Map of Worcestershire

Ordnance Survey maps of Worcestershire from the nineteenth century

Ordnance Survey 1:10,560 Epoch 1.

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'Map of Worcestershire', in Map of Worcestershire, (Southampton, 1883-1893). British History Online [accessed 25 June 2024].

"Map of Worcestershire", in Map of Worcestershire, (Southampton, 1883-1893). British History Online, accessed June 25, 2024,

"Map of Worcestershire", in Map of Worcestershire, (Southampton, 1883-1893), British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024,

Table of Contents

Title Place names/Postcodes
OS Map name 001/SE Dudley, Dudley Port, Kates Hill, London Fields, Lower Gornal, Tipton, DY1 4, DY4 7, DY2 7, DY1 2, DY3 2, DY4 8
OS Map name 002/SW Guns Village, Oldbury, Swan Village, Tividale, West Bromwich, B70 9, B69 3, B69 2, B70 7
OS Map name 004/NE Baptist End, Brierley Hill, Cradley Heath, Darby End, Dudley Wood, Haden Cross, Merry Hill, Netherton, Old Hill, Primrose Hill, Quarry Bank, Springfield, Woodside, DY2 9, DY5 1, B64 5, DY2 0, B64 6, B65 8
OS Map name 004/SW Amblecote, Gigmill, Norton, Old Swinford, Pedmore, Stourbridge, Wollaston, DY8 4, DY8 3, DY8 2, DY8 1, DY9 0
OS Map name 004/SE Belle Vale, Cradley, Hasbury, Lye, Wollescote, B63 3, B63 2, B63 4, DY9 8
OS Map name 005/NW Blackheath, Bristnall Fields, Causeway Green, Langley, Langley Green, Londonderry, Rood End, Rowley Regis, Warley, B65 9, B68 9, B68 8, B69 4, B67 6, B67 7
OS Map name 005/SW Coombeswood, Halesowen, Hurst Green, Lapal, Moor Street, Quinton, B65 0, B63 3, B62 9, B62 8, B32 3, B32 1
OS Map name 006/NE Alum Rock, Buckland End, Hodgehill, Kitt's Green, Little Bromwich, Shard End, Stechford, Ward End, B8 3, B36 8, B33 0, B9 5, B34 7, B33 8, B8 2
OS Map name 006/SW Balsall Heath, Edgbaston, Moor Green, Moseley, Small Heath Station, Sparkhill, Tyseley, B12 9, B5 7, B13 8, B10 0, B11 3
OS Map name 007/SW
OS Map name 008/NW Drakelow, Kingsford, Shatterford, DY11 5, DY12 1
OS Map name 008/NE Blakeshall, Caunsall, Cookley, DY11 5, DY10 3
OS Map name 008/SW Blakebrook, Catchems End, Franche, Low Habberley, Summerhill, Trimpley, DY11 6, DY12 1, DY11 5
OS Map name 008/SE Broadwaters, Kidderminster, Wolverley, DY10 2, DY10 1, DY11 5
OS Map name 009/NW Churchill, Hagley, Lower Clent, West Hagley, DY10 3, DY9 9, DY9 0
OS Map name 009/NE Clent, Hayley Green, Romsley, DY9 9, B63 1, B62 0
OS Map name 009/SW Blakedown, Broome, DY10 3, DY9 0
OS Map name 009/SE Belbroughton, Bell End, Bell Heath, Dayhouse Bank, Holy Cross, DY9 9, B62 0
OS Map name 010/NW Bartley Green, Frankley, Frankley Green, Illey, Woodgate, B32 3, B32 4, B62 0
OS Map name 010/NE Bournbrook, Bournville, Cotteridge, Lifford, Shenley Fields, Stirchley, Weoley Castle, B29 7, B30 2, B30 3, B29 4, B29 5
OS Map name 010/SW Rednal, Rubery, B45 8, B45 9
OS Map name 010/SE Headley Heath, King's Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Turves Green, Walker's Heath, West Heath, B38 9, B30 3, B31 4, B31 3
OS Map name 011/NW Alcester Lane's End, Billesley, Brandwood End, Hall Green, King's Heath, Springfield, Wake Green, Yardley Wood, B14 6, B13 0, B28 9, B14 7, B13 9, B28 0
