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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 2, Officials of the Secretaries of State 1660-1782. Originally published by University of London, London, 1973.

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In Manuscript

All Souls Library, Oxford All Souls MSS.

Bedford Settled Estates Office, London Bedford Papers.

Berkshire Record Office, Reading Trumbull Papers.

Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire Sunderland Papers.

Bodleian Library, Oxford Rawlinson MSS.

British Museum, London

Add. 25118 Coventry Papers.
Add. 28875-28956 Ellis Papers.
Add. 32686-33057 Newcastle Papers.
Add. 34095, 34096 Dutton Colt Papers.
Add. 35104, 35107 Southwell Papers.
Add. 37983, 37990 Blathwayt Papers.
Add. 38339, 38357, 38358 Liverpool Papers.
Add. 40783-40786 Vernon Papers.
Add. 41806 Middleton Papers.
Add. 45519, 45520 Willes Papers.
Add. 45731 Poley Papers.
Add. 51463, 51464 Holland House Papers.
Add. 56240 Blathwayt Papers.
Loan 29/45A, 162-3, 263, 356 Harley Papers.

Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington Folger MSS.

Kent Record Office, Maidstone Stanhope Papers.

Leicestershire Record Office, Leicester Finch Papers (Box V on temporary deposit at the National Register of Archives, London).

Longleat House, Warminster, Wiltshire Coventry Papers.

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh Tweeddale Papers.

Northamptonshire Record Office, Northampton Isham Papers.

Public Record Office, London

AO 1/420/119, Declared Accounts: Treasurer of Chamber 1761-2,
AO 1/426/219 1781-2.
AO 1/2324/62 Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor 1747-8.
AO 3/789 Declared Accounts: Paymaster of Pensions 1731-47.
AO 3/1102 Declared Accounts: Treasury Solicitor 1750-86.
C 66 Patent Rolls.
CO 389/36 Petitions, Orders in Council, etc., Board of Trade Accounts 1696-1710.
CO 701/1-3 Colonial Office Contingent Accounts 1795-1844.
FO 95/591/1 Foreign Office Establishment 1769-99.
FO 366/413 Papers relating to London Gazette.
FO 366/669, 671 Foreign Office Letter Books: Out Letters and internal memoranda 1779-89, 1797-1809.
HO 36/4 Home Office: Treasury Entry Book 1783-5.
HO 38 Home Office Warrant Books.
HO 39/6, 12 Papers relating to Signet Office 1800-50.
HO 42 Home Office: Domestic Letters and Papers.
HO 82/3 Home Office Contingent Accounts 1788-1837.
Ind. 6761-6770 Privy Seal Docquets 1724-1812.
LC 3/63-65 Lord Chamberlain's Appointment Books 1714-93.
LS 13/231 Poll Tax Assessment July 1689.
PC 2 Privy Council Registers.
PRO 30/8/83, 232 Chatham Papers.
PRO 30/47/31/1-7 Official Accounts of Earl of Egremont 1761-3.
Prob 8 Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Probate Act Books.
Prob 11 Prerogative Court of Canterbury: Registered copies of wills.
SO 5/1-4, 20-1 Signet Office Accounts 1711-1835.
SO 5/43 Signet Office Apportionment Book 1835-51.
SP 29/365 Secretary's Fee Book 1674-9.
SP 34 State Papers: Anne.
SP 35 State Papers: George I.
SP 36 State Papers: George II.
SP 44 Domestic Entry Books.
SP 45/8 Precedent Book 1706-80.
SP 45/26-35 Secretaries' Fee Books 1727-82.
SP 45/75 State Paper Office: Establishment Book 1800-54.
SP 55 Letter Books, Scotland.
SP 104/242 Under Secretaries' Foreign Entry Book 1763-8.
T 1/579 Schedule 2 Return relating to office of third Secretary of State 1782.
T 29 Treasury minutes.
T 52 King's warrants.
T 53 Warrants relating to money.
T 54 Warrants not relating to money.

Staffordshire Record Office, Stafford Dartmouth Papers.

William L. Clements Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan Shelburne Papers.

In Print

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Compleat History A Compleat History of Europe: or a view of the affairs thereof, civil and military. 7 vols. London 1701-9.
Court and City Reg. Court and City Register.
CSPD Calendar of State Papers Domestic. 94 vols., 1547-1704. London 1856-1964.
CTB Calendar of Treasury Books. 32 vols., 1660-1718. London 1904-69.
CTBP Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers. 5 vols., 1729-45. London 1897-1903.
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1st Rept. on Fees First Report from Commissioners for Enquiring into Fees in Public Offices 1786 (HC 1806, vii).
Gent. Mag. Gentleman's Magazine.
Hist. Reg. Chron. Historical Register . . . Chronological Diary.
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