Mayor, W. Remington, Fishmonger.

1501. The xvii. Laurence Ailmer, Henry Hede. Mayor, Sir Iohn Sha, Goldsmith, made knight in the fielde by Henry the seuenth: this sir Iohn Sha caused his Brethren the Aldermen to ride from the Guildhall vnto the waters side, where hee tooke his Barge to Westminster, hee was sworne by the Kinges councell, hee commonly in the afternoones kepte a Court alone, called before him many matters, and redressed them.

1502. The xviii. Henry Kebel, Nicholas Nines. (fn. 261) Mayor Bartlemew Reade, Goldsmith.

1503. The xix. Christopher Hawes, Robert Wats, Thomas Granger. M. Sir William Capell, Draper, made knight by Henry the seuenth. This sir William caused a Cage in euerie Warde to be set for punishing of vagabondes.

1504. The xx. Roger Acheley, William Brown. Mayor, Iohn Winger, Grocer.

1505. The xxi. Richard Shore, Roger Groue. Mayor Thomas Knesworth, Fishmonger: this Thomas Knesworth appointed the water Conduit at Bishopsgate to bee builded, &c.

1506. The xxii. William Copenger, Thomas Iohnson (fn. 262), William Fitzwilliams, Marchant taylor, after of Counsell to Henrie the eight. Mayor Sir Richard Haddon, Mercer.

1507. The xxiii. William Butler, Iohn Kirkby. Mayor William Browne, (fn. 263) Mercer, for part Laurence Ailmer Draper.

1508. The 24. Thomas Exmew, Richard Smith. Mayor Stephen Ieninges, Marchant taylor: this Stephen Ieninges builded the greatest part of S. Andrewes church called Vndershaft. He builded a free schoole at Vlfrunehampton in Staffordshire, &c.

Henry the 8. began his raigne the 22. of April, the yeare 1509.

1509. The first. Shiriffes, George Monoxe, Iohn Doget. M. Thomas Bradbury (fn. 264) Mercer, for parte Sir William Caple, Draper.

1510. The second. Iohn Milborne, Iohn Rest. Mayor Henrie Keble, Grocer. This Henry Keble gaue one thousand pounde toward the new building of his parrish church of Aldermary.

1511. The 3. Nicholas Shelton, Thomas Mirfine. Mayor Roger Acheley, Draper. This Roger Acheleyprouided corn for seruice of this Cittie in great plentie: Hee caused the same to be stowed vppe in the common Garner called Leaden Hall.

1512. The 4. Robert Aldarnes, Robert Fenrother. Mayor, sir William Copinger (fn. 265) Fishmonger, for part, Richard Haddon, Mercer, for the rest. Sir W. Copinger gaue halfe his goodes to his wife, and the other halfe to the poore that had most need.

1513. The 5. Iohn Dawes, Iohn Bridges (fn. 266) Roger Basford. (fn. 267) Mayor, W.Browne, Mercer, and Iohn Tate, Mercer, this Iohn Tate new builded the church of S.Anthonies Hospital in London.

1514. The 6. Iames Yarford, Iohn Monday. Mayor George Monoux, Draper.

1515. The 7. Henry Warley, Richarde Grey, W. Bayly Mayor, Sir William Butler, Grocer.

1516. The 8. Thomas Seimer, Iohn Thurstone. Mayor Iohn Rest, Grocer.

1517. The 9. Thomas Baldrie, Raph Simondes. Mayor, Sir Thomas Exmew, Goldsmith. Sir Thomas Exmew made the water conduit in London wall by Moregate, &c.

1518. The 10. Iohn Allen, Iames Spencer. Mayor, Thomas Mirfin, Skinner.

1519. The eleuenth, Iohn Wilkenson, Nicholas Partrich. M. Sir Iames Yarford, mercer. From this time the mayors of London, for the most part, haue beene knighted by curtesie of the kinges, and not otherwise.

1520. The 12. Sir Iohn Skeuinton, Iohn Kyme. Mayor, Sir Iohn Bruge, Draper.

1521. The 13. Iohn Breton, Thomas Pargetor. M. Sir Iohn Milborne, Draper. This Sir Iohn Milbornefounded foureteene Almes houses by the Crossed Fryers church, &c.

