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An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in London, Volume 3, Roman London. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1928.

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Bronze Head of Hadrian, found in the Thames, 1834. In Profile. BRITISH MUSEUM Photograph by British Museum. Frontispiece. Plate.
Bronze Head of Hadrian, found in the Thames, 1834. Three-quarter. BRITISH MUSEUM From "Guide to Antiq. of Rom. Brit.", British Museum. 1
Bronze Arm, found in Seething Lane, 1884, and Hand, found in Gracechurch Street, 1866–8. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 2
Bronze Hand, found in Lower Thames Street, and Bronze Foot found in London. BRITISH MUSEUM 3
Bronze Forceps, found in the Thames, 1840. BRITISH MUSEUM From "Guide to Antiq. of Rom. Brit.", British Museum. 4
Plan of Basilica. Survey by H. Hodge (Guildhall Library) 5
Fragment of Sculpture with three figures, found in London before 1859, BRITISH MUSEUM 6
Seething Lane, fragment of sculpture of Mother Goddesses, found about 1840. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 6
Bastion (10), Camomile Street. Figure of a soldier, found in 1876. GUILDHALL MUSEUM From an engraving in "On a Bastion of London Wall," J. E. Price, 1880; and as existing, 1927. 7
Sculptured Fragment (Rape of Sabines ?), found in London. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 8
Sculptured Fragment (Torso), found in London. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 8
Fragments of Sculpture, found in London. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 9
      Putto, etc., forming part of a framed tablet.
      Probably part of a funeral banquet.
Sculptures, found on the site of the Walbrook, 1889. LONDON MUSEUM 10
      Slab showing Mithras slaying the Bull, etc.
      Fragment of marble figure of a River God.
      A Genius or Bonus Eventus (marble).
Bastion (10), Camomile Street. Re-used Sculptures, found in 1876. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 11
      Colossal head of a man.
Goldsmiths' Hall. Altar of Diana, found in 1830. GOLDSMITHS' HALL 12
Tombstone, found at Islington, with a male figure and Greek inscription. BRITISH MUSEUM 12
Tombstone, found in London, with large and small figures. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 12
Tombstone, found at Islington, with figure of Gladiator and Greek inscription. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 13
Tombstone, found in Drury Lane, with figures of woman and boy. LONDON MUSEUM 13
Sculptured Stone, found in Duke Street, Aldgate, 1908, with three small figures. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 13
Sculptured Stones, found in London 14
      Fragment of a tablet or tombstone with part of a human figure. GUILDHALL MUSEUM.
      Fragment of a tombstone with part of a soldier carrying a shield. GUILDHALL MUSEUM.
      Figure from Mithraic group. LONDON MUSEUM.
      Figure (of Atys ?), found in Bevis Marks, 1849. BRITISH MUSEUM.
Bastion (10), Camomile Street. Re-used carved stones, found 1876. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 15, 16, 17
Coped Top of a Marble Tomb, found at Great St. Helens, Bishopsgate, 1877. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 18
Granite Base of a Large Column. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 18
Terminal Figure, found in St. Mary Axe, 1849 19
      From the Victoria County History of London, Vol. I.
Bastion (8), Bevis Marks. Fragments of column, found 1880. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 19
Town Wall (41), Queen Street. Purbeck marble capital and shaft, found 1841. BRITISH MUSEUM 19
Cannon Street. Carved base stone of a gable, found 1926. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 20
Capital, found re-used in a wall in London. BRITISH MUSEUM 20
Small Capital, part of a larger stone, from Camomile Street Bastion. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 20
Bastion (9), Castle Street. Re-used stones, found 1884 21
Town Wall (3) and Bastion (2), Trinity Place, from a sketch of 1852 22
      From "Illustrations of Roman London," C. Roach Smith.
Town Wall (5), Coopers Row, as exposed 1864 23
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Town Wall (27), Aldermanbury Postern. Sketch showing blind arches exposed 1857 23
      From "Illustrations of Roman London," C. Roach Smith.
Town Wall (7). Part destroyed 1881 for the Blackwall Railway. Sections 24
      From a drawing by H. Hodge (Guildhall Library).
Town Wall (4), Trinity Place. View of part destroyed 1882 25
      From a photograph in the possession of Dr. P. Norman.
Town Wall (9), Jewry Street and Crutched Friars. Remains at "Roman Wall House" 26
      View of the Wall as exposed 1905. From Archæologia, LX.
      Part of remains, as preserved 1927.
Town Wall (21), in London Wall. Sketch of arch for sewer, discovered 1837 27
      From "Illustrations of Roman London," C. Roach Smith.
Town Wall (37), Newgate Prison Site. Part of wall as exposed 1903 27
      From a photograph in the possession of Dr. P. Norman.
Bastion (7), Dukes Place, Aldgate 28
      View from an etching by E. F., mid 18th century.
      View from a copy by Gough, 1763. in "Illustrations of Roman London," C. Roach Smith.
Bastion (3), America Square 29
      From a drawing of 1881, by H. Hodge (Guildhall Library).
Bastion (11), All Hallows' Church, London Wall. Sketch of 1907 30
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Town Wall (15), and Bastion (9), Bevis Marks and Castle Street.
      Section 31
      Plan 32
      From a drawing of 1884, probably by H. Hodge, in the possession of Dr. P. Norman.
Bastion (12), St. Giles's, Cripplegate. Section 33
      From London and Midsx, Arch. Soc. Trans., N.S., I.
