Vestry minutes, St Mary Colechurch: 1638-72

St Mary Colechurch: Vestry Minutes 1613-72. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, London, 2011.

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fol. 24: At a vestrey houlden for the afarres of the parish of St Mary Colechurch London by the Consent of the said parishioners was then asesed for the repaires of the said Church upon the inhabitants as followethe. The 18th October Ano dom 1638

Title Forename Surname Assessed £
Mr John Towse 5
Mr William Pichford 3
Mr Robert Broome 2
Mr Will Shepard 1
Mr Rand Manwaring 4
Mr Henry Box 5
The Mercers Hall 24
Mr Tho Dudley 3
Mrs Elizabeth Foster 1
Mr Tho Fulcher 2
Mr Abraham Turner 1
Mr John Medcalfe 1
Mr Tho Juxon 1
Mr Phillip Pratt 2
Mr Dauid Bonnell 2
Mr Jacob Bonnell 2
Mr Artho Walker 1
Mr Edward Bincks 1
Mr Tho Carrell 1
Mr John Woodcock 2
Mr John Carey 1
Mr Will Rudge 1
Mr Henry Taylor 1
Mr Henry Bincks 1
Mr Beniamin Washborn 1
Mr Richard Utber 2
Mr John Larremore 3
Mr Edward Chapman 2
Mr John Flecher 2
Mr Cutbert Harkett 2
Mr Georg Coney 2
Mr Randall Pickering 3
Mr Will Lewin 1
Mr James Clarke 2
Mr John Martin 1
Mr William Shambrooke 2
Mr Thomas Culuerwell 1
Mr Edmond Sleigh 5
Mr Edmond Harvy 3
Mr John Lawrance 3
Mr Abraham Webb 3
Mr William Abell 1
Mr Edward Hues 2
Mr Martin Maye 1
Mr John Mattingley 1
Mr Robert Wilson 4
Mr Beniamin Banister 2
Willett 1


fol. 52: Att a vestrey held 26th May 1653 for ye Parrish of Mary Colechurch, It is agreed that 2/3 partes of the Assesment made the last year for the poore, shall bee gathered of all the inhabitants respectively for payment of what is wanting to supply ye Charges of ye Poore & other Vecessary offasers of ye parrish for ye years 1652

Title Forename Surname Assessment
Mr James Edwards 8s 8d
Mr Will Pitchford 14s 6d
Mrs Broome 5s 10d
Mr Clay 2s 11d
Mr Byddolph £1 9s
Mr Birkhened 5s 10d
Mr Box 9s
Mr Scattergood 5s 10d
Mr Wallis 8s 8d
Mr Newton 2s 11d
Mrs Davis 2s 11d
Mr John Clarke 2s 11d
Lt Coll Jackson 5s 10d
Mr Bonnell £1 6s
Mr Munn 2s 11d
Mr Searle 5s 10d
Mr Lewis 11s 6d
Mr Cooly 2s 11d
Mr Reynolds 2s 11d
Mrs Foster 2s 11d
Mr Broxholme 2s 11d
Mr Torner 1s 6d
Mr Metcalfe 1s 6d
Mr More 1s 6d
Mr Hill 5s 10d
Mr Utber 14s 6d
Mr Chapman 5s 10d
Mr Lorimer 14s 6d
Mr Higinbotham 2s 11d
Mr Edwards 2s 11d
Mr Fletcher 8s 8d
Mr Grantham 5s 10d
Mr Lewin 8s 8d
Mr James Clarke 8s 8d
Mr Nutt 5s 10d
Mr Shambrooke 5s 10d
Mr Roystone 5s 10d
Mr Fountaine 5s 10d
Mr Gelborne 5s 10d
Aldr Sleigh 14s 6d
Mr Lawrance 5s 10d
Mr Hall 5s 10d
Mr Richardson 2s 11d
Mr Heath 2s 11d
Mr Grice 5s 10d
Mr Denny 1s 6d
Mr Williams 11s 6d
Mr Ash 5s 10d


fol. 54v: The Severall Somes of Mony Collected in the parish of Mary Colechurch for the releasse of the Distressed Protestants wich were persecuted by the Duke of Savoy: and was collected the 20 of June 1655