1522. The 14. Iohn Rudstone, Iohn Champneis. Mayor, Sir Iohn Mundy, Goldsmith.

1523. The 15. Michaell English, Nicholas Ienines. Mayor, Sir T. Baldry, mercer.

1524. The 16. Raph Dodmer, William Roche. M. Sir W. Bayly, Draper.

1525. The 17. Iohn Caunton, Christopher Askew. Maior, Sir Iohn Allen, Mercer.

1526. The 18. Stephen Peacocke, Nicholas Lambert. M. Sir Thomas Seamer, Mercer.

1527. The 19. Iohn Hardy, William Holles. (fn. 268) M. Sir Iames Spencer, Vintner.

1528. The 20. Raph Waren, Iohn Long. M. Sir Iohn Rudstone, Draper.

1529. The 21. Michel Dormer, Walter Champion. Mayor, Sir Raph Dodmer, Mercer. This yeare it was decreed that no man should be mayor of London more then one yeare.

1530. The 22. William Dauntsey, Richard Choppyn. (fn. 269) M. Sir T. Pargitor, Saltar.

1531. The 23. Richard Gresham, Edward Altham. Mayor Sir Nicholas Lambard, Grocer.

1532. The 24. Richard Reynoldes, Nicholas Pinchon, Iohn Martin, Iohn Preste. (fn. 270) Mayor, Sir Stephen Pecocke, Haberdasher.

1533. The 25. William Forman, Sir T. Kitson. Maior, Sir Christopher Askew, Draper.

1534. The 26. Nicholas Leuison (fn. 271), W. Denham. Mayor, Sir Iohn Champneis, Skinner.

1535. The 27. Humfrey Munmoth, Iohn Cootes. M. Sir Iohn Allen, Mercer, by the kings appointment hee was of his councell. A man of great wisedome, and also of great charity. The fore named Shiriffes, Munmouthand Cootes, put away xii. Sergeants, and xii. Yeomen, but were by a common councell forced to take them againe.

1536. The 28. Robert Paget, William Boyer. (fn. 272) Maior, Sir Raph Waren, Mercer.

1537. The 29. Sir Iohn Gresham, Thomas Lewen. Maior, Sir Richard Gresham, Mercer.

1538. The 30. William Wilkenson, Nicholas Gibson. Maior William Forman, Haberdasher.

1539. The 31. Iohn Feiry (fn. 273),Thomas Huntlow. Maior, Sir W. Holles, Mercer.

1540. The 32. Sir William Laxton, Martin Bowes. Maior, Sir William Roch, Draper.

1541. The 33. Rowland Hill, Henry Suckley. Maior, Sir Michael Dormer, Mercer.

1542. The 34. Henry Habberthorne (fn. 274) Henry Amcotes. Maior Iohn Cootes, Salter.

1543. The 35. Iohn Toleus (fn. 275),Richard DobbesMaior, Sir W. Bowyer, Draper: For parte, Sir Raph Waren, Mercer.

1544. The 36. Iohn Wilford, Andrew Iude. Maior, Sir W. Laxton, Grocer.

1545. The 37. George Barnes (fn. 276)Ralph Alley. Maior, Sir Martin Bowes, Goldsmith.

1546. The 38. Richard Iarueis, Thomas Curteis. Maior, Sir Henry Hubbarthorne, marchant taylor.

Edward the sixt began his raigne the 28. of Ianuary, in the yeare 1546.

1547. The 1. Shiriffes Thomas White, Robert Charsey. (fn. 277) Maior, Sir Iohn Gresham, Mercer.

1548. The 2. William Locke, Sir Iohn Ailife. Maior, Sir Henry Amcotes, Fishmonger.

1549. The 3. Richard Turke, Iohn Yorke. Maior Rowland Hill, Mercer.

1550. The 4. Augustine Hind, Iohn Lyon. Maior, Sir An drew Iud, Skinner.

1551. The 5. Iohn Lamberd, Iohn Cowper. Maior, Sir Richard Dobbes, Skinner.

1552. The 6. William Gerard, Iohn Maynard. Maior, Sir George Barnes, Haberdasher.

Queene Mary began her raigne the 6. of Iuly the yeare 1553.

1553. The I. shiriffes, Thomas Ofley, William Huet. Maior, Sir Thomas White, Marchant taylor. This Thomas White founded Saint Iohns Colledge in Oxford. Hee gaue to the Citie of Bristow two thousand pound.