Bastion (14), Windsor Court, Monkwell Street. Sketch as existing 1865 33
      From Illus. Lond. News, Aug. 19th, 1865.
Town Wall and Bastions, Site of Christ's Hospital, now the General Post Office.
      Town Wall (35) and Bastions (18) and (19). Plans 34
      Bastion (18). View looking S.W. in 1909 35
      Bastion (19). View of interior in 1909 36
      Town Wall (35) and Bastion (19). View of inside of wall in 1909 37
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Bastion (11), All Hallows', London Wall. Angle-pilaster, re-used in the base 38
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Bank of England. Well of Barrel-Staves. Stamped Inscription on a Stave 38
      From the Antiquaries Journal, VI.
Broad Street (Old). View of tessellated pavement discovered under the Excise Office, 1854 39
      From "Illustrations of Roman London," C. Roach Smith.
Fenchurch Street. Tessellated Pavement, found 1857. Plan 40
      From "Desc. of Rom. Tessel. Pavement in Bucklersbury," J. E. Price.
Bucklersbury. Plan and detail of the Chamber containing the tessellated Pavement discovered in 1869 41
      From "Desc. of Rom. Tessel. Pavement in Bucklersbury," J. E. Price, 1870.
Bucklersbury. Tessellated Pavement found 1869. Coloured Plan 42
      From Description by J. E. Price, 1870.
      No. 50, Cornhill. Pier below corner of St. Michael's Church exposed 1891 43
      From a photograph in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries.
Lombard Street and Gracechurch Street. Central brick pier exposed 1925 43
      From a photograph by Dr. William Martin.
Pudding Lane. Hypocaust exposed 1836–41 44
      From Archæologia, XXIX.
Thames Street (Lower). Hypocaust at the Coal Exchange, as existing 45
      No. 63, Threadneedle Street. View of Roman Bath exposed 1849 46
      From Archæologia, LX.
St. Thomas's Hospital, Southwark. Walls of a Roman house exposed 1840 46
      From Archæologia, XXIX.
Bank of England. Pavement found 1805. BRITISH MUSEUM. Coloured plan 47
Broad Street. Pavement found under the Excise Office, 1854. Coloured plan 48
Leadenhall Street. Pavement found at East India House, 1803. BRITISH MUSEUM. Coloured plan 49
Threadneedle Street. Pavements found under the French Church, 1841. BRITISH MUSEUM. Coloured plans 50
Sculptured Stones found in London 51
      Fragment of human head. GUILDHALL MUSEUM.
      Human face. BRITISH MUSEUM.
      Stone vase. BRITISH MUSEUM.
Town Wall (41), Upper Thames Street. Fragment with trellis ornament, found 1841. BRITISH MUSEUM 51
Greenwich. Arm of a statue found 1902 51
Liverpool Street. Fragment of a terra-cotta figure found 1872. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 52
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Roman Altar found 1907. LONDON MUSEUM 52
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Blomfield Street. Pottery fragments found 1901 with the pile-structures 53
      From the Arch. Journ., LX.
Southwark. Flagon with inscription. LONDON MUSEUM 53
Bastion (2), Tower Hill. Portions of a sepulchral monument, found 1852. BRITISH MUSEUM 54
      Terminal ornament. 54
      Part of inscribed stone.
Plan showing Position of Burials 55
Warwick Square. Leaden cylinders, found 1881, with a glass vessel inside the second. BRITISH MUSEUM 56
Westminster Abbey. Stone coffin, found 1869. Now in the vestibule to the Chapter House 57
Clapton. Marble sarcophagus, found 1867. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 57
Minories. Sarcophagus, found in Haydon Square, 1854. BRITISH MUSEUM 57
Leaden Coffin-Lids, found near London. BRITISH MUSEUM 58
      At Battersea Fields, 1794.
      At Old Ford, 1864.
      From the Victoria County History of London, Vol. I.
Minories, leaden coffin-lid, found 1854. BRITISH MUSEUM 58
      From "Guide to Antiq. of Rom. Brit.", British Museum.
Warwick Square. Vase of grey fine-grained igneous rock, found 1881. BRITISH MUSEUM 59
Ludgate Hill. Tombstone, found 1669. ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, OXFORD 60
Tower Hill. Tombstone, found 1852. BRITISH MUSEUM 60
Blackfriars. Fragment of a tombstone, found in Playhouse Yard, 1843. BRITISH MUSEUM 61
London Wall. Inscribed slab, found 1837. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 61
Maiden Lane. Fragment of a tombstone, found 1842. BRITISH MUSEUM 61
Ludgate Hill. Column, found 1806. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 62
      From a photograph in the possession of the Guildhall Library.
Bastion (9), Castle Street. Inscribed stone, found 1884. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 62
Warwick Lane. Tile with graffito inscription, found 1886 63
      From Archæologia, LXIII.
Fragment of a Samian Vessel, with inscription. BRITISH MUSEUM 63
Fragment of a Shale Tablet. GUILDHALL MUSEUM 63
Plans showing finds of Italic and Early Gaulish Pottery 64
Casts of Coins of the Roman Mint of London. BRITISH MUSEUM 65
Bronze Statuettes, found in the Thames, etc. BRITISH MUSEUM 66
Bronze Figures, found in the Thames, etc. BRITISH MUSEUM 67
Gold Medallion of Constantius I, found near Arras, 1922. 67
      From Aréthuse.
Bronze Statuette of Archer, found in Queen Street, 1842. BRITISH MUSEUM 68
      Photograph by British Museum.