Staffordshire Quarter Sessions: 1599

Petitions to the Staffordshire Quarter Sessions, 1589-1799.

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Edward Howell of Butterall, yeoman. Q/SR/70/10 (1599)

To the right honorable and worshippfull her Majesties justices of the peace within the Countie of Stafford.

In all humilitie moveth you Edward Howell of Butterall in the countie aforesaid yoman, that wh[illegible] one Raphe Stiche and Edmund Ryley, of Butterlall aforesaid yoman in the passion weeke now last pa[st] gave it out at Butterlall aforesaid with great othes that they would cutt of the eares of this the [illegible] sonnes and nayle them on their fathers dowre, and thereuppon in the same passion week [illegible] Stiche and Ryley came to his the said Howells dwellinge house in Butterall aforesaid and [illegible] one Margaret the said Howells wif hare and hares calfe, callinge further unto her, and saying [illegible] thy husbande come out and if he dare, and yet not so contented the said Stiche, and Ryley [illegible] last meetinge the said Margaret his wif and one Edmund Howell her sonne with her, did beate th[illegible] Edward Howells said wif, and sonne. And yet not so contented the said Stiche and Ryley [illegible] Obedya Cottie of the towne of Stafford kirurgion and one George Hewlins, and Richard [illegible] Stafford Castle yomen, who on Tusedaye last past the xth of this Aprill as hethe said [illegible] the said Edward Howell satte at his supper in his said dwellinge howse entred into his said ho[illegible] aforesaid and theie beinge weaponed with swordes dagges and gauntletes did wound one w[illegible] the said Edward Howells sonne, and had like to have slayne him the said Edward How[illegible] Margaret his wif had not the under shereffe of the said countie of Stafford and [illegible] neighboures commen to have rescued him the said Edward, That it would therefore [illegible] premisses consydered to graunt unto him the said Edward Howell the good abearinge [illegible] Raphe Stiche, Edward Ryley and Obedya Cottie George Hewlins and Richard[illegible] Edard Howell as most bounden shall dayly praye for your longe good and hap[illegible]

  • Edward Howell sworne per Cur
  • Richard Chomley sworne per Cur
  • Humfrey Machen Constable of Capenhall sworne
  • Raphe Stich theise persons are bounden b[illegible]
  • Edward Riley and theise to retourne[illegible]
  • illegible name, or names] Relaxatur per querentiem

The inhabitants of Hatherton. Q/SR/70/11-12 (1599)

To the right honorable and there very good Lord Sir William Peryam knight Lord Cheeffe Baron of her majesties court of Exchequere and justice of the assizes within the countie aforesaid

Humblie complayning shewe and beseeche your good lordship your poore daylie supplicantes the inhabitantes of the hamlett of Hatherton within the county aforesed that whereas your seid supplicantes by order sett downe by the justices of the peace within that lymmytt by force of the late made statute for the releeveing of the poore people within the parishe where they were borne are appoynted to pay xii d everye weeke in contribution with the parishioners of Rydgley within the same countye for and toward the releeving of the poore within the same parishe. And for that your seid orators suppose themselves greatlie oppressed by the same and for as much as they have within theire seid hamlett of Hatherton fyve or sixe and twentie poore people olde impotent and unable to worke which they of necessitie by force of the same statute are bound to releeve, and they being but eyght in number to releeve them: in tender consideracion whereof your seid orators appeale unto your good lordship for some reasonable redresse therein most humblie beseeching you to peruse the true names and number of the seid poore people within there seid smale hamlett, the which is hereunto annexed and that uppon due consideracion hereof yt maye please your good lordship to order yt or cause yt to be ordered by the seid justices that your seid orators shall not onlie be discharged of the seid contribucion but that also they maye receave contribucion for the better releeveing of the seid poore within them out of and from some other parish or place which is not so greatlie charged as they are and herein they shall daylie pray god for your longe contynuance

Your good lordships humble poore orators the inhabitantes of the hamlett of Hatherton

Petic xli mo.

The names of the poore people within the towneshippe or hamlett of Hatherton as foloweth

John Trafford Rauff Alport Agnes Hande vid Thomas Hande William Hande William Hargreve Elizabeth Trafford vid Ellen Hywson Richard Hywson Johanne Hiwson William Cast Elizabeth Cast John Spencer Katerynn Spencer Amy Byrche Mary Byrche Humfrey More Elizabeth More Richard More Ellen Annesley vid Margarett Annesley Thomas Mountford Joyce Widoson William Bothe Alice Bothe Thomas Bothe Margaret Bothe Elizabeth Etherydge vid and two daughters


Yt is agryed th that Hatherton and Collington shalbe discharged for contrybutyons to Rydgley so that the paye all that was imposed of the [Rat?] the last assyses Walter Chetwynd