1554. The 2. Dauid Woodrofe, William Chester. Maior, Sir Iohn Lion, Grocer.

1555. The 3. Thomas Leigh, Iohn Machil. (fn. 278) Maior, Sir William Gerard, Haberdasher.

1556. The 4. William Harper, Iohn White. Maior, Sir Thomas Ofley, Marchant taylor.

1557. The 5. Richard Malorie, Iames Aitham. (fn. 279) Maior, Sir Thomas Curteis, Fishmonger.

1558. The 6. Iohn Halse, Richard Champion. Maior, Sir Thomas Leigh, Mercer.

Queene Elizabeth began her raigne the 17. of Nouember, in the yeare of Christ 1558.

1559. The 1. Shiriffes Thomas Lodge, Roger Martin. Maior, Sir William Huet, Clothworker.

1560. The 2. Christopher Draper, Thomas Row. Maior, Sir William Chester, Draper: this yeare the Marchant taylors of London founded their notable free schoole for poore mens children, &c.

1561. The 3. Alexander Auenon (fn. 280),Humfrey Baskeruile. Maior, Sir William Harper, Marchant taylor.

1562. The 4. William Alin, Richard Chamberlaine. Mayor, Sir Thomas Lodge, Grocer.

1563. The 5. Edward Bankes, Rowland Heyward. Maior, Sir Iohn White, Grocer.

1564. The 6. Edward Iackeman, Lionel Ducket. Maior, Sir Richard Malorie, Mercer.

1565. The 7. Iohn Riuers, Iames Hawes. Maior, Sir Richard Champion, Draper.

1566. The 8. Richard Lambert, Ambrose Nicholas, Iohn Langley. Maior, Sir Christopher Draper, Ironmonger.

1567. The 9. Thomas Ramsey, William Bond. Maior, Sir Roger Martin, Mercer.

1568. The 10. Iohn Oleph, Robert Harding, Iames Bacon. Maior, Sir Thomas Row, marchant taylor.

1569. The 11. Henry Becher, William Dane. Maior,Alexander Auenon, Ironmonger.

1570. The 12. Francis Bernam (fn. 281) William BoxMaior, Sir Rowland Heyward, Clothworker.

1571. The 13. Henry Miles (fn. 282), Iohn Braunch. Maior, Sir William Allin, Mercer.

1572. The 14. Richard Pipe, Nicholas Woodrofe. Maior, Sir Lionel Ducket, Mercer.

1573. The 15. Iames Haruy, Thomas Pullison. Maior, Sir I. Riuers, Grocer.

1574. The 16. Thomas Blanke, Anthony Gamage. Maior Iames Hawes, Clothworker.

1575. The 17. Edward Osborne, Wolstane Dixie. Maior Ambrose Nicholas, Salter.

1576. The 18. William Kimpton, George Barne. Maior, Sir Iohn Langley, Goldsmith.

1577. The 19. Nicholas Backhouse, Francis Bowyer. Maior Sir Thomas Ramsey, Grocer.

1578. The 20. George Bond, Thomas Starkie. Maior, Sir Richard Pipe, Draper.

1579. The 21. Martin Calthrope (fn. 283), Iohn Hart. Maior, Sir Nicholas Woodrofe, Haberdasher.

1580. The 22. Ralph Woodcock, Iohn Alate. (fn. 284) Maior, Sir Iohn Branch, Draper.

1581. The 23. Richard Martin, William Webbe.Maior, Sir Iames Haruie, Ironmonger.

1582. The 24.William Roe Iohn Haydon, (fn. 285), Cuthbert Buckle. Maior, Sir Thomas Blancke, Haberdasher.

1583. The 25. William Masham, Iohn Spencer. Maior Edward Osborne, Clothworker.

1584. The 26. Stephen Slany, Henry Billingsley. Maior, Sir Thomas Pullison, Draper.

1585. The 27. Anthony Radclife, Henry Pranell. (fn. 286) Maior, Sir Wolstane Dixie, Skinner.

1586. The 28. Robert House, William Elkin. Maior, Sir George Barne, Haberdasher.

1587. The 29. Thomas Skinner, Iohn Katcher. Maior, Sir George Bond, Haberdasher.

1588. The 30. Hugh Ofley, Richard Saltenstall. Maior, Sir Martin Calthrope (fn. 287), Draper, for part, and Richard Martin, Goldsmith, for the rest of that yeare.