Title Forename Surname Collected
Mr Horton £2 10s
Mr Jerimah Bonnell £5
Mr Nathaniell Bonnell £5
Mr Box £4
Mr Lewis £4
Mrs Mary Tousse £4
Mr Edwards £3
Mr Vauham £2
Mr Jackson £2
Mr Larimore £2
Mr Birkenhead £2
Mr Wallis £2
Mr Chapman £1
Mr Pichford £1 10s
Mr Williams £1
Mr Lewin £1
Mr Thomas Newton £1
Mr Richeson £1
Mr Utberd 15s
Mr Lawrence 12s 6d
Mr Reynolds 10s
Mr Searlle 10s
Mr Hill 10s
Mr Royston 10s
Mr Musse 10s
Mr James Clearke 10s
Mr Gillborne 10s
Mr Fletcher 10s
Mr Hall 10s
Mr John Newton 10s
Mr Hodiloe 10s
Mr Bradshaw 10s
Mr Cley 10s
Mr Higginbotham 7s 6d
Mr Grantham 5s
Mr Shambrocke 5s
Mr Dickenson 5s
Mr Olyver 5s
Mr Darbin 5s
Mr Muns 5s
Mr John Lawrence 5s
Mr Heath 3s 6d
Mr Grice 3s
Mr Foster 2s 6d
Mr James 2s 6d
Mr Brome 2s 6d
Mr Barns 2s 6d
Mr Broxum 2s 6d
Mr Gardiner 2s 6d
2s 6d
Mr Medcalfe 2s
Mr Benson 2s
Mr Ash 2s
Mr John Clearke 2s 6d
Mr Turner 1s 6d
Mr Cooly 1s
Mr More 1s
Mr Helles 1s
Mr Parkhurst 1s
Mr Times 1s 6d
Mr Ashey 1s
Mr Denny 2s
Mr Bremor 5s


fol. 58: the 9th of feb 1657 Rec of the parishoners of Mary Colechurch by order of the lord maior Rec & colected at the Church door and from house to house for the poore housekeeper of this Cittie

Title Forename Surname Collected
Mr Hall 6d
Mrs Sleigh 2s 6d
Mr Tho Dickinson 1s
Mr Will Russell 1s
Mr Benson 1s
Mr Laranc 6d
Mr Utber 2s 6d
Mr Hill 2s
Mr Raynalls 1s
Mr Searle 2s 4d
Mr Tho Newton 2s 6d
Mr Jackson 2s
Mr Lewis 10s
Mr Bunnells 10s
Mrs Bonny 6d
Mr Moore 2s
Mr Gardner 6d
Mr Durbin 1s
Mr Box 2s
Mr Biddulph £1
Mr Pichford 5s
Mr James Edwards 5s
Mr Denny 1s
Mr Nutt 1s
Mr Mosse 2s 6d
Mr Lorrimore £1
Mr Heath 2s
Mr John Newton 1s
Mr Tho Broxolm 1s
Mr Clay 2s 6d
Mr Chapman 5s
Mr Harvy 1s
Joseph 2s 6d


fol. 60: December the 20th 1658 Colected at the Curch dore & of the parishoners of Mary Cole church by order from the lord maior for the pore inhabitants of this Cittie as followeth

Title Forename Surname Collected
Mr Theophilus Bidolph £5
Mr Jeremy Bonnell £2
Mr Thomas Lewis £1
Mr Laremor £2 10s
Mr Utberd £1
Mr Chapman £2
Mr Jackson 5s
Mr Fletcher 2s
Mr Hill 4s
Mr Waler 3s
Mr Gilborne 4s
Mr Serle 2s 6d
Mr Denny 1s
Mr Larrenc 2s
Mrs Box 5s
Mr Pitchford 10s
Mr Edwards £1
Mr Putchin 2s 6d
Mrs Clarke 5s
Mr John Newton 2s 6d
Mr Tims 1s
Mr Thomas Newton 3s
Mr Moss 2s 6d
Mr Nutt 3s
Mr Dickison 5s
Mr Chapman 10s
Mr Richisop 5s
Mr Clarke 2s 6d
Mr Rennalls 3s
Mr Larner 2s
Mr More 1s
Mr Bonny 1s
Mr Sadler 1s
Mr Russell 1s
Mr Harvy 2s
Mr Higembottom 2s
Mr Emson 2s 6d
Doctor Horton £1
Thomas Broxolme 2s 6d
Mr Hall 12s 6d


fol. 61: The first of feb 1659 Recved of the Parishoners of Mary Cole church by order of the Lord Mayor collected from house to house for the poore housekeepers of this Cittie

Title Forename Surname Collected
Mr Lorimer £5
Mr Bonnill £2
Mr Utbre £1
Mr Jackson 10s
Mr Hill 12s 6d
Mr Haddiloe £1
Mr Richardson 10s
Mr Nutt 5s
Mr Gilborne 2s
Mr Russell 2s
Mr Clarke 2s
Mr Mosse 5s
Mr Lawrence 1s
Mr Saunders 10s
Mrs Clarke 5s
Mr Lewis £1
Mr Searle 3s
Mr Putchin 2s 6d
Mr Box £1
Mr Thomas Newton 5s
Mr John Newton 2s 6d
Mr Heath 2s 6d
Mr Empson 2s 6d
Mr Clay 3s
Mr Helloes 1s
Mr Dickison 5s
Mr Rhenolds 2s
Mr Moore 6d
Mr Bonny 1s
Mr Denny 1s 6d
Mr Sadler 2s
Mr Harvey 5s
Mr Fletcher 2s 6d
Mr Edwards 1s
Mr Hall 5d


fol. 90v: The Annuall Tythes of ye p[ar]ish of St Mary Cole Church united with the parish of Mildred Powltrey To be paid to the p[re]sent Incumbent Doctor Richard Pirrincheife 25 day March 1670 To ye 29th 7ber 1671

