Index of officials

Pages 91-119

Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 10, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1870-1939. Originally published by University of London, London, 1995.

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Abel, Frederick Augustus,

Abercrombie, Leslie Patrick,

Aberdare, Lord, see Bruce

Aberdeen, Earl of, see Hamilton Gordon

Abernethy, James,

-, Miss May (see also Tennant),
-, William,

Ackers, Benjamin St. John,

Acland, Reginald Brodie Dyke,

Acworth, William Mitchell,

-, Sir Frank Forbes,
-, Dr George Henry,
-, James (ktd. 1922),

Adams, William George Stewart,

Adamson, William,

Adderley, Charles Bowyer, 1st Baron
-, Norton,

Adeney, Walter Ernest,

Adkins, William Ryland Dent (ktd. 1911),

Ahmed, Kabeer-ud-Din,

Ainslie, Alexander Colvin,

Ainsworth, John Stirling,

Aird, John,

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales,
-, A1, A2, A3, A4, A6, A9

Alcock, Sir Rutherford,

Alderson, Charles Henry,

Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh,

Alison, Sir Archibald,

-, Arthur Stanley,
-, Sir Thomas William,
-, William,

Allerton, Lord, see Jackson

Alleyne, James,

Allport, Sir James Joseph,

Allsebrook, George Clarence,

Alston, James Carfrae,

Alverstone, Lord, see Webster

Amulree, Lord, see Mackenzie

-, Sir Alan Garrett,
-, Hugh Kerr,
-, Sir John,
-, Robert,
-, William Fleming,

Andrews, William Drennan,

Anson, Sir William Reynell,

Anstie, James,

Anstruther, Sir Ralph William,

Arch, Joseph,

Archer, Walter Edward,

-, John Gordon,
-, Sir Thomas Dickson,

Ardagh, Sir John Charles,

Ardmillan, Lord, see Craufurd

Armer, Isaac Frederick,

Armistead, Joseph John,

-, Mrs Ella Sophia,
-, Thomas Rhodes,

Armitage-Smith, Sydney,

Armstrong, Richard Owen,

Armytage, Sir George John,

Arnold, Thomas George,

Arrol, William Auchincloss,

Arrow, Sir Frederick,

Asbury, William,

Ashby, Arthur Wilfred,

Ashby St. Ledgers, Lord, see Guest

Ashley, Sir William James,

-, Arthur Jacob,
-, Thomas Gair, 1st Baron Ashton of
-, Hyde (1911),

Askwith, George Ranken, 1st Baron
-, Askwith,

Asquith, Herbert Henry,

Assheton, Ralph,

Aste, John,

-, Hon. John Jacob,
-, Nancy, Viscountess,

Atholl, Duchess of, see Stewart Murray

-, Henry Tindal,
-, J.F. Tindal,

Attlee, Clement Richard,

Austin, Michael,

Ayangar, Valangeman Krishna
-, Aravamudha,

Ayrton, Acton Smee,

Bacon, Francis Henry,

Baden-Powell, George Smyth,

Bagenal, Philip Henry,

Baggallay, Sir Richard,

-, Sir Rowland,
-, William Frederick,

Baillie, James Black,

Bainbridge, Emerson,

Baines, Jervaise Athelstane,

-, Harold Trevor,
-, Nathaniel,

Baldwin, Professor,

-, Arthur,
-, Arthur James,
-, of Burleigh, Lord, see Bruce
-, Lady Frances,
-, Gerald William,
-, John Blair,

Ball, John Thomas,

Ballantyne, Sir Henry,

Bankes, Sir John Eldon,

Bannatyne, Robert Reid,

-, David Miller (ktd. 1889),
-, George Freeland,

-, Edward Charles, 1st Baron Revelstoke,
-, Evelyn, 1st Earl of Cromer, A
-, John, 2nd Baron Revelstoke,
-, Thomas Charles,
-, Thomas George, 1st Earl of
-, Northbrook,

Barker, Sir Wilberforce Ross,

Barkly, Sir Henry,

-, Sir Montague,
-, Thomas,

-, Alfred,
-, Sir George Stapylton,
-, Henry Gorell,

Barr, James,

Barrow, Harrison,

-, Bishop Alfred,
-, Charles Robert,
-, John,
-, John Wolfe,
-, Michael Joseph,

Barter, Percy,

Bartley, Sir George Christopher Trout,

-, Sir Dunbar Plunket,
-, Mrs Eleanor,

Bartram, Lieutenant George William,

Barttelot, Sir Walter Barttelot,

Basing, Lord, see Sclater Booth

Basu, Bhupendranath,

Batchelor, Alexander,

Bateman, Sir Alfred Edmund,

Bateson, William Henry,

Bath, Marquess of, see Thynne

Bathurst, Sir Charles, 1st Baron Bledisloe
-, (1918); 1st Viscount (1932),

Baxter, George Herbert,

Baynes, Denman Lambert Henry,

Beadel, William James,

-, Charles Gabriel,
-, John Field,
-, William Phipson,

Bear, William Edwin,

Beard, Sir Lewis,

Beauchamp, Earl, see Lygon

Beavan, Miss Margaret,

Beck, Arthur Cecil Tyrrell,

-, Bishop Suffragan of, see How
-, Duke of, see Russell

Begbie, Sir James,

Behrens, Noel E.,

Beilby, George Thomas,

-, Mrs Florence Nightingale Harrison,
-, Sir Hugh,
-, James,
-, Thomas,

Belmore, Earl of, see Lowry Corry

Benedict, Sir Julius,

Benson, Edward White, Bishop of Truro;
-, Archbishop of Canterbury
-, (1882-5),

Bentham, Frank Holdsworth,

Bentinck, Frederick Cavendish,

Bentliff, Walter David,

Benyon, R.,

Beresford, John,

Beresford-Hope, Alexander James
-, Beresford,

Bernard, Mountague,

Berrington, Arthur Davies,

Berry, Robert,

Besant, Arthur Digby,

Bessborough, Earl of, see Ponsonby

Bettany, Thomas Edward,

Beveridge, Sir William Henry,

Bevin, Ernest,

Bhore, Joseph William,

Bidder, George Parker,

-, Charles Clive,
-, Sir John Charles, 1st Baron Mersey
-, (1910),

Birch, John William,

Birchenough, Sir Henry,

Bird, Charles Hayward,

Birkbeck, Sir Edward,

Birla, Ghanashyam Das,

-, Philip,
-, William Hornby,

Birtwistle, Thomas,

Blachford, Lord, see Rogers

-, Charles Edward Drummond,
-, Charles W.,

Blackburn, Colin, 1st Baron Blackburn,

Blackett, Basil Phillott,

-, Mrs Mary Georgina,
-, W.H.,

Blades, George Rowland, 1st Baron
-, Ebbisham,

Blake, Hon. Edward,

Blanesburgh, Lord, see Younger

Blaxter, Kenneth William,

Bledisloe, Lord, see Bathurst

Blyth, Sir James, 1st Baron Blyth (1907),

Bodley, John Edward Courtenay,

Bolton, Joseph Cheney,

-, Dr Charles Hubert,
-, John,

Bonsor, Henry Cosmo Orme,

-, Alfred Allen,
-, Charles,

-, Day Hort,
-, Frederick Albert,
-, Mrs Helen,

Bourke, Hon. Robert,

Boutwood, Arthur,

Bouverie, Edward Pleydell,

Bowen, Sir George Ferguson,

Bowerman, Charles William,

Bowring, Sir Edgar Rennie,

Boyce, Robert William,

-, John Smith,
-, Sir Thomas Jamieson,

Boyle, Courtenay,

Brabrook, Edward William,

Brace, William,

Brackenbury, Henry,

Bradford, John Rose,

Bradlaugh, Charles,

Bradley, George Granville,

Brady, Thomas Francis,

Bragg, Sir William Henry,

Bramley, Fred,

Bramston, Sir John,

Bramwell, Sir George William Wilshere,
-, 1st Baron Bramwell (1882),

-, David,
-, Henry Robert, 2nd Viscount Hampden
-, (succ. 1899),

Brassey, Thomas, 1st Baron Brassey,

Bray, Gerard,

-, Reginald Baliol, 2nd Viscount Esher,
-, Sir William Baliol,

Brewster, Abraham,

Briant, Frank,

Brickdale, Charles Fortescue,

Bridge, Sir Cyprian Arthur George,

-, Dame Caroline Beatrix,
-, William Clive,

Bridges, Edward E.,

Brierley, Edgar,

Briggs, Arthur Currer,

Bright, John Albert,

Bristowe, John Syer,

Broacha, Sir Shapurji Burjorji,

Broadbent, William Henry,

Broadhurst, Henry,

-, Hon. George Charles,
-, William, 8th Viscount Midleton,
-, Hon. William St. John Fremantle,

Bromley, John,

Broome, Frederick Napier,

-, Edward Otto Forster,
-, G. Bridgmore,
-, George,
-, George Thomas,
-, Horace Tabberer,

-, Edward Austin,
-, Edward Harold, Bishop of Winchester,
-, George Forrest,

Brownlie, James Thomas,

Brownlow, Earl, see Cust

-, Alexander Hugh, 6th Baron Balfour of
-, Burleigh,
-, Sir George Barclay,
-, Henry Austin, 1st Baron Aberdare,
-, Victor Alexander, 9th Earl of Elgin
-, 13th Earl of Kincardine,
-, Hon. William Napier,

Brunner, Sir John Tomlinson,

Bryant, Mrs Sophie,

-, James,
-, John Annan,

Bryson, George Alexander,

Buccleuch & Queensberry, Duke of, see
-, Montagu-Douglas-Scott

-, George,
-, George Seaton,
-, Hugh Reid,
-, John Young,
-, Thomas Ryburn,

Buckingham & Chandos, Duke of, see
-, Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos
-, Grenville

