Map of Hertfordshire

Ordnance Survey maps of Hertfordshire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1.

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'Map of Hertfordshire', in Map of Hertfordshire, (Southampton, 1873-1885). British History Online [accessed 24 June 2024].

"Map of Hertfordshire", in Map of Hertfordshire, (Southampton, 1873-1885). British History Online, accessed June 24, 2024,

"Map of Hertfordshire", in Map of Hertfordshire, (Southampton, 1873-1885), British History Online. Web. 24 June 2024,

Table of Contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
Sheet 001 Beeston, Biggleswade, Broom, Dunton, Eyeworth, Lower Caldecote, Millow, New Town, Potton, Sandy, Seddington, Stratford, Sutton, Upper Caldecote, Water End, Wrestlingworth, SG19 1, SG18 0, SG18 9, SG18 8, SG19 2
Sheet 002 Abington Pigotts, Bassingbourn, Croydon, Great Green, Guilden Morden, Kneesworth, Little Green, North Brook End, Shingay, Tadlow, Wendy, Whaddon, Whaddon Gap, Wimpole Lodge, SG8 0, SG8 5
Sheet 003 Ashwell End, Astwick, Caldecote, Church End, Edworth, Henlow, Hinxworth, Langford, Newnham, Stotfold, SG7 5, SG5 4, SG15 6, SG18 8, SG16 6, SG18 9
Sheet 004 Ashwell, Litlington, Odsey, Royston, Steeple Morden, The Thrift, Therfield, SG7 5, SG8 0, SG7 6, SG8 7, SG8 9
Sheet 005 Barley, Bridgefoot, Broad Green, Building End, Chrishall, Chrishall Grange, Great Chishill, Heydon, Little Chishill, Newsells, Pond Street, Shaftenhoe End, Smith's End, SG8 8, SG8 7, CB11 4
Sheet 006 Apsley End, Barton-le-Clay, Burge End, Bury End, Hexton, Higham Gobion, Hillfoot End, Holwell, Lower Gravenhurst, Lower Stondon, Pegsdon, Pirton, Shillington, Silsoe, Upper Gravenhurst, Upper Stondon, Upton End, SG5 3, MK45 4, SG16 6
Sheet 007 Arlesey, Baldock, Cadwell, Ickleford, Letchworth Garden City, Lower Green, Norton, Radwell, Walsworth, Weston, Willian, SG15 6, SG7 6, SG5 3, SG6 1, SG7 5, SG4 0, SG4 7, SG6 2
Sheet 008 Buckland, Bygrave, Chipping, Clothall, Cumberlow Green, Dane End, Green End, Kelshall, Mill End, Reed End, Roe Green, Rushden, Sandon, Shaw Green, Slip End, Southern Green, Wallington, SG9 0, SG7 5, SG7 6, SG8 9
Sheet 009 Anstey, Barkway, Brent Pelham, Cole Green, Langley, Lower Green, Meesden, Nuthampstead, Reed, Roast Green, Snow End, Upper Green, Wyddial, SG9 0, SG8 8, CB11 4
Sheet 011 Cockernhoe, Great Offley, King's Walden, Ley Green, Lilley, Little Offley, Mangrove Green, Offley Hoo, Streatley, LU2 8, SG5 3, SG4 8, LU3 3
Sheet 012 Bedwell, Charlton, Chells, Damask Green, Gosmore, Graveley, Great Wymondley, Hitchin, Little Wymondley, Pin Green, Poynders End, Preston, St Ibbs, St Ippollitts, Stevenage, Titmore Green, SG1 5, SG5 2, SG2 0, SG4 7, SG1 1
Sheet 013 Ardeley, Aspenden, Aston End, Brook End, Clay End, Cottered, Cromer, Great Munden, Hall's Green, Hare Street, Nasty, Throcking, Walkern, Warren's Green, Wood End, SG2 7, SG9 9, SG11 1, SG4 7
Sheet 014 Albury, Barleycroft End, Braughing, Buntingford, Clapgate, East End, Furneux Pelham, Great Hormead, Hare Street, Hay Street, Little Hormead, Patmore Heath, Stocking Pelham, Washall Green, Westmill, SG11 2, SG9 0, SG9 9
Sheet 015 Berden, Chatter End, Elsenham, Farnham, Farnham Green, Henham, Little London, Maggots End, Mallows Green, Manuden, Quendon, Rickling Green, Tye Green, Ugley, Ugley Green, CM23 1, CM22 6, CB11 3
Sheet 016 Aston Abbotts, Cublington, Hardwick, Hulcott, Nup End, Oving, Rowsham, Weedon, Whitchurch, Wingrave, HP22 4, LU7 0, HP22 5
