Armorial Index of Royal and Other Heraldry

An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northamptonshire, Volume 6, Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1984.

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, 'Armorial Index of Royal and Other Heraldry', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northamptonshire, Volume 6, Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire, (London, 1984) pp. 180-183. British History Online [accessed 30 May 2024].

. "Armorial Index of Royal and Other Heraldry", in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northamptonshire, Volume 6, Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire, (London, 1984) 180-183. British History Online, accessed May 30, 2024,

. "Armorial Index of Royal and Other Heraldry", An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northamptonshire, Volume 6, Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire, (London, 1984). 180-183. British History Online. Web. 30 May 2024,

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The blazons in this armorial are of those arms identified by name in the Inventory and are given as they appear on the monuments surveyed regardless of other generally accepted versions. Sir B. Burke's The General Armory (1884) is the authority accepted for the reading of indistinct tinctures and charges.


England and France 1405–1603 Azure three fleurs-de-lis or for France modern quartering Gules three leopards passant gardant or for England.

York, Edward Duke of, d. 1415. With a label of five points. Fotheringhay (1),; Plate 52, 71.

York, Richard Duke of, d. 1460. With a label of five points. Fotheringhay (1), 71; (2), 72.

Edward IV. Supporters: a lion and a bull. Fotheringhay (1), 71; Plate 53; (2), 72.

Elizabeth I(?). Encircled by the Garter (?). Easton-on-the-Hill (1), 54.

Stuart 1603–1688. Quarterly: 1 and 4 France modern quartering England; 2 or a lion rampant within a double tressure flory counterflory gules for Scotland; 3 azure a harp or stringed argent for Ireland. Supporters: a lion and a unicorn.

James I. Apethorpe (2), 12; Plate 92.

Hanoverian 1714–1800. Quarterly: 1 England impaling Scotland; 2 France modern; 3 Ireland; 4 Hanover, namely party per pale and chevron: i Gules two leopards passant gardant in pale or for Brunswick; ii Or semy of hearts gules a lion azure for Luneburg; iii Gules a horse courant argent for Westphalia. Over all on a scutcheon gules the crown of Charlemagne or. Supporters: as Stuart.

George I. Ashton (1), 18.


Apreece. Sable three spear-heads argent gutty of blood. Lutton (1), 118.

Arney. Argent a fess compony or and azure in chief three martlets gules. Crest, on a mural crown three arrows through a human heart two in saltire and one in pale argent. Yarwell (1), 173.

Aylesbury. A cross. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Beauchamp. On a fesse between six crosses crosslet a crescent. Apethorpe (2), 9. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet a swan's head and neck. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Bellamy. Sable on a bend cotised argent three crescents azure. Southwick (1), 139; Yarwell (1), 173. Crest: A kneeling wild man with a club. Yarwell (1), 173.

Bexwell. Argent six annulets sable three two and one. Lutton (1), 118.

Bletso. Argent on a bend gules between three escallops sable three garbs or. Easton-on-the-Hill (1), 54.

Bohun. On a bend between two cotises and six lions rampant three mullets. Southwick (2), 142.

Boughton. Sable three crescents or. King's Cliffe (1), 95.

Bray. Argent a chevron between three eagles' legs erased sable armed gules. Lutton (1), 118.

Broade (?).Gules a chevron or between three crowned leopards' heads. Southwick (1), 139.

Burdet. Two bars each charged with three martlets. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Butler. Azure a chevron between three covered cups all or. King's Cliffe (1), 45.

Castile. A castle. Fotheringhay (2), 72.

Cavendish. Crest: A serpent nowed. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Chapman. Per chevron gules and azure a crescent between two leopards' heads erased counterchanged. Cotterstock (1), 40.

Clare. Three chevronels. Apethorpe (2), 9.

Clark. Or on a bend engrailed azure a cinquefoil or. Warmington (1), 161.

Clopton. A bend ermine between two cotises dancetty. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Cullen(?). A chevron engrailed between three escallops. Harringworth (1), 83.

Cuthbert. Argent on a fesse gules three crosses crosslet fitchy of the field. Warmington (1), 161.

Cutler. Azure three dragons' heads erased within a bordure or. Easton-on-the-Hill (13), 56.

Delawarr. Gules crusily fitchy a lion rampant argent within a bordure engrailed. Wakerley (1), 154.

Despenser. Quarterly: 2 and 3 a fret, over all a bend. Apethorpe (2), 9. Crest: a chained bull. Apethorpe (2), 11, 13.

De Vere. Quarterly: 1 a mullet with a crescent for difference. Apethorpe (2), 10.

Dudley. Azure a chevron or between three lions' heads erased argent. Hemington (1), 90.

Elmes. Ermine two bars sable each charged with five elm leaves or. Warmington (1), 161.

Fane. Azure three dexter gauntlets or. Apethorpe (1), 4; (2), 9, 10.

Fenn. On a fess within bordure engrailed three escallops. Apethorpe (2), 11. Crest: A dragon's head erased on the collar three escallops. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Forde. Sable three lions rampant crowned or. King's Cliffe (1), 95.

Forster. A chevron between three bugle horns. Fotheringhay (1), 71.

Fowkes (Fowke). Sable with fleur-de-lis or. Bulwick (1), 25.

Fray. Ermine a fess between three beehives. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Gifford. Ten bezants a canton ermine. Cotterstock (1), 39.