1589. The 31. Richard Gurney, Stephen Some. Maior, Sir Iohn Hart, Grocer.

1590. The 32. Nicholas Mosley, Robert Broke. Maior Iohn Allot (fn. 288), Fishmonger, for part, Sir Rowland Heyward, Clothworker, for the rest.

1591. The 33. William Rider, Benet Barnham. Maior, Sir W. Web, Salter.

1592. The 34. Iohn Garrard, Robert Taylor. Maior, Sir W. Roe, Ironmonger.

1593. The 35. Paule Banning, Peter Hauton. (fn. 289) Maior, Sir Cuthbert Buckle (fn. 290), Vintner, for part: Sir Richard Martin, Goldsmith, for the rest.

1594. The 36. Robert Lee, Thomas Benet. Maior, Sir I. Spencer, Clothworker.

1595. The 37. Thomas Low, Leonard Holiday. Maior, Sir Stephen Slany, Skinner.

1596. The 38. Iohn Wattes, Richard Godard. Maior, Thomas Skinner (fn. 291), Clothworker: for part, Sir Henry Billingsley, Haberdasher.

1597. The 39. Henry Roe (fn. 292), Iohn More. Mayor, Sir Richard Saltenstall, Skinner.

1598. The 40. Edward Holmeden, Robert Hampson. Mayor, Sri Stephen Some, Grocer.

1599. The 41. Humfrey Welde, Grocer, Roger Clarke, Salter. Mayor, Sir Nicholas Mosley, Clothworker.

1600. The 42. Robert Cambell Ironmonger, Thomas Smith, Haberdasher, William Crauen, Marchant taylor. Mayor, Sir William Rider, Haberdasher.

1601. The 43. Henry Anderson, Girdler, W. Glouer, Dier. Maior, Sir Iohn Garrard, Haberdasher.

1602. The 44. Iames Pemberton, Goldsmith. Iohn Swinerton, Marchant taylor. Mayor, Robert Lee, Marchant taylor.

Thus much for the chiefe & principal gouernours of this famous Citie, of whose publike gouernment, with the assistants of inferior officers, their charges for this keeping of the peace, seruice of the Prince, and honour of this Citie, much might haue beene said, and I had thought to haue touched more at large: but being informed that a learned gentleman (Iames Dalton) a Citizen borne, minded such a labour, and promised to performe it, I haue forborne, and left the same to his good leysure: but hee being now lately deceased without finishing any such worke (a common fault, to promise more then to performe) and I heare not of any other that taketh it in hand, I haue beene diuers times minded to adde certayne Chapters to this booke, but being (by the good pleasure of God) visited with sicknes, such as my feete ( which haue borne mee many a mile) haue of late yeares refused, once in foure or fiue monethes to conuay me from my bed to my study, and therefore could not do as I would.

At length remembring I had long since gathered notes to haue Chaptered, am now forced to deliuer them vnperfected, and desire the Readers to pardon me, that want not will to pleasure them.