Sheet 017 Billington, Cheddington, Crafton, Eaton Bray, Eaton Green, Edlesborough, Grove, Horton, Ivinghoe Aston, Ledburn, Little Billington, Lower End, Mentmore, Moor End, Northall, Slapton, LU7 9, LU7 0, LU6 2, LU6 1
Sheet 018 Aley Green, Caddington, Chaul End, Church End, Dunstable, Kensworth, Kensworth Common, Totternhoe, Whipsnade, LU1 4, LU6 1, LU5 4, LU6 2, LU6 3
Sheet 019 Bendish, Biscot, Breachwood Green, East Hyde, Hart Hill, Luton, New Mill End, New Town, Pepperstock, Peter's Green, Round Green, Slip End, St Anns Hill, Stopsley, Tea Green, Wandon End, Woodside, SG4 8, LU3 1, LU2 9, LU2 0, LU1 2, LU1 3, LU1 4, LU2 8
Sheet 020 Broadwater, Codicote, Datchworth, Driver's End, Easthall, Kimpton, Knebworth, Langley, Norton Green, Nup End, Oaklands, Old Knebworth, Rush Green, Shephall, St Paul's Walden, The Node, Whitwell, Woolmer Green, SG2 8, SG4 8, SG3 6, SG4 7, SG1 2, AL6 0, SG2 9
Sheet 021 Aston, Benington, Bragbury End, Burn's Green, Dane End, Datchworth Green, Green End, Haultwick, Hebing End, High Cross, Levens Green, Sacombe, Sacombe Green, Standon Green End, Watton at Stone, SG2 7, SG12 0, SG3 6, SG11 1, SG14 3
Sheet 022 Albury End, Barwick, Bury Green, Church End, Collier's End, Green Street, Green Tye, Hadham Cross, Hadham Ford, Little Hadham, Much Hadham, Old Hall Green, Puckeridge, Standon, Upwick Green, SG11 2, SG11 1, SG10 6
Sheet 023 Bedlar's Green, Birchanger, Bishop's Stortford, Burton End, Great Hallingbury, Hazel End, Hockerill, Level's Green, Stansted Mountfitchet, Takeley Street, Thorley, Thorley Houses, Thorley Street, CM22 7, CM23 5, CM23 3, CM24 8, CM23 1, CM22 6, CM23 4
Sheet 024 Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Bedgrove, Bierton, Bishopstone, Broughton, Buckland, Bye Green, Halton, Hartwell, Lower Hartwell, Southcourt, Stoke Mandeville, Walton, Weston Turville, HP22 5, HP20 1, HP21 9, HP17 8, HP21 8, HP21 7
Sheet 025 Aldbury, Astrope, Church End, Drayton Beauchamp, Gubblecote, Ivinghoe, Long Marston, Marsworth, New Mill, Pitstone, Pitstone Green, Puttenham, Startop's End, Tring, Upper Dunsley, West Leith, Wigginton, Wilstone, Wilstone Green, HP23 5, HP23 4, LU7 9, HP22 5, HP23 6
Sheet 026 Cheverell's Green, Clement's End, Dagnall, Gaddesden Row, Great Gaddesden, Hudnall, Jockey End, Little Gaddesden, Markyate, Nettleden, Ringshall, Studham, Water End, AL3 8, LU6 2, HP4 1, HP2 6, HP1 3
Sheet 027 Childwick Green, Church End, Flamstead, Harpenden, Hatching Green, Kinsbourne Green, Mackerye End, Marshall's Heath, Redbourn, The Folly, Trowley Bottom, AL3 6, AL3 7, AL3 8, AL5 2, AL5 3, AL4 8
Sheet 028 Ayot Green, Ayot St Lawrence, Ayot St Peter, Blackmore End, Burnham Green, Coleman Green, Cromer Hyde, Digswell, Digswell Water, Hall Grove, Handside, Harmer Green, Hatfield Hyde, Lemsford, Panshanger, Peartree, Stanborough, Tewin Bury Farm, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Wheathampstead, Woodhall, AL6 9, AL4 8, AL6 0, AL8 7, AL7 4, AL7 1, AL8 6
Sheet 029 Bengeo, Birch Green, Bramfield, Broadoak End, Bull's Green, Chapmore End, Cole Green, Hertford, Hertingfordbury, Little Amwell, Paynes Hall, Stapleford, Tewin, Thundridge, Tonwell, Wadesmill, Ware, Waterford, SG14 3, SG14 2, SG3 6, SG12 0, SG14 1, SG13 7, AL6 0, SG12 7
Sheet 030 Allen's Green, Babb's Green, Baker's End, Eastwick, Gilston Park, Great Amwell, Hunsdon, Perry Green, Pye Corner, St Margarets, Stanstead Abbotts, Temple Fields, Wareside, Widford, CM21 0, SG12 7, CM20 2, SG12 9, SG12 8, SG10 6
Sheet 031 Ardley End, Broad Street, Churchgate Street, Gaston Green, Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, High Wych, Little Hallingbury, Matching, Newman's End, Old Harlow, Sawbridgeworth, Sheering, Spellbrook, Wright's Green, CM22 7, CM17 0, CM21 0, CM20 2, CM23 4