Buckmaster, Stanley Owen,

Bullough, Edward,

Bunn, William George,

Burden, Harold Nelson,

Burge, Hubert Murray, Bishop of
-, Southwark,

Burghclere, Lord, see Gardner

Burgwin, Mrs Elizabeth Miriam,

-, Charles Maitland Pelham,
-, Joseph,

Burnett, John,

Burnham, Viscount, see Lawson

-, James Cleland, 3rd Baron Inverclyde,
-, James Thomas,

Burt, Thomas,

Burton, Sir William Parker,

Bushe, Henry Grattan,

Busk, Edward Henry,

Butcher, Samuel Henry,

-, Arthur John,
-, Montagu Sherard Dawes,
-, Sir William Francis,

Butt, Sir Charles Parker,

-, Edward North,
-, Sydney Charles,

Byrne, William Patrick,

Cable, Sir Ernest,

Cadogan, Hon. Edward Cecil George,

Caillard, Sir Vincent Henry Penalver,

Caine, William Sproston,

Caird, Sir James,

Cairns, Hugh McCalmont, 1st Baron, 1st
-, Earl Cairns (1878),

Caldwell, Francis,

Callan, Walter Ernest Everard,

Calvert, Hubert,

Cambridge, Duke of, see George William
-, Frederick Charles

-, Sir Charles,
-, Donald,

-, Colin George,
-, Donald,
-, Francis Joseph,
-, Frederick Archibald Vaughan, Viscount
-, Emlyn, 3rd Earl Cawdor (succ. 1898),
-, Sir George,
-, James Alexander,

Campbell-Bannerman, Henry,

Camperdown, Earl of, see Haldane Duncan

Canterbury, Archbishop of, see Tait;
-, Benson; Temple; Davidson

Capper, Robert,

Cardew, Sir Frederic,

Cardwell, Edward, 1st Viscount Cardwell,

Carey, Constantine Phipps,

Carington, Charles Robert, 3rd Baron
-, Carrington, cr. Earl Carrington
-, (1895),

Carlingford, Lord, see Parkinson Fortescue

Carlisle, Bishop of, see Goodwin

Carlow, Charles,

Carmichael, James Morse,

Carnarvon, Earl of, see Herbert

Carpenter, Alfred,

Carrington, Lord, see Carington

Carstairs, Charles Young,

-, Henry,
-, Richard Henry Archibald,
-, Sir William Morris,

Cash, William,

Castle, J.D.,

Causton, Richard Knight, 1st Baron
-, Southwark,

Cautley, Henry Strother,

Cauty, Arthur Belcher,

-, George,
-, Stephen,

-, Lord Frederick Charles,
-, Lord George Henry,
-, Lady Lucy Caroline, known as Lady
-, Frederick,
-, Lord Richard Frederick,
-, Spencer Compton, Marquess of
-, Hartington, 8th Duke of
-, Devonshire (succ. 1891),
-, Victor Christian William, 9th Duke of
-, Devonshire,

Cavendish-Bentinck, William John Arthur
-, Charles James, 6th Duke of
-, Portland, A

Cawdor, Earl, see Campbell

Cawley, Sir Frederick, A

Cawston, John Westerman,

-, Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote,
-, Edgar Algernon Robert, known as Lord
-, Robert Cecil,
-, Sir Evelyn, 1st Baron Rockley (1934),

Chadwyck-Healey, Charles Edward Heley,

-, Sir David Patrick,
-, Sir Mackenzie Dalzell,
-, Peter,
-, Sir Robert, 1st Baron Chalmers (1919),

-, Joseph,
-, Joseph Austen,
-, Neville,

Chambers, John Reginald,

Chandler, Francis,

Channell, Sir Arthur Moseley,

Channing, Francis Allston,

Chaplin, Henry,

-, Cecil Maurice,
-, Sydney John,
-, Thomas,

Charles, Arthur,

Charlewood, Edward Philips,

Charlton, A.S.,

Charrington, Spencer,

Charteris, Evan Edward,

Chatterton, Hedges Eyre,

Chaubal, Mahadev Bhaskar,

Chelmsford, Viscount, see Thesiger

Cherry, Richard Robert,

Chesney, George Tomkyns,

Cheyne, John,

Chichester, Earl of, see Pelham

Childers, Hugh Culling Eardley,

Chirol, Sir Valentine,

Chisholm, Sir Samuel,

Chrystal, George William,

Chubb, S.F.,

-, Archibald George,
-, William Selby (ktd. 1901),

Chute, M.L.,

Citrine, Sir Walter McLennan,

Clare, Harcourt Everard,

Clarendon, Earl of, see Villiers

-, Ernest,
-, George,
-, James Smith,
-, James Walker,
-, William Henry,

-, Andrew Bathgate,
-, Sir Edward George,
-, Major George Sydenham, 1st Baron
-, Sydenham of Combe,
-, W.H.,

-, Henry,
-, John,
-, John, Junior,

Cleghorn, John,

Clemons, J.S.,

Cleveland, Harry George, Duke of, see
-, Powlett

Cliff, John,

Clifton, Robert Bellamy,

Clinton, Lord, see Forbes Trefusis

Clough, Miss Blanche Athena,

Clouston, David,

Clow, Andrew Gourlay,

Clutterbuck, Peter Alexander,

Clyde, James Avon, A20

Clynes, John Robert,

Coates, Sir Leonard James,

Cobb, Herbert Mansfield,

Cobham, Viscount, see Lyttelton

-, Neil James Kennedy,
-, Robert William,

Cochrane, Hon. Thomas Horatio Arthur
-, Ernest,

-, Sir Alexander James Edmund,
-, Archibald William,
-, George Jack,

Cockerton, Thomas Barclay,

Coffey, Denis Joseph,

Cogan, William Henry Ford,

-, Arthur,
-, Lionel Louis,

Colebrooke, Sir Thomas Edward,

Coleman, John,

Coleridge, John Duke, 1st Baron Coleridge,

Coller, Frank Herbert,

Collet, Miss Clara Elizabeth,

Collie, Sir John,

Collier, Robert, 2nd Baron Monkswell,

Collings, Jesse,

-, Robert Henry Muirhead,
-, William Job (ktd. 1902),

Colomb, Sir John Charles Ready,

Colthurst, David La Touche,

Colwyn, Lord, see Smith

-, William Bingham, 6th Marquess of
-, Northampton,
-, William George Spencer Scott, 5th
-, Marquess of Northampton,