Title Forename Surname Assessed
Mr Ralph Box £3 6s 8d
Mr Wm Strong £2 17s
Mr Ambro Nicholas £1 17s
Mr Wm Empson £1 17s
Mr Thom Parkhurst £1 10s
Mr Jno Newton £1 17s
Mr Spencer Johnson £1 17s
Mr Rich Utber £1 17s
Mr Daniel Peacock £1 6s 8d
Mr Jno Low £1 14s
Mr Jno Renoles 19s
Mr James Rand £1 6s
Mr Samu Jackson £1 2s 8d
Mr Jereme Bonnell £2 16s
Mr Thom Newton 11s 4d
Mr Dorman Newman £1
Mr John Glover 9s
Mr Thomas Hellones 11s 4d
Mr Jno Butterworth 11s 4d
Mr Francis Clifford 11s 4d
Mr Robt Sydinham 11s 4d
Mr Wm Bayly 9s 2d
Mr Ben Samwayes 11s 4d
Mr Beniemen Hill £1 10s
Mr Rich Sadler
Mr Charles Mitchell £2 13s 4d
Mr Nathan Troughton £1 6s 8d
Mr Higginbotham £1 17s
Mr Fletcher 15s
Mr Benia Freeman £1 14s
Mr Gardner £1 10s
Mr Martin Simpson £1 10s
Mr Wm Birch £1 3s
Mr Tho Childe 19s
Mr Jno Muns 19s
Mr Ben Bullivant 19s
Mr Rich Hardmett £1 14s
Mr Charles Halstead £1 14s
Mr Thom Milles £1 14s
Mr Thom Coleman £1 10s
Mr Joseph Richardson £1 18s
Mr Wm Richardson £1 13s 4d
Mr Jno Wells 18s 8d
Mr Robert Pond 12s
Mr Jno Page 10s 8d
Mr Thomas Fletcher 18s 8d
Mr Rich Grice 10s 8d
Mr Rich Morthwait 9s
Mr Jno Horne 4s 8d
Wid Margarett Comby 4s 8d


fol. 88: The Rowle for ye Raker, as was sent into Guild Hall ye 10th of Aprill 1672 Wm Empson then upper church warden, & assigned by ye persons whose names are under writt viz. Mr Ralph Box Mr Wm Richardson Mr Joseph Richardson Mr Wm Strong Wm Empson Churchwarden p 20 l per annu from January 1671 To January 1672 p 5l a

Title Forename Surname Assessed Quarterly Assessed Yearly
Mr Ralph Box 4s 16s
Mr Wm Strong 2s 3d 9s
Wm Empson 2s 8s
Mr Thom Parkhurst 2s 8s
Mr Am Nicholas 2s 8s
Mr Jno Newton 2s 8s
Mr Spencer Johnson 2s 8s
Mercers Hall 4s 6d 18s
Mr Rich Utbert 2s 8s
Mr Daniel Peacock 1s 9d 7s
Mr Jno Low 2s 8s
Mr Jno Reynolds 1s 9d 7s
Mr James Rand 2s 8s
Mr Samu Jackson 2s 8s
Mr Dau? Hampton 1s 6d 6s
Mr Tho Bennoir 2s 3d 9s
Mr Tho Newton 1s 4s
Mr Jer Bonnel 3s 9d 15s
Mr Dorman Newman 2s 8s
Mr John Glover 1s 3d 5s
Mr Thomas Hellones 1s 4s
Mr Jno Butterworth 1s 3d 5s
Mr Francis Clifford 1s 3d 5s
Mr Robt Sidenham 1s 3d 5s
Mr Wm Baly 1s 3d 5s
Mr Ben Samwayes 1s 4s
Mr Beniemen Hill 2s 8s
Mr Holmes 3s 12s
Mr Rich Sadler 2s 8s
Mr Charles Mitchell 4s 16s
Mr Nathan Trawton 1s 6d 6s
Mr Jno Higginbotham 2s 8s
Mr Fletcher 1s 3d 5s
Mr Benia Freeman 2s 8s
Mr Gardner 1s 6d 6s
Mr Martin Simpson 1s 4s
Mr Wm Birch 1s 9d 7s
Mr Ben Bullivant 1s 6d 6s
Mr Childe 1s 4s
Mr Jno Muns 1s 3d 5s
Mr Rich Hardmett 2s 3d 9s
Mr Charles Halstead 2s 3d 9s
Mr Thom Milles 2s 3d 9s
Mr Thom Coleman 2s 3d 9s
Mr Joseph Richardson 2s 6d 10s
Mr Robert Pond 1s 4s
Mr Jno Page 1s 3d 5s
Mr Thomas Fletcher 1s 9d 7s
Mr Jno Horner 9d 3s
Mr Jno Kendall 9d 3s
Mr Braithwait 9d 3s
Mr Wilson 9d 3s
Mr Wm Richardson 3s 12s
Mr Jno Wells 1s 4s
Mr Fitziffries
Mr Seawell 9d 3s