Index of officials

Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 9, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1815-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1984.

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'Index of officials', Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 9, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1815-1870, (London, 1984), pp. 92-105. British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

. "Index of officials", in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 9, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1815-1870, (London, 1984) 92-105. British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

. "Index of officials", Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 9, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1815-1870, (London, 1984). 92-105. British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,

Abbot, Reginald Charles Edward, 3rd Lord Colchester

-, Charles, 1st Lord Tenterden,
-, Charles Stuart Aubrey, see also
-, Sir Frederick,

-, Henry Wentworth,
-, Thomas Dyke,

Adair, Robert Alexander Shafto,

Adam, Sir Charles,

Adams, William,

Adderley, Charles Bowyer (ktd. 23 June 1869),

Airey, Julius Talbot,

Airy, George Biddell,

Albemarle, Earl of see Keppel

Alderson, Edward Hall (ktd. 17 Nov. 1830),

-, Thomas,
-, William (ktd. 19 Jan. 1824),

Allen, Joseph (cons. Bishop of Bristol 7 Dec. 1834),

Allsopp Lowdham, Lewis,

-, James,
-, William George,

Anson, Thomas George, 2nd Earl of Lichfield,

Applegarth, Robert,

Argyll, Duke of see Campbell, George Douglas

Armagh, Archbishop of see Beresford

-, John,
-, Robert Baynes,
-, Sir William George,

Arnold, Matthew,

Arundel and Surrey, Earl of see Fitzalan Howard

Ashley Cooper, Anthony, styled Lord Ashley 1811-51 (succ. as 7th Earl of Shaftesbury 2 June 1851),

Atherton, Sir William,

-, Anthony,
-, Charles,
-, Henry,

Ayrton, Acton Smee,

Aytoun, Roger Sinclair,

Babington, Benjamin,

-, Francis Henry,
-, James,

Baillie Hamilton, William Alexander,

Bain, Alexander,

Baines, Edward,

-, Geroge,
-, Thomas Graham,

Baly, William,

Bangor, Bishop of see Bethell, Christopher

Banks, Sir Joseph 1st Bart.,

Barber, Charles Chapman,

Barham, Charles,

-, Francis Thornhill,
-, Thomas,
-, Thomas George, 1st Lord Northbrook,

Barker, John Edward,

Barlow, Peter,

Barnes, Sir Edward,

Barrett Lennard, George,

-, Charles,
-, Sir David,

Barstow, Thomas Irwin,

Barttelot, Walter Barttelot,

Bateman, John Frederic,

-, William Gandy,
-, William Henry,

Bathurst see Bragge Bathurst

Bayley, W. P.,

Bazley, Thomas,

Beach see Hicks Beach

Beames, John,

Beauchamp, Earl see Lygon

Beaufort, Francis,

Beaumont, Lord see Stapleton

Beche see de la Beche

Bell, Sir John,

Belmore, Earl see Lowry Corry

Benson, Ralph Augustus,

Bentinck, Sir Henry John William,

Beresford, Marcus Gervais, Archbishop of Armagh (1862-85),

Beresford Hope, Alexander James Beresford,

Bernard, Mountague,

-, William Draper, 1st Lord Wynford,
-, William Samuel, 2nd Lord Wynford,

-, Christopher, Bishop of Gloucester 1824-30 (trs. Exeter 11 June 1830, Bangor 28 Oct. 1830),
-, Richard (ktd. 13 June 1853; cr. Lord Westbury 27 June 1861)

Bethune see Drinkwater; Drinkwater Bethune

Bickersteth, Henry, 1st Lord Langdale,

Bingham, Peregrine,

Bircham, Francis Thomas,

Birley, William Hornby,

Bishop, Henry,

Bisset, Sir John,

Bissett, Andrew,

Blachford, Thomas John,

-, Colin (ktd. 24 April 1860),
-, Peter,

Blackburne, John,

Blackwood see Hamilton Blackwood

Blake, Anthony Richard,

Blandford, Marquess of see Spencer Churchill

Blomfield, Charles James, Bishop of London (1828-56),

Blunt, John Elijah,

Bompas, Henry Mason,

Bonham Carter, John,

Booth, James,

Bosanquet, John Bernard (ktd. 2 Feb. 1830),

Bourke, Richard Southwell, styled Lord Naas 1849-67 (succ. as 6th Earl of Mayo 12 Aug. 1867),

Bourne see Sturges Bourne

Bouverie see Pleydell Bouverie

Bovill, Sir William,

Bowles, William,

Bowring, John,

Bowyer, Sir George 7th Bart.,

-, Charles John,
-, Robert Frederick,

Bradshaw, Thomas Joseph,

Bragge Bathurst, Charles,

Bramwell, George William Wilshere (ktd. 30 Jan. 1856),

Brande, William Thomas,

Bremer, Sir James John Gordon,

Brereton, Sir William,

Bridges, John Henry,

Bright, John,

Bristol, Bishop of see Allen; see also Gloucester and Bristol, Bishop of

Broderip, Francis,

Brodie, Peter Bellinger,

Brougham, Henry Peter, 1st Lord Brougham,

Broughton, Lord see Hobhouse, Sir John Cam

Brown, Sir George,

-, Henry Austin,
-, see also Knight Bruce

Brunel, Isambard Kingdom,

Bryce, James,

Buccleuch, Duke of see Montagu Douglas Scott

Buckle, John,

Bucknall Estcourt see Estcourt

-, Arthur William,
-, George,

Bullock, E.,

Burgoyne, Sir John Fox,

Burn, John Southerden,

Burnaby, Sherrard Beaumont,

Burns, James Glencairn,

Burrough, James,

Burstal, Edward,

Burton, Francis,

Bute, Marquess of see Crichton Stuart

-, Henry Montagu,
-, Spencer Perceval,

-, Charles,
-, Sir Edward North 2nd Bart.,

-, Hon. Frederick Gerald,
-, John, 1st Lord Strafford,

Caird, James,

Cairns, Sir Hugh McCalmont (cr. Lord Cairns 27 Feb. 1867),

Cambridge, Duke of see George William Frederick Charles

-, Charles Hay, 5b; see also
-, Duncan Alexander (ktd. 20 Feb. 1864)

