Worcestershire Quarter Sessions: 1616

Petitions to the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, 1592-1797.

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Geffrey Howsman of Ammersley. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/1 (1616)

To the right worshipfull [illegible] [illegible] his majesties justices of the peace for the county of Wegorn.

The humble peticion of Geffrey Howsman of Ammersley sheweth

That whereas your worships poore peticioner hath served in Ireland in the late Queene Elizabeths tyme, in which service hee was crewelly wounded and hurt and afterwardes had a pencion in this county the space of six yeares which is now taken from him and of late his greevous woundes and hurtes doe rebell and breake out againe by reason of a bullett that is in his legge and having no meanes to seeke helpe at the chirurgeons handes is like to perishe for want of helpe. His humble desire unto your good worship is for Godes cause to consider his poore and lamentable estate and graunt that hee may either have his pencione renued or els some other meanes whereby hee may have his woundes cured otherwise he is like to perish for want of helpe and so hee shall ever pray for your worshipes preservacion


xl shillings per annum

William Yate and Farman Beson, collectors of the parish of Droitwich. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/10 (1616)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of the peace for the county of Wigorn

The humble peticion of William Yate and Farman Beson collectors of the parishe of Droytwiche shewing That wheareas your said peticioners of the perish of Saint Peters and the churchwardens of Wich afforesaid, have a warrant from the justices of the peace dated the iiiith of Aprill last to collect and gather in the said towne sufficient releef for the poore inhabitantes according to the statute and assesment beinge made by the church wardens there bee dyvers inhabitauntes that refuse to pay anie towardes the releevinge of the poore. Theire humble desire unto your good worships is to graunt them your generall warrant to staine and collect for the poore otherwise they are like to starve for want of foode and so they all shall ever pray for your worshipps preservacion

Humfrie Whitny, Thomas Baylies and many other debtors. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/11 (1616)

To the righte worship Sir Samuell Sannes knight, Sir Francis Edgocke knight and the reste of the Kinges majusties justises assembled at the now quarter sessions houlden for the countie of Wigorn.

The pitifull peticion, of Humfrie Whitny, Thomas Baylies, John Horrell, and manie other debtors remayninge in the goale houl=den for the saide Countie.

your saide petitioners doe humblie shew unto your good worships that John Fleeate esquire one of the Kinges majesties justises, hathe verie wor=thilie taken greate paines to amend manie harde harde usages, exactions, and extortions which weare offered to prisoners by the late keeper Mistress Moore, whom she obayed not, but rather used more extremitie, as appearethe by divers letters by your saide petitioners sente to Sir Samuel Sannes, and Sir Francis Edgoke knightes, John Baker esquire and to divers other the Kinges majesties justises.

Therefore your peticioners, doe moste hunblie desire your good worships to sende for thoses your petitioners as lie one meane proces, to make profe of those wronges alleged, and to shew their grifes more at large, and your saide peticioners shall have just cause to pray for the prosperitie of your worship


Those which liv one meane proces and may come yf yt please your worships to sende for them are these. Humfrie Whitney John Horrell, William Davis, Thomas Harriote and John Mallarde and Humfrie [Calla...?]

Alice Downing, widow. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/13 (1616)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justices of the peace for the county of Worcester

The humble peticion of Alice Downing widdow sheweth.

That whereas one William Hemmyng late of thys citty being the reputed father of a child begotten of the body of your poore peticioner whoe hath ever since absented himself out of the countrey and now is come to Worcester againe, and neither hee nor his father will not allowe her anie mayntainaunce towardes the breeding of the child and the constables of Saint Mychaels in Bedwarden had a commaundemente from the justices to appre=hend him and bring him before them but the said Heming escaped from them. Her humble desire unto your good worshippes is for Godes cause to graunt her your expresse warrant to attache him, or that shee may have some mayntaynance from his father otherwise both shee and her child is like to famishe for want of foode having spent all her substance already: and so shall shall as in duty bound ever pray for your worshippes preservacion


warrant to attach etc

Thomas Baylis and other debtors in the goal. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/14 (1616)