Conway, Sir William Martin,

Coode, Sir John,

-, James,
-, William Home,

Cooke-Trench, Thomas,

-, Francis D'Arcy,
-, Patrick Ashley,
-, Robert Watson,

Corbett, Frederick H.M.,

Cornwall, Sir Edwin Andrew,

Cornwallis, Fiennes Stanley Wykeham, 1st
-, Baron Cornwallis,

Corry, James Porter (ktd. 1885),

Cory, Richard,

Costelloe, Benjamin Francis Conn,

-, Charles Philip,
-, William James Richmond,

Couchman, William Brereton,

Coupland, Reginald,

Courtenay, William Reginald, 11th Earl of
-, Devon,

Courthope, Sir George Loyd,

Courtney, Leonard Henry,

Coward, Cecil,

Cowell, Hubert Russell,

Cowen, Joseph,

Cowie, Hugh,

Cowley, Arthur Ernest,

Cowper, Francis Thomas de Grey, 7th Earl
-, Cowper,

Cox, Harold,

Coyajee, Jahangir Cooverjee,

Coyle, Owen,

Craddock, Sir Reginald Henry,

Craig, Herbert James,

Craik, Sir Henry,

Cramp, Concemore Thomas,

Cranbrook, Viscount, see Gathorne Hardy

Craufurd, James, Lord Ardmillan,

Craven, Edward J.E.,

-, Donald,
-, Henry Homewood,
-, Richard Frederick,

Crawford & Balcarres, Earl of, see Lindsay

Crawfurd, Horace Evelyn,

-, Mrs Louise,
-, Mandell, Bishop of London,

Crichton, James Arthur,

-, Charles Alfred,
-, Henry William,

Crisp, Sir Frank,

Cromer, Earl of, see Baring

Cross, Sir Richard Assheton,

Crossley, William John,

Crossman, William,

Crowdy, Dame Rachel Eleanor,

Cubitt, George,

Cunningham, Daniel John,

Cunynghame, Henry Hardinge Samuel (ktd.
-, 1908),

-, Bertram Wodehouse,
-, Laurence,

Curzon, Hon. George Nathaniel,

Cushny, Arthur Robertson,

Cust, Adelbert Wellington Brownlow, 3rd
-, Earl Brownlow,

Cutforth, Arthur Edwin,

D'Abernon, Lord, see Vincent

Dadabhoy, Sir Maneckji Byramji,

Daldy, Frederic Richard,

-, David,
-, Harold Edward,
-, Robert William,

Dalhousie, Earl of, see Ramsay

Dallas, George,

Dalmahoy, James Alexander,

Dalrymple, Charles (ktd. 1887),

Dalton, Cornelius Neale,

Daly, James Dermot,

Daniel, David R.,

Darbhanga, Maharajah of, see Singh

Darley, Sir Frederick Matthew,

Darling, Sir Charles John,

Darwin, Sir Horace,

Davey, Horace, Baron Davey,

-, Douglas DuBois,
-, Randall Thomas, Archbishop of
-, Canterbury (1903-28),

-, Edward Clement,
-, John Herbert,
-, T. Huws,
-, T. Llewelyn,

-, Frederick Lewis,
-, Nicholas Darnell,

Davison, Robert Cope Hardy,

Dawe, Arthur James,

Dean, Henry Roy,

-, Henry Bargrave,
-, James Parker,

de Chaumont, Francis Stephen Bennet
-, Francois,

Delacombe, H.,

de la Warr, Earl, see Sackville

Delevingne, Sir Malcolm,

de Montmorency, James Edward Geoffrey,

Denman, Thomas, 3rd Baron Denman,

Denny, Peter,

Derby, Earl of, see Stanley

de Rothschild, Sir Nathaniel Mayer, 1st
-, Baron Rothschild,

De Salis, Cecil Fane,

de Salis, Sir John Francis Charles, Count
-, de Salis,

de Vesci, Viscount, see Vesey

De Villiers, Sir John Henry,

Devlin, J.E.,

Devon, Earl of, see Courtenay

Devonport, Lord, see Kearley

Devonshire, Duke of, see Cavendish

-, James,
-, Hon. John, 2nd Baron Forteviot,

-, Aubrey,
-, Sir Lewis Tonna,

Dickens, Craven Hildesley,

Dickey, Robert Henry Frederic,

-, Hercules Henry,
-, Willoughby Hyett (ktd. 1918),

-, Thomas,
-, Thomas Alexander,

Dickson-Poynder, Sir John Poynder, 1st
-, Baron Islington (1910),

Digby, Sir Kenelm Edward,

Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth,

Dillon, Hon. Harold,

Dimsdale, Sir Joseph Cockfield,

-, Arthur Lewis,
-, Harold Baily,
-, James Stedman,
-, William Jerrold,

Donald, Robert,

Donaldson, James,

Donkin, Horatio Bryan,

Donoughmore, Earl of, see Hely-
-, Hutchinson

Dorington, Sir John Edward,

Douglas, Charles Mackinnon,

Downes, Arthur Henry,

Dowse, Richard,

Doyle, Andrew,

Drage, Geoffrey,

Druce, Samuel B.L.,

-, Charles James,
-, Sir David,
-, Francis Dudley Williams,

Drury, Thomas Wortley,

Drysdale, Miss Grace,

Du Cane, Sir Charles,

Duckham, Sir Arthur McDougal,

Duckworth, Sir George Herbert,

Dudden, Frederick Homes,

-, Earl of, see Ward
-, William Edward,

Duff, Robert G., A21

Duffield, William Bartleet,

Dugdale, John Stratford,

Duke, Henry Edward,

Dumas, Philip Wylie,

-, Sir Andrew Rae,
-, George,
-, Joseph Forbes,

-, David, Hon. Lord Dundas,
-, Lawrence John Lumley, Earl of
-, Ronaldshay,
-, William John,

Dunedin, Lord, see Murray

Dunlop, James Craufurd,

Dunraven & Mount-Earl, Earl of, see
-, Wyndham Quin

Dunwoody, Robert Browne,

Dutt, Romesh Chunder,

Dyke, Sir William Hart,

Earle, Sir Lionel,

Ebbisham, Lord, see Blades

Ecroyd, William Farrer,

Eddis, F.E.,

Edgcumbe, William Henry, 4th Earl of
-, Mount Edgcumbe,

Edge, Sir John,

Edgell, Edward Dover,

Edgerley, Sir Steyning William,

Edinburgh, Duke of, see Alfred Ernest
-, Albert

-, Ebenezer,
-, Enoch,
-, Frank,
-, Sir Owen Morgan,
-, William,

-, Sir Walter,
-, Hon. Wilbraham, 2nd Baron Egerton of
-, Tatton (1883); 1st Earl Egerton of
-, Tatton (1897),

Elgin, Earl of, see Bruce

Eliot, Sir Charles Norton Edgcumbe,

Ellicott, Arthur Becher,

-, F.,
-, Sir George,

-, Archibald Campbell,
-, Thomas Henry (bt. 1917),

-, John Edward,
-, Robert Geoffrey,
-, Thomas Ratcliffe,

Elmslie, Reginald Cheyne,

Elrington, Joseph Faviere,

Elton, Charles Isaac,

Elvin, Herbert Henry,

Ely, Bishop of, see Woodford

Emlyn, Viscount, see Campbell

Emmerson, Harold Corbi,

-, Alfred, 1st Baron Emmott (1911),
-, Mary Gertrude, Baroness Emmott,

Engledow, Frank Leonard,

Ennis, Michael Andrew,

Erichsen, John Eric,

Ernle, Lord, see Prothero

Erskine, Sir James Elphinstone,

Esher, Viscount, see Brett

Espin, Thomas Espinell,

Etherton, Sir George Hammond,

-, Ernest,
-, Sir Evan Vincent,
-, John,
-, Lewis,
-, Owen,
-, Samuel Thomas (ktd. 1908),

Evans-Gordon, William Eden,

Everett, Robert Lacey,

-, Charles Brisbane,
-, William,

Ewing, James Alfred,

Exeter, Bishop of, see Temple

Faber, Edmund Beckett, 1st Baron Faber,

Fairbairn, Andrew Martin,

Fairley, W.,

Fanshawe, Arthur Upton,

-, Thomas Cecil, 2nd Baron Farrer,
-, Thomas Henry, Bart. (1883), 1st Baron
-, Farrer (1893),

Farwell, Sir George,

Fass, Herbert Ernest,

Fell, John,

Fellowes, Hon. Ailwyn Edward,

-, Charles,
-, John,

-, John,
-, William,

-, Sir James,
-, John Blackburn,

Few, Charles,

ffolkes, Sir William Hovell Browne,

Fielding, Hon. William Stevens,

Findlater, William,

-, Allan Andrew Hart,
-, Joseph John,

-, John Hope,
-, Robert Bannatyne, 1st Viscount Finlay,

-, Sir Algernon Freeman,
-, Charles Harding,
-, Joseph Firth Bottomley,

-, Andrew,
-, Herbert Albert Laurens,
-, John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron Fisher,
-, Norman Fenwick Warren,

Fitton, James,

FitzAlan Howard, Henry, 15th Duke of
-, Norfolk,

FitzGerald, Gerald Augustus Robert,

Fitz-Gerald, Sir William Robert Seymour
-, Vesey,

Fitzgerald, Thomas,

Fitzmaurice, Sir Maurice,

Fitzroy, Sir Almeric William,

Fitzwilliam, J.W., A21

Flanagan, Stephen Woulfe,

-, Miss Audrey M.,
-, Sir Walter Morley,

Forber, Edward Rodolph,

Forde, Sir Henry James,

Forgie, James Tennant,

Forrester-Paton, Hon. Mrs Louise,

-, George Baker,
-, William Edward,

Forsyth, James Noel Muller,

Forwood, Sir William Bower,

-, Charles John,
-, Clement Le Neve,
-, Hon. Sir George Eulas,
-, John,
-, Michael (ktd.1899),

Fottrell, George,

Fountain, Henry,

Fowler, Henry Hartley,

-, Arthur Wilson,
-, George Richard Lane,

France, Gerald Ashburner,

Frank, Sir Howard George,

-, John,
-, Simon Joseph, 14th Baron Lovat,

Fraser-Mackintosh, Charles,

Fream, William,

Frederick, George Charles,

Freeman, Edward Augustus,

Freeman-Mitford, Algernon Bertram,

Fremantle, Hon. Charles William,

Frere, William Edward,

-, Ashley,
-, James Anthony,

Fry, Sir Edward,

Furlong, Robert O'Brien,

Galbraith, Joseph Allen,

Galsworthy, Sir Edwin Henry,

Galt, William,

Galton, Frank Wallis,

Galvin, John,

Gangulee, Nagendra Nath,

Gardiner, Thory Gage,

-, Herbert Coulstoun, 1st Baron
-, Burghclere,
-, James Scott,

Garnett, Tom,

Garu, Raja Sri Krishna Chandra Gajapathi
-, Narayana Deo,

Gascoyne-Cecil, Robert Arthur Talbot, 3rd
-, Marquess of Salisbury,

-, Francis,
-, Walter Holbrook,

Gathorne Hardy, Gathorne, 1st Viscount
-, Cranbrook,

Geddes, Sir Auckland Campbell,

Geikie, Sir Archibald,

George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince of
-, Wales,

George William Frederick Charles, 2nd
-, Duke of Cambridge,

Gerrans, Henry Tresawna,

Gibb, George Stegmann,

Gibbon, John Morgan,

-, Henry Hucks,
-, Sir Philip Hamilton,

-, Alexander,
-, Edgar Charles Sumner, Bishop of
-, Gloucester,
-, Sir Herbert,
-, Thomas Milner,
-, Walcot,

Gibson-Carmichael, Sir Thomas David,

Giffen, Robert (ktd. 1895),

Gillan, Robert Woodbum,

-, George Robertson,
-, P. Gardiner,

-, David,
-, John,

-, Henry Neville,
-, William Ewart,

Glazebrook, Sir Richard Tetley,

Gleadowe, George Edward Yorke,

Glen-Coats, Sir Thomas,

Glenny, William James,

Glossop, Francis Henry Newland,

Gloucester, Bishop of, see Gibson

Glover, John,

-, Alexander,
-, John Leyboum,

Godfrey, Charles,

-, Sir Arthur, 1st Baron Kilbracken of
-, Killegar,
-, Denis,

Godwin, George,

Gokhale, Gopal Krishna,

Goldney, Gabriel,

Goldstone, Frank Walter,

Gonner, Edward Carter Kersey,

Goodwin, Harvey, Bishop of Carlisle,

-, Alexander Morison,
-, George,

-, Charles Henry, 6th Duke of Richmond
-, & Lennox, 1st Duke of Gordon,
-, Charles Henry, Earl of March, 7th
-, Duke of Richmond & Gordon
-, (1903),

