Ouchain tea - Oxymel of squills

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Ouchain tea

[ditto ouchain]

Ouchain tea consisted of the smallest grains sieved out from CAPER TEA [Simmonds (1906)]. The 'finest Peddro-out-shong drunk by none in China but the Priests and Mandarins, at Twelve Shillings per Pound' advertised in 1751 was possibly a version of ouchain tea [Newspapers (1751)].

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Found in units of LB

Sources: Newspapers.
References: Simmonds (1906).

Outshot hemp

According to [Anon (1794)] outshot was the second grade of both PETERBOROUGH HEMP and RIGA HEMP, below respectively BRACK HEMP or CLEAN and RHINE.

OED earliest date of use: 1794

References: Anon (1794).

Outsore hemp

A variety of HEMP mentioned only once in the Dictionary Archive, [Newspapers (1760)], as one of several types advertized by a Liverpool merchant. It may therefore be a printer's error for OUTSHOT HEMP, particularly since it has not been located elsewhere. If it was a genuine variety, it was presumably, like all the other varieties this merchant stocked, a hemp suitable for making ROPE and/or CORDAGE.

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Sources: Newspapers.


[over-proof; above proof]

Of a DISTILLED alcoholic liquor that contained a larger proportion of ALCOHOL than that contained in PROOF SPIRIT. Distillers apparently established this by showing that the liquor would float on oil [Newspapers (1780)].

OED online earliest date of use: 1807 under Overproof

Found describing COGNAC - BRANDY, Rotterdam, GENEVA, RUM

Sources: Acts, Newspapers.


[oxycrotiu'; oxycroccu'; oxicrotium; oxicrociu'; oxicrociem; ooxecra; hocsecrocksie; hocksecrocksy]

According to Edward Phillips, oxycroceum was a medicinal PLASTER, made of SAFFRON, VINEGAR and other ingredients [Phillips (1706)]. 'Hocsecrocksie' found in one inventory, is probably a variant spelling [Inventories (1666)].

OED earliest date of use: 1646

Found listed under EMPLASTRUM
Found in units of LB, OZ

Sources: Inventories (early), Inventories (mid-period), Inventories (late).
References: Phillips (1706).


[oxym'; oxinell; oximus; oximis; oximell; oximel]

In the Pharmacopoeia called 'Oxymel simplex'. This consisted of two LB of clarified HONEY boiled up in one PINT of VINEGAR. It was, with slight variation in the recipe, the foundation of OXYMEL OF SQUILLS, and of oxymel with GARLIC, which had the addition of the crushed seeds CARRAWAY and FENNEL as well as the garlic [Pemberton (1746)].

OED earliest date of use: c1000

Found in units of BOTTLE, LB, OZ

Sources: Inventories (early), Inventories (mid-period).
References: Pemberton (1746), .

Oxymel of squills

[oxym' scillit; oximis of squills]

In the Pharmacopoeia this was known in Latin as 'Oxymel scilliticum'. It consisted of clarified HONEY boiled in VINEGAR OF SQUILLS [Pemberton (1746)].

OED earliest date of use: 1684

Found in units of BOTTLE, OZ

See also OXYMEL.
Sources: Inventories (mid-period), Inventories (late).
References: Pemberton (1746).