Worshipful Sirs

Our humble and bounden dutie firste beinge remembrede etc wheareas you weare latelie att the castell for the appointinge and orderinge of certaine harde exactions and usesages which are offered unto us and other poore prisoners heare in durans remayninge, nowe theses are to certifie your good worships that as you appointed Mistress Moore our keeper, that from that time forwarde to sell a quarte of beare for a penie, soe yt is that siththence that time she hathe made her tapster pay 32 shillings the hodgheade, so that we are rather worse cerved then better, neyther hath she obayed your commaunde for the seperacion of the debttors and fellons, but she hathe in a malitious mannor putt manie other in a mounste them and with moste extremitie hathe yronde them, in that cruell mannor, which hath never benne usede heare to fore to anie debttors, althoughe noe offence or occasion was offerede by them, and she sayethe, she will not not be rulde by anie of the Kinges majesties justises, and that she wilbe worse then she hathe beene hearetofore, and that she will leave one behinde her and sayethe that she will take order with him that he shalbe worse then ever she hathe beene, and she will come unto him once a weake to see that he performe the same. Therefore [our?] ernesteste deseire is that you would be pleased to come unto us one Tewsday next after the sermon, and helpe us in thes extremitie to some better order. Thus moste humble [desiringe?] your good worships to helpe us in these extremities wee take our leaves, levinge you to the government of the almightie and reste

7o Maii 1616

Your poore distressed frendes

  • Thomas Baylis
  • Humfrey Whitney
  • John Horrell
  • Thomas Hunte
  • [Thomas?] Harriote and others

Thomas Bayliss, Humphrey Whitney and others. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/14A (1616)

Worshipful Sirs:

Wheareas yt was appointed by the benche at the laste quarter sessions that John Fleete esquire one of the Kinges majesties justises of the peace, that he shoulde goe to the goale houlden for this countie, and accordinge to his discression to reforme certaine harde mesures, exactions, and usages, as are offered to poore prisoners there remayninge, who came acordingely, and did binde the now keeper Mistress Moore in a 100 pound to sell an ale quarte of beare for a penie, from that time forwarde which was upon the 13th day of Aprill laste paste, but soe yt is that siththence that time she dothe receave of her tapster 32 shillings the hodghead [illegible] and dothe pay to the bruer but 12 shillings the hodgheade, soe that the mesuer so that she sellethe is scarse a wine pinte, and likewise he bounde her in the like somm to seperate the debttors from the fellons, by Munday then nexte followinge, which she hathe neythr performed, but hathe put divers others in amounge them, and did commande her to use her prisoners well, havinge abused and wronged divers, and that she shoulde not torment those which weare one meane proces, with dubble yrons, but not longe after his departure she exclaimed and saide the justises did her wronge, and that she woulde not be rulde by them, and also saide, she woulde be worse to her prisoners, thene heare to fore she had beene, which in some sorte is performed, for she caused dubble dubble yrons to be put one prisoners lyinge one meane proces and they not anie waie offendinge, likewise she keept one close prisoner a whole day and dubble yronde, for speakinge in the behalfe of the justises, when she wronged them in wordes, and alsoe hathe beate and caused to be beaten divers, now she intendethe to leave the place, and againe she furthr sayethe, that she will leave one behinde her, whom shalbe worse then ever she hathe beene, and she will come over a weake to see him performe the same. Therefore our erneste sute unto your good worships is to desire your lawfull favour and helpe, to releave us in this our distressed estate, and chiflie to cause us to be seperated from the fellons, for our beinge a mounge them is moste vile, and [shavis?], our lodgings by reson of them moste filthie, our lives put in hasorde, our monie and vittuals manie times by them taken from us and manie of us most cruelie beaten, thus moste humble desiringe your furtherans in this our charitable requeste we leave you to Godes government and reste yours who shall ever commaunde us

18o Maii 1616

  • Thomas Baylis
  • Humfrey Whitney
  • John Horrell
  • Thomas Harriote
  • Thomas Hunte and others

The constables of Dodderhill, Wychbold and Elmbridge. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/16 (1616)

The humble peticion of the constables of Doderhill Wichbould and Elmebridge all being in the parish of Doderhill aforesaid.

