Map of Warwickshire

Ordnance Survey maps of Warwickshire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1. Originally published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, 1884-1893.

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Table of contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 002/SE Alvecote, Amington, Belgrave, Bolehall, Glascote, Glascote Heath, Kettlebrook, Tamworth, B79 0, B77 4, B77 2, B77 3, B77 1, B79 7
OS Map name 003/NW Austrey, Newton Regis, Seckington, CV9 3, B79 0
OS Map name 003/SW Polesworth, Shuttington, Warton, B78 1, B79 0
OS Map name 004/NE Canwell Hall, Roughley, B75 5
OS Map name 004/SW Doe Bank, Four Oaks Park, Hardwick, Streetly, B74 2, B74 3
OS Map name 004/SE Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, Whitehouse Common, B75 5, B74 2, B75 6
OS Map name 005/NE Dosthill, Hockley, Two Gates, Whateley, Wilnecote, B77 1, B77 5, B78 2, B77 2
OS Map name 005/SW Bodymoor Heath, Hunts Green, Middleton, B76 9, B78 2
OS Map name 005/SE Freasley, Kingsbury, Wood End, B78 2, CV9 2
OS Map name 006/NW Birchmoor, Bradley Green, Dordon, Grendon, St Helena, B78 1, CV9 3, CV9 2
OS Map name 006/NE Ratcliffe Culey, Sheepy Magna, Sheepy Parva, CV9 3
OS Map name 006/SW Baddesley Ensor, Baxterley, Grendon Common, CV9 2
OS Map name 006/SE Atherstone, Fenny Drayton, Mancetter, Witherley, CV9 1, CV13 6, CV9 3
OS Map name 008/NE Maney, Walmley, Wylde Green, B72 1, B76 1
OS Map name 008/SE Bromford, Castle Bromwich, Castle Vale, Minworth, Tyburn, B24 8, B36 9, B35 6, B76 9, B24 0
OS Map name 009/NW Lea Marston, Marston, Over Green, The Belfry, Wishaw, B76 0, B76 9
OS Map name 009/NE Hurley, Nether Whitacre, Whitacre Heath, CV9 2, B46 2
OS Map name 009/SW Cole End, Curdworth, Gilson, Water Orton, B46 1, B76 9
OS Map name 009/SE Blyth End, Botts Green, Furnace End, Hoggrill's End, Over Whitacre, Shustoke, Whitacre Fields, B46 2
OS Map name 010/NW Bentley, Church End, Ridge Lane, CV9 2, CV10 0
OS Map name 010/NE Chapel End, Hartshill, Oldbury, Plough Hill, CV10 9, CV10 0
OS Map name 010/SW Ansley, Devitts Green, New Arley, Old Arley, CV10 9, CV7 8
OS Map name 010/SE Astley, Camp Hill, Galley Common, Stockingford, Whittleford, CV10 7, CV10 9, CV10 8
OS Map name 011/NW Caldecote, Higham on the Hill, Weddington, CV10 0, CV13 6
OS Map name 011/NE Hinckley, Wykin, LE10 0, LE10 3
OS Map name 011/SW Attleborough, Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton, CV11 4, CV10 7
OS Map name 011/SE Burbage, Burton Hastings, Sketchley, LE10 2, CV11 6, LE10 3
OS Map name 014/NW Aston, Birmingham, Birmingham Cathedral, Birmingham New Street Station, Saltley, Small Heath, Vauxhall, Washwood Heath, B6 4, B4 7, B3 2, B2 4, B8 1, B9 5, B7 5, B8 2
OS Map name 014/SW Balsall Heath, Edgbaston, Moor Green, Moseley, Small Heath Station, Sparkhill, Tyseley, B12 9, B5 7, B13 8, B10 0, B11 3
