Cheshire Quarter Sessions: 1580s

Petitions to the Cheshire Quarter Sessions, 1573-1798.

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Robert Thomasonne of Northerden, husbandman. QJF 17/1/20 (1587)

To the right worshipfull the Queenes majesties justices of peace within the countie palatine of Chester.

Moste humblie compleyninge sheweth unto your worships your poore and daylie orator Roberte Bro [Thomasonne?] alias Brownell of Northerden in this countie husbandman that whereas att the last great assises holden at Chester the xxiiiith daye of Aprill last past an order was made in the Queens majesties court of the exchecker of Chester by the right honorable Roberte Earle of Leycester chamberlayne of the said countie palentyne with the advyse of the counsell and assistaunce of the same court that your sayd oratour should have the quyet possession of one mesuage and certen landes in Northerden in the sayd countie of Chester which your sayd oratour claymed by vertue of a certen lease made thereof by William Brereton of Hondford esquyer to Thomas Robinson alias Brawnell Thomas Bryckell from whom your sayd oratour lawfullie claymeth the same by by vertue of which order and of good and lawfull assurance made to your sayd orator by the sayd Thomas Robinson and Thomas Bryckell your sayd oratour into the sayd mesuage and landes entred and was thereof lawfullie possessed but soe it is yf it may please your worships that William Tatton of Withinshawe in the sayd countie esquyer John Broughe of the same yoman John Button of the same yoman Thomas Martin of [.anworthey?] of the same countie yoman Henrye Thomason of the sa Withinshawe aforesayde yoman Henry Boyle of Northerden yoman John Boyle of the same yoman John [.ybbon?] of the same yoman Elice Kempe of the same, yoman and Henry Coppocke of Sharston yoman beinge tennantes and servantes of the saide William Tatton not regardinge the lawes and statutes of this realme nor the sayd order made in the sayd court of exchecker have in verie royotous and forcible maner assembled themselves to the sayd mesuage and have verie ryotouslye nayled [d...s?] dorres upon the dores of the sayd mesuage to thintent to shutt upp and keepe your sayd orator and one Christopher Sinderells within the sayd mesuage and to famishe them within the same and the sayd William Tatton caused the sayd Henrye Coppocke and Elice Kempe to watche and besett the sayd howse and to barre and keepe them from victualls and susteynaunce to the greate terrour of manye of the Queenes majesties subjectes and to the pernitious example of suche wilfull offenders intende our consideracions whereof and forasmuche alsoe as the sayd William Tatton upon the seventh day of Maye last past hathe caused open comaundement to be given in the parishe churche of Northerden to all the tenantes and servantes of the sayd William Tatton that they shoulde nott permitt or suffer your sayd oratour or the sayd Christopher Sinderells to come upon any of the landes which the helde of the sayd William Tatton and alsoe forasmuche as the sayd William Tatton is a verie desperate person and he and his servantes have bene diverse tymes indyted of diverse ryottes and haynous misdemeanors may it please your worships to graunte warrantes as well against the sayd William Tatton and the other ryatous persons abovenamed as alsoe against all other the tenantes and servauntes of the sayd William Tatton for the observacion of the peace towardes your sayd [orator?] and the sayd Christopher Sinderells and all other the Queenes majesties people. And this for Godes love


fiat [process versus part pd?]

Margarette Clarke of Highe Leighe, spinster. QJF 19/2/28 (1589)

To the right worshipefull the justices of the peace of the countie pallantyne of Chester at the generall sessions of the peace

In moste humble wyse complayninge sheweth unto your worshippes your daylye oratour Margarette Clarke of Highe Leighe within this countye pallantyne of Chester spynster. That whereas your sayde oratour dwellinge with one John Wylkynson of Highe Leighe in the sayde countye yoman, was evellye entreated, and beaten verye cruellye of Thomas Wylkynson sonne of the sayde John her master without anye cause and also threatned to cutte her throate, and to burne her beinge thus terrified with his threatninges and with the advyse and counsell of his father her master your sayde oratour did procure forthe a warrante of the peace as ys here presente to be seene from the righte worshippefull Thomas Leighe of Highe Leighe esquyer one of the Queenes majesties justices of the peace and came to the constables to whom yt was directed, and Thomas Stelfoxe one of the constables of the towneshippe of Leighe beinge in his howse woulde not be knowen to be at home, and afterwardes your sayde orator wente to Rycharde Prynce the other constable which wente with your sayde oratour untill he came to the howse wherein the sayde Thomas Wilkynson was, and used theis speaches that yf he were in the steedde of Thomas Wilkensonn he woulde meete your sayde oratour and beate her everye daye and your sayde oratour shoulde never bynde hym to the peace and he refused and woulde not serve the warrante, and spake so vehementelye that the foresayde Thomas Wilkenson beinge in his fathers howse came forthe in his shyrte with a drawen swoarde in his hande and threatned to kill your sayde oratour and the sayde Rycharde Prynce neglectinge his dutye sayde verye contemptuouselye that he woulde not serve hym and presentelye after your sayde oratour goinge to Master Rychard Leighe of Swyneheade his his howse the sayde Thomas Wilkenson overtooke her and with anaked dagger did cutte, and beate her in diverse places so cruellye that your sayde oratour was in greate danger of her lyffe also afterwarde that your sayde oratour was alitle recovered she wente to one Geffraye Bentley one of the shyrriffes bayliffes and desyred hym to serve the warrante and he denyed to serve the same and sayde it did not belonge to his office, yf yt maye therefore please your worshipps consideringe the greate danger your sayde oratour standeth in by reason of the ill disposition and behavioure of the sayde Thomas Wylkenson and contempte of the foresayde officers to graunte forthe your warrante of good behavioure to attache the sayde Thomas Wylkenson and take hym [illegible] bownde of good behavioure and also to appoynte some faythfull bayliffe or officer to serve and doe his dutie accordingelye for the savegarde of your sayde oratours lyffe and this for Gods cause and equitye etc.


Order to make process against Prynce