Gorell, John, 1st Baron Gorell,

Gorst, Sir John Eldon,

-, George Joachim,
-, George Joachim, 2nd Viscount
-, Goschen,

Gould, Mrs Barbara Bodichon Ayrton,

Graaff, Sir David Pieter de Villiers,

Gracie, Alexander,

-, John,
-, William,
-, William (1887-1932),

Graham-Campbell, Rollo Frederick,

Granet, Sir William Guy,

Grant, William,

Graves, Edward,

-, Sir Albert,
-, Alexander,
-, Edmund Dwyer,
-, Thomas,

-, John Ernest,
-, Richard Methuen,

-, Frederick Ernest,
-, Henry,
-, J.H.,

-, Benjamin Buck,
-, Henry David,
-, John Ball,

Greenhow, Edward Headlam,

-, Henry Holman,
-, Philip Spencer,
-, Robert,

-, David Rhys,
-, Francis Wallace, 1st Baron Grenfell,
-, Henry Riversdale,

-, Sir Edward,
-, Mabel Laura Georgiana, 5th Countess
-, Grey,

Griffith, John Purser,

Griffith-Boscawen, Sir Arthur Sackville
-, Trevor,

Griffiths, John Morgan,

Grimshaw, Charles H.,

Grinling, Henry,

Grosvenor, Hugh Lupus, 1st Duke of
-, Westminster,

-, Sir Coleridge,
-, Edwin,

Guest, Hon. Ivor Churchill, 1st Baron
-, Ashby St. Ledgers (1910),

Guillemard, Laurence Nunns,

-, Sir Edward Cecil,
-, Walter Edward, 1st Baron Moyne,

Gully, William Court, 1st Viscount Selby,

Gurdon, William Brampton (ktd. 1882),

Gurney, Russell,

Guthrie, Charles John, Hon. Lord Guthrie,

Gutteridge, Harold Cooke,

Guy, William,

Gwyer, Maurice Linford,

Gwynn, Stephen Lucius,

Gwynne-Vaughan, Dame Helen Charlotte
-, Isabella,

Habibullah, Khan Bahadur Sir Muhammad,
-, Sahib Bahadur,

Hackforth, Edgar,

Hackshaw, Sir John,

Hadow, Sir William Henry,

Haggard, Henry Rider (ktd. 1912),

Haigh, Durban,

-, Miss Elizabeth Sanderson,
-, John Scott,
-, Richard Burdon, 1st Viscount (1911),

Haldane-Duncan, Robert Adam Philips, 3rd
-, Earl of Camperdown,

-, Alfred Daniel,
-, Benjamin Tom,
-, Hubert,
-, Sydney S.,
-, Captain William Henry,

Hambleden, Viscount, see Smith

-, Sir Edward Walter,
-, Gavin George, of Dalzell, 1st Baron,
-, George Alexander,
-, Sir George Francis, known as Lord
-, George Hamilton,
-, John Andrew, 1st Baron Sumner; 1st
-, Viscount (1927),
-, Mrs Mary Agnes,
-, Robert George Crookshank (ktd. 1884),
-, Robert William (ktd. 1918),
-, William Frederick,

Hamilton-Gordon (Gordon from 1900),
-, John Campbell, 7th Earl of
-, Aberdeen,

Hammick, Sir Murray,

Hammond, Sir Egbert Laurie Lucas,

Hampden, Viscount, see Brand

Hampson, Thomas Arnold Christian,

Hampton, Lord, see Pakington

Hanbury, Robert William,

Hannen, Sir James,

Hanworth, Lord, see Pollock

Harcourt, Sir William George Granville
-, Vernon,

Hardie, Mrs Agnes,

-, Alfred John,
-, Edward John,
-, Thomas Walter,

Hardinge, Charles, 1st Baron Hardinge of
-, Penshurst,

Hardy, Laurence,

Harington, Sir Richard,

Harland, Sir Edward James,

Harmwood-Banner, Sir John Sutherland,

Harnett, William Smart,

Harrel, Sir David,

-, Charles Alexander,
-, Sidney West,

-, Frederick,
-, Sir George,
-, Thomas Elliott,

Harrowby, Earl of, see Ryder

Hartington, Marquess of, see Cavendish

Hartshorn, Vernon,

-, Alfred Spalding,
-, Leopold,

-, George,
-, John James,

Hawkes, Charles John,

Hayhurst, George,

Hazell, Walter Howard,

Headlam, James,

Healy, John,

-, Henry Frank,
-, Sir Leopold George,
-, Sir Thomas Little,

Heller, Thomas Edmund,

Hely-Hutchinson, Richard Walter John, 6th
-, Earl of Donoughmore, A21

-, Sir Alexander,
-, Arthur,
-, Hubert Douglas,
-, John Macdonald,
-, John Milne,
-, Sir Reginald Friend Hannam,
-, Thomas,
-, Vivian Leonard,
-, William Hannam,

Heneage, Edward,

Henley, Joseph John,

Hennessy, Sir John Pope,

-, Sir Charles Solomon,
-, Denis Stanislaus,
-, Sir Edward Richard,
-, Mitchell,

-, Charles Henry Rolle, 20th Baron
-, Clinton,
-, Charles John Robert, 21st Baron
-, Clinton,

-, Arthur James,
-, Auberon Thomas, 8th Baron Lucas of
-, Crudwell,
-, Henry Howard Molyneux, 4th Earl of
-, Carnarvon,
-, Sir Ivor John Caradoc,
-, St. Leger Algernon,

Herbertson, Andrew John,

Herschell, Farrer, 1st Baron Herschell,

Heseltine, Michael,

Hetherington, Hector James Wright (ktd.
-, 1936),

Hewby, Louis John,

Hewett, Sir John Prescott,

Hewlett, Alfred,

Hext, Sir John,

Hibbert, John Tomlinson (ktd. 1893),

-, Mrs Mary Hermione,
-, William Lionel,

Hickman, Sir Alfred,

Hicks-Beach, Sir Michael Edward, 1st
-, Viscount St. Aldwyn (1906),

Higgins, Alfred Herbert,

-, Ernest Haviland,
-, Sir Ernest Varvill,

-, Arthur,
-, George Henry,
-, Mrs Margaret Neville,
-, Miss Octavia,
-, Thomas St. Quintin,

Hills, John Waller,

-, Sir Samuel,
-, Sir Samuel John Gurney,

Hobbs, Frank Washington,

-, Charles Edward Henry,
-, Henry,

Hodder, Francis George,

Hodge, John, A21

-, Frank,
-, H.R.,

Hodgson, Kirkman Daniel,

Hollams, John,

-, Bernard Henry,
-, Sir Henry Thurstan,
-, Thomas Erskine,
-, Sir Thomas Henry,

Holland-Martin, Robert Martin,

Holmes, Sir Arthur William,

-, Richard Durning,
-, Robert Durning,

Hood, Archibald,

-, Edward Stanley,
-, Sir James,
-, James,
-, Victor Alexander John, 2nd Marquess
-, of Linlithgow,

Hopkins, Sir John Ommanney,

Hopwood, Sir Francis John Stephens,

-, F.V.,
-, Thomas Dyson,
-, William Windham,

Horne, William Edgar,

Horsley, John William,

Houldsworth, William Henry (ktd.1887),

How, William Walsham, Bishop Suffragan
-, of Bedford,

-, Charles,
-, Charles James Stanley, Viscount
-, Morpeth,
-, Donald Sterling Palmer, 3rd Baron
-, Strathcona & Mount Royal,
-, Edward Stafford,
-, Henry,

Howarth, Edward Goldie,

Hubbard, William Egerton, Junior,

-, Charles Elliott Leopold Barton,
-, Walter,

Hudspeth, Henry Moore,

Hughes, Thomas,

Hull, Edward,

Humphreys-Davies, George Peter,

Humphreys-Owen, Arthur Charles,

Humphry, Sir George Murray,

-, Sir Frederick Seager,
-, George Ward,

-, Lord William,
-, William Alexander,
-, Sir William Guyer,

-, Alfred William,
-, Christopher Salkeld,

-, Charles Scrope,
-, Jonathan,

Hutchison, Sir Thomas,

Hutson, Thomas,

Hutton, Richard Holt,

Huxley, Thomas Henry,

Hyde, Douglas,

Hyder, Lodhi Karim,

Hyslop, Samuel,

Icely, Charles,

Iddesleigh, Earl of, see Northcote

Ilbert, Sir Courtenay Peregrine,

Ince, Bret,

Inchape, Lord, see Mackay

-, Charles Edward,
-, James Charles,
-, John,

Inverclyde, Lord, see Burns

Irwin, Miss Margaret Hardinge,

-, George Alfred,
-, Sir Rufus Daniel,

Islington, Lord, see Dickson Poynder

Ismay, Thomas Henry,

-, Sir Cyril,
-, Sir Francis Stanley,
-, Frederick Huth,
-, Henry,
-, Sir Henry Mather,
-, Sir John,
-, Sir Percy Richard,
-, William Lawies, 1st Baron Allerton,

-, Henry, 1st Baron James of Hereford,
-, Montague Rhodes,
-, Sir Walter Charles, 1st Baron
-, Northbourne (1884),
-, Walter Henry, 2nd Baron Northbourne
-, (1893),
-, Sir William Milbourne,

Jamieson, George Auldjo,

Jebb, Richard Claverhouse (ktd. 1900),

Jeffrey, John,

Jehu, Thomas John,

Jekyll, Herbert,

Jellicoe, Sir John Rushworth,

-, Arthur,
-, Edward,
-, Henry,
-, Henry Michael,

Jenner, Sir William,

Jennings, Louis John,

Jeremiah, John,

Jerred, Sir Walter Tapper,

Jersey, Earl of, see Villiers

Jessel, Sir George,

Jeune, Francis Henry (ktd. 1891), 1st Baron
-, St. Helier (1905),

Jevons, Harold,

-, Edmund Charles,
-, Edwin Beaumont,

-, Alexander,
-, Andrew,
-, William Campbell,

Joly, John,

-, Sir David Brynmor,
-, Mrs Glynne,
-, Henry (ktd. 1912),
-, Humphrey Owen,
-, John Harry,
-, Morgan,
-, Richard,
-, Robert Thomas,
-, Thomas Prosser,
-, William,

