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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 10, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1870-1939. Originally published by University of London, London, 1995.

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Appendix 1

I. Exhibitions

1. Vienna 1872-74

App. 29 Apr 1872. Chairman: Prince of Wales; Secretary: F.P.C. Owen. Rep. 12 June 1874, C.1072-1-iv, lxxiii, Parts I-IV.

2. Paris 1877-80

App. 22 Jan 1877. President: Prince of Wales; Secretary: F.P.C. Owen. Rep. 1880, C.2588, xxxii.

3. Sydney & Melbourne 1879-81

App. 5 Apr 1879. President: Prince of Wales; Secretary: T.A. Wright. Rep. 19 Dec 188, C.3099, xxviii.

4. Indian & Colonial 1884-87

App. 8 Nov 1884. President: Prince of Wales; Secretary: F.P.C. Owen. Rep. 30 Apr 1887, C.5083, xx.

5. Adelaide (South Australia) 1886-88

App. 29 Oct 1886. Chairman: Duke of Cambridge; Secretary: Sir H.B. Sandford. Rep. 1888, C.5440, xxiv.

6. Melbourne (Victoria) 1887-88

App. 3 Oct 1887. Hon. President: Prince of Wales; Chairman: Earl of Rosebery. Secretary: Major H. Jekyll. Rep. 1889, C.5848, xxxiv, 473.

7. Chicago 1891

App. 26 Aug 1891. The London Gazette of 28 Aug 1891 records that a Warrant was issued to the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurers and other Members of the Council of the Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. The Secretary was Sir H.T. Wood. No report was recorded.

8. Hobart (Tasmania) 1894

App. 3 May 1894. President: Marquess of Ripon; Secretary: G.C. Levey. No report was recorded.

9. Paris 1898-1901

App. 1 Feb 1898. President: Prince of Wales; Secretary: Major H. Jekyll. Rep. 1901, Cd.629-30, xxxi. Following the accession of the Prince of Wales to the throne as Edward VII, the Duke of Devonshire was appointed President and Chairman by Warrant of 14 March 1901.

10. St Louis 1903-06

App. 23 Apr 1903. President : Prince of Wales; Chairman: Viscount Peel; Secretary: C.M. Watson. Rep. 1906, Cd.2800, liv, 297.

11. Brussels, Rome & Turin 1909-11

App. 19 March 1909. President: Prince of Wales; Chairman: Earl of Lytton; Secretary: U.F. Wintour. Rep. 1913: 1912-13, Cd.6609, xxii.

II. Permanent or Semi-Permanent Commissions

12. Historical Documents 1869

App. 2 Apr 1869. Lord Romilly. 1st rep. 1870, C.55, xxxix, 543. Still sitting; now known as Commission on Historical Manuscripts.

13. Horse Breeding 1887-1911

App. 3 Dec 1887. Duke of Portland. 1st rep. 1888, C.5419, xlviii; Final rep. 1911, Cd.5936, xxix.

14. Crofter Colonisation 1888-1906

App. 24 Dec 1888. Marquess of Lothian. 1st rep. 1890, C.6067, xxvii, 237; Final rep. 1906, Cd.3145, xcvii.

15. Ancient Monuments in Scotland 1908

App. 7 Feb 1908. Sir H.E. Maxwell. 1st rep. 1909, Cd.4770, x, 137.

16. Ancient Monuments in Wales & Monmouthshire 1908

App. 10 Aug 1908. Sir John Rhys. 1st rep. 1910, Cd.5285, ix, 207.

17. Ancient Monuments in England 1908

App. 27 Oct 1908. Lord Burghclere. 1st rep. 1910, Cd.5367, xxxvi, 727. This Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 on the accession of George V.

18. Awards to Inventors 1919-37

App. 19 March 1919. Sir C.H. Sargant. 1st rep., 1921, Cmd. 1112, viii, 507. Final rep., 1937-38, Cmd.5594, xii, 639.

19. Fine Art 1924

App. 30 May 1924. Earl of Crawford & Balcarres. 1st rep., 1924, Cmd.2228, ix, 609.

III. Dardanelles & Mesopotamia 1916-19

This was a Special Commission, but is often listed as a Royal Commission. Its was appointed under the Special Commissions (Dardanelles & Mesopotamia) Act, 1916 (6 & 7 Geo V) 17 Aug 1916, which invoked the combined authority of Monarch and Parliament to inquire into the origin, inception and conduct of operations of war in the Dardanelles and Mesopotamia.

20. Dardanelles 1916-19

Rep. (1) 12 Feb 1917: 1917-18, Cd.8490, Cd.8502, x, 419; (2) 4 Dec 1917: 1919, Cmd., 371, xiii, 715.

Earl of Cromer (d. 29 Jan 1917); A. Fisher; Sir T. Mackenzie; Sir F. Cawley; J.A. Clyde; S.L. Gwynn; W. Roch; Sir W.H. May*; Lord Nicholson*; W. Pickford*.

Secretary: E.G. Mears.

Pickford was appointed chairman after the death of the Earl of Cromer. Clyde and Cawley resigned when they took up the positions of Lord Advocate and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster respectively.

The first report was signed with dissenting notes by Fisher and Mackenzie. Roch did not sign and attached a memorandum. The report was censored at its first publication, and some of the material was reinserted in the supplemental report, Cd.8502.

21. Mesopotamia 1916-17

Rep. 17 May 1917: 1917-18, Cd.8610, xvi, 773.

Lord G.F. Hamilton; Earl of Donoughmore; Lord H. Cecil; Sir A. Williamson; J. Hodge; J.C. Wedgwood; Sir C.A.G. Bridge*; Sir N.G. Lyttelton*.

Secretary: R.G. Duff. Asst. Sec. J.W. Fitzwilliam.

Wedgwood did not sign, and wrote a dissenting report.

*These appointments were made under the terms of the Act which required that at least one naval and one military officer from the retired lists should serve on each Commission.

IV. Election Commissions (Enquiries into electoral corruption)

1870 Beverley C.15-16, xxix
Bridgwater C.10-12, xxx
Cashel, Ireland C.9, xxxii
Dublin C.93-i, xxxiii
Norwich C.13-14, xxxi
Sligo C.48, xxxii, 621
1876 Boston C.1441-i, xxviii
Norwich C.1442-i, xxvii
1881 Boston C.2784, xxxviii
Canterbury C.2775, xxxix
Chester C.2824, xl
Gloucester C.2841, xli
Knaresborough C.2777, xlii
Macclesfield C.2853, xliii
Oxford C.2856, xliv
Sandwich C.2796, xlv
1906 Worcester Cd.3268-9, xcv, 95