Staffordshire Quarter Sessions: 1669

Petitions to the Staffordshire Quarter Sessions, 1589-1799.

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Thomas Wilbraham and others, on behalf of John Turner of Bentley. Q/SR/345/2 (1669)

[To] the right honorable Sir Orlando Bridgeman Knight and Baronett Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England etc

[illegible] names are here underwritten his Majesties Justice of the peace for the County of Stafford [illegible] at the generall quarter sessions of the peace houlden for the said County at Stafford in [the] County aforesaid the fifth day of October in the one and twentieth yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne Lord King Charles the Second etc, doe testify unto your Lord shippe that by a petition from the inhabitants of Bentley in the saide County to us directed it [illegible] appeare that upon the thirtieth day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1668 about the houre of tow of the Clock in the same day theire happened a very dreadfull and la- mentable fire within the dwelling house of John Turner of Bentley aforesaid which within the space of tow or three houres burnt downe and consumed his dwelling house barnes and stables therunto adjoyning consisting of thirteene bayes of building togather with all his goods chattells and utensills of husbandry therein conteyned, the whole losse whereof amounting to the sume of tow hundred and fourescore pounds to the utter ruine and undoing of him his wife and family, if not releived, as by the humble petition of the said John Turner to us made concerned by the certificate of sundry credible persones of his neighboures appeareth. A particular estimate of which said loss was delivered in unto us and remaines amongst the roules of the saide peace for the said County of Stafford And wee further alsoe certifie unto your Lordshippe that the said personne who hath sustained the said loss hath entered into a bond of five hundred and sixy poundes penalty that noe part of the money to be collected shall be imploide otherwise then for the benefitt of him the said sufferer aforesaid and that he shall not assigne nor putt over his collections all which too any other personne all which wee doe humbly certify unto your Lordshippe in the behalfe of the saide distressed petition hopeing that your Lordshippe will grante his majesties gratiouse letters pattents under the Great Seal of Endgland for the collecting of the charitable benevolence of all well disposed persones for and towards the releife of your poore distressed petitioner and his family all which wee humbly submitt to your Lordshippes grave consideration

  • Thomas Wilbraham William Chetwind Walter Chetwind
  • E. Bagott Henry Grey Daniel Watson
  • Thomas Whitgreave Thomas Kinnersley George Parker