  • 1. –1 O.; Stow has Henry Cornhill and Richard Reynere, who vacated office on this date, having been sheriffs since Easter 1187; Stow Consequently puts the sheriffs a year too late down to 1206.L. has only Johannes Herlisun and Roger le Duc. F. has the same error as Stow. (For abbreviations see Note on pp. 384-5 below.)
  • 2. Bokointe, L; Bucknote, S.
  • 3. See p. 384.
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  • 8. Jukelis Aldermannus. L.; Ioke de Iosue, S.; Jokel le Jeofne, F.
  • 9. A., L.; Gerad de Anteloche, S.
  • 10. Robert Durant, A., S.
  • 11. Roger Blunt, S.; Rogerus le Blund, H.
  • 12. filius Athelhulphi, L.; Fitz Arnulph, F.; Fitz Arnold, S.
  • 13. Le bel, L.; Robert le Beel, F.; Richard de Beaco, S.
  • 14. Arnulphus filius Athulfi, L.; Arnald Fitz Arnulph, F.; Arnold FitzArnold, S.; Ern. Ruf.,A.
  • 15. Ricardus filius Bartholomei, L.; Richard Fitz Bartilmew,S.
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  • 26. S.,F., O.; Edmond de la Hale, L.; Edmund de Angulo, Anc. Deeds u.s.; Edm. fil. Ger., A.
  • 27. By omitting these Sheriffs Stow gets his next entries correct.
  • 28. O., L.; Edmond Hardle, S.,F.
  • 29. Roger Winchester, S.,F.; Robert de Wintona, O.,L.
  • 30. le Duc, O., L.; Buke, H.,F.
  • 31. Thomas Aldermannus, O.; Thomas filius Nigelli, L.; Thomas Fitz Neel, F.
  • 32. O.; Petrus Junior, L.; Peter Jeofne, F.; Peter le Iosue, S.; Probably a son of the sheriff of 1191.
  • 33. Willelmus Wite, A., L.
  • 34. Wyteby, L.; Whiteby, F.; Whitley, S.
  • 35. Crassus, L.; le Grace, S.
  • 36. Iohn, S.
  • 37. Henry Fitz Alwin died Sept. 19, 1212. See p. 315 below.
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  • 39. Anc. Deeds u.s.; Constantine Josue, S.; There are no names for this year in O.
  • 40. Anc. Deeds u.s.,L., F.; Henry Fitz Alwin, S.
  • 41. Bath, L.
  • 42. L.; Fitz Alwin, S.; Serlo le Mercer, F.
  • 43. Serlo le Mercer, L.; William Hardel, F.
  • 44. L.; Newelond, F.; Newland, S.; O. has no names for this or the next year.
  • 45. S.; Benedict Campanarius, L., Anc. Deed A. 1476; Benedict le Seynturer, F.
  • 46. L., Anc. Deeds u.s.; Willelmus Albus Trauers, A.; Blund Travers, H.; le Blounditravers, F.; Blome Travers, G.; Bluntinars, S.
  • 47. S., L.
  • 48. Helylaunde, L.; Elylond, H.; Elinant, O.
  • 49. Serlo le Mercer factus est Maior Londoniarum, qui duravit per quinque annos, L.
  • 50. F.; Josce, Anc. Deeds A. 2388; Joce Ponderator, L., O.; Iohn le Spicer, S.
  • 51. Vitalis, O.
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  • 53. O., L., F.; Richard Renger, S.
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  • 56. quir duravit per iiij. annos, L.
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  • 59. Michael S. Helan, S.
  • 60. Anc. Deeds A. 1485, B. 2348; le Bufler, O.; le Busle, L.; Walter de Buffell, S.
  • 61. duravit per vij. annos, L.
  • 62. Edelmeton, O. L., F.
  • 63. Blund, O.
  • 64. Eswy, Anc. DeedsA. 1791; Radulfus Elwy, Mercer, L.
  • 65. L., F., Anc. Deeds A. 1807; Richard Hardle, S.
  • 66. Cockham, L.;Cobham, F.
  • 67. de Tulesan, L., O.; Tolosane, F.
  • 68. Gervasius Chordewaner, G.; Gervasius Camerarius, L.
  • 69. Hoc anno obiit Andreas Bukerel, et factus est Maior Ricardus Renger, L.
  • 70. O.; de Koudres, L.; Coundres, F.; Codras, S.
  • 71. O., L.; Wilhal, S.