May yt please your worships to be advertised that the peticioners here undernamed having executed the office of constables in the severall places aforesaid in the parishe of Doderhill by the space of two yeares and three quarters of a yeare desier to be eased of the burden of the sayd office there being more abler and sufficienter men to be imployed therein whose names also are hereto subscribed

Your worships humble petitioners

  • John Saunders
  • Richard Nott
  • John Portman

The names of those that may be elected

In Wychbould yeald in Doderhill aforesayd

George Haynes Gilbert Peckes paratextchosen constable

In Doderhill yeald

William Bowkey paratextchosen Richard Bowkey


one constable for all

In [Astwood?] yeald in Doderhill aforesaid

John Jewe paratextchosen John Tewe

In Elmebridge yeald

Fulke Borne paratextchosed Thomas Hillarre

John Broade gentleman William Strainge


Warrant to call these men elected Gilbert Perkes to appeare ad [px?] to be sworne

The parishioners of Rock. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/19 (1616)

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majesties justices of the countie of Worcester.

The humble petition of the parishinors of the Rocke.

Humblie shewinge your good worships wheare as your petitinors hath had divers wronges by erecting of cabbins within our parish aforesayd in a wood called [Elltons?] wood wheare as the right worshipfull Sir William Wellche beinge lord of the sayd wood where as there is dayley eirectinge and buildinge of cottages and cabbins to the greate [illegible] impoverishing of the wholle parish, your petitinors humblie [crave?] that they may have your good worships [assistance?] that there be noe forther proseedinge of [ericting?] and buildinge without the consent of the right worshipfull Sir William Wellche and the officers of the parish of the Rocke aforesayd thus humblie craveinge your good worships faviours and we shall be bound to pray for your worships longe increase of happey nes and this for Godes love.

Margery Moore of the Castle of Worcester, widow. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/2 (1616)

Pleaseth yt your good worshipps to understand [whereas?] yt was appoynted by the generall consent of the whole benche [at?] the quarter sessions holden for this cowntye of Wigorn ymedyately after Easter in anno 1615 that [Margerye?] Moore of the castle of Worcester widdowe showlde be allowed fowerteen pence weeklye for and towardes the keeping of the chylde of Nell Rea what dyed in this goale of Wigorn which shee the sayd Margerye Moore dyd according for the space of one whole yeare which amountethe to the some of three powndes eight pence and bycawse shee the sayd Margerye Moore hathe not receyved anye parte of this sayd somme of money his humble requeste is that your good worshipps wyll appoynte some dyrecte course [howe?] she shall receyve yt and she shall acknowledge much thankfullnes and praye for your generall prosperytyes.

[...] Bonnaker of Hanbury. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/20 (1616)

To the Kinges majesties justices [illegible] for the countie of Worcester [illegible]

The humble peticion [illegible] Bonnaker of Hanbury [illegible] countie aforesaid

Sheweinge That whereas your peticioner [illegible] [hyed?] by the [parlyers?] of Stooke Pryor [illegible] unto the Forest of Feckenham for the [ke...?] [illegible] of sheepe and other cattell within the limittes [illegible] said parish to prevent trespasse to the King [illegible] said forrest one Robert Tymes of [H...?] [illegible] aforesaid and his three sonnes doe threaten [y...?] [illegible] to cutt off his the peticioners legges and to [illegible] other wronges and that the said Robert [Ty...?] [illegible] and one of his sonnes doe commonly carry with [illegible] peeces pistolles and other unreasonable weapons and that the said Robert Tymes the last night cam to the peticioners howse soe weaponed and told your peticioner that yt was not your peticioners best course to complayne of him for yf hee did hee should repent yt shortelie and that your peticioner was yesterday warned that one of the sonnes of the said Tymes as yt was we suspected laye in the common of the inhabitantes of Hanb without the said forrest with a pistoll to surprise your peticioner as hee was goeinge aboutes his businesse

Humbly craveth that your good [illegible] worshipps would bee pleased to take some good and discreet course with the said Tymes and his sonnes that hee the peticioner may enjoy his peace and safetie etc.


per [sacr...?] fiat [bre?] de bene [ger?]