-, Sir Archibald Islay 3rd Bart.,
-, George,
-, George Douglas,8th Duke of Argyll,
-, John,
-, John (cr. Lord Campbell 30 June 1841),
-, John Francis,

Campion, Charles Walter,

Canning, Charles John, 2nd Viscount Canning,

Canterbury, Archbishop of see Howley; Longley; Sumner, John Bird; Tait

Cardwell, Edward,

Carey, William, Bishop of Exeter 1820-30 (trs. St. Asaph 7 April 1830)

-, Bishop of see Goodwin
-, Nicholas,

Carmalt, William,

Carnarvon, Earl of see Herbert, Henry Howard Molyneux

Carrington, Sir Codrington Edmund,

Carroll, Sir George,

Carter see Bonham Carter

Cathcart, Charles Murray, 2nd Earl Cathcart,

Cave, Stephen,

Cave Browne Cave, Thomas,

-, Spencer Compton, styled Marquess of Hartington (1858-91),
-, William, 7th Duke of Devonshire,

Cecil see Gascoyne Cecil

Ceeley, Robert,

Chadwick, Edwin, see also

Champneys, William Weldon,

Chance, George,

Chandler, George,

Chandos, Marquess of see Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville

Chaney, Henry James,

-, Aaron,
-, Frederick Edward,
-, Henry Samuel,
-, John James,

Charteris, Francis Richard, styled Lord Elcho (1853-83),

Chelmsford, Lord see Thesiger

Chesney, Charles Cornwallis,

Chester, Bishop of see Graham, John; Jacobson; Sumner, John Bird

Chichester, Earl of see Pelham

Childers, Hugh Culling Eardley,

Chisholm, Henry Williams,

Cholmondeley, Charles James, 4th Earl of Cholmondeley (cr. Marquess of Cholmondeley 22 Nov. 1815),

Christison, Robert,

Churchill see Spencer Churchill

Clarendon, Earl of see Villiers, George William Frederick

-, Edmund,
-, George Thomas,
-, Sir James 1st Bart.,
-, Clay, Sir William 1st Bart.,

Clerk, Sir George 6th Bart.,

Clinton see Pelham Clinton

-, George,
-, Hon. Robert Henry,

-, Alexander James Edmund (ktd. 14 Aug. 1850; succ. as 12th Bart. 30 April 1858),
-, Sir George,

Cockerell, Charles Robert,

Codd, Harrison Gordon,

Codrington, Sir Edward, 44

-, John, 1st Lord Seaton, 68
-, Lord see Ridley Colborne

Colchester, Lord see Abbot

-, John Duke (ktd. 12 Dec. 1868; cr. Lord Coleridge 10 Jan. 1874),
-, Sir John Taylor

-, John Payne,
-, Sir Robert Porrett,

Collin, George,

Collinson, Richard,

Colquhoun Stirling Murray Dunlop see Murray Dunlop

Congreve, Sir William 2nd Bart.,

Conyngham, Francis Nathaniel, 2nd Marquess Conyngham,

-, George,
-, John

Cooke, Edward,

Cookson, William Strickland,

Cooper see Ashley Cooper

Coote, Holmes,

Copley, John Singleton, 1st Lord Lyndhurst,

Corry see Lowry Corry

Cottenham, Lord see Pepys

Cotton, William,

Coulson, Walter,

-, William,
-, William Reginald, 11th Earl of Devon,

Cowell, John Welsford,

Cowper Temple, Hon. William Francis,

Cox, Samuel Compton,

Cranborne, Viscount see Gascoyne Cecil, Robert Arthur Talbot

Cranworth, Lord see Rolfe

-, Robert Wigram,
-, William,

Cresswell, Sir Cresswell,

Crichton Stuart, John, 2nd Marquess of Bute,

Cripps, William,

Crompton, Charles John (ktd. 26 Feb. 1852),

Cross, Sir John,

-, Thomas,
-, William (1785-1861),
-, William (1791-1863),

Culley, George,

Cumin, Patrick,

Cusack Smith, Thomas Berry,

Dale, Thomas,

Dalglish, Robert,

Dalhousie, Earls of see Maule; Ramsay, James Andrew

Dalrymple Hay, John Charles,

Dalrymple Horne Elphinstone, Sir James 2nd Bart.,

Dampier, John Lucius,

Daniel, William Thomas Shave,

-, Edward Lynch,
-, George, 5a

Davey, Richard,

Davie see Ferguson Davie

Dealtry, Henry,

Deedes, William,

de Grenier Fonblanque, John Samuel Martin,

de Grey, Earl see Robinson, George Frederick SamueL

de la Beche, Sir Henry Thomas,

de Lousada, Francis,

-, Edmund,
-, John Evelyn,
-, William Thomas (ktd. 1 Aug. 1846),

de Ros, Lord see Fitzgerald de Ros

Devon, Earl of see Courtenay, William Reginald

Devonshire, Duke of see Cavendish, William

Dew, Edward L'Estrange,

Dickinson, Joseph,

Dickson, Sir Alexander,

Dodson, Sir John,

Donoughmore, Earl of see Hely Hutchinson

Douglas, Robert Percy,

Douglas Pennant, Hon. Edward Gordon,

Dowling, Alfred Septimus,

Downshire, Marquess of see Hill, Arthur W. B. S. T.

