Petitions to the House of Lords: 1606

Petitions to the House of Lords, 1597-1696.

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Paul Thompson, his majesty's chaplain. HL/PO/JO/10/13/3 (1606)

Somersham in Comitat: Huntingdon

The Advowson was granted by the King to Paul Thompson his majesties chaplen, in January 1604 and in August following to Cambridge for augmentation of the Divinity Readers stipend, with reference of confirmation to this high court of Parlament.

The University desires not any place for ther grant till the former be expired, as may appeare by ther handes sub- scribed to that purpose.

He humbly prayeth of this honorable Court that no act may passe to his prejudice, without speciall reservation of his former grant that may be good in Lawe.

and he shall be bound etc

your honour in all duty.

Pau: Thompson