Joseph, Sir Francis L'Estrange,

Joshi, Narayan Malhar,

Joubert, Petrus Jacobus,

Jowitt, William Allen,

Kamat, Balkrishna Sitaram,

Karslake, Sir John Burgess,

Kaul, Rai Bahadur Hari Kishan,

-, Arthur MacMorrough,
-, Walter Inch,

Kay Shuttleworth, Sir Ughtred James, 1st
-, Baron Shuttleworth (1902),

Kearley, Hudson Ewbanke, 1st Baron
-, Devonport; 1st Viscount (1917),

Keenlyside, R.H.H.,

Kelleher, Stephen Barnabas,

Kelly, Denis,

Kelvin, Lord, see Thomson

Kemp, John,

-, Alfred Bray,
-, Sir John Arrow,

Kennard, Coleridge John,

Kennaway, Sir John Henry,

-, Miss Catherine Lucy,
-, James,
-, Neil John Downie,

Kenrick, William,

-, Frederic George,
-, Lloyd, 4th Baron Kenyon,

Kerly, Duncan McKenzie,

-, Mrs Helen Louisa,
-, Schomberg Henry, 9th Marquess of
-, Lothian, A14

Key, Sir Astley Cooper,

Keynes, John Maynard,

Kidd, A.H.,

Kilbracken, Lord, see Godley

-, Henry Fison,
-, Thomas William,

Kimberley, Earl of, see Wodehouse

King, Sir James,

Kingscote, Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge
-, (ktd. 1889),

Kinnear, Alexander Smith, 1st Baron


Kirwan, Geoffrey Dugdale,

-, Mrs Frances Anna,
-, Francis Elliott,

Knipe, Thomas,

-, John,
-, Mrs Lilian Charlotte Anne,
-, Thomas,

Knox, Sir Ralph Henry,

Kruger, Stephanus Johannes Paulus,

Lake, William Charles,

-, Diwan Chaman,
-, Shamaldharee,

-, John,
-, John Cameron,

Lambert, George,

Lancaster, Henry Hill,

Lander, Cecil Howard,

-, James Ernest,
-, Richard James,

Lang, Cosmo Gordon, Archbishop of York
-, (1909-28),

Langerman, Sir Jan Willem Stuckeris,

-, Ernest Wilfred,
-, R.S.,

Lansbury, George,

Lapworth, Charles,

Larmor, Sir Joseph,

Lascelles, Edward Charles Ponsonby,

Laurence, Hon. Sir Perceval Maitland,

-, Arthur Pillans,
-, Simon Somerville,

Law, William,

-, Sir Alfred Tristram,
-, Hon. Charles Napier, 1st Baron

Lawrence of Kingsgate (1923),
-, Sir Henry Staveley,
-, Hon. Sir Herbert Alexander,
-, John Laird Mair, 1st Baron Lawrence,

Laws, George Alexander,

Lawson, Harry Lawson Webster, 2nd Baron
-, Burnham; 1st Viscount (1919),

-, James A.,
-, William,

Layard, Sir Austen Henry,

Layton, Walter Thomas,

Leach, William,

Leader, J.,

Learmonth, James,

Learoyd, Herbert Alfred,

-, Arthur Hamilton, 1st Viscount Lee of
-, Fareham,
-, Kenneth (ktd. 1934),
-, Robert Alleyne,
-, Sidney,

Leech, Henry Brougham,

Leeson, Edward Nugent, 6th Earl of
-, Milltown,

Le Fanu, William Richard,

Legge, Thomas Morison,

Leighton, Sir Frederic,

Leishman, Sir James,

Lely, Sir Frederick Styles Philpin,

Lennard, Reginald Vivian,

Leslie, John,

-, Arthur Levy,
-, William Hesketh, 1st Baron
-, Leverhulme,

Leverhulme, see Lever

Levey, George Collins, A8

-, Sir Andrew Jopp Williams,
-, Charles Edward,
-, George Alfred,
-, Robert,
-, William Thomas, (ktd. 1885); 1st
-, Baron Merthyr (1911),

Lewney, William,

-, Adolphus George Charles,
-, Claude H.,
-, Hon. Henry George,

Lidgett, John Scott,

Lillie, John Adam,

Lindley, William Heerlein,

-, David Alexander Edward, 27th Earl of
-, Crawford & 10th of Balcarres,
-, A19
-, Hon. James Ludovic, Lord Lindsay,
-, 26th Earl of Crawford & 9th of
-, Balcarres (1880),

Lingen, Ralph Robert Wheeler, 1st Baron
-, Lingen,

Linlithgow, Marquess of, see Hope

Lisgar, Lord, see Young

Lister, Thomas, 4th Baron Ribblesdale,

Little, William Cutlack,

Livesey, George,

Llandaff, Viscount, see Matthews

Llewellyn, Evan Henry,

Llewelyn, Sir John Talbot Dillwyn,

-, Edward Honoratus,
-, Edward Mayow Hastings,
-, Horatio,
-, Sir John Edward,
-, Thomas Ingram Kynaston,

Lobjoit, Sir William George,

Loch, Charles Stewart,

Lochee, Lord, see Robertson

Lockwood, Amelius Mark,

Logan, Sir Charles Bowman,

London, Bishop of, see Temple; Creighton

Londonderry, Marquess of, see
-, Vane-Tempest-Stewart

Long, Walter Hume,

Longfield, Mountifort,

Loreburn, Earl, see Reid

Lorimer, Sir William,

Lothian, Marquess of, see Kerr

Louis, Henry,

Lovat, Lord, see Fraser

Love, Richard Archibald,

Lovett, Uriah,

-, Mrs Eveline Mary,
-, Robert, 1st Viscount Sherbrooke,

Lowry, Sir Arthur Belmore,

Lowry-Corry, Somerset Richard, 4th Earl
-, of Belmore,

Lowther, James William, 1st Viscount
-, Ullswater (1921),

-, Sir John,
-, Nevile,

Lucas, Lord, see Herbert

-, Sir Robert,
-, Sir Charles Montague,

Lushington, Sir Godfrey,

Lyall, Sir James Broadwood,

Lyell, Sir Leonard,

-, Frederick, 6th Earl Beauchamp,
-, William, 7th Earl Beauchamp,

Lyle, Robert Park,

Lyne, Charles,

Lyon, E. Herbert,

-, Hon. Alfred,
-, Charles George, 8th Viscount Cobham,
-, Hon. Edward,
-, Sir Neville Gerald, A21

Lytton, Victor Alexander George Robert,
-, 2nd Earl of Lytton, A11

MacAlister, Sir Donald,

McAnally, Henry William Watson,

Macassey, Lynden Livingston,

MacCabe, Frederick Xavier,

M'Callum, John Malcolm,

-, Justin,
-, Robert Henry,

M'Clintock, Sir Francis Leopold,

M'Connell, Robert,

M'Cormick, William Symington,

McCrae, George,

McCrea, Robert,

MacDonald, Malcolm,

-, Alexander,
-, Sir George,
-, James Ramsay,

Macdonell, Sir John,

MacDonnell, Sir Antony Patrick, 1st Baron
-, MacDonnell (1908),

McDonnell, Robert,

Macdonogh, Sir George Mark Watson,

MacDougall, James Patten,

McDougall, James Currie,

McFadyean, Sir John (ktd. 1905),

McGregor, James,

McHardy, Alexander Burness,

McIntyre, Patrick James,

MacIver, John Christian,

Mackarness, John Fielder, Bishop of
-, Oxford (1869-88),

-, Alexander Morrice, Hon. Lord Mackay,
-, Donald James, 11th Lord Reay,
-, James Lyle, 1st Baron Inchape,

MacKenna, Sir James,

-, Reginald,
-, Theodore,

-, Alastair Oswald Morison,
-, Sir Kenneth Augustus Muir,
-, Sir Kenneth Smith,
-, Sir Thomas, A20
-, William,
-, William Leslie,
-, William Warrender, 1st Baron
-, Amulree,

McKim, William,

Mackinder, Halford John (ktd. 1920),

M'Kinna, Alex,

-, Donald,
-, Frank Douglas,

Mackinnon, Sir Percy Graham,

Mackintosh, William Aeneas,

M'Lagan, Peter,

Maclay, Joseph Paton,

-, Francis William,
-, Montague Francis,

MacLeod, Sir John Lorne,

Macleod, John,

McLeod, George William Buckham,

McLintock, William,

-, Edward Craig,
-, John William,

-, Sir Frederick,
-, Hugh Pattison,

Macnaghten, Edward, 1st Baron
-, Macnaghten,

McNair, Arnold Duncan,

M'Neill, Malcolm,

MacSwinney, Robert Forster,

Madan, Janardan Atmaram,

Madden, Dodgson Hamilton,

Maddison, Fred,

Madge, Walter Culley,

Magee, William Connor, Bishop of
-, Peterborough,

Magnus, Philip,

Magrath, Charles Alexander,

Mahony, Pierce,

Maine, Sir Henry James Sumner,

Mainwaring, William Henry,

Maitland, Alexander,

Mallet, Sir Louis,

Mallon, James Joseph,

Mann, Tom,

Manners, Lord John James Robert,

Manning, Cardinal Archbishop Henry
-, Edward,

Mansbridge, Albert,

Mansergh, James,

Mansfield, Earl of, see Murray

Mant, Sir Reginald Arthur,

Manville, Edward,

-, Earl of, see Gordon Lennox
-, George Edward,

Marjoribanks, Hon. Edward,

-, Geoffrey,
-, Sir George Croydon,

-, Alfred,
-, C.B.,

-, Charles Edward,
-, Charles Nassau,
-, John Miller,
-, Sidney Harris Cox,

Martineau, Sir Thomas,

Mason, James Francis,

Massie, John,

Mathers, Isaac Hendry,

Matheson, Percy Ewing,

Mathew, Mrs Anna,

-, Henry, 1st Viscount Llandaff,
-, Sir William,

Maule, John Blossett,

Mawdsley, James,

-, Sir Herbert Eustace, A15
-, Sir Peter Benson,
-, Richard Cowdy,

-, George Augustus Chichester,
-, George Ernest,
-, Henry John,
-, Sir William Henry, A20