Drinkwater (from 1837 Drinkwater Bethune), John Elliott,

Drinkwater Bethune, Charles Ramsay,

Drummond, Henry,

Dublin, Archbishop of see Trench

Ducie, Earls of see Reynolds Moreton

Duckworth, Samuel,

Dufferin, Lord see Hamilton Blackwood

Duke, Sir James 1st Bart,

Dunbar, Duncan,

-, Sir Robert Lawrence,
-, see also Saunders Dundas

Dunlop see Murray Dunlop

Durham, Bishop of see Maltby; Van Mildert

Duval, Lewis,

Dwarris, Fortunatus William Lilley,

Eagle, Francis King,

Eardley Wilmot, Frederick Marow,

East, Sir Edward Hyde 1st Bart.,

Ebury, Lord see Grosvenor

-, Frederick,
-, Hon. Robert Henley (succ. as 2nd Lord Henley 13 Dec. 1830),
-, Hon. Robert John,

Edwards, Nathaniel Forester,

-, Hon. Algernon Fulke,
-, Edward Christopher,
-, Francis, 1st Earl of Ellesmere,
-, see also Grey Egerton

Elcho, Lord see Charteris

Eldon, Earl of see Scott, John

Eliot, Edward Granville, styled Lord Eliot (1823-45),

-, Earl of see Law, Edward
-, Lord see Law, Edward

Ellesmere, Earl of see Egerton, Francis

Ellice, Edward,

Ellicott, Charles John, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol (1863-1905),

-, George,
-, Hon. George,

Elliot Murray Kynmound, Gilbert, 2nd Earl of Minto,

-, Thomas Flower,
-, Wynn,

Elphinstone see Dalrymple Horne Elphinstone

Elton, Charles Isaac,

Enderby, Charles,

-, Peter,
-, Sir William,

-, Hon. Thomas,
-, see also St. Clair Erskine

Escott, Bickham Sweet,

Estcourt (from 1824 Bucknall Estcourt), Thomas Grimston,

-, Frederick John Owen,
-, Sir George de Lacy
-, Joshua

Eve, Henry Weston,

Everett, Henry,

Eversley, Viscount see Shaw Lefevre, Charles

-, Charles Brisbane,
-, William

Exeter, Bishop of see Bethell, Chistopher; Carey

Eyre, Henry,

Fairbairn, William,

Fane, William Dashwood,

Faraday, Michael,

Farncomb, Thomas,

Farrer, William James,

Faulkner, George,

-, Daniel Robert,
-, John Peter,

Fellows, John Michael,

Ferguson Davie, John Davie,

-, James,
-, Robert Cutlar

Ffennell, William Joshua,

Field, Edwin Wilkins,

Finch, Hon. Daniel,

-, Robert Alexander,
-, William Richard,

Fitch, Joshua Girling,

Fitzalan Howard, Henry Granville, styled Earl of Arundel and Surrey (1842-56),

Fitzgerald de Ros, William Lennox Lascelles, 23rd Lord de Ros,

Fitzmaurice see Petty Fitzmaurice

-, Hon. Henry,
-, Robert,

Fletcher, Joseph,

Fonblanque see de Grenier Fonblanque

Ford, Richard,

-, Thomas Emerson,
-, William Edward
-, Sir William Frederick

Foster, Alexander Frederic,

Frankland, Edward,

Franks, Robert Hugh,

Fraser, James,

Freeman Mitford
-, John, 1st Lord Redesdale,
-, John Thomas, 2nd Lord Redesdale,

French, Henry John,

Frere, George,

Froude, J. J.,

Gaisford, Thomas,

Gale, Samuel,

Gally Knight, Henry,

Galton, Douglas Strutt,

Gambier, Edward John (ktd. 6 Aug. 1834),

Garrow, Sir William,

Gascoyne Cecil
-, Lord Eustace Brownlow Henry,
-, James Brownlow William, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury,
-, Robert Arthur Talbot, styled Viscount Cranborne (1865-8),

Gawler, Henry,

Geddes, John,

George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge,

Gibbs, Sir Vicary,

Gibson, George Tallentire,

-, George Markham (ktd. 14 May 1868),
-, Henry Alexander

-, Earl of see Hay
-, Robert, 1st Lord Gifford,

Gilbert, Davies,

Gilpin, Richard Thomas,

-, Adam Steuart,
-, John Hall,

Gloucester, Bishop of see Bethell, Christopher; Monk

Gloucester and Bristol, Bishop of see Ellicott; Monk

Glyn, George Carr,

Goddard, John Leybourn,

Godson, Richard,

Gooch, Sir Daniel 1st Bart.,

Goodwin, Harvey (cons. Bishop of Carlisle 30 Nov. 1869),

Gordon Lennox
-, Charles Henry, 6th Duke of Richmond,
-, see also Lennox, Charles

Gore, Hon. Charles Alexander,

Goulburn, Henry,

Gower see Leveson Gower

-, George,
-, Sir James Robert George 2nd Bart.,
-, John, Bishop of Chester (1848-65),
-, Thomas,

Grainger, Richard Dugard,

-, Sir William,
-, William,

Graves, Samuel Robert,

-, Richard,
-, Thomas Hill,

Greenhow, Edward Headlam,

-, John,
-, Thomas,

-, Robert,
-, William Henry,

Grenier Fonblanque see de Grenier Fonblanque

Grenville see Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville

-, Sir George 2nd Bart.,
-, Henry, styled Viscount Howick (succ. as 3rd Earl Grey 17 July 1845),
-, see also de Grey