  • 72. Hoc anno obiit predictus Ricardus Renger Maior, et factus est Maior Willielmus Joynier, L.; Richard Renger, S.
  • 73. F., Anc. Deeds A. 2017; Reginaldus, L. O.; Roger, S.
  • 74. Radulfus Eswy, Mercer, L.; Aswy, O.
  • 75. Owing to a dispute with the King there was no Mayor till Jan. 13, 1240, when Bat was admitted, L.; William Ioyner, S.
  • 76. Anc. Deeds A. 140, L., F.; Tony, S.
  • 77. L.; Bat was elected as stated by Stow, but not admitted.
  • 78. de Durham, L.
  • 79. John son of John Viel, L., Anc. Deeds A. 7824.
  • 80. Anc. Deeds, u. s.; Radulfus Elwy [mercer] qui duravit per tres annos, L.; Reginald Bongey, S., F.
  • 81. L., O.; Iohn Fitz Iohn, S., F.
  • 82. Radulfus Eswy, Aurifaber, L.
  • 83. Ralph Haswy occurs as Mayor in June. 1243, ap Anc. Deeds, D. 240; Reginald Bongey, S., F.
  • 84. O., F., S.; de Giseburne, L.
  • 85. L.; Ralph Spicer, F.; Raph Foster, S.
  • 86. Tony, S.
  • 87. de Benetlega, O.
  • 88. For this year see L. Nicholas Bat and Adam de Benetley were chosen sheriffs; Bat was rejected, and succeeded first by John de Gisors, then by Robert de Cornehill. Michael Tovy was elected Mayor; the King refused to admit him: and on Jan12., 1246, John de Gisors was chosen in his place. Cf. Anc. Deeds, A. 1987.
  • 89. L., Anc. Deeds A. 1892, 2506; Iohn Gisors, S.
  • 90. O. L.; John Viel, S., F.
  • 91. Anc. Deeds A. 1470, L.; Peter Fitz-Alan, F.; Peter Fitz Alwin, S.
  • 92. filius Iosce, O.; filius Jocey, L.
  • 93. Tonny, S.
  • 94. Richard Hardell, S.
  • 95. Iohn Tholason, S.
  • 96. O., L.; Faber, Anc. Deeds A. 2042; Bas, S.; Bat, F.
  • 97. L., Anc. Deeds A. 1605; Richard Hardell, draper, S.
  • 98. William Eswy, Mercer, L.; Ralph Ashwie, F., S.
  • 99. L., F.; Robert of Limon, S.Ashwy and Linton were removed for neglect regarding the gaols (see vol. i, p. 36. above), in Feb. 1255, and Henry de Walemunt and Stephen de Oystergate (or Doo) appointed in their place. L.
  • 100. Richard, S.
  • 101. Stow gives Doo and Walmond (see above), as sheriffs for 1255-6 Consequently he gives the sheriffs for1255-6 under 1256, and those for 1256-7under 1257.
  • 102. Richard, S.
  • 103. Owel, S.
  • 104. William Eswy, Drapparius, L.
  • 105. Richard, S.
  • 106. The year began with Ralph Hardel mayor, and Thomas Fitz Thomas andRobert de Catelonie, sheriffs. Robert died, and Matthew Bukerel succeeded him on Oct19. On Feb. I, 1258,all were removed, and a custos appointed withMichael Tovy andJohn Adrian to act as sheriffs. Finally on Feb.13, Fitz Thomas, Grapefige, andFitz Richard were appointed as above. L., cf. Ann. Lond. 50. Stow has none of these.
  • 107. The above is Stow's entry for 1259.Under 1258 he gave Cornhill and Adrian as sheriffs and Richard Hardle as mayor. The repetition of Cornhill and Adrian puts the sheriffs and mayors for 1259 to 1264 a year too late in Stow's list.
  • 108. Browning, S.
  • 109. O., L.; Iohn Tailor, S.
  • 110. Thomas Fitz Richard, S.
  • 111. T. Fitz T. Fitz Richard, S.
  • 112. L.; de LaForde, O.; de Lafford, F.; de Deford, S.
  • 113. Thomas Fitz Thomas Fitz Richard, S.
  • 114. Thomas Fitz T. Fitz Richard, S.
  • 115. So. L. O. agrees, except for reading Lynde and Walerand. On May 6, 1266, William Fitz Richard became sheriff and held office till Nov. 11, L., O. S. has the sheriffs and mayor for 1264-5.
  • 116. Adrian and Batencourt appointed Nov. 11, L.