Meadows, Harry,

Mears, E. Grimwood, A20

Meff, William,

Meiklejohn, John Miller Dow,

Meldon, Charles Henry,

-, Gilbert,
-, John William,

Merrifield, Charles Watkins,

Mersey, Lord, see Bigham

Merthyr, Lord, see Lewis

Meyer, William Stevenson,

Micklem, Nathaniel,

Middlebrook, Sir William,

-, John,
-, Sir Thomas,

Midleton, Viscount, see Brodrick

Miers, Sir Henry Alexander,

Millar, Edric William Hoyer,

-, John Harry,
-, William Thomas,

Milltown, Earl of, see Leeson

Milne, Sir Alexander,

Milner, Sir Alfred, 1st Viscount Milner,

Milton, John,

Minch, Matthew Joseph,

-, Edwin Lawrence,
-, William Henry,

Mitchell-Thomson, Sir William,

Mitcheson, Richard Edmund,

Moggridge, Ernest Grant,

Molesworth, Sir Guilford Lindsey,

Molloy, Bernard Charles,

Molony, Thomas Francis,

Monck, Charles Stanley, 4th Viscount
-, Monck,

Monckton, Walter Turner (ktd. 1937),

-, George,
-, Sir James, 1st Baron Moncreiff,

Money, Sir Leo George Chiozza,

Monkswell, Lord, see Collier

Monro, Horace Cecil (ktd. 1911),

-, Hon. Edwin Samuel,
-, Samuel,

Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Walter Francis,
-, 5th Duke of Buccleuch & 7th
-, Duke of Queensberry,

Montague, Frederick,

Monteagle of Brandon, Lord, see
-, Spring-Rice

Montgomery, Robert,

Mookerjee, Sir Rajendranath,

Mooney, Joseph,

Morant, Sir Robert Laurie,

Morgan, John,

Morison, Sir Theodore,

-, Arnold,
-, Samuel,
-, Samuel Hope,

Morpeth, Viscount, see Howard

Morrell, Enoch,

-, Sir Daniel,
-, George Parker,
-, Sir Harold,
-, Sir Malcolm Alexander,

Morse, Thomas Daniel Cox,

-, Arthur Henry Aylmer,
-, Charles Henry,

Mothersole, Hartley Brinkley Newton,

Mott, Frederick Walker,

Moulton, John Fletcher,

Mount-Edgcumbe, Earl of, see Edgcumbe

Mowatt, Sir Francis,

Mowbray, Robert Gray Cornish,

Moyne, Lord, see Guinness

Muir, John,

-, Henry Lyle,
-, John,

Mundella, Anthony John,

-, Joseph Edwin Crawford,
-, Henry,

Munro-Ferguson, Ronald Craufurd,

Muntz, Philip Albert,

Murdoch, Charles Stewart,

Mure, William John,

-, Harold Lawson,
-, Nicholas Daniel,
-, Shirley Forster,

-, Sir Alexander Robertson,
-, Andrew Graham, 1st Baron Dunedin
-, (1905),
-, George Herbert,
-, William David, 5th Earl of Mansfield,

Myers, Sir Arthur Mielzener,

Naoroji, Dadabhai,

Naper, James Lennox,

Napier, Francis, 10th Baron Napier & 1st
-, Baron Ettrick,

Narbeth, John Harper,

Nares, Sir George Strong,

Naylor, Thomas Ellis,

-, Sir Christopher Thomas,
-, Frederick,

Neligan, John Chute,

-, Miss Edith,
-, Ralph,

New, Sir Henry Francis,

Newsholme, Arthur,

Newton, Francis James,

Nicholas, Sir Walter Powell,

Nicholls, George,

-, Robert Beattie,
-, William Gustavus, 1st Baron, A20

-, Alexander,
-, James Badenach,

Niemeyer, Otto Ernest,

Nimmo, Sir Adam,

Noel, Sir Gerard Henry Uctred,

Nolan, John Philip,

Norfolk, Duke of, see FitzAlan-Howard

-, Henry,
-, Sir Henry Wylie,
-, Herman Cameron,
-, Ronald Collet,

North, George Cecil,

Northampton, Marquess of, see Compton

Northbourne, Lord, see James

Northbrook, Earl of, see Baring

-, Stafford Henry, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh,
-, Walter Stafford, 2nd Earl of Iddesleigh,

Northumberland, Duke of, see Percy

Norton, Lord, see Adderley

Norwood, Charles Morgan,

-, Sir Edmund Ernest,
-, William Guy,

Noyce, Frank,

-, Anthony Francis, 11th Earl of
-, Westmeath,
-, Sir Walter Richard,

Nunn, Thomas Hancock,

Oakley, Sir John Hubert,

-, Patrick,
-, W.P.,

O'Callaghan-Westropp, George,

O'Conor, Charles Owen, known as the
-, O'Conor Don,

O'Connor, Arthur,

O'Donnell, Patrick,

O'Farrell, Sir George Plunkett,

Ogle, William,

Ogston, Alexander,

O'Kelly, Conor,

Olivier, Sydney,

O'Malley, Sir Edward Loughlin,

O'Meara, John J.,

Onslow, Richard William Alan, 5th Earl of
-, Onslow,

Oram, Sir Henry John,

Orme, Miss Eliza,

Ormsby, Henry,

Orr-Ewing, Ian Leslie,

Osler, Sir William,

Overend, William,

Overman, Henry,

-, Cecil Edgar,
-, Charles Mansfield,
-, Sir David John,
-, Francis Philip Cunliffe, A1, A2, A4
-, Henry,
-, (William) Cecil,

Owens, Sir Charles John,

Oxford, Bishop of, see Mackarness; Paget

Pagan, Robert Osborne,

-, Francis, Bishop of Oxford (1901-11),
-, Sir George Ernest,
-, Sir James,

Pakington, John Somerset Russell, 1st
-, Baron Hampton,

Palgrave, Robert Harry Inglis,

Palles, Christopher,

-, Charles Mark,
-, Archdeacon Edward,
-, Ralph Charlton,
-, Sir Roundell, 1st Baron Selborne; 1st
-, Earl of Selborne (1882),

Palmerston, Lord, see Temple

Parke, Ernest,

-, Charles Stuart,
-, Edmund Henry,
-, Ernest E.,
-, Harold,
-, Henry Watson,

Parkinson-Fortescue, Chichester Samuel,
-, 1st Baron Carlingford,

Partington, Oswald,

-, Robert,
-, Hon. William,

Paton, Diarmid Noel,

Patrick, Harry William,

-, Sir George Morison,
-, Hugh Francis,

Paulet, Henry William Montagu, 16th
-, Marquess of Winchester,

Payne, Joseph Frank,

Peacock, Sir Edward Robert,

Pearce, William,

Pearson, Robert Barclay,

Pease, Arthur,

-, Sir William Barclay,
-, Sir William Henry,

Peck, James Wallace,

Pedder, Sir John,

-, Arthur Wellesley, 1st Viscount Peel,
-, Hon. Arthur William Ashton,
-, Sidney,
-, William Augustus,
-, Hon. William Robert Wellesley, 1st
-, Earl Peel (1929),

Peile, Sir James Braithwaite,

-, Henry Thomas, 3rd Earl of Chichester,
-, Jocelyn Brudenell, 6th Earl of
-, Chichester,

Pell, Albert,

Pemberton, Edward Leigh,

Pendarves, William Cole,

Pennington, Richard,

Penrose, Miss Emily,

Penson, John Hubert,

Penzance, Lord, see Wilde

-, Algernon George, 6th Duke of
-, Northumberland,
-, Lord Eustace Sutherland Campbell,
-, Henry George, Earl Percy (9th Duke of
-, Northumberland, 1899),
-, John,

Perowne, John James Stewart,

Perrett, F.W.,

Perry, Edward William,

Petavel, Sir Joseph Ernest,

Peterborough, Bishop of, see Magee

Peters, Hedley,

Petrie, David,

Phelps, Lancelot Ridley,

Philipps, Owen Cosby,

Phillimore, Sir Robert Joseph,

Pick, Frank,

Pickford, William, 1st Baron Sterndale
-, (1918), A20

Picton, James Allanson,

Pigott, Thomas Digby,

Pigou, Arthur Cecil,

Pim, Joseph Todhunter,

Pinsent, Mrs Ellen Frances,

Pitman, James C.,

Playfair, Lyon (ktd. 1883), 1st Baron
-, Playfair (1892),

Plender, Sir William,

Pleydell Bouverie, Jacob, 6th Earl of
-, Radnor,

Plimsoll, Samuel,

Plunket, David Robert,

Pole, William,

-, Ernest Murray, 1st Baron Hanworth;
-, 1st Viscount (1936),
-, Sir Frederick,

Poole, Sir Reginald Ward Edward Lane,

Ponsonby, Frederick George Brabazon, 6th
-, Earl of Bessborough,

Popplewell, F.,

-, Alfred de Bock,
-, Andrew Marshall,

Portland, Duke of, see Cavendish-Bentinck

Powell, George Allan,

-, Miss Beryl Millicent le Poer,
-, William Henry,

Powlett, Harry George, 4th Duke of
-, Cleveland,

Pownall, Sir Assheton,

Preece, William Henry,

Preston, William Edward,

Pretorius, Martinus Wessel,

Pretyman, Ernest George,

-, Bartholomew,
-, Bonamy,

Prichard, Alfred George,

Priestley, Sir Joseph Child,

-, Archibald Philip, 5th Earl of Rosebery,
-, Sir Henry William,

Pringle, R. Hunter,

-, Sir Albert Edward,
-, Harry Goring,
-, Neil,

Prosser, John,

-, George Walter,
-, Rowland Edmund, 1st Baron Ernle
-, (1919),

Provis, Sir Samuel Butler,

Pybus, Percy John,

Rackham, Mrs Clara Dorothea,

Radnor, Earl of, see Pleydell Bouverie

Rae, James,

Rahim, Abdur,

Rahimtoola, Sir Ibrahim,

Raleigh, Sir Thomas,

-, Abel John,
-, Rai Bahadur Sir Lala Ganga,

-, George Gilbert,
-, John,
-, Sir John William, 13th Earl of
-, Dalhousie,
-, William,