Grey Egerton, Sir Philip de Malpas 10th Bart.,

Griffith, Richard John (cr. Bart. 20 April 1858),

Grosvenor, Lord Robert (cr. Lord Ebury 10 Sept. 1857),

Grove, William Robert,

Gunning, Henry Bertram,

Gurney, Russell,

Haggard, John,

Halifax, Viscount see Wood, Sir Charles

-, Edward Terrick,
-, see also Baillie Hamilton

Hamilton Blackwood, Frederick Temple, 5th Lord Dufferin,

Hammack, James Thomas,

Hammond, James Lempriere,

-, Thomas Alers,
-, Thomson,

Hankins, Richard,

Hannah, John,

Hannay, Elliot W. D.,

Harcourt see Venables Vernon Harcourt

Harding, John Dorney (ktd. 24 March 1852),

-, Charles Stewart, 2nd Viscount Hardinge,
-, Sir Henry (cr. Viscount Hardinge 2 May 1846),

Hardwicke, Earl of see Yorke, Charles Philip

-, Gathorne,
-, Sir Thomas Masterman 1st Bart.,

Hare, John Middleton,

Harman, Jeremiah,

Harness, Henry Drury,

-, Frederic,
-, John Thornhill,
-, Thomas Elliott,

Harrowby, Earls of see Ryder, Dudley (bis)

Hart, Anthony,

Hartington, Marquess of see Cavendish, Spencer Compton

Hartley, John,

Harvey, John Springett,

Haslegrave, Joseph,

Hastings, George Woodyatt,

Hatchett, Charles,

Hatherley, Lord see Wood, William Page,

Hatherton, Lord see Littleton,

Haughton, Samuel,

Hawes, Benjamin,

Hawkins, Francis Bisset,

-, George, styled Earl of Gifford (1822-62),
-, see also Dalrymple Hay,

Haythorne, Edmund,

Head, Sir Edmund Walker 8th Bart.,

Headlam, Thomas Emerson,

Heathcote, Sir William 5th Bart.,

Hedley, Thomas,

Hely Hutchinson, Richard John, 4th Earl of Donoughmore,

Hemp, James,

Henderson, Gilbert,

-, Joseph John,
-, Joseph Warner,
-, Lord see Eden, Hon. Robert Henley,

-, Edward, 2nd Earl of Powis,
-, Henry Howard Molyneux, 4th Earl of Carnarvon,
-, Hon. Sidney,

Herries, John Charles,

Herschel, Sir John Frederick William 1st Bart.,

Heywood, Samuel,

Hibbert, John Tomlinson,

Hicks Beach, Sir Michael Edward 9th Bart.,

Hickson, William Edward,

-, Arthur Wills Blundell Sandys Trumbull Windsor, 4th Marquess of Downshire,
-, James,
-, Matthew Davenport,
-, Rowland, 1st Lord Hill,
-, Sir Rowland,

Hindmarch, William Mathewson,

Hinds, Samuel, Bishop of Norwich (1849-57),

Hine, James, 5b, c

Hobart, Vere Henry, styled Lord Hobart (1849-75),

-, Arthur,
-, Henry (1776-1854),
-, Henry (1811-62),
-, Sir John Cam 2nd Bart. (cr. Lord Broughton 26 Feb. 1851),

Hodges, Thomas Law,

Hodgkinson, Eaton,

-, John,
-, Kirkman Daniel,
-, William Ballantyne,

Hogg, Thomas Jefferson,

Holbech, Henry Hugh, 5a, b

Holdsworth, Edmund William Hunt,

Hollams, John,

-, Henry Thurstan,
-, Philip Henry,

Holmes, Timothy,

Holroyd, Edward,

Hook, Walter Farquhar,

-, Henry Thomas,
-, James,
-, see also Beresford Hope

Horne, Richard Henry or Hengist,

Horner, Leonard,

Horsfall, Thomas Berry,

Horsford, Sir Alfred Hastings,

Hotham, Beaumont, 3rd Lord Hotham,

Houghton, Lord see Milnes

-, George William Frederick, styled Viscount Morpeth (1825-48),
-, see also Fitzalan Howard

Howes, Edward,

Howick, Viscount see Grey, Henry

Howley, William, Archbishop of Canterbury (1828-48),

Hozier, John Wallace,

Hubbard, John Gellibrand,

Hughes, Thomas,

-, James,
-, Joseph,
-, Joseph Burnley,

Humfrey, Charles,

Humphery, John,

-, Joseph,
-, William Gilson,

-, George Ward,
-, Henry Arthur,
-, Robert,
-, Thomas Newman,

Hutchinson see Hely Hutchinson

Hutt, William,

Huxley, Thomas Henry,

Ingham, Robert,

-, John,
-, Sir Robert Harry 2nd Bart.,

-, George,
-, John (cons. Bishop of Lincoln 5 May 1853; trs. London 29 Jan. 1869),

Jacobson, William (cons. Bishop of Chester 24 Aug. 1865),

-, Henry,
-, Sir Walter Charles 2nd Bart.,
-, William Milbourne (ktd. 4 Feb. 1869),

-, David,
-, Sir William 7th Bart.,

Jebb, Sir Joshua,

Jelf, George,

Jenkins, John,

Jenner, Sir Herbert,

Jeremie, James Amiraux,

Jervis, Sir John,

Jervois, William Francis Drummond,

Jessel, Sir George,

Jeune, Francis,

-, George Henry Sacheverell,
-, John,
-, John James,

Johnston, Patrick Francis,

-, Sir Harry David,
-, Henry Bence,
-, Hugh Chambres,
-, Hugh Herbert,
-, Rhys William,
-, Richard,
-, Richard Lambert,

