Derbyshire Quarter Sessions: 1660s

Petitions to the Derbyshire Quarter Sessions, 1632-1770.

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The inhabitants of the Townshipp of Hathersadge. Q/SB/2/255 (1665)

To the right honorable Bench his Majesties Justices of peace at
the Quarter Sessissions houlden at Derby for the County of Derby
the iiii day of Aprill in the Seaventeeth yeare of the Reign
of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of
God King over England etc

The peticion of the inhabitants of the Townshipp of Hathersadge humbly

That whereas Rowland Swanne was legally elected Cunstable
of the said Townshipp to serve the office of a Constable for one whole
yeare ending at Chrismas last, And thereuppon tooke his oath, And
collected much money within the said townshipp amounting to the summ
of 33li. 6s. 08d And gave publique notice for the makeing of his accompts
which wee fynde uppon perusall to bee very fowle unworthy debouched
wastfull and expensive for that wee utterly dislike and disaprove of the same

Now our humble request is that in case the said Swanne doe
repayre to any of your good Worshipps or to this honorable bench that
you would be pleased to take the premisses unto your [?seareios?]
consideraciones that some speedy course may bee taken
to bring the said Swanne to a just accompt that our poore
townshipp may have right and justice And your humble
peticioners as they are in duty bound will ever daiely pray etc

  • John Greene
  • Edward Warren
  • John Walker vicar
  • George Eyre
  • Thomas Skinner
  • Richard Wilcockson
  • Francis Thanasson
  • John Trout
  • Lawrence Greene
  • Thomas Wathende
  • Thomas Canne
  • Robert Yealot
  • John Wilcockson
  • John Littlewood
  • John Smylter
  • Edward Hutson his marke
  • Robert Cowper
  • John Houghe
  • Fran. Morton
  • John Greene of Padley