The parishioners of Yardley. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/22 (1616)

Wigorn sessions

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majesties justices of the peace and quorum in the countie of Wigorn

These may be in the behalfe of Johane Adams (the bearer hereof) the wyfe of Arthur Adams late of Yardeley in the countie aforesayd to signifie unto your good worshipps that whereas the sayde Arthure married with the sayde Johane about one yeare now laste paste and had with her (as we are crediblye enformed) in goodes and chattelles to the value of fyftie poundes and better which one Thomas Marston late of Birmingham in the countie of Warrick miller deceassed lefte her late husbande lefte with her for her mayntaynaunce and for the educacion of her fyve children whereof three are verie yonge and smale, now the sayde Arthure Adams beinge verie prodigall and unthriftie and disorderous in his conversacion hath not onelye in this shorte tyme mispente the greateste parte of the sayde money goodes and chattelles which he had with his sayde wyfe, but also hath beaten and evilly intreated bothe her and some of her children and wellnighe lamed theym and hath welnighe pyned and starved theym all for want of foode and sustenaunce att diverse tyme had it not bene for succour and reliefe of some neighbours and freindes whereupon shee the sayde Johane beinge afrayd of her lyfe was enforced to sweare the peace etc againste him, and for that the sayde Arthure hath threattened her that he will take from her all the reste of her goodes, and that the parishes where shee and her children have dwelled in and were borne should relieve and keepe theym hereafter, wee whose names are hereunto subscribed beinge parishners of Yardeley aforesayde humbly disyre your good worshipps that the premisses by you beinge duely consydered to take suche good order herein with the sayde Adams (yf it may be) that he may hereafter lyve with his sayd wyfe orderly as a Christian husbande or else that shee may have that litle goodes which are lefte to succour her and her sayde smale children and to place theym furthe that hence the sayde townes and parishes be not charged with theym when all is mis spente. Thus beinge bolde to signifie these matters unto your good worshipps as truethe and [to?] desyre you to take suche good order herein as in equitie and good conscience shall seeme most fytt and convenient we ceasse comendinge your good worshipps to the protection of the almightie Yardeley this xxvith of May 1616. Yours humble to commaunde.

  • Edward Asty
  • James Archer vicar there
  • William [Nightwarde?]
  • Henry Allen
  • Richard Jeffryes
  • Richard Swifte
  • Thomas Pretty
  • Roberte Clarke
  • John Jeffreys
  • Thomas Foxe

verte [.ollin...?]

We whose names are [under?] written do further signifie that the within named Addams is a common and a notorious drunkard

Item he is a notorious swearer and blasphemer of God and a prophaner of the sabaothe.

Item he is a contemner and a rayler agaynste the mynister

Item he hathe beene excommunicate tenne or twelve yeares for diverse addulterous factes and for anythinge we knowe so contineweth

Item he is a common shooter in a peece

Item he hathe solde ale without recognisance

Item he did beate his wyef and it is supposed spoyled her

Item aboute three weeks agoe or there aboute he did beate his wyef most cruellie that she was all bloodie

Item the same Addams beinge drunke in [deretteud?] wished he myghte meet with sombodie to fall out with, that he myght kill him, he myghte be hanged out of the waye

Item he is a common myscaller of his neyghbors and abuser of them

  • Edward [Esty?] James Archar minister
  • Robert Clarke John Jefferies
  • William Wyllward
  • Richard Swyfte
  • Thomas Foxe
  • Henry Allen Richard Jeffreys Henrye Jeffrys
  • Humffrey Powell Henrye Allen

The inhabitants of Yardley. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/23 (1616)

Com Wigorn

To his majesties justices of the peace for the said countie.