Jukes, Joseph Beete,

Karslake, Sir John Burgess,

Kater, Henry,

Kay Shuttleworth, Sir James Phillips 1st Bart.,

Kaye, John, Bishop of Lincoln (1827-53),

Keating, Henry Singer,

Kelly, Fitzroy (ktd. 8 Aug. 1845),

Kemp, William Francis,

Kempt, Sir James,

Kendall, Nicholas,

Kennedy, John Lawson,

Kent, Thomas Fassett,

Keppel, William Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle,

Ker, Charles Henry Bellenden,

Key, Astley Cooper,

Keyser, Solomon,

Kindersley, Sir Richard Torin,

Kingscote, Henry,

Kingsdown, Lord see Pemberton Leigh

Kinnaird, George William Fox, 9th Lord Kinnaird,

Knight see Gally Knight

Knight Bruce, Sir James Lewis,

Knollys, William Thomas,

Knox, Ralph Henry,

Knyvett, Felix,

Koe, John Herbert,

Kynmound see Elliot Murray Kynmound

Labouchere, Henry (cr. Lord Taunton 18 Aug. 1859),

Lake, William Charles,

Lamb, William, 2nd Viscount Melbourne,

Lambert, John,

Langdale, Lord see Bickersteth

Lansdowne, Marquesses of see Petty Fitzmaurice

Lanyon, Sir Charles,

Lascelles, Hon. William Saunders Sebright,

Lavie, Germain,

-, Edward, 1st Earl of Ellenborough,
-, Edward, 1st Lord Ellenborough,
-, William John,

Lawes, Edward,

Leach, Sir John,

Lefevre see Shaw Lefevre

Lefroy, John Henry,

Legge, Edward, Bishop of Oxford (1816-27),

Leifchild, John Roby,

Leigh see Pemberton Leigh

Lemon, Sir Charles 2nd Bart.,

Lennard see Barrett Lennard

-, Arthur,
-, Charles, 5th Duke of Richmond,
-, see also Gordon Lennox

-, John,
-, John Thomas,

Leveson Gower, Hon. Edward Frederick,

-, Arthur James,
-, George Cornewall (succ. as 2nd Bart. 22 Jan. 1855),
-, Thomas Frankland,
-, William David,

Leycester, Hugh,

-, Bishop of see Londsdale
-, Earl of see Anson

Liddell, Henry George,

-, Bishop of see Jackson, John; Kaye
-, Earl of see Pelham Clinton

Lindsay, William Schaw,

Lister, Thomas Henry,

Littledale, Joseph (ktd. 9 June 1824),

Littleton, Edward John (cr. Lord Hatherton 11 May 1835),

Lloyd, Edward,

Loch, John,

Lockyer, Joseph Norman,

London, Bishop of see Blomfield; Jackson, John; Tait

Long, George,

Longe, Francis Davy,

Longfield, Mountifort,

Longford, Earl of see Pakenham

Longley, Charles Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury (1862-68),

Lonsdale, John, Bishop of Lichfield (1843-67),

Lord, Henry William,

Loudon, Charles,

Lousada see de Lousada

Lowder, Samuel Netterville,

Lowdham see Allsopp Lowdham

Lowe, Robert,

Lowndes, Francis Dobson,

Lowry Corry
-, Hon. Henry Thomas,
-, Somerset Richard, 4th Earl Belmore,

Lowther, William, styled Viscount Lowther (1807-44),

Loyd, Samuel Jones (cr. Lord Overstone 5 March 1850),

Lubbock, Sir John 4th Bart.,

Ludlow, John Malcolm Forbes,

Lush, Robert,

-, Godfrey,
-, Stephen,

Luxmore, John, Bishop of St. Asaph (1815-30),

Lyall,William Rowe,

Lygon, Frederick, 6th Earl Beauchamp,

Lyndhurst, Lord see Copley

Lyttelton, George William, 4th Lord Lyttelton,

Lyveden, Lord see Vernon

Macaulay, Zachary,5b

McClean, John Robinson,

McDonnell, Alexander,5b

Mackenzie see Stuart Wortley Mackenzie

Mackintosh, Robert James,5c

Maclean, Charles Hope,

Macleod, Henry Dunning,

McMahon, James,5a-c

McMurdo, William Montagu Scott,

Macnaghten, Edward,

McNeill, Duncan,

Macqueen, John Fraser,5c

Maine, Henry James Sumner,

Majendie, Ashhurst,

Maltby, Edward, Bishop of Durham (1836-56),

Mann, Horace,

Manners Sutton
-, Charles, 5a,b
-, Hon. John Henry Thomas,

Marshall, John,

-, Charles, 3rd Earl of Romney, 132a, b
-, Robert, 5a

-, Francis Offley, 5c
-, James Ranald,
-, Samuel (ktd. 13 Nov. 1850),
-, Thomas,
-, William Fanshawe,

Marvin, William,

Massey, William Nathaniel,

-, Wilkinson, 5a, b
-, William,

Maude, Daniel,

Maule (from 1861 Maule Ramsay), Fox, 2nd Lord Panmure (succ. as 11th Earl of Dalhousie 19 Dec. 1860), 68, 81, 115

Maurice, John Frederick Denison,

Maxwell see Stirling Maxwell

May, Sir Thomas Erskine,

Mayo, Earl of see Bourke

Melbourne, Viscount see Lamb

Melville, Viscount see Saunders Dundas

-, Herman,
-, John Herman,

Methuen, Frederick Henry Paul, 2nd Lord Methuen,

Miall, Edward,

Mildert see Van Mildert

-, William (cr. Bart. 19 April 1859),
-, William Augustus, 5c see also

-, John, 5b
-, William Allen,
-, William Hallowes,

Milman, Henry Hart, 5c,

Milne, Alexander,

Milnes, Richard Monckton (cr. Lord Houghton 20 Aug. 1863),

Milton, John,

Minto, Earl of see Elliot Murray Kynmound

Mitchell, James,

Mitford see Freeman Mitford

Moffatt, George,

Moncreiff, James,

Monk, James Henry, Bishop of Gloucester (from 1836 Gloucester and Bristol) (1830-56),

