Worcestershire Quarter Sessions: 1650s

Petitions to the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions, 1592-1797.

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Inhabitants of Claines. Ref.110 BA1/1/93/17 (1656)

To the right worshipfull the justices of the [peace?] for the county of Worcester

The humble certificate of the parishioners of Claynes for and on the behalfe of John Wilkinson of the said parishe.

Wee whose names are heare subscribed doe humbley certifie that John Wilkinson of our parishe hath heare lived with us many yeares hee liveth in the roade way from Worcester to Droyt Wich and other places remote, hee keepeth a victualinge house (allways lycensed) to entertaine straingers both horseman or footeman; hee keepeth good orders in his house observinge all tymes tymes and seasons hee humbley beseecheth that hee may continue lycensed for victualinge as formerly hee hath done and hee will ever praye etc given under our handes the May [.th?] 1656

  • Gilbert Cockes
  • Thomas Symonds
  • Gilbert Norton
  • William Thomas
  • Richard Blurton
  • Thomas Naysh
  • John Hutton junior
  • William Norton
  • William Barrfley
  • Jasper Withy
  • John Twitty
  • John Gardner
  • Thomas Brooke [churchwarden?]
  • Thomas Hampton churchwarden
  • Rolant Gardner [illegible]
  • John Stinton
  • Walter Thomas
  • William Amslitt
  • Tomas Coneles
  • Antoni Ferne
  • Richard Brookehoulding
  • Richard Yarnold
  • [Robert ...ner?]
  • John [illegible]

John Wilkinson of Claines. Ref.110 BA1/1/93/18 (1656)

To the right worshipfull the justices of the peace for the county of Worcester

The humble peticion of John Wilkinson of Claynes in the county of Worcester

Most humbly sheweth unto your worships that hee is a man by his industry and hard labour hath built an house fitt and convenient to entertaine all sorts of men that are of good behaviour and fitt to be entertayned as well foote men as horse with all sortes of provision convenient for them your peticioner att present is not lycensed but desireth favour of the worshipfull court to graunt him a lycence whereby he may have a livelihood for himselfe his wife and children

All which your petitioner craveth for Godsake

And hee his wife and children shall as in duty bound all wayes pray

The grand inquest for the county. Ref.110 BA1/1/93/54-55 (1656)

To the right worshippful the justices of the peace for the county of Worcester at the generall sessions of the publique peace holden for the said county the xiiith day of January 1656

The petition of the grand inquest for the body of the said county at the said sessions

Shewinge That the measures for corne espetially bushells and strikes in all the burroughes and markett townes within the said county and other markett townes in the counties adjacent are alltogether unequall and doe differ soe farr that the husbandman knowes not what measure will serve turne when he goes to markett which the petitioners humbly pray may be presented to the by your worshipps to the members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled and serveinge for this county that they would use their indeavours for the reilifeinge thereof

And your petitioners shall pray etc

  • Robert Willmott
  • Henry Best
  • Henry Turbervile
  • Robert Bishopp
  • John Hunt
  • H Holland
  • William Nicholls
  • Robert Garrett
  • John Bacon
  • Armell Greene
  • John Smyth
  • Richard Yarranton
  • William Stephens

And wee doe humblie desire that your worshipps [will?] be pleased to consider a grevance which we humbly conceive takes up allmost haulfe your time at sessions and causes greate expense of money and much difference betweene parishes and this happens by the willfullnes of somme and the improvidence of others for prevention whereof we humbly desire that there may be a general order of sessions th that [illegible] before any landlord or other p inhabitante of any parishe receave any person or persons into the a nother parish that a nother parish into the as a tenant or inhabitant that is likely to be chargeable to that parishe whether he is comeinge thus such p landlord landlord or or inhabitant doe first acquainte the [churchwardens?] and overseers of the poore of such parishe of the name of such tenant person or persons and of his charge and of were he is for the present setled which and after a weekes warneinge soe given if the churchwardens or overseers doe not give reasons against [illegible] such persons comeinge into the such parish then that they be barred from complaint afterwardes and that if the said churchwardens and or overseers doe conceve such persons likely [illegible] to to be a burthen or charge to them and soe informe the said person that shall give warneinge then that the persons concerned shall forthwith repaire to the next justice of the peace for his determination and in case he doe not determine it then thus it be heard at the next sessions; and any person that shall not conforme hereto shall give security to such parish for their saveinge harmles