  • 117. Appointed June 23, 1267, L. S. gives John Hind and John Walrauen as sheriffs, William Richards as mayor.
  • 118. Held office till April 7, 1268, when William de Durham, and Walter Harvy succeeded, L., O.
  • 119. Mayor, S. Succeeded by Thomas de Eppegrave on April 7, 1268, and on July 26 by Sir Stephen de Edeworth, L.
  • 120. S. adds T. Wimborne. Harvy, and Duresme, or Durham were succeeded as bailiffs on May 3 1269 by Robert de Cornhill, and Thomas Basing, L
  • 121. Mayor, Sir Stephen Edward, S. Edeworth was succeeded in Feb. 1269 by Hugh Fitz Otho.
  • 122. So S. Basing, Cornhill, and Fitz Otho held office till July 6, 1270, when by the King's consent the citizens chose John Adrian, Draper, Mayor, and Philip le Tailur and Walter le Porter sheriffs, L., cf. O. and Anc. Deeds A. 2013.
  • 123. Stow, by giving Walter Potter, Philip Tailor, and John Adrian, makes all his names a year too late till 1298, when his error is rectified by omitting William and John de Storteford, the sheriffs of 1297–8.
  • 124. O.; Buddele, L.; Wodeley, S.
  • 125. le Poter, O.
  • 126. –2 Stow places this correctly under 1272. Harvy's election was disputed, and Frowike was custos from Nov. 10, 1272, to Jan. 13, 1273. L.;
  • 127. Peter Cosyn, and Robert de Melleburne were elected, but removed on Nov. 30. for taking bribes from bakers L., and Anc. DeedsA. 6250.
  • 128. Arar, S.
  • 129. Or Faber; L. Fewre, S.
  • 130. le Engleys, Anc. Deeds A. 2009; Longeleys, F.; le Cornwaleis, O.
  • 131. O.; Maraliuer, S.
  • 132. Fox, S.
  • 133. Delamere, S.; atte More, F.
  • 134. Maraliuer, S.
  • 135. Anketrin de Betanil, S.
  • 136. O., F.; Raph Blund, S.
  • 137. Till June29, 1285, F.
  • 138. F.; Custos, Raph Sandwitch and John Briton, S.
  • 139. le Withe, Anc. Deeds A. 2653.
  • 140. According to F. Sir John Breton was Custos from Feb. 2, 1286, till July 20, 1287.
  • 141. Hauteyn, O.
  • 142. S., F.,Anc. Deeds A. 2331; Gros, O.
  • 143. de Betoyne, O.; de Bettune, Anc. Deeds C. 286.
  • 144. See note on p. 385 below.
  • 145. O.; de Laufare, F., cf. Cal. Wills i. 227, for Salomon de Lauvare, cutler; Salamon le Sotel, S.
  • 146. de Lier, S.
  • 147. Anc. Deeds A. 2010; Sir Iohn Briton, S.
  • 148. Sir Iohn Briton, knight, Raph Sandwitch, S.
  • 149. de Ambresbery, O.
  • 150. S.; according to F. Breton became Custos on June 11, 1294, cf. Anc. Deeds C. 152, and Mun. Gild. II. i. 242.
  • 151. Anc. Deeds C. 12; Sir Raph Sandwitch, S.
  • 152. Johannes le Blount, Mun. Gild.
  • 153. Johannes le Blount, Mun. Gild.
  • 154. Stow by omitting these names at last gets his dates right: see note on 1270 above.
  • 155. le Mercer, Anc. Deeds B. 2238; Lefham, S.
  • 156. Saly, Anc. Deeds B. 2238.
  • 157. Armenter, S.
  • 158. Fingene, S.
  • 159. Buckford, S.
  • 160. atte Condut, O.
  • 161. Bilet, S.
  • 162. Botenar, S.
  • 163. Died in Aug. 1311, and was succeeded by Iohn Cambridge; Ann. Lond. 175.
  • 164. Ludekyn, Anc. Deeds B. 1988; he succeeded Wilford, who was re-elected but died in office, Letter Book D. 19-20.
  • 165. O., F.; Gurden, S.; Adam Burton, G.
  • 166. Canston, S.
  • 167. Poyntel, O., F.; John Pulteney, G.
  • 168. Prudhomme, F.
  • 169. O., F.; Fulham, S.
  • 170. de Caustone, O., F.
  • 171. F.; Britaine, S.
  • 172. Lazar, S.
  • 173. William Gisors, S.
  • 174. Horworld, F.; Whorwode, S.
  • 175. Hyunston, O.; Kingston, G.
  • 176. Motdon, S.
  • 177. Richard Vpton, S.
