Somerford Keynes

Pages 104-105

Ancient and Historical Monuments in the County of Gloucester Iron Age and Romano-British Monuments in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1976.

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(4 miles s. of Cirencester)

(1) Probable Settlement (SU 021936), between the Swill Brook and Flagham Brook, is revealed by cropmarks over an area of some 35 acres on a gravel terrace in the Thames Valley, about 280 ft. above O.D.

Sodbury. (1) Sodbury Camp Hill-fort. Profiles.

Somerford Keynes. (1) Probable Settlement.

Two fragments of samian ware, found near enclosure b, are in Gloucester City Museum.

N.M.R., OAP SP 0293/1/388–9; 0293/2/390–1.

(2) Probable Settlement (SU 019945), undated, 200 yds. S. of the R. Thames at Neigh Bridge, shows indistinctly as a dense complex of crop-marks covering some 7 acres, on gravel at about 290 ft. above O.D. Multiple linear ditches divide the area into approximately rectangular figures, within which are indications of D-shaped and sub-circular enclosures.

O.S., VAP 70 030, 132.

(3) Enclosures and Linear Ditches (SU 025957), undated, W. of Spratsgate Lane, show as indistinct cropmarks now partly destroyed by gravel-digging. They cover at least 15 acres, about 295 ft. above O.D. The complex includes a rectangular enclosure, probably beside a track (arrowed on Plate 59).

N.M.R., OAP (Baker) SU 0295/1.

(4) Probable Settlement (SU 016968), undated, midway between the R. Thames and Shorncote, shows as crop-marks over some 17 acres of level ground, about 310 ft. above O.D.

The internal area of the double-ditched enclosure (a) is about ½ acre.

O.S., VAP 70 042, 158 (enclosures a and b). N.M.R., OAP SU 0196/1/383–5 (enclosures c—e).

(5) Linear Ditches (SU 029967), undated, are revealed by indistinct crop-marks E. of Shorncote, at about 305 ft. above O.D.

O.S., VAP 70 042, 159. N.M.R., OAP SU 0396/1/110–11.

Somerford Keynes. (4) Probable Settlement.

(6) Romano-British Settlement (SU 030947), 1,000 yds. S.E. of the village and about 600 yds. N. of the R. Thames, on gravel, is disclosed by crop-marks which lie mainly in Ashton Keynes (Wiltshire). From the E. corner, adjacent to a Romano-British settlement, the N.E. and S.E. sides can each be traced for about 900 ft.; the S.E. side crosses the county boundary at su 03049458 (approx.).

Romano-British pottery, said to be of 1st-2nd-century type, was recovered from the primary filling of the enclosure ditch during excavation of the settlement in 1971.

The ditch of another enclosure on a somewhat different alignment, undated, crosses the county boundary further N.W. (SU 02999471); it extends S.W. to SU 02659449 (approx.).

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