Index of offices and departments

Pages 123-124

Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 3, Officials of the Boards of Trade 1660-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1974.

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Assistant Inspector General of Railways,

Assistant Office Keeper,

Assistant Secretaries,

Assistant Secretary 1692-6 see Secretary 1675-96 and Assistant Secretary 1692-6

Assistant Secretary and Assistant (Railway Department),

Assistants, ; (Plantations), ; (Railway Department) see Assistant Secretary and Assistant (Railway Department); (Statistical Department),


Chief Clerk,

Chief of Meteorological Department,

Clerks (1672-4), ; (1675-96), ; (1696-1782), ; (1786-1822), ; (Corn Department), ; (Marine Department), ; (Plantations), ; (Railway Department), ; (Standard Department),

Commissioners (1672-4), ; (1696-1782), ; (Plantations), ; (Trade),

Commissioners of Railways,

Comptroller of Corn Returns see Receiver and Comptroller of Corn Returns Copyists,

Corn Department,

Corresponding Clerk (Railway Department), Counsel,

Deputy Accountant,

Deputy Receiver and Comptroller of Corn Returns,

Deputy Secretary,


Extra Messengers see Messengers (1786-1870)
-, Firelighter,

First Class Clerks (1822-9), ; (1857-63),

First Lord see Commissioners (1696-1782)

Housekeeper (Necessary Woman),

Inspector General of Railways,

Inspectors of Railways,

Junior Clerks, ; (Railway Department), ; (Statistical Department),

Junior Supplementary Clerks,

Junior (Third Class) Clerks,

Law and Corresponding Clerk (Railway Department),

Law Clerk,

Legal Assistant, ; (Railway Department),


Marine Department,

Marine Secretary see Secretaries
-, Mechanic (Standard Department),

Members (1675-96), ; (1784-6), ; (1786-1870),

Members of Railway Board,

Messengers (1672-4), ; (1696-1782), ; (1786-1870), ; (Plantations), ; (Railway Department),

Nautical Assessors,

Necessary Woman, ; see also Housekeeper

Office Keepers (1696-1782), ; (1786-1870), ; (Railway Department),

Old Senior Clerks,

Parliamentary Secretary,

Permanent Secretary,

Porter (1724-82), ; (1787-1870), ; (Railway Department),

Précis Writer,

President, ; see also Commissioners (1672-4); (Plantations) see Commissioners (Plantations)

President of Railway Commission see Commissioners of Railways

Private Secretaries; to President, ; to President of Railway Commission, ; to Secretaries, ; to Vice President,

Professional Members (Marine Department),

Railway Department,

Receiver and Comptroller of Corn Returns,

Registrar, ; (Railway Department),

Second Class Clerks, ; see also Senior (Second Class) Clerks

Secretaries (1672-4), ; (1675v;96) see Secretary 1675-96 and Assistant Secretary 1692-6; (1696-1782), ; (Marine Department), ; (Plantations), ; (Railway Department), 70; (Trade),

Secretary 1675-96 and Assistant Secretary 1692-1696,

Senior Clerks (1853-7), ; (1863-70), ; (Railway Department), ; (Statistical Department),

Senior Member of Railway Board, see Superintendent and Senior Member of Railway Board

Senior (Second Class) Clerks,

Senior Supplementary Clerks,

Solicitor and Clerk of Reports,

Standard Department,

Statistical and Topographical Assistant (Railway Department),

Statistical Department,

Superintendent and Senior Member of Railway Board,

Superintendent of Statistical Department,

Supernumerary Clerks, ; (Railway Department),

Surveyor General of Steam Ships,

Third Class Clerks, ; see also Junior (Third Class) Clerks


Vice President, ; see also Commissioners (1672-1674)

Warden of the Standards,