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History Theses 1901-1970: Historical research for higher degrees in the universities of the United Kingdom. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1976.

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The Calvinist tradition in education in France, Scotland and New England during the 16th and 17th centuries. I. Cassidy. Belfast Ph.D. 1966.

A study in the history of the theory of value, production and distribution from 1650 to 1776. P.D. Groenewegen. London Ph.D. 1965.

Studies in the theory of money, 1690–1776. D.W. Vickers. London Ph.D. 1956.

History of the theory of international gold movements. F.I. Shaffner. Oxford B.Litt. 1928.

Systems of limitation of currency. G.R. Elvey. Oxford B.Litt. 1926.

Studies in the history of dyeing. C. Ross. London Ph.D. 1946.

Dyeing and dyestuffs, 1750–1914. C.M. Mellor. Leeds M.A. 1963.

The doctrine of continuous voyage, 1756–1815. O.H. Mootham. London M.Sc. 1926.

An historical survey of mohair manufacture. Mrs. Milda Villers. Leeds M.A. 1960.

Some studies in the history of soap manufacture. F.W. Gibbs. London M.Sc. 1937.

Population theories and the interpretation of 19th- and 20th-century population movements. S.H. Coontz. London Ph.D. 1954.

The development of world Methodism in the 19th and 20th centuries. J.W. Harris. Manchester M.A. 1961.

The import of capital. R. Wilson. Oxford D.Phil. 1929/30.

Wool prices, 1870–1950. B.P. Philpott. Leeds M.A. 1954.

International trade in apparel wools, 1914–48. Helena V. Klein. London M.Sc. 1950.

The part the press played: the influence of the press upon international relationships during the years 1896–1914. Mary Lewis. Birmingham M.A. 1930.

Plans and protocols to end war. R.D. Roden. Edinburgh Ph.D. 1929.

Effects of technological change on labour in selected sections of the iron and steel industries of Great Britain, the United States and Germany, 1901–39. Helen Gintz. London Ph.D. 1954.

The developments of the grain trade in the 20th century, and their influence on the world wheat situation. A. Hayes. Oxford B.Litt. 1932.

Pattern of world trade in coal, 1913–38. P. Chomchai. Oxford B.Litt. 1956.

The origin and evolution of the Assembly of the League of Nations. P. Samuel. Wales M.A. 1935.

The principles and policies of the Nine Power Treaty of 1922 in the light of subsequent developments. Yui Ming. Oxford D.Phil. 1941.

The United States, the League and the Manchurian crisis. C. Chowdhury. London Ph.D. 1960.

The Geneva treatment of the Manchurian and Abyssinian crises. Mong Ping Lee. London Ph.D. 1946.

The Dominions and the Italo-Abyssinian conflict. R.A. Williams. Wales M.A. 1951.

The attitude of the Dominions to organisation for international security and welfare, 1939–45. A.J. de B. Forbes. Oxford D.Phil. 1954.

The historic-geographical significance of the Elbe-Saale frontier. M.F.C. Ward. London M.Phil. 1970.

Germany, the Soviet Union and world disarmament, 1926–33. Mrs. Pauline E. Helliar-Symons, née Lawrence. Wales M.A. 1970.

The function of the permanent representative assembly in the pacific settlement of disputes; with special reference to the development of the Assembly of the United Nations as an organ of last resort. A. Bargman. London Ph.D. 1952.