Griffin. A griffin segreant. Glapthorn (1), 78.

Grimsditch. A griffin volant seizing on a man. Apethorpe (1), 4.

Hastang. A chief over all a lion rampant. Blatherwycke (1), 21

Hopkins. On a chevron between three pistols as many roses. Yarwell (1), 173.

Hotoft. Azure a cross paty ermine between four roses or. Hemington (1), 90.

Hutchinson. A lion rampant between six crosses crosslet. Fotheringhay (1), 71.

Jackson. Argent a greyhound courant ermine between three eagles' heads erased sable. Duddington (1), 46.

Johnson. Argent a saltire sable on a chief gules three cushions or. Polebrook (1), 134.

Knyvet. A bend a bordure engrailed. Southwick (1), 138.

Latimer. Gules a cross moline or, in the first quarter a crescent or. Lutton (1), 118.

Law. Argent on a bend cotised gules three mullets pierced argent. King's Cliffe (1), 95.

Leigh. Or on a chevron azure three lions rampant argent. Apethorpe (1), 4.

Leon. A lion. Fotheringhay (2), 72.

Loftus. A chevron between three trefoils slipped. Lutton (2), 118.

Lynn. Gyronny of eight or and gules a demi-lion rampant ermine charged on the shoulder with a martlet gules within an orle of eight annulets counterchanged. Southwick (1), 139; (2), 142.

Manners. Two bars a chief quarterly 1 and 4 two fleurs-de-lis, 2 and 3 a lion passant gardant. Apethorpe (2), 11. Crest: a peacock in its pride. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Mildmay. Per fess nebuly argent and sable, three greyhounds' heads couped counterchanged collared gules and studded or. Apethorpe (1), 5; (2), 11. Crest: A greyhound's head couped. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Mildmay after 1583. Argent three lions rampant azure armed and langued gules, a martlet for difference. Apethorpe (1), 4; (2), 11. Crest: a lion rampant. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Montagu. Argent three lozenges conjoined in fesse gules within a bordure sable. Hemington (1), 90; Polebrook (1), 134.

Montfort. Bendy of seven or and azure. Southwick (2), 142.

Monthermer. Or an eagle displayed vert beaked and membered gules. Polebrook (1), 134.

Nevill. A saltire. Fotheringhay (1), 71; Fotheringhay (2), 72. Crest: out of a ducal coronet a bull's head. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Nevill of Abergavenny. Gules on a saltire argent a rose of the field. Apethorpe (2), 9. Crest: a bull's head charged on the neck with a rose. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Nevill of Bulmer. Fretty on a canton per pale a galley. Apethorpe (2), 9.

Nevill of Essex and Nottinghamshire. A lion rampant. Apethorpe (2), 11.

Orme. Argent a chevron between three escallops gules. Polebrook (1), 134.

Otter. Or on a bend gules three crescents or. Lutton (1), 118.

Pedly. Sable three lozenges argent on a chief or as many fleurs-de-lis gules. Lutton (1), 118.

Popple (Poppley). On a bend three eagles displayed. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Porter. Three church bells. Collyweston (1), 33.

Savile. Argent on a bend azure three owls argent. Harringworth (1), 83.

Sherington. Gules between two flaunches chequy argent and azure as many crosses formy in pale or. Apethorpe (1), 4; (2), 9.

Simcoe. Azure a fesse wavy ermine between in chief two estoiles of twelve points or and in base a cannon azure. Cotterstock (1), 39.

Stafford. A chevron a canton ermine. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Stringer. Sable three eagles displayed erminois. Apethorpe (1), 4.

Styldolf. Argent on a chief sable two wolves' heads erased or. Bulwick (2), 27.

Tame. A dragon and a lion crowned combatant. Blatherwycke (1), 21.

Thorpe. Argent an estoile between three crescents sable. King's Cliffe (1), 95.

Tryon. Azure a fesse embattled or between three estoiles of the same. Bulwick (2), 27; Harringworth (1), 83. Crest: a bear's head. Bulwick (2), 27.

Walsingham. Bezanty a cross couped chequy. Apethorpe (2), 10.

Warren. Chequy. Apethorpe (2), 9.

West. A bend. Fotheringhay (1), 71.

Wilford. Gules a chevron engrailed between three leopards' faces or. Lutton (1), 118.

Wiltshire. Per chevron in chief six crosses paty four and two. Yarwell (1), 173.

Woodward. Barry of six three bucks' heads cabossed on a chief a wolf passant between two annulets. Apethorpe (1), 4.


Despenser. A fret. Apethorpe (2), 10.


Boar: Hemington (1), 90.

Falcon: Hemington (1), 90; Tansor (1), 149.

Falcon within a fetterlock: Fotheringhay (1), 71.

Fetterlock: Hemington (1), 90; King's Cliffe (1), 95; Tansor (1), 149.

Sun in splendour: King's Cliffe (1), 95.

White rose: King's Cliffe (1), 95; Tansor (1), 149.

Unidentified Arms and Crest

(1) Barry of six vair and (?). Blatherwycke (1), 21.

(2) A chevron between three squirrels. Cotterstock (1), 39.

(3) On a chevron between three wolves' heads erased three crescents ermine. King's Cliffe (1), 95.

(4) Crest. A manticora's head. Apethorpe (1), 4.