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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 1, Treasury Officials 1660-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1972.

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British Museum, London

Add. MS 34736 West Papers.
Add. MS 35597 Hardwicke Papers.
Loan 29/456/12 Harley Papers.

Christ Church, Oxford

Evelyn Papers

Public Record Office, London
AO 3/1101-5 Declared Accounts:
Treasury Solicitor.
C 66 Patent Rolls.
C 75 Surrender Rolls.
E 197/8 Exchequer Seal Office:
Cash Book 1803-35.
E 403 Patent Books of Auditor of Receipt.
LS 13/231 Poll Tax Assessment 1689.
PC 2 Privy Council Registers.
PRO 30/8/231 Chatham Papers.
Prob 8 Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Probate Act Books.
Prob 11 Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Registered Copies of Wills.
T 1 Treasury Papers.
T 29 Treasury Minute Books.
T 38/436-85 Treasury Fee Books.
T 38/552 Account Book of W. Cotton 1820-9.
T 41 Treasury Salaries 1794-1856.
T 48/63 Various Papers and Accounts 1726-51.
T 48/64 Rough Account Book 1738-58.
T 53 Warrants relating to Money.
T 54 Warrants not relating to Money.
T 60 Order Books.
T 64/67 Accounts of New Year's Gifts 1742-55.
T 64/126 Minutes of Commissioners of Public Accounts 1702-3.
T 90/16 Royal Commission on Courts of Justice 1815. Returns and Examinations: Exchequer and Exchequer Chamber 1822.
T 90/142-4 Chancellor of Exchequer: Day Books 1761-1806.
Treasury, London
AB, i-iv Arrangement Books containing copies of Treasury minutes and other material relating to appointments, remuneration and office organisation 1805-87.


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Court and City Reg. Court and City Register.
CTB Calendar of Treasury Books. 32 vols., 1660-1718. London 1904-69.
CTBP Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers. 5 vols., 1729-45. London 1897-1903.
CTP Calendar of Treasury Papers. 5 vols., 1557-1728. London 1868-89.
15th Rept. on Finance Fifteenth Report of Select Committee on Finance 1797. Reports of Committees of House of Commons 1797-1803, xii.
Gent. Mag. Gentleman's Magazine.
Hist. Reg. Chron Historical Register ... Chronological Diary.
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