Ratcliffe-Ellis, Sir Thomas Ratcliffe,

-, Hugh,
-, Samuel,

Ravenshear, Ewart Watson,

Rawlinson, Robert,

Rayleigh, Lord, see Strutt

-, George Grey,
-, Russell,

Read, Clare Sewell,

Reay, Lord, see Mackay

Redgrave, Gilbert,

Redington, Christopher Talbot,

Redmayne, Richard Augustine Studdert
-, (ktd. 1914),

Redmond, John Edward,

Redwood, Sir Boverton,

-, Albert,
-, Sir Edward James,

Reeves, Hon. William Pember,

Reid, Sir Robert Threshie, 1st Earl
-, Lorebum (1911),

Remnant, James Farquharson,

Rendall, Gerald Henry,

Rendel, Stuart, 1st Baron Rendel,

Revelstoke, Lord, see Baring

Rew, Robert Henry (ktd. 1916),

Rewcastle, Cuthbert Snowball,

Rhodes, Frederick Parker,

Rhondda, Lord, see Thomas

Rhys, John, A16

Ribblesdale, Lord, see Lister

Rice, John,

Richard, Henry,

-, Sir Frederick William,
-, John Thomas,
-, Robert,
-, Roger C.,

Richmond, Sir David,

Richmond & Gordon, Duke of, see
-, Gordon Lennox

Riddell, Walter Robert Buchanan,

Ridley, Sir Matthew White, 1st Viscount
-, Ridley (1900),

Rigg, James Harrison,

-, Bishop of, see Strong
-, Marquess of, see Robinson

-, Charles Thomson,
-, Richmond Thackeray Willoughby,

Robbins, Rowland Richard,

-, Charles Henry,
-, George Henry,
-, John Herbert,
-, Sir Owen,
-, Samuel,
-, Sir William,

-, Charles Donald,
-, Edmund, 1st Baron Lochee,
-, James Patrick Bannerman, Baron
-, Robertson,
-, Major,
-, Robert Chisholm,
-, William Tindal,

-, George Frederick Samuel, Marquess of
-, Ripon,
-, Sir Henry Augustus,
-, Sir Hercules George Robert,
-, Oswald,
-, P.F.G.,
-, William Arthur (ktd. 1919),

Roch, Walter, A20

Rockley, Lord, see Cecil

Rodwell, Benjamin Bridges Hunter,

Roebuck, John Arthur,

-, Sir Frederic, 1st Baron Blachford,
-, William,

Rolleston, Sir Humphry Davy,

Romer, Sir Robert,

Romilly, John, 1st Baron, A12

Ronaldshay, Earl of, see Dundas

Rooke, Henry A.P.,

Roper, Garnham,

Roscoe, Henry Enfield (ktd. 1884),

Rose, Sir John,

Rosebery, Earl of, see Primrose

Ross, Sir John,

Rothery, Henry Cadogan,

Rothschild, Lord, see de Rothschild

Round, Francis R.,

Roundell, Charles Savile,

Rowland, N.C.,

Rowlatt, Sir Sidney Arthur Taylor,

Rowntree, E.W.,

Rowsell, Francis William,

Roxburgh, John Archibald,

-, Sir Thomas,
-, Thomas Bland,

R ücker, Arthur William (ktd. 1902),

Rumbold, Sir Horace George Montagu,

Runciman, Walter,

Runge, J.J.,

-, Lord Alexander George,
-, Francis Charles Hastings, 9th Duke of
-, Bedford,
-, Herbrand Arthur, 11th Duke of
-, Bedford,
-, James Burn,
-, John Francis Stanley, 2nd Earl Russell,
-, William,

Rutherford, Henry,

-, Dudley Francis Stuart, 3rd Earl of
-, Harrowby,
-, George Lisle,

Ryland, Thomas Howard,

Rylands, Peter,

Sabin, Joseph Henry,

Sackville, Reginald Windsor, 7th Earl de la
-, Warr,

Sadd, Clarence Thomas Albert,

Sadler, Michael Ernest,

St. Aldwyn, Viscount, see Hicks-Beach

St. Helier, Lord, see Jeune

Salisbury, Marquess of, see Gascoyne-Cecil

-, Isidore,
-, Nowell,

Saltmarsh, Sir Edward George,

Samarth, Narayan Madhar,

Samuel, Sir Herbert Louis,

Samuelson, Bernhard (ktd. 1884),

Sanders, H.M.,

-, John Scott Burdon,
-, Oswald,

-, Sir Francis Richard,
-, Sir Herbert Bruce,

Sankey, Sir John,

-, Sir Charles Henry, A18
-, Edmund Beale,

Sassoon, Sir Ellice Victor,

Sastri, Valangimon Shankaranarayana
-, Srinivasa,

Satterthwaite, Edward,

Saunders, Thomas Bailey,

Savidge, Miss Irene,

Savory, William Scovell (ktd. 1890),

Scarffe, Gilbert E.,

Scarlett, Sir James Yorke,

Scharlieb, Mrs Mary Dacomb,

-, Arthur,
-, Sir Claud,
-, Felix Otto,

Sclater-Booth, George, 1st Baron Basing,

Scoble, Sir Andrew Richard,

-, Alexander de Courcy,
-, Sir Angus Newton,
-, Septimus Richard,
-, Robert Russell,

Scotter, Sir Charles,

Seebohm, Frederick,

Seebohm, George Frederick,

Selborne, Lord, see Palmer

Selby, Viscount, see Gully

Sellar, Alexander Craig,

Selwin-Ibbetson, Sir Henry John,

Setalvad, Sir Chimanlal Harilal,

Seton-Karr, Sir Henry,

Sexton, Thomas,

-, Edward Adolphus, 12th Duke of
-, Somerset,
-, Sir Michael,

Shackleton, David James,

Shand, Alexander Burns, 1st Baron Shand,

Sharp, Sir Henry,

-, Alexander,
-, Arthur,
-, Thomas, Baron Shaw,
-, William,

Shaw-Lefevre, George John,

Shaw-Stewart, Michael Hugh,

Shearman, Sir Montague,

Sherbrooke, Viscount, see Lowe

Sherwell, Arthur,

Shipley, Arthur Everett (ktd. 1920),

Shipton, George,

Shortt, Edward,

Shuttleworth, Lord, see Kay Shuttleworth

Sibly, Thomas Franklin,

-, Mrs Eleanor Mildred,
-, Henry,

Sigerson, George,

-, Sir John Lintorn Arabin,
-, William Anker,

-, John,
-, John Allsebrook (ktd. 1910),
-, Mrs Shena Dorothy,

Simpson, Thomas Blantyre,

Sinclair, John Robert,

Singh, Bahadur Sir Lakshmiswar,
-, Maharajah of Darbhanga,

Skeffington, Francis Sheehy,

-, Sir Sydney Martyn,
-, Thomas,

Skurray, Thomas,

Sladen, Sir Sampson,

Slagg, John,

Slattery, Henry Francis,

Slaughter, William Capel,

Sleight, William Blomefield,

Sly, Frank George,

Smart, William,

Smillie, Robert,

-, Sir Allan MacGregor,
-, Benjamin Frederick,
-, Donald Alexander, 1st Baron
-, Strathcona & Mount Royal,
-, Edward Orford,
-, Francis William Head,
-, Frederick Henry, 1st Baron Colwyn,
-, George Murray,
-, Sir Henry Babington,
-, Henry Riley,
-, Herbert,
-, Hubert Llewellyn,
-, James Lorrain,
-, James Richard Bullen,
-, Lawrence Douglas,
-, Sir Montague Edward,
-, Sydney Arthur,
-, Swire,
-, Walter Robert,
-, William,
-, William Frederick Danvers, 2nd
-, Viscount Hambleden,
-, William Henry,

-, James Lawrence,
-, Warington Wilkinson,

Snell, Harry,

-, Mrs Ethel,
-, Philip,

-, Digby Lewis,
-, Sir Richard,

Somerset, Duke of, see Seymour

Somerville, William,

Sopwith, Arthur,

Sotheby, Sir Edward Southwell,

-, Lord, see Causton
-, Bishop of, see Burge

Speir, John,

Spence, A.,

-, Aubrey J.,
-, John Poyntz, 5th Earl Spencer,

Spencer-Churchill, Lord Randolph Henry,

Spender, John Alfred,

Spens, Will,

Spicer, Sir Albert,

-, Stephen Edward,
-, Thomas, 2nd Baron Monteagle of
-, Brandon,

Spurgeon, Arthur,

Stafford, Thomas Joseph,

Stamp, Josiah Charles,

-, Hon. Edward,
-, Philip Henry, 6th Earl Stanhope,

-, Edward George Villiers, 17th Earl of
-, Derby,
-, Edward Henry, 15th Earl of Derby,
-, Hon. Edward Lyulph,
-, Frederick Arthur, 16th Earl of Derby,

Stansfeld, James,

Starkie, William Joseph Myles,

Starling, Frederick Charles,

Stavert, Sir William Ewen,

Steegmann, Edward J.,

Stenning, Sir Alexander Rose,

Stephen, James Fitzjames (ktd. 1877),

-, Isaac,
-, Sir William Henry,

-, James Cochrane,
-, Thomas,

-, Sir Donald Martin,
-, Sir Robert,
-, Samuel Findlater,
-, William,

Stewart-Murray, Katharine Marjory,
-, Duchess of Atholl,

Stewart-Smith, Dudley,

Stilgoe, Henry Edward,

Stirling-Maxwell, Sir William,

Stockall, James John,

-, Charles Lancelot,
-, Mrs Mary Danvers,

Stockton, Sir Edwin Forsyth,

-, George Gabriel,
-, Sir John,

Stone, Gilbert,

Storey, Samuel,

Story, Fraser,

Strachey, Edward, 1st Baron Strachie,

Strachie, Lord, see Strachey

Strahan, Aubrey,

Strakosch, Sir Henry,

Strathcona & Mount Royal, Lord, see
-, Howard; Smith

Stratton, William,

Streatfeild, Mrs Lucy Anne Evelyn,

-, Arthur William,
-, Joseph Edward,
-, Philip Whistler,

Strong, Thomas Banks, Bishop of Ripon,

-, Hon. Edward Gerald,
-, Hon. John William, 3rd Baron
-, Rayleigh (1873),

Stuart, James,

Stuart-Gray, Hon. Francis James,

Stuart-Wortley, Charles Beilby,

-, Sir Reginald Edward,
-, William,

Summerbell, Thomas,

Sumner, Lord, see Hamilton

-, Angus,
-, Charles Leslie,
-, Duke of, see Sutherland Leveson gower
-, Sir Thomas,

Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Cromartie, 4th
-, Duke of Sutherland,

Sydenham, Lord, see Clarke

Swettenham, Sir Frank Athelstane,

Swinton, Archibald Campbell,

-, Aubrey Vere,
-, Guy,

Symons, Miss Madeleine Jane,

Synnott, Nicholas John,

-, Archibald Campbell, Archbishop of
-, Canterbury,
-, Henry,
-, Peter Guthrie,

-, George John,
-, John Gilbert,
-, Dame Meriel Lucy,

Tatlow, James,

Tatton, Reginald Arthur,

Taubmann-Goldie, Sir George Dashwood,

Tawney, Richard Henry,

-, Austin,
-, Henry Mead,
-, Samuel,
-, Sir William Francis Kyffin,
-, William John,

Teall, Jethro Justinian Harris,

Tedder, Henry Richard,

Telfer, William Hamilton,

-, Frederick, Bishop of Exeter (1869-85);
-, of London (1885-1896);
-, Archbishop of Canterbury
-, (1897-1902),
-, Henry John, 3rd Viscount Palmerston,
-, Sir Richard,

Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos
-, Grenville, Richard Plantagenet
-, Campbell, 3rd Duke of
-, Buckingham & Chandos,

-, H.V.,
-, John Trenchard,
-, Mrs Margaret Mary Edith, usually
-, known as May (see also Abraham;
-, m. Harold John Tennant in 1896),

Terrington, Lord, see Woodhouse

Thakurdas, Sir Purshotamdas,

-, Hon. Alfred Henry,
-, Frederic John Napier, 1st Viscount
-, Chelmsford,

-, Carmichael,
-, Daniel Lleufer,
-, David Alfred, 1st Viscount,
-, Josiah,
-, Owen,
-, Richard Arthur,
-, Richard Macaulay,

Thompson, John Walker,

-, Sir Courtauld,
-, George Walker,
-, Robert Collier,
-, William, Archbishop of York
-, (1862-90),
-, Sir William, 1st Baron Kelvin (1892),

Thorne, Richard Thorne (ktd. 1897),

Thorpe, Thomas Edward (ktd. 1909),

-, John Alexander, 4th Marquess of Bath,
-, Thomas Henry, 5th Marquess of Bath,

Tillett, Ben,

Tod, Marcus Niebuhr,

Tolerton Robert Hill,

Tomkinson, James,

Tomlin, Thomas James Chesshyre, Baron
-, Tomlin,

Torrance, John,

Torrens, William Torrens McCullagh,

Tottenham, Arthur Loftus,

Townsend, John Sealy Edward,

Toye, Dudley Bulmer,

Traill, Anthony,

Travers, John Amory,

-, George Macaulay,
-, George Otto,

Treves, Sir Frederick,

Trollope, Anthony,

Trotter, Henry Alexander,

Trouncer, Harold Moltke,

Troup, Sir Edward,

Trow, Edward,

Trower, Sir Walter,

Truro, Bishop of, see Benson

Tuckwell, Miss Gertrude Mary,

Tunstill, William,

Tupper, Sir Charles,

-, Jabez,
-, William,

Turton, Edmund Russborough,

Twentyman, Edward,

Tyndall, John,

Ullswater, Viscount, see Lowther

Umpherston, Francis Albert,

Upcott, Sir Frederick Robert,

Ure, John,

Vallance, William,

Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Charles Stewart
-, Henry, 7th Marquess of
-, Londonderry,

Van Oven, Lionel,

Varley, Frank Bradley,

Vassar-Smith, Sir Richard Vassar,

Vaughan-Morgan, Kenyon Pascoe,

Vaughan-Williams, Sir Roland Lomax
-, Bowdler,

Venables, George,

Venables Vernon
-, Augustus Henry, 6th Baron Vernon,
-, George William Henry, 7th Baron
-, Vernon,

Vernet, Sir Henry Augustus,

Verney, Frederick William,

Vernon, Lord, see Venables Vernon

Vesey, John Robert William, 4th Viscount
-, de Vesci,

Vigers, Robert,

Vigor, H.D.

Viharidas, Haridas,

-, George Herbert Hyde, 6th Earl of
-, Clarendon,
-, Victor Albert George Child, 7th Earl of
-, Jersey,

Vincent, Sir Edgar, 1st Baron D'Abernon
-, (1914); 1st Viscount (1926),

-, Henry,
-, Sir Henry Hussey,

Vyle, Gilbert Christopher,

-, Henry Russell,
-, Leonard Charles,

Waldron, Laurence Ambrose,

Wales, Prince of, see Albert Edward;
-, George Frederick Ernest Albert

-, John Felix,
-, Sigismund David,

-, Charles,
-, George J.,
-, Sir Henry,
-, John,
-, Robert Barrie,

Wallace, Sir Matthew Gemmill,

Wallas, Graham,

Wallis, John David,

-, Horace George,
-, Spencer Horatio,

-, Frederick William,
-, Stephen,

Walton, William,

-, John,
-, Sir Joseph George,
-, Wilfred,
-, William Humble, 2nd Earl of Dudley,

Wark, John Lean,

Warmington, Sir Cornelius Marshall,

-, Mrs Ellen Paulina Lee,
-, William Lee,

Warr, Henry Denny,

Warrack, John,

Warren, Sir Norcot Hastings Yeeles,

-, Alfred,
-, Gilbert,

Waterlow, Sir Sydney Hedley,

-, Sir Alfred William,
-, Charles Moore, A10
-, Sir James,
-, William,
-, Hon. William,

Watts, Sir Philip,

Waymouth, Barnard,

Weaver, Sir Lawrence,

-, Mrs Beatrice,
-, Sidney,

-, James Alexander,
-, Richard Everard, 1st Baron Alverstone,

Wedderburn, Sir William,

Wedgwood, Josiah, C., A21

Welby, Reginald Earle, 1st Baron Welby,

Welldon, James Edward Cowell,

Welsh, James Carmichael,

West, Algernon Edward (ktd. 1886),

Westcott, Brooke Foss,

Westmeath, Earl of, see Nugent

Westminster, Duke of, see Grosvenor

Wharton, John Lloyd,

Wheeler, Henry,

Wheler, Granville Charles Hastings,

-, Francis Pelham,
-, Samuel,

-, Frederick Meadows,
-, Sir George,
-, Sir George Stuart,
-, John,

Whitehead, Charles,

Whitelaw, William Martin,

-, Benjamin Arthur,
-, Maurice Horsley,

White-Todd, Sir Joseph,

Whitley, John Henry,

Whitmore, Charles Algernon,

Whittaker, Thomas Palmer (ktd. 1906),

Whyte, Sir William Edward,

Wigram, Alfred Money,

Wilde, James Plaisted, 1st Baron Penzance,

Wilkins, J. Edward,

-, Edward,
-, Henry Spenser,

-, Arthur John,
-, Sir Arthur Osmond,
-, Evan,
-, Frank James,
-, Hugh Robert,
-, Sir John,
-, Sir John Fischer,
-, John Lloyd Vaughan Seymour,
-, William Llewellyn,

-, Alexander William,
-, Sir Archibald, A
-, Victor Alexander,

Willis, Frederick James,

Wills, John Joseph,

-, Arthur Stanley,
-, Charles William,
-, George,
-, Henry Joseph,
-, Horace John,
-, Jacob,
-, John (1860-1938),
-, John (1844-1918), ktd.
-, John (Architectural Inspector of LGB,
-, Scotland),
-, Miss,

Wilson Patten, John, 1st Baron
-, Winmarleigh,

-, Bishop of, see Browne
-, Marquess of, see Paulet

Windsor, Lord, see Windsor Clive

Windsor-Clive, Robert George, 1st Baron
-, Windsor,

Winmarleigh, Lord, see Wilson Patten

Wintour, Ulick Fitzgerald, All

Wintringham, Mrs Margaret,

Witt, Sir Robert Clermont,

-, Edmond Robert,
-, John, 1st Earl of Kimberley,

Wolfe-Barry, Sir John Wolfe,

-, Gustav Wilhelm,
-, Sir Henry Drummond,

-, A.E.,
-, Edward,
-, Sir Henry Evelyn,
-, Sir Henry Trueman, A
-, Lindsay (ktd. 1897),
-, Nicholas,
-, Sydney Herbert,

Woodall, William,

Woodcock, Hubert Bayley Drysdale,

Woodford, James Russell, Bishop of Ely,

Woodhead, German Sims,

Woodhouse, Sir James Thomas, 1st Baron
-, Terrington,

Woodyatt-Hastings, George,

Woolley, William Downing,

Wootton, Mrs Barbara Frances,

Worley, Sir Arthur,

Wormell, Richard,

Wortley, Charles Stuart,

Wright, Thomas Anthony, A

Wyndham-Quin, Wyndham Thomas, 4th
-, Earl of Dunraven & Mount Earl,

Yarrow, Alfred Fernandez,

York, Archbishop of, see Lang; Thomson

Yorke, John Reginald,

-, Sir Charles Lawrence,
-, Edward Hilton,
-, Sir George,
-, Sir John, 1st Baron Lisgar,
-, Ralph,
-, Samuel,
-, William,

-, George,
-, Robert, 1st Baron Blanesburgh,
-, Sir William,

Yoxall, James Henry,