OS Map name 014/SE Garrett's Green, Gilbertstone, Hay Mills, Lyndon Green, Sheldon, South Yardley, Wells Green, Yardley, B33 0, B26 1, B25 8, B26 2, B26 3, B92 8
OS Map name 015/NW Chelmsley Wood, Coleshill, Fordbridge, Kingshurst, Tile Cross, B37 6, B46 1, B33 0
OS Map name 015/NE Duke End, Maxstoke, B46 2
OS Map name 015/SW Birmingham International Station, Elmdon, Marston Green, Middle Bickenhill, B40 1, B26 3, B37 7, B92 0
OS Map name 015/SE Little Packington, Stonebridge, CV7 7
OS Map name 016/NW Corley Ash, Fillongley, Green End, Wood End, CV7 8
OS Map name 016/NE Bedworth Woodlands, CV12 0
OS Map name 016/SW Chapel Green, Corley, Corley Moor, Eaves Green, CV7 8, CV7 7
OS Map name 016/SE Ash Green, Exhall, Goodyers End, Holbrooks, Keresley, Longford, Neal's Green, Rowley's Green, CV7 9, CV12 0, CV6 2, CV7 8, CV6 6, CV6 4
OS Map name 017/NW Bedworth, Bulkington, Collycroft, Griff, Ryton, Weston in Arden, CV12 8, CV12 9, CV10 7
OS Map name 017/NE Bramcote, Wolvey, Wolvey Heath, CV11 6, LE10 3
OS Map name 017/SW Alderman's Green, Ansty, Barnacle, Black Bank, CV2 1, CV7 9, CV12 8
OS Map name 017/SE Hopsford, Shilton, Withybrook, CV7 9
OS Map name 018/NW Claybrooke Magna, Claybrooke Parva, Copston Magna, Wibtoft, LE17 5, LE10 3
OS Map name 018/SW Newnham Paddox, Willey, CV23 0
OS Map name 019/NE Acock's Green, Kineton Green, Lode Heath, Olton, Ulverley Green, Worlds End, B27 7, B92 7, B91 1, B92 8, B91 2
OS Map name 019/SE Blossomfield, Sharmans Cross, Shirley, Shirley Heath, Solihull, B91 1, B90 3, B90 4, B91 3
OS Map name 020/NW Bickenhill, Catherine-de-Barnes, Elmdon Heath, Hampton in Arden, B92 0, B91 2, B92 9
OS Map name 020/NE Four Oaks, Meriden, CV7 7
OS Map name 020/SW Copt Heath, Eastcote, Knowle, B93 9, B92 0, B93 0
OS Map name 020/SE Balsall Common, Barston, Berkswell, Carol Green, CV7 7, B92 0
OS Map name 021/NW Allesley, Brownshill Green, Flint's Green, Hawkes End, Pickford, Pickford Green, Upper Eastern Green, CV5 9, CV7 7, CV5 7
OS Map name 021/NE Coundon, Foleshill, Great Heath, Little Heath, Radford, Upper Stoke, CV6 2, CV6 6, CV6 5, CV6 1, CV2 3
OS Map name 021/SW Hockley, Tile Hill, CV5 7, CV4 9
OS Map name 021/SE Canley, Chapel Fields, Coventry, Earlsdon, Stivichall, Whitley, CV4 7, CV5 8, CV1 3, CV5 6, CV3 5, CV3 4
OS Map name 022/NW Bell Green, Court House Green, Potter's Green, Walsgrave on Sowe, Wyken, CV2 1, CV6 7, CV2 2, CV2 3
OS Map name 022/NE
OS Map name 022/SW Binley, Stoke, CV3 2, CV2 5
OS Map name 022/SE Bretford, Brinklow, CV23 0
OS Map name 023/NW Monks Kirby, Pailton, Street Ashton, Stretton under Fosse, CV23 0
OS Map name 023/NE Churchover, Cotesbach, Shawell, CV23 0, LE17 4, LE17 6
OS Map name 023/SW Easenhall, Harborough Magna, Harborough Parva, King's Newnham, Little Lawford, Newbold on Avon, CV23 0, CV21 1
OS Map name 023/SE Brownsover, Cosford, Newton, CV21 1, CV23 0
OS Map name 024/NE Cheswick Green, Earlswood, Four Ashes, Waring's Green, B90 4, B94 6, B93 8