OS Map name 011/SW Dickens Heath, Drakes Cross, Hasluck's Green, Highter's Heath, Hollywood, Major's Green, Solihull Lodge, Trueman's Heath, Whitlock's End, B90 1, B47 5, B28 0, B14 5
OS Map name 012/NE Cleobury Mortimer, Milson, DY14 8, DY14 0
OS Map name 012/SW Boraston, Nash, WR15 8, SY8 3
OS Map name 012/SE Knighton on Teme, Neen Sollars, WR15 8, DY14 0
OS Map name 013/NW Bayton, Lem Hill, DY14 9
OS Map name 013/NE Buckridge, Callow Hill, Cross Bank, Far Forest, Fingerpost, Long Bank, Lye Head, Park End, Pound Bank, DY14 9, DY12 2
OS Map name 013/SW Clows Top, Frith Common, Mamble, DY14 9, WR15 8
OS Map name 013/SE Bliss Gate, Heightington, Rock, DY14 9, DY12 2
OS Map name 014/NW Bewdley, Ribbesford, Wribbenhall, DY12 2, DY12 1
OS Map name 014/NE Mustow Green, Shenstone, Stanklyn, Stone, Summerfield, DY10 4, DY11 7
OS Map name 014/SW Areley Kings, Astley Cross, Newtown, Stourport-on-Severn, Upper Mitton, DY13 0, DY13 8, DY13 9
OS Map name 014/SE Charlton, Hartlebury, Torton, Waresley, Wilden, DY11 7, DY10 4, DY13 9
OS Map name 015/NW Bluntington, Brockencote, Chaddesley Corbett, Drayton, Harvington, DY10 4, DY9 0
OS Map name 015/NE Bournheath, Broom Hill, Catshill, Dodford, Fairfield, Upper Catshill, Wildmoor, B61 9, DY9 0, B61 0
OS Map name 015/SW Cakebole, Cooksey Green, Purshull Green, Rushock, Woodcote Green, DY10 4, B61 9, WR9 0
OS Map name 015/SE Bromsgrove, Park Gate, Sidemoor, B61 8, B61 9
OS Map name 016/NW Barnt Green, Cofton Hackett, Kendal End, Lickey, Lydiate Ash, Marlbrook, B45 8, B60 1
OS Map name 016/NE Arrowfield Top, Forhill, Hopwood, Lea End, Weatheroak Hill, B48 7, B38 9
OS Map name 016/SW Aston Fields, Blackwell, Burcot, Cobley Hill, Finstall, Lickey End, Tutnall, B60 2, B60 1
OS Map name 016/SE Alvechurch, Rowney Green, B48 7
OS Map name 017/NW Tanners Green, Terry's Green, Tidbury Green, Wythall, B47 6, B94 5, B90 1
OS Map name 018/NE Berrington, Berrington Green, Gosford, Little Hereford, WR15 8, SY8 4
OS Map name 018/SE Leysters, Middleton on the Hill, Miles Hope, HR6 0, SY8 4, WR15 8
OS Map name 019/NW Burford, Callows Grave, Kyrewood, Rochford, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8
OS Map name 019/NE Eastham, Highwood, Lindridge, Newnham Bridge, Upper Rochford, WR15 8
OS Map name 019/SW Kyre Park, Nineveh, St Michaels, WR15 8
OS Map name 019/SE Broadheath, Hanley Child, Hanley William, Lea Green, WR15 8, WR6 6
OS Map name 020/NW Eardiston, Menithwood, Orleton, Pensax, Stockton on Teme, WR15 8, WR6 6
OS Map name 020/NE Abberley, Abberley Common, WR6 6
OS Map name 020/SW Sapey Common, Shelsley Walsh, Stanford Bridge, Stanford on Teme, WR6 6
OS Map name 020/SE Great Witley, WR6 6
OS Map name 021/NW Astley, Dunley, Lincomb, Noutard's Green, The Burf, DY13 0, DY13 9, WR6 6
OS Map name 021/NE Acton, Comhampton, Crossway Green, Dunhampton, Elmley Lovett, Norchard, Snead's Green, DY13 9, WR9 0
OS Map name 021/SW Boreley, Frog Pool, Holt Heath, Little Witley, Sankyn's Green, Shrawley, WR9 0, WR6 6
OS Map name 021/SE Doverdale, Hadley, Holt Fleet, Lineholt, Oldfield, Ombersley, Sytchampton, Uphampton, WR9 0, WR6 6, DY13 9
OS Map name 022/NW Broad Alley, Cutnall Green, Elmbridge, WR9 0
OS Map name 022/NE Stoke Heath, Stoke Prior, Upton Warren, B60 4, B61 7