Sheet 032 Ashley Green, Bellingdon, Buckland Common, Cholesbury, Hastoe, Lee Clump, Northchurch, St Leonards, The Lee, HP5 3, HP5 2, HP23 6, HP16 9, HP4 3
Sheet 033 Adeyfield, Apsley, Bennetts End, Berkhamsted, Bourne End, Boxmoor, Chaulden, Felden, Gadebridge, Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead, Highfield, Piccotts End, Potten End, Rucklers Lane, Warners End, Whelpley Hill, HP2 4, HP3 0, HP3 9, HP4 3, HP1 2, HP1 3, HP2 6, HP2 5, HP4 2, HP5 3
Sheet 034 Bernards Heath, Chiswell Green, Fleetville, Leverstock Green, Marshalswick, New Greens, Park Street, Pimlico, Potters Crouch, Sandridge, St Albans, St Julians, St Stephens, The Camp, Townsend, Westwick Row, AL3 5, AL2 3, AL1 5, HP3 8, AL1 4, AL3 6, AL2 2, AL4 9, AL1 3, AL1 2, HP2 4
Sheet 035 Bell Bar, Birchwood, Bullen's Green, Colney Heath, Cooper's Green, Ellenbrook, Hatfield, Hatfield Garden Village, Mill Green, Oxlease, Roe Green, Roestock, Sleapshyde, Smallford, South Hatfield, The Ryde, Tyttenhanger, Water End, Welham Green, Wildhill, Woodside, Wormley West End, AL9 7, AL10 0, AL4 0, AL4 9, AL10 9, AL10 8, AL9 5, AL9 6
Sheet 036 Bayford, Bayfordbury, Broxbourne, Epping Green, Essendon, Hertford Heath, Letty Green, Little Berkhamsted, Newgate Street, West End, Woollensbrook, Wormley, SG13 8, EN10 7, AL9 6, SG13 7, SG14 2, EN11 9, EN10 6
Sheet 037 Brays Grove, Broadley Common, Bumble's Green, Eastend, Epping Green, Great Parndon, Hailey, Halls Green, Hare Street, Harlow, Hoddesdon, Katherines, Kingsmoor, Latton Bush, Little Parndon, Lower Nazeing, Mark Hall South, Nazeing, Nazeing Gate, Nettleswell, Passmores, Roydon, Roydon Hamlet, Rye Park, Spitalbrook, Stewards, Sumners, Tye Green, CM18 6, EN9 2, CM19 5, CM16 6, CM19 4, SG13 7, CM20 1, EN11 8, CM18 7, CM20 3, EN11 0
Sheet 038 Belsize, Botley, Bovingdon, Bucks Hill, Chandler's Cross, Chenies, Chipperfield, Flaunden, Hogpits Bottom, Kings Langley, Latimer, Ley Hill, Little Chalfont, Micklefield Green, Sarratt, WD3 4, HP5 3, HP3 0, WD4 9, WD3 6, WD4 8, HP5 1, HP6 6
Sheet 039 Abbots Langley, Aldenham, Bedmond, Bricket Wood, Colney Street, Frogmore, Hunton Bridge, Leavesden Green, Letchmore Heath, Radlett, Round Bush, Smug Oak, Watford North Station, WD5 0, WD25 8, AL2 3, AL2 2, WD4 8, WD25 7, WD7 7, WD24 7
Sheet 040 Bentley Heath, Brookmans Park, Dancers Hill, Ganwick Corner, Green Street, Hadley Wood, Kitts End, London Colney, Potters Bar, Ridge, Shenley, Shenleybury, South Mimms, Well End, Wrotham Park, EN5 4, AL9 7, WD6 5, EN4 0, AL2 1, EN6 5, EN6 3, WD7 9
Sheet 041 Botany Bay, Bulls Cross, Bury Green, Cheshunt, Churchgate, Clay Hill, Cuffley, Enfield Lock, Flamstead End, Freezy Water, Goff's Oak, Hammond Street, Northaw, Turnford, EN2 8, EN2 9, EN7 5, EN8 8, EN2 0, EN6 4, EN3 6, EN7 6, EN10 6
Sheet 043 Batchworth, Batchworth Heath, Chalfont Common, Chalfont St Giles, Chorleywood, Chorleywood Bottom, Croxley Green, Dibden Hill, Gravel Hill, Heronsgate, Hill End, Horn Hill, Maple Cross, Mill End, Rickmansworth, The Swillett, West Hyde, WD3 1, SL9 0, HP8 4, WD3 5, WD3 3, UB9 6, WD3 9, WD3 8
Sheet 045 Arkley, Barnet, Barnet Gate, Borehamwood, Chipping Barnet, Ducks Island, Edgware, Elstree, Hadley, High Barnet, Highwood Hill, Mill Hill, Monken Hadley, New Barnet, Oakleigh Park, Totteridge, Underhill, Whetstone, Woodside Park Station, EN5 3, EN5 4, WD6 1, EN5 5, EN5 2, HA8 9, WD6 3, NW7 4, NW7 1, EN4 8, N20 0, N20 8, EN5 1, N12 8