List of illustrations

Old and New London: Volume 2. Originally published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin, London, 1878.

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Walter Thornbury, 'List of illustrations', in Old and New London: Volume 2( London, 1878), British History Online [accessed 14 July 2024].

Walter Thornbury, 'List of illustrations', in Old and New London: Volume 2( London, 1878), British History Online, accessed July 14, 2024,

Walter Thornbury. "List of illustrations". Old and New London: Volume 2. (London, 1878), , British History Online. Web. 14 July 2024.


The Neighbourhood of London Bridge, from Hollar's View 3
The Second Fishmongers' Hall 6
London Bridge (1756), from an Old View, taken shortly before the Demolition of the Houses 7
Remains of the Chapel of St. Thomas, Old London Bridge, from a View taken during its Demolition 12
London Bridge, from a Print dated 1796 13
Heads on Old London Bridge 16
Nonsuch House 18
The "Three Cranes," Thames Street. 19
Cold Harbour 24
Tower Street Ward, from a Map made for Stow's Survey 25
The Merchant Taylors' School, Suffolk Lane 30
The Steel Yard and Neighbourhood in 1540, from Van Wyngard's Plan, taken for Philip II. of Spain 31
Chapel of Merchant Taylors' School 36
Dyers' Hall 37
The Church of Allhallows-the-Great in 1784 42
Hall of the Skinners' Company 43
Billingsgate, from a View taken in 1820 48
The Old Coal Exchange 49
The Custom House, time of Elizabeth 52
The Present Coal Exchange 54
The Old Custom House, from a View by Maurer, published in 1753 55
Roman Remains found in Billingsgate 60
Captivity of the Duke of Orleans in the Tower, from an Illumination in the Royal MS. 61
The Tower of London, from a View published about 1700 67
The Church of St. Peter, on Tower Green. 72
Guy Fawkes and the Conspirators, from a Contemporary Print 73
The Jewel Room at the Tower 78
The Tower of London:—White Tower, Middle Tower, Byward Tower, Stair case of White Tower, St. John's Chapel, Passage in Bloody Tower, Bloody Tower, Bell Tower, Bowyer Tower, Traitors' Gate, Interior of Byward Tower, Axe and Block 79
The Tower Horse Armoury 84
The Tower Menagerie about 1820 85
The Tower Moat, from a View taken about 1800 90
The Tower, from a Survey made in 1597, by W. Haiward and J. Gascoyne 91
Lord Lovat, from Hogarth's Portrait 96
An Old House on Little Tower Hill, from a Drawing by Smith, made in 1792 97
Press and Dies formerly used in the Mint (George II.) 102
Interior of the Mint, from a Drawing of about 1800 103
The Church of Allhallows Barking, in 1750 108
St. Dunstan's-in-the-East 109
Roman Wall on Tower Hill 114
The Trinity House 115
St. Katherine's Docks 120
St. Katherine's Hospital—The Brothers' Houses in 1781 121
The Tower Subway 126
The Thames Tunnel, as it appeared when originally opened for Traffic 127
A Wild-beast Shop 132
St. Dunstan's, Stepney, from a View taken in 1803 133
Old Gateway at Stepney, from a View published by N. Smith (1791) 138
Petticoat Lane 139
Kirby Castle, Bethnal Green (the Blind Beggar's House) 145
St. Helen's Priory, and Leathersellers' Hall, from a View by Malcolm (1799) 150
The "Sir Paul Pindar," from an Original Sketch 151
Sir Paul Pindar's Lodge, from a View published by N. Smith (1791) 151
Room in Sir Paul Pindar's House, from a Drawing by J. T. Smith (1810) 151
Bishopsgate 154
The "White Hart," Bishopsgate Street, in 1810 156
Crosby Hall in 1790 157
Street Front of Crosby Hall 159
St. Ethelburga's Church 162
Sir Thomas Gresham's House in Bishopsgate Street 163
The "Four Swans Inn," taken shortly before its Demolition 168
Cornhill in 1630, from a View published by Boydell 169
Garraway's Coffee-house, from a Sketch taken shortly before its Demolition 174
Interior of Clothworkers' Hall 175
Plan showing the extent of the Great Fire in Comhill, in 1748 180
The Old India Office, Leadenhall Street, in 1803 181
Old House, formerly in Leadenhall Street . 186
The Flower Sermon in St. Catherine Cree Church 187
Lime Street Ward, from a Survey made in 1750 190
Stow's Monument in St. Andrew Undershaft 192
Moorfields and its Neighbourhood, from a Map of about 1720 193
Hall of the Carpenters' Company 198
Old Bethlem Hospital, Moorfields, about 1750 199
Bunhill Fields Burial-ground 204
The Old Post Office in Lombard Street, about 1800 205
Aldersgate, from a Print of 1670 210
St. Martin's-le-Grand in 1760 211
New General Post Office, St. Martin's-le-Grand 216
The Yard of the "Bull and Mouth," about 1820 217
Shaftesbury House, from a Print of 1810 222
The Fortune Theatre, from a print published by Wil-kinson (1811) 223
Prince Rupert's House, in the Barbican 228
Cripplegate and Neighbourhood, from Aggas's Map 229
St. Giles's, Cripplegate, showing the Old Wall 234
The Barber-surgeons' Picture 235
Barber-surgeons' Hall (1800) 240
The Grub Street Hermit, from a Picture published by Richardson (1794) 241
Ruins of the Convent of St. Clare, from a View published by T. J. Smith (1797) 246
Whittington's House in Grub Street (Smith, 1811) 247
General Monk's House 247
Bloomfield's House (1823) 247
