Westminster Abbey armorial

An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 1, Westminster Abbey. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1924.

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'Westminster Abbey armorial', An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 1, Westminster Abbey, (London, 1924), pp. 99-100. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/rchme/london/vol1/pp99-100 [accessed 25 June 2024].

. "Westminster Abbey armorial", in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 1, Westminster Abbey, (London, 1924) 99-100. British History Online, accessed June 25, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/rchme/london/vol1/pp99-100.

. "Westminster Abbey armorial", An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 1, Westminster Abbey, (London, 1924). 99-100. British History Online. Web. 25 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/rchme/london/vol1/pp99-100.


The arms given are those dating from before the year 1550. It is thought that the inclusion of this "Armorial" will be of some interest to students, the blazon given being the usual recognized form.

Albemarle, see Forz below.

Aspall—azure three cheverons argent.

Balliol—gules an orle argent.

Beauchamp (of Bletso)—gules a fesse between six martlets or.

Beaufort—France and England quarterly with a border gobony argent and azure.

Berners—quarterly or and vert.

Bigod—or a cross gules.

Bohemia—gules a lion with a forked tail argent crowned or.

Bohun—azure a bend argent cotised or between six lions or.

Bourchier—argent a cross engrailed gules between four water-bougets sable.

Brittany—ermine. See also Dreux, Duke of Brittany, below.

Burgh—or a cross gules.

Burghersh—gules a lion or with a forked tail.

Camville—azure three lions passant argent.

Canterbury, See of—azure a cross-staff argent with its cross or and over all a pall argent charged with four crosses formy fitchy sable.

Castile and Leon—gules a castle or for Castile quartering argent a lion gules for Leon.

Chaucer—party argent and gules a bend counter-coloured.

Clare—or three cheverons gules.

Clarence, Lionel, Duke of—Old France and England quarterly with a label argent charged on each point with two roundels and a quarter gules.

Cleves—gules an escarbuncle or with a scutcheon argent over all.

Clifford—checky or and azure a fesse gules.

Cobham (of Cobham)—gules a cheveron or with three lions sable thereon.

" (of Sterborough)—gules a cheveron or with three stars sable thereon.

Cornwall, Earl of—argent a lion gules crowned or within a border sable bezanty.

Couci—barry vair and gules.

Crouchback (Edmund, Earl of Lancaster), see Lancaster below.

Daubeney—gules a fesse indented argent.

Dreux, Duke of Brittany and Earl of Richmond—checky or and azure a border of England and a quarter ermine.

Durham, See of—azure a cross or between four lions argent.

Edward the Confessor—azure a cross paty between five martlets or.

Eltham, John of—England with a border of France.

Ely, See of—gules three crowns or.

Empire, The—or an eagle sable.

Fascet—gules three swords hilts to the centre between three ermine tails.

Ferrers and Derby, Earl of—vairy or and gules.

Fitzalan—gules a lion or.

Fitzwalter—or a fesse between two cheverons gules.

Fitz Warren—quarterly fessewise indented argent and gules.

Flanders—or a lion sable.

Forz, Earl of Albemarle—gules a cross paty vair.

France Ancient—azure powdered with fleurs-de-lis or.

" Modern—azure three fleurs-de-lis or.

Golofre—barry wavy argent and gules a bend sable with three bezants thereon.

Hainault—quarterly: 1 and 4, or a lion sable for Flanders; 2 and 3, or a lion gules for Holland.

Harpeden (of Oxford)—argent a pierced molet of six points sable with a martlet sable for difference.

Hastings—or a maunch gules.

Hillary—argent crusily azure three fleurs-de-lis and a border sable.

Holland (County of)—or a lion gules.

Holland Earl of Kent—England with a border argent.

Hospital, The—gules a cross argent.

Islip—ermine a fesse between three boars gules.

Lacy—quarterly or and gules a baston sable and a label argent.

Lancaster, Edmund "Crouchback," Earl of—England with a label of France.

" Henry of (younger son of Edmund, created Earl of Lancaster in 1324)—England with a bend azure.

Lathom—or a chief indented azure with three bezants therein.

Leon, see Castile and Leon above.

Litlington, (Abbot Nicholas)—argent (?) quartering azure (?) fretty or (?) over all a bend sable (?) with three fleurs-de-lis or (?) thereon.

Longespee, Earl of Salisbury—azure six lions or.

Louvain or Lovayne—gules billety and a fesse or.

Man, Isle of—gules three bent legs in armour in their proper colours joined in the middle of the shield.

Mauny—or three cheverons sable.

Miles (of Gloucester)—gules two bends the one or and the other argent.

Mohun—or a cross engrailed sable.

Montalt—azure a lion argent.

Montfort—gules a lion argent with a forked tail.

Mortimer—barry or and azure a scutcheon argent and a chief or with two pales between two gyrons azure therein.

Mowbrai—gules a lion argent.

Munchensy—or three scutcheons barry vair and gules.

Neville—gules a saltire argent.

Newell—argent three bars gules and a bend engrailed sable.

Ponthieu—or three bends azure and a border gules.

Provence—or four pales gules.

Pype—azure crusilly and two pipes or.

Quincy—gules seven voided lozenges or.

Richmond, Edmund, Earl of—France and England with a border azure charged with fleurs-de-lis and martlets or alternately.

Robessart—vert a lion or.

Roelt—gules three catherine-wheels or.

Roos—gules three water-bougets argent.

Ross—gules three lions argent.

Ruthall—azure a cross engrailed between four birds or and a chief quartered argent and ermine with two roses gules slipped vert.

St. Pol—vair three pales gules a chief or and a label azure.

Stafford, Lord Stafford—or a cheveron gules.

Stafford of Stafford—or a cheveron gules between three martlets sable.

Stanley—argent a bend azure with three harts' heads or thereon.

Talbot, (ancient arms of)—bendy argent and gules.

Thorpe—argent three crescents azure.

Thwenge—argent a fesse gules between three popinjays vert.

Tilney—argent a cheveron between three griffons' heads razed gules.

Tudor, Edmund, see Richmond, Earl of.

Valence—burelly argent and azure an orle of martlets gules.

Valois—France with a border gules.

Venables—azure two bars argent.

Vere—quarterly gules and or with a molet argent in the quarter.

Wales, Edward, Prince of—Old France and England quarterly with a label argent.

Warenne—checky or and azure.

Westminster Abbey—azure a chief indented or charged with a crozier and a mitre gules.