Monsell, William,

-, Henry, 6th Lord Rokeby,
-, Lord Robert, 132b

Montagu Douglas Scott, Walter Francis, 5th Duke of Buccleuch,

Monteagle, Lord see Spring Rice

Moreton see Reynolds Moreton

Morpeth, Viscount see Howard

Morton, John Chalmers, 113b

Mowbray, John Robert,

Moylan, Denis Creagh,

Muggeridge, Richard Michaux,

Mullings, Joseph Randolph,

Mundella, Anthony John,

Mundy, Charles Godfrey,

Muntz, Philip Henry,

Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey,

Murray, Charles Knight,

Murray Dunlop (from 1866 Colquhoun Stirling Murray Dunlop), Alexander,

Musgrave, Thomas, Archbishop of York (1847-60),

Naas, Lord see Bourke

Napier, Joseph (cr. Bart. 9 April 1867),

Neate, Charles,

Newcastle, Duke of see Pelham Clinton

-, Sir John, 5a,
-, John,

Nicholls, George, 5c

Nicol, Henry,

Norman, Frederick Henry,

Northbrook, Lord see Baring, Thomas George

Northcote, Sir Stafford Henry 8th Bart.,

Norwich, Bishop of see Hinds; Stanley, Edward

O'Brien, Henry Higgins Donatus,

O'Brien Stafford, Augustus Stafford,

O'Conor, Charles Owen (known as The O'Conor Don),

O'Hagan, Thomas,

Okeden, David Okeden Parry,

Onslow, Francis Phipps,

O'Reilly, Myles William Patrick,

Osgoode, William,

Otway, Caesar G.,

Overend, William,

Overstone, Lord see Loyd

Owen, Richard,

Oxford, Bishop of see Legge; Wilberforce

-, George Edward,
-, James,

Pakenham, William Lygon, 4th Earl of Longford,

Pakington, Sir John Somerset 1st Bart.,

Palgrave, Sir Francis,

-, John Horsley,
-, Sir Roundell (cr. Lord Selborne 23 Oct. 1872),

Palmerston, Viscount see Temple, Henry John

Panmure, Lord see Maule

Park, James Allan (ktd. 14 May 1816),

Parke, James (ktd. 1 Dec. 1828; cr. Lord Wensleydale 16 Jan. 1856),

Parken, William Palmer,

-, Charles Stuart,
-, James (ktd. 23 Oct. 1851),
-, John,

-, Edmund Alexander,
-, Joseph,

-, John, Bishop of Peterborough (1813-19),
-, William, 3rd Earl of Rosse,

Patten see Wilson Patten

-, James Henry,
-, John (ktd. 17 Nov. 1830),

-, Mark,
-, William Pollard,

Paulet, Lord William,

Pauncefote, Robert,

Payne Smith, Robert,

Peacock, George,

-, Frederick,
-, Jonathan,
-, Sir Robert 2nd Bart.,

Pelham, Henry Thomas, 3rd Earl of Chichester,

Pelham Clinton, Henry Pelham, styled Earl of Lincoln 1811-51 (succ. as 5th Duke of Newcastle 12 Jan. 1851),

Pemberton Leigh, Thomas, 1st Lord Kingsdown,

Pennant see Douglas Pennant

Pennington, George James,

Penzance, Lord see Wilde

Pepys, Sir Charles Christopher (cr. Lord Cottenham 20 Jan. 1836),

Percy, John,

-, Sir Thomas Erskine,
-, Thomas Walter,

Peter, William,

Peterborough, Bishop of see Parsons, John

Peto, Sir Samuel Morton 1st Bart.,

Petty Fitzmaurice
-, Henry, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne,
-, Henry Charles Keith, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne,

Phelps, John Delafield,

Philipps, Trenham Walshman,

-, Joseph,
-, Robert Joseph (ktd. 17 Sept. 1862),

Phillipps, Samuel March,

-, Benjamin Samuel (ktd. 28 Dec. 1866),
-, Sir Thomas,

Pickering, Percival Andree,

-, Henry,
-, Redmond W.,

Pipon, James Kennard,

Playfair, Lyon,

Pleydell Bouverie, Hon. Edward,

Pole, William,

Pollock, Jonathan Frederick,

-, Edward Berkeley, 1st Lord Portman,
-, Hon. Edwin Berkeley,

-, Baden,
-, Francis Sharp,

Power, Alfred,

Powis, Earl of see Herbert, Edward

Pratt, John Tidd,

Prestwich, Joseph,

Price, Arthur,

Pringle, John William,

-, John Richard (ktd. 22 April 1872),
-, Richard,

Radcliffe, Robert Parker,

Raglan, Lord see Somerset, Fitzroy James Henry

Raikes, Henry,

-, Andrew Crombie,
-, George Dalhousie,
-, James Andrew, 10th Earl of Dalhousie,
-, see also Maule

Rawlinson, Robert,

Rawson, Rawson William,

Read, Clare Sewell,

Redesdale, Lords see Freeman Mitford

Redgrave, Samuel,

Rees, Thomas,

Reeve, Henry,

Reid, David Boswell,

Reilly, Francis Savage,

Rennie, George,

Revans, John,

Reynell, Sir Thomas 6th Bart.,

Reynolds Moreton
-, Henry George Francis, 2nd Earl of Ducie,
-, Henry John, 3rd Earl of Ducie,

Ricardo, John Lewis,

-, Edward Royds,
-, see also Spring Rice

Richards, Evan Matthew,

Richardson, Joseph John,

-, Douglas Close,
-, Dukes of see Gordon Lennox; Lennox, Charles
-, George,

Rickards, George Kettilby,

Ridley Colborne, Nicholas William, 1st Lord Colborne,

Roberts, William,

-, Sir Christopher,
-, George Frederick Samuel, 3rd Earl de Grey,
-, George Richard,
-, Robert Spencer,