Remains of Aldgate, Bethnal Green (Malcolm, 1800) 247
Aldgate 249
The Old "Fountain" in the Minories, from a View by N. Smith (1798) 252
The Old "Queen's Head" Tavern 253
Sir Walter Raleigh's House 258
Islington in 1780 259
London, from Islington (City and East End), from a View by Canaletti, published in 1753 264
London, from Islington (West End), from a View by Canaletti, published in 1753 265
The New River Head, from a View published in 1753 270
Canonbury Tower about 1800 271
Copenhagen House, from a View taken about 1800 276
King's Cross, from a View taken during its Demolition in 1845 277
Battle Bridge in 1810 282
White Conduit House, about 1820 283
Sadler's Wells in 1756 288
Sadler's Wells, from a View taken in 1756 289
The Exterior of Bagnigge Wells in 1780 294
Coldbath House, from a View published in 1811 295
Spa Fields Chapel in 1781 300
Ray Street, Clerkenwell, about 1820 301
The Old House of Detention, Clerkenwell 306
The Monastery of St. John of Jerusalem, Clerkenwell. 307
The Original Priory Church of St. John, Clerkenwell. 312
Coffee-room at St. John's Gate 313
St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell 318
Hicks's Hall, about 1750 319
Edward Cave, from the Portrait by Hogarth 324
The Crypt of St. John's, Clerkenwell 325
Burnet House 330
Newcastle House 331
Clerkenwell Green in 1789 336
The Old Church of St. James, Clerkenwell 337
Place of Execution in Old Smithfield 342
The "Hand and Shears" 343
A Case before the Court of Pie-poudre, from a Drawing dated 1811 343
The Church of St. Bartholomew-the-Great (1737) 348
Old Smithfield Market 349
Rayer's Tomb 354
St. Bartholomew's Hospital in 1750 355
Interior of St. Bartholomew-the-Great 360
Pie Corner in 1789, from a Drawing in Mr. Gardner's Collection 361
The Western Quadrangle of Old Christ's Hospital about 1780 366
The Mathematical School, Christ's Hospital, from a View published by N. Smith (1793) 367
The Cloisters, Christ's Hospital, from a View published in 1804 372
Supper at Christ's Hospital 373
The Hall of Christ's Hospital 378
Bird's-eye View of the Old Charterhouse 379
The Charterhouse, from the Square: from a View by Grey, published in 1804 384
The Exterior of the Hall, Charterhouse 385
Charterhouse — The Quadrangle, from a View taken in 1805 390
Charterhouse Square, from a View taken for Stow's "Survey" 391
Thomas Sutton, from an Engraving, by Virtue, of the Charterhouse Portrait 396
Street Front of the Fleet Prison 397
Courtyard in the Fleet Prison 402
Interior of the Fleet Prison—The Racket Court 403
The Last Remains of the Fleet Prison 408
A Wedding in the Fleet, from a Print of the Early Part of the Eighteenth Century 409
Remains of Old Holborn Bridge, from a Sketch taken during the Alterations, 1844 414
Holborn Valley and Snow Hill previous to the Construction of the Viaduct 415
The Fleet Ditch near West Street, from a Sketch taken during the Alterations (1844) 420
The Old "Red Lion," from the Front— Back of the "Red Lion, "from the Fleet— The Fleet Ditch, from the "Red Lion" 421
Old Newgate 426
King Charles's Porter and Dwarf, from the Old Basrelief 427
College of Physicians, Warwick Lane—Interior of the Quadrangle 432
Cock Lane 433
The "Ghost's" House in Cock Lane 438
The "Saracen's Head," Snow Hill, from a Sketch taken during its Demolition 439
Door of Newgate 444
Burning of Newgate, from a Contemporary Print 445
The Condemned Cell in Newgate 450
The Old Sessions House in the Old Bailey in 1750 451
Cato Street, from a View published in 1820 456
Mrs. Brownrigg, from the Original Print 457
The Chapel in Newgate 462
Jack Sheppard's Escapes 463
Front of Newgate from the Old Bailey 468
Surgeons' Hall, Old Bailey (1800) 469
Jonathan Wild's House 474
Jonathan Wild in the Cart, from a Contemporary Print 475
Goldsmith's House, Green Arbour Court, about 1800 480
St. Sepulchre's Church in 1737, from a View by Toms 481
Porch of St. Sepulchre's Church 486
Giltspur Street Compter (1840) 487
Map of Farringdon Ward Without (1750) 492
The Metropolitan Meat Market 493
Fleet Market, from a Drawing in Mr. Gardner's Collection 498
Field Lane about 1840 499
The West End of St. Andrew's, showing the Gothic Arch 504
Interior of St. Andrew's Church 505
St. Andrew's Church, from Snow Hill, in 1850 510
"Sacheverell" Cards, selected from a Pack illustrating the Reign of Queen Anne 511
William Whiston 516
Ely House—The Hall, from "Grose's Antiquities" 517
Ely Chapel, from a View by Malcolm 522
Ely House, from a Drawing made in 1772 523
Middle Row, Holborn, from a Drawing taken shortly before its Demolition 528
Staircase in Southampton House 529
Room of a House in Fulwood's Rents, after Archer 534
Drawing the State Lottery at Guildhall, from a Print of about 1750 535
Old Houses in Holborn, near Middle Row 540
Bleeding Heart Yard 541
Leather Lane 546
Chatterton's House in Brooke Street 547
The Hall of Gray's Inn 553
Gray's Inn Gardens 558
Barnard's Inn 559
Staple's Inn 564
Doorway in Staple's Inn 565
Exterior of Furnival's Inn (1754) 570
Interior of Furnival's Inn (after Nicholls, 1750) 571