May it please your worrshipes to be advertized that wheras one Arthure Addams of Yardley, for divers misdemeanours and outrages, was most worthelie by Sir Richard Grevis knight latelie comitted (as we here,) to the gaole att Wigorn. And forasmuch as wee here likewise he much endeavoureth by supersedias from above, to free him self of the peace, or behaviour, whereby he maye be loose, to the end he maye sell, drinke, and mispende the goodes which latelie he had in marriage with his wief, as formerlie he hath doone his landes and goodes which he did had by his first wief, soe as then the parish shalbe then driven to keep her, and her v children, which she had by a former husband, the which chilldren she hath placed some some sythence his comittment; and the rest goeth about to place, and with noe other goodes then such of her owne, as she brought him. In tender consideracion wherof wee humblie pray your woorrshipes (as much as in you lyeth soe to order the matter betwene them (which must be before his releasement) or els she poore wooman and her poore chilldren are utterlie beggered and wee the inhabitantes (beinge allreddy much charged in thes cases by reason of such disordered persons) are like ere longe to undergoe the greatest burthen, of which wee thought good humblie to advertize you leaving the the considera cions to your woorrshipes wisdomes, doo rest.

Your warrshipes most bounden

  • Edward [Esty?]
  • William [Myttwarde?]
  • Henry Allen
  • Richard Swyfte
  • Richard Jeferies
  • Thomas Pretty
  • Roberte Clarke
  • John [Jefferies?]
  • Thomas [F...?]

Henry Dawks and others. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/3 (1616)

The humble peticion of Henry Dawks William Best, William Childe and John [Sitche?].

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majesties justices of peace in the countie of Wiggorn.

Wher your peticioners together with Edward Crane and Nicholas Vincent Nicholas Chance and William Stower are nominated under the handes of and seales of Sir Frauncis Edgiok and Sir Richard Grevis knightes to bee overseers of the poore of the parish of Kidderminster for this yeare according to the statute in that case provided.

And whereas the said parish containeth a borroughe in which your peticioners dwell being not a place or towne corporate, and a forren in which the said Crane and the rest of the said nominated overseers dwell, and that two churchwardens by custome are chosen for the burrough and two for the forren, by reason whereof the collections of divers charges within the said parishe have bine severall and devided.

Soe yt is yf yt may please your worshippes that your peticioners according to their warrant, have been readye, and required the overseers of the forren to provide and take order for the releif of the poore within the whole parish according to the statute, but the said overseers doe utterly refuse to joyne with your peticioners in relieving or taking order for the poore within the burroughe, whose nomber and necessitie is greater then that they can bee relieved by the inhabitantes of the said towne alone and yet might very well bee done by the inhabitantes of the burrough and forren together being all one parishe.

Now for as much as the said overseers in the forren doe refuse to joyne with your peticioners in execution of their office and to meet monthlye in the parishe church and that the nomber of the overseers being equall your peticioners cannot proceed alone, may yt please your worshipps, to take order herein according to justice and they shall pray.

John Morton of Handsworth, Staffordshire, labourer. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/31 (1616)

To the right worshipfull his majesties justicis in the countie of Worcestor.

The humble peticion of John Morton in the parishe of Hanseworthe in the countie of Stafford laborer.

Sheweth unto your worships that whereas your poore peticinor beinge latly sarva nt unto one Master John Lynould gentleman of Chadwiche in the parishe of Bramsegrowe which hathe not only detayned from your peticinor his wagis but allso one cheste and goodes besydes of your peticinors he beinge a verry poore man and not able to bringe his accion agaynst him for the same at the common lawe. He therefore most hu- mblie beseechethe your good worships that you would be pleased to call before you the said Master John Lynould and to take that good and charitable order with him that there by he may satisfie your peticinor not only his said wagis behynde unpayd by him but allsoe that he may deliver upp unto your peticinor his said chest and goodes which he detayneth wrongefully from your peticinor without suyt of lawe and that your worships will take that order with him that he may surcease his clamo rus speechis which he dothe daly publishe and geve fourthe agaynst your peticinor not only to his discredit, but is allsoe a great hynderance unto him in his sarvis by reason of his candelus speechis soe geven fourthe agaynst him sainge that he will dryve the countrie of him he beinge a poore man and haveinge no other meanes to gett his lyvinge but by his sarvis and worke onlie.

And your peticinor shall as his bownden dutie is daly pray unto God for your worships duringe his lyffe.