  • 178. F.; Nicholas Woton, S., in the Summarie, Richard Wotton.
  • 179. John le Clerk of North halle, O.; John de Northalle, F., G.
  • 180. William Curteys of Briklesworth, O.; William de Brikelesworth, F., G.
  • 181. Marbeler, S.
  • 182. Frosham, S.
  • 183. F.; Deux Mars, O.; Maris, S.; Mareys, G.
  • 184. He died in office on June 18, and was succeeded by Simon Francis, F
  • 185. Rislingbury, S.
  • 186. Steward, S.
  • 187. Leg, S.
  • 188. O., F.; Cloptun, S., G.
  • 189. Brapsen, S.
  • 190. Dolseby, S.
  • 191. of Lym, S.
  • 192. Killingbury, S.
  • 193. Gilbert of Stenineshorpe, S.
  • 194. Stotley, S.
  • 195. Wilde, S.
  • 196. Tudenham, F.; Totingham, S.
  • 197. Forster, F., S.
  • 198. Dossel, S.
  • 199. Candish, S.
  • 200. Frestlyng, F.; Bartilmew Frostling, S.
  • 201. Dolseby, S.
  • 202. F.; Gondish, S.
  • 203. Litoft, S.
  • 204. Bryklisworth, F.; Bukulsworth, S.
  • 205. Bury was mayor till Jan. 28, 1366, when Lovekin succeeded, F.
  • 206. Gurdeler, F.; Cordeler, S.
  • 207. Holdich, S.
  • 208. Staple, S.
  • 209. Fyffide, F.; Fished, S.
  • 210. French, S.
  • 211. Staundone, F.; Staman, O.
  • 212. Forstalfe, S.
  • 213. Loveye, F.; Loneye, O.
  • 214. Vamer, S.
  • 215. Newington, S.
  • 216. Bramston, S.
  • 217. Fresshe, F.
  • 218. Seueonoke, S.
  • 219. Hende, S.
  • 220. Menot, F.; Ebot, S.
  • 221. Iohn Fremingham, S.
  • 222. Bouth, S.
  • 223. Crome, S.
  • 224. Ducke, S.
  • 225. Law, S.
  • 226. Lovinhinde, S.
  • 227. Michell, S; Nichole, G.
  • 228. Gedney, O.
  • 229. Pernys, F.; purveys, O.
  • 230. Whittington, S.
  • 231. Botiller, O.; Boteler, F.
  • 232. Boteler, O., F.
  • 233. Waynesford, F.; Windford, S.
  • 234. Bythewater, O.
  • 235. Brokell, S.
  • 236. Atherle, F.; Aderley, S.
  • 237. Diker, S.
  • 238. Combis, S.; Combys, G.
  • 239. Beaumond, O.
  • 240. Morden, S.; Northeyn Chron. Lond. 150.
  • 241. Wilforde, S.
  • 242. Feldyng, F.
  • 243. Boleyn, F.
  • 244. Gedney, F.
  • 245. Catlow, S.
  • 246. F.; Wilforde, S.
  • 247. Warton, S.
  • 248. Waldron, S.
  • 249. Oulegreve, O.; Holgrave, G.
  • 250. Steward, S.
  • 251. Medham, S.
  • 252. Stokker, F.;
  • 253. Baslet, S.
  • 254. Browne, S.
  • 255. Brice, died June 20, 1467, and was succeeded by Iohn Stokton, F.
  • 256. Billesdon, O., F.
  • 257. Wiking died Oct. 19, 1481, and, Richard Chawry was chosen in his place, F.
  • 258. Northland, O.; Northlond, F.
  • 259. Brice, F.
  • 260. d. Feb. 23, 1491.
  • 261. Nynys, O.; Nynes, F.
  • 262. The king refused to admit Iohnson.
  • 263. d. March 22, 1508.
  • 264. d. Jan. 1510.
  • 265. d. Feb. 7, 1513.
  • 266. Brugges, O.; Bruge, F.
  • 267. Bafford S.
  • 268. Howle, O.; Holyes, F.
  • 269. Choppyng, F.; Champion, S.
  • 270. Prist, S.; he succeeded Martin on Sept. 18, 1533; Martin succeeded Pinchon on Mar. 12, 1533.
  • 271. Laveson, O.; Lewson, F.
  • 272. Bowyer, F. O.
  • 273. Feyerey, O.; Fayrey, F.
  • 274. Hobberthorne, F., O.
  • 275. Tolus, O.
  • 276. Barons, O.; Barne, F.
  • 277. Chertesey, O.;F.
  • 278. Macham, O.
  • 279. Altham, O.
  • 280. Avernon, O.
  • 281. Barneham, O.
  • 282. Mylles, O.
  • 283. Calthorpe, O.
  • 284. Allott, O.
  • 285. d. Nov.24, 1582.
  • 286. Humphrey Praunell, O.
  • 287. d. May 3, 1589.
  • 288. d. Sept. 1591.
  • 289. Houghton, O.
  • 290. d. July 1, 1594.
  • 291. d. Dec. 30, 1596.
  • 292. Henry Awmond, O.