Roby, Henry John,

Roebuck, John Arthur,

-, Pearce Williams,
-, Samuel,
-, William,

Roget, Peter Mark,

Rokeby, Lord see Montagu, Henry

Rolfe, Robert Monsey, 1st Lord Cranworth,

Rolt, John,

-, Cuthbert,
-, Edward,
-, Sir John (cr. Lord Romilly 3 Jan. 1866),

Romney, Earl of see Marsham, Charles

Roper, Frederick,

Ros see de Ros

Roscoe, Henry,

Rose, Sir George,

Ross, Sir Hew Dalrymple,

Rosse, Earl of see Parsons, William

Rosslyn, Earl of see St. Clair Erskine

Rothery, Henry Cadogan,

Rothschild, Lionel Nathan,

Roundell, Charles Savile,

Rowan, Charles,

Rumball, Sampson Augustus,

Rumley, Randal,

Rumsey, Henry Wyldbore,

Rushton, Edward,

-, Sir Charles 3rd Bart.,
-, David,
-, Sir Henry 1st Bart.,
-, Lord John,

Rutherfurd, Andrew,

Rutt, William,

Ryan, Sir Edward,

-, Alfred Phillipps,
-, Dudley, 1st Earl of Harrowby,
-, Dudley, styled Viscount Sandon 1809-47 (succ. as 2nd Earl of Harrowby 26 Dec. 1847),

Rylands, Peter,

Sabine, Edward (ktd. 27 July 1869),

St. Asaph, Bishop of see Carey; Luxmore

St. Aubyn, John,

St. Clair Erskine, James Alexander, 3rd Earl of Rosslyn,

St. David's, Bishop of see Thirlwall

St. Leonards, Lord see Sugden

St. Maur, Edward Adolphus, styled Lord Seymour 1804-55 (succ. as 12th Duke of Somerset 15 Aug. 1855),

Salisbury, Marquess of see Gascoyne Cecil, James Brownlow William

Salusbury Trelawny, Sir John Salusbury 9th Bart.,

Samuelson, Bernhard,

-, Francis Williams,
-, George Williams,

Sandford, John,

Sandham, Henry,

Sanford, Edward Ayshford,

Saunders, Robert John,

Saunders Dundas, Robert, 2nd Viscount Melville,

-, Sir James,
-, Hon. Sir James Yorke,

-, John, 1st Earl of Eldon,
-, Sir William (cr. Lord Stowell 17 July 1821),
-, see also Montagu Douglas Scott

Scriven, Samuel Swain,

Scully, Vincent,

Seaton, Lord see Colborne, John

-, Adam,
-, James,

Seeley, Robert Benton,

Selborne, Lord see Palmer, Sir Roundell

Selby, Prideaux,

Selfe, Henry James Selfe,

Selwyn, William,

Senior, Nassau William,

-, Henry Danby,
-, Lord see St. Maur

Shaftesbury, Earl of see Ashley Cooper

Sharpey, William,

Shaw, Benjamin,

Shaw Lefevre
-, Charles (cr. Viscount Eversley 11 April 1857),
-, George John,
-, John George (ktd. 22 Jan. 1857),

Shee, Sir William,

Sheil, James,

-, John (d. 1859),
-, John,

Shoveller, John,

Shuttleworth see Kay Shuttleworth
-, Simon, John, 66; see also

Sinclair, John,

Sketchley, Richard Forster,

Slaney, Robert Aglionby,

Slater, Robert,

Smirke, Sir Robert,

-, Andrew,
-, Archibald,
-, Goldwin,,
-, Henry John Stephen,
-, James (of Deanston),
-, John Abel,
-, John Benjamin,
-, Sir John Mark Frederick,
-, Sir Montagu Edward,
-, Robert Percy,
-, Samuel,5b,c
-, Samuel Joseph, 113a,b
-, Thomas Southwood,
-, see also Cusack Smith; Payne Smith

Smyth, John George,

-, Duke of see St. Maur
-, Fitzroy James Henry, 1st Lord Raglan,

Sotheron, Thomas Henry Sutton,

-, John,
-, John Poyntz, 5th Earl Spencer,

Spencer Churchill, John Winston, styled Marquess of Blandford (1840-57),

Spooner, Charles,

Spring Rice, Thomas (cr. Lord Monteagle 5 Sept. 1839),

Stafford see O'Brien Stafford

-, Hon. Edward,
-, Philip Henry, 5th Earl Stanhope,

-, Arthur Penrhyn,
-, Edward, Bishop of Norwich (1837-49),
-, Edward Henry, styled Lord Stanley (1851-69),
-, Hon. Edward Lyulph,

Stanton, Charles Holbrow,

Stapleton, Miles Thomas, 8th Lord Beaumont,

Starkie, Thomas,

Steele, Thomas Montague,

-, Henry John,
-, James Fitzjames,

Stephenson, Robert,

-, James,
-, Leonard,

Stirling (from March 1866 Stirling Maxwell), William (succ. as 9th Bart. 7 June 1865),

-, George Gabriel,
-, William,

Storks, Sir Henry Knight,

Storrar, John,

Stovin, Sir Frederick,

Stowell, Lord see Scott, Sir William

Strafford, Lord see Byng, John

Straight, Robert Marshall,

-, Henry,
-, James,
-, see also Crichton Stuart

Stuart Wortley, Hon. James Archibald,

Stuart Wortley Mackenzie
-, James Archibald, 1st Lord Wharncliffe,
-, John, 2nd Lord Wharncliffe,

Sturges Bourne, William,

Sugden, Sir Edward Burtenshaw (cr. Lord St. Leonards 1 March 1852), 5c,

Sulivan, Bartholomew James,

-, Charles Richard, Bishop of Winchester (1827-69),
-, John Bird, Bishop of Chester 1828-48 (trs. Canterbury 10 March 1848),