OS Map name 022/SW Droitwich Spa, Hampton Lovett, Rashwood, WR9 8, WR9 0
OS Map name 022/SE Hanbury, Woodgate, Wychbold, B60 4, WR9 0
OS Map name 023/NW Hewell Grange, Hewell Lane, Stoke Pound, Tardebigge, Webheath, B97 6, B60 1, B60 3, B97 5
OS Map name 023/NE Batchley, Beoley, Redditch, B97 6, B98 9, B97 4
OS Map name 023/SW Callow Hill, Crumpfield, Ham Green, Lower Bentley, Upper Bentley, B97 5, B60 4
OS Map name 024/NW Gorcott Hill, Holt End, Moons Moat North, Moons Moat South, Trap's Green, B98 9, B94 5
OS Map name 025/NE Grafton, Whyle, HR6 0
OS Map name 026/NW Bockleton, WR15 8
OS Map name 026/NE Bank Street, Collington, High Lane, Stoke Bliss, Wolferlow, WR15 8, HR7 4, WR6 6
OS Map name 027/NW Clifton upon Teme, Harpley, Lower Sapey, Upper Sapey, WR6 6
OS Map name 027/NE Hillside, Martley, Shelsley Beauchamp, WR6 6
OS Map name 027/SW Meadow Green, Tedstone Delamere, Whitbourne, WR6 5, HR7 4
OS Map name 027/SE Berrow Green, Collins Green, Horsham, Newtown, WR6 6, WR6 5
OS Map name 028/NW Ockeridge, Sinton Green, Wichenford, WR6 6, WR2 6
OS Map name 028/NE Grimley, Hawford, Holt, Ladywood, WR2 6, WR9 0, WR6 6
OS Map name 028/SW Lower Broadheath, Moseley, Peachley, Shoulton, WR2 6
OS Map name 028/SE Blackpole, Claines, Cornmeadow Green, Fernhill Heath, Hallow, Hallow Heath, Northwick, WR3 8, WR3 7, WR2 6
OS Map name 029/NW Hadzor, Martin Hussingtree, Salwarpe, Shernal Green, Witton, WR9 7, WR3 8, WR9 0, WR9 8
OS Map name 029/NE Broughton Green, Goosehill Green, Woolmere Green, WR9 7, B60 4
OS Map name 029/SW Hindlip, Oddingley, Tibberton, Warndon, WR3 8, WR9 7, WR4 0
OS Map name 029/SE Earl's Common, Himbleton, Huddington, Sale Green, Saleway, WR9 7
OS Map name 030/NW Bradley Green, Feckenham, B96 6
OS Map name 030/NE Astwood Bank, Edgiock, Sambourne, Shurnock, B96 6
OS Map name 030/SW Dormston, Stock Green, Stock Wood, WR7 4, B96 6
OS Map name 030/SE Cladswell, Cookhill, Holberrow Green, New End, B49 5, B96 6
OS Map name 031/SE Crick's Green, Munderfield Row, Munderfield Stocks, HR7 4
OS Map name 032/NW Brockhampton, Linley Green, WR6 5
OS Map name 032/NE Broad Green, Broadwas, Doddenham, Knightwick, Lulsley, WR6 5
OS Map name 032/SW Acton Green, Stanford Bishop, Suckley, Suckley Green, Suckley Knowl, WR6 5
OS Map name 032/SE Alfrick, Alfrick Pound, Brockamin, Coles Green, Longley Green, Smith End Green, WR6 5, WR13 5
OS Map name 033/NW Cotheridge, Rushwick, Upper Broadheath, WR6 5, WR2 5, WR2 6
OS Map name 033/NE Henwick, Ronkswood, St John's, Worcester, WR2 5, WR5 1, WR2 4, WR1 3
OS Map name 033/SW Bastonford, Bransford, Bransford Bridge, Collett's Green, Leigh, Leigh Sinton, Upper Wick, WR2 4, WR6 5, WR13 5, WR2 5
OS Map name 033/SE Cherry Orchard, Lower Wick, Powick, WR5 3, WR2 4
OS Map name 034/NW Bredicot, Broughton Hackett, Churchill, Crowle, Crowle Green, Spetchley, WR7 4, WR5 1
OS Map name 034/NE Cowsden, Grafton Flyford, Libbery, North Piddle, Upton Snodsbury, WR7 4
OS Map name 034/SW Egdon, Norton, Sneachill, White Ladies Aston, Whittington, WR7 4, WR5 2
OS Map name 034/SE Naunton Beauchamp, WR10 2
OS Map name 035/NW Flyford Flavell, Inkberrow, Kington, WR7 4
OS Map name 035/NE Abbots Morton, Goom's Hill, Weethley, WR7 4, B49 5