Thomas Baylis and others, debtors. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/32 (1616)

Right worships after we had, enclosed our letter we had [illegible] offered by the fellons as in particuler followethe, for firste [illegible] laste Thomas Hunte had his boockes, the locke of yt [pi...?] [illegible] victualls taken forthe, which was a peece of bacon, [bu...?] [illegible] one saterday, after Thomas Harriote, usinge some [speches?] [illegible] woman for keepinge his bande from him, wheare upon the [illegible] she saide to a reprive, a companion of herse, that unlese [h...?] [illegible] beate the saide Thomas Harriote that night, she [voued?] with [grea...?] [illegible] she woulde kill the saide reprive with her knife, and the [same?] [illegible] when all the prisoners, bothe debttors, and fellons, weare in beade, and moste of them a sleape the saide reprive, the said reprive, came upon [illegible] saide Harriote, who beinge a sleepe in his beade, and beate him [most?] cruelly, as is well seene by him, and one the nexte night [following?] John Horrell beinge a prisoner lyinge one meane proces, and dubble yronde and by reson of the same coulde not put of his hoose but was con strained to lie in them, had his purse pickte beinge in his pocket and had taken out of the same three shillinges nine pence, wherefore wee doe moste humblie desire your good worshipe to redrese our [wronges?] and to seperate us from the sosietie of this wicked companie and we will dayly pray for your longe life.

21o May 1616.

  • Thomas Baylis
  • Humfrie Whitney
  • John Horrell
  • Thomas Hunte
  • Thomas Harriott

Elizabeth Cuffe, widow, late of Little Witley. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/4 (1616)

To the righte worshipful Sir Samuell Sannes knigte one of the Kinges majesties justises for the countie of Worcester.

The petifull peticion of Elizabeth Cuffe wydowe, late of Little Witley in the parish of Houlte in the saide countie.

Your saide poore peticioner sheweth unto your good worships that your saide peticioner is remay=ninge upon a reprive, in the common goale houl=den for this saide countie and hathe doone for these three yeares, and hath a childe lyinge at her charge, and by reson of the longe sicknes which she hathe lately endred, and the smalnes of the now alowance bothe she and her poore childe is almoste famished.

Therefore your saide peticioner moste humblie desirethe your worship eyther to graunte your warrant to sende her said childe to the parishe of Houlte afore saide whear he was borne, or to grante him allowans and to live with your, your petitioner, other they wilbe wise ar like to bee both famished, and she shall have juste cause dayly to pray for your worships longe life.


to Wytley parish where yt was borne

Margery Moore, widow. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/5 (1616)

To the right worshipfull the Kinges majesties justices of the peace for the county of Wigorn.

The humble peticion of Margery Moore widdowe.

Most humbly sheweth, that whereas your peticioners late husband deceassed, uppon a verye greate and extreame rent tooke the gayole for the countye of Worcester, where shee and her said husband gave trust and creditt to many poore distressed prisoners, hopinge of satisfaccion att their enlargment nowe if it may please your good worshipps sithence the death of your peticioners husband, dyvers prisoners have not onlye runn in debt to your peticioner but also uppon false articles and accusacions without just proofe have peticioned to your worships against her.

Shee therefore most humbly beseecheth your worshipps for that shee is left comfortles and without a guide, and in respect many prisoners are runn in her debtt, that some good order may be taken in your worshipps discrecions for the good of your peticioner accordinge to equitye and justice.

And as duety bindeth shee shall daylie praye for your worships prosperities.

Evan Williams. Ref.110 BA1/1/25/6 (1616)

Right worshipful these are to desire you in your charitye to consider of my poore estate that whereas I am constrained to keepe a childe of one Phillip Downes by the contrarye informacion to the right worshipful the justices on the benche that I shuld [have?] certaine goods of the said Phillip Downes more then I ever had in regard of which goods I shoull therfore keepe this childe theese are to desire your worship that the parties which have soe informed may be examined by your worship concerninge the said goods or to consider my [poor?] estate the which I [have?] kept the poore child so long and now beinge in pooverty and had not that goods which hee promised [noee?] and now I would desire your worships mercifull good will to me beinge a poore labouring man having a great charge of my owne beinge smale children w not able to get their living and therefore I would desire your worships good wiill that I might dischargd of the same child for I am not able to kepe it no longer

  • Evan Williams

To thoverseers of the poore to receave the childe and kepe it