OS Map name 024/SW Aspley Heath, Branson's Cross, Portway, Wood End, B94 5, B98 9, B48 7
OS Map name 024/SE Hockley Heath, Kemps Green, Nuthurst, Tanworth in Arden, B94 6, B94 5
OS Map name 025/NW Bentley Heath, Chessetts Wood, Dorridge, Rotten Row, Temple Balsall, B93 8, B94 6, B93 0
OS Map name 025/NE Balsall, Catchems Corner, Fen End, Meer End, Oldwich Lane, Sedgemere, CV7 7, CV8 1, B93 0
OS Map name 025/SW Baddesley Clinton, Chadwick End, Kingswood, Lapworth, Packwood, Rowington Green, B93 0, B94 6, B94 5, CV35 7
OS Map name 025/SE Beausale, Haseley Knob, Honiley, Wroxall, CV35 7, CV8 1
OS Map name 026/NW Burton Green, Kirby Corner, Westwood Heath, CV8 1, CV4 8
OS Map name 026/NE Baginton, King's Hill, CV8 3, CV3 6
OS Map name 026/SW Castle End, Kenilworth, CV8 1
OS Map name 026/SE Stareton, Stoneleigh, CV8 2, CV8 3
OS Map name 027/NW Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Tollbar End, Willenhall, CV8 3, CV3 4, CV3 3
OS Map name 027/NE Brandon, Wolston, CV8 3
OS Map name 027/SW Bubbenhall, Princethorpe, CV8 3, CV23 9
OS Map name 027/SE Bourton on Dunsmore, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, CV23 9
OS Map name 028/NW Cawston, Church Lawford, Long Lawford, Overslade, CV22 7, CV23 9, CV22 6
OS Map name 028/NE Clifton upon Dunsmore, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV23 0, CV21 4, CV21 3
OS Map name 028/SW Bilton, Dunchurch, Thurlaston, CV22 7, CV22 6, CV23 9
OS Map name 028/SE
OS Map name 030/SE Crabbs Cross, Dagtail End, Greenlands, Headless Cross, Hunt End, Studley Common, Walkwood, Woodrow, B97 5, B98 7, B80 7
OS Map name 031/NE Buckley Green, Danzey Green, Ullenhall, B95 5, B94 5
OS Map name 031/SW Green Lane, Ipsley, Mappleborough Green, Matchborough, Studley, Washford, B80 7, B98 0
OS Map name 031/SE Beaudesert, Henley-in-Arden, Morton Bagot, Oldberrow, B95 5, B80 7
OS Map name 032/NW Finwood, High Cross, Lowsonford, Rowington, Turner's Green, CV35 7, B95 5
OS Map name 032/NE Haseley, Hatton, Mousley End, Shrewley, Yew Green, CV35 7
OS Map name 032/SW Claverdon, Lye Green, Pinley Green, Preston Bagot, Preston Green, CV35 8, B95 5
OS Map name 032/SE Hampton on the Hill, CV35 8
OS Map name 033/NW Hill Wootton, Leek Wootton, Old Milverton, CV35 7, CV32 6
OS Map name 033/NE Ashow, Blackdown, Cubbington, Lillington, New Cubbington, CV8 2, CV32 6, CV32 7
OS Map name 033/SW Bridge End, Budbrooke, Milverton, Packmores, Warwick, CV34 6, CV35 8, CV32 6, CV34 4
OS Map name 033/SE Radford Semele, Royal Leamington Spa, Whitnash, CV31 1, CV32 4, CV31 2
OS Map name 034/NW Eathorpe, Hunningham, Hunningham Hill, Wappenbury, Weston under Wetherley, CV33 9
OS Map name 034/NE Birdingbury, Draycote, Frankton, Leamington Hastings, Marton, CV23 8, CV23 9
OS Map name 034/SW Offchurch, CV33 9
OS Map name 034/SE Long Itchington, CV47 9
OS Map name 035/NW Kites Hardwick, Woolscott, CV23 8
OS Map name 035/NE Barby, Willoughby, CV23 8
OS Map name 035/SW Broadwell, Grandborough, Hill, CV23 8