Sutherland, John,

Sutton see Manners Sutton

Swann, Charles James,

Swanston, Clement Tudway,

Symons, Jelinger Cookson,

Tait, Archibald Campbell (cons. Bishop of London 23 Nov. 1856; trs. Canterbury 30 Dec. 1868),

-, Henry William,
-, Thomas,

Taunton, Lord see Labouchere

-, Edgar,
-, George,
-, John Pitt,

Telford, Thomas,

-, Frederick,
-, Henry John, 3rd Viscount Palmerston,
-, R.,
-, see also Cowper Temple

Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Grenville, Richard Plantaganet Campbell, styled Marquess of Chandos (1839-61),

Tenterden, Lord see Abbott, Charles

Terrell, Thomas Hull,

Thesiger, Sir Frederick (cr. Lord Chelmsford 1 March 1858),

Thirlwall, Connop, Bishop of St. David's (1840-74),

Thompson, William Hepworth,

Thomson, William, Archbishop of York (1863-90),

Thorold, Anthony Wilson,

Thorp, Charles,

Thring, Henry,

Thwaites, John (ktd. 18 May 1865),

-, Acton,
-, Nicolas Conyngham (ktd. 27 Nov. 1826),

Tinney, William Henry,

Tite, William,

Tooke, Thomas,

-, James,
-, James Christie,

Trelawny see Salusbury Trelawny

-, Hugh Seymour,
-, John Henry,

Trench, Richard Chenevix, Archbishop of Dublin (1864-84),

Troward, Richard,

Trower, James,

Tufnell, Edward Carleton,

Tulloch, Sir Alexander Murray,

-, George James (ktd. 14 April 1851),
-, James Aspinall,

Tweedy, John Drumelzier,

Twisleton, Hon. Edward Turner Boyd,

Twiss, Travers (ktd. 4 Nov. 1867),

Tyrrell, John,

Upperton, Robert,

Vane, Lord Harry,

Van Mildert, William, Bishop of Durham (1826-36),

Vansittart, Nicholas,

Vaughan, Henry Halford,

Venables Vernon Harcourt
-, Edward, Archbishop of York (1807-47),
-, Edward William,
-, William George Granville,

Venn, Henry,

Verney, Sir Harry 2nd Bart.,

Vernon, Robert, 1st Lord Lyveden,

Vetch, James,

Vignoles, Charles Blacker,

-, Charles Pelham,
-, George William Frederick, 4th Earl of Clarendon,
-, Hon. Henry Montagu,

-, Henry Hussey,
-, Hon. John Cranch Walker,
-, Sir Richard Hussey 1st Bart.,

-, William (d. 1859),
-, William (d. 1876),

Waddington, Horatio,

Walcott, Stephen,

Waley, Jacob,

Walpole, Spencer Horatio,

Walsham, Sir John James Garbett 1st Bart., 5c

-, William,
-, William Henry,

Waring, Elijah,

Warre, John Ashley,

Warren, John Willing,

Washington, John,

Waterlow, Sir Sydney Hedley kt. (cr. Bart. 4 Aug. 1873),

-, Sir Thomas 1st Bart.,
-, William,

Way, John Thomas,

Wellesley, Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington,

Wellington, Duke of see Wellesley

Welsby, William Newland,

Wensleydale, Lord see Parke

Westbury, Lord see Bethell, Richard

-, Edward Robert,
-, Sir George Augustus,

-, Sir Charles,
-, Thomas Frederick,

Wharncliffe, Lords see Stuart Wortley Mackenzie

Wharton, John Lloyd,

Whateley, William,

Whishaw, James,

Whitbread, Samuel,

Whitcombe, Richard,

White, John Edward,

Whitmore, Charles Shapland,

Wightman, William,

-, Joseph Cotton,
-, Octavius,

Wilberforce, Samuel, Bishop of Oxford 1845- 69 (trs. Winchester 11 Dec. 1869),

Wilde, Sir James Plainsted (cr. Lord Penzance 6 April 1869),

-, George Hutton,
-, Josiah,

Wilks, Samuel,

Willes, James Shaw (ktd. 14 Aug. 1855),

-, Sir Edward Vaughan,
-, Sir Richard,
-, Sir William Fenwick 1st Bart.,
-, William John,

Williams Wynn, Charles Watkin,

Willis, Robert,

Willoughby, Sir Henry Pollard 3rd Bart.,

Wilmot see Eardley Wilmot

-, Charles Rivers,
-, John,
-, Robert,

Wilson Patten, John,

Winchester, Bishop of see Sumner, Charles Richard; Wilberforce

Winder, John Singleton,

Winter, Robert,

Wollaston, William Hyde,

Wolstenholme, Edward Parker,

-, Sir Charles 3rd Bart. (cr. Viscount Halifax 21 Feb. 1866),
-, John,
-, William Page (ktd. 14 April 1851; cr. Lord Hatherley 9 Dec. 1868),
-, William Rayner,

Woodford, Sir Alexander George,

Woodhouse, John Thomas,

Woodrooffe, William,

Woolriche, Stephen,

-, Christopher (1774-1846),
-, Christopher (1807-85),

Wormald, Thomas,

Wortley see Stuart Wortley; Stuart Wortley Mackenzie

Wright, Robert Samuel,

Wrightson, William Battie,

Wrottesley, John (succ. as 2nd Lord Wrottesley 16 March 1841), 5b, c, see also

Wylde, William,

Wynford, Lords see Best

Wynn see Williams Wynn

Wynyard, Edward Buckley,

York, Archbishop of see Musgrave; Thomson; Venables Vernon Harcourt, Edward

-, Charles Philip,
-, Charles Philip, 4th Earl of Hardwicke,

-, George,
-, Sir George 3rd Bart.,
-, John,
-, Thomas,