An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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'Armorial', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Oxford, (London, 1939) pp. 189-192. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]


Oxford, University of—Azure an open book with seven seals or inscribed Dominus Illuminatio Mea between three crowns or.

    "     City ofArgent an ox gules passing over a ford barry wavy azure and argent.

    "     See ofSable a fesse argent between in chief three queens' heads and in base an ox argent passing over a ford barry wavy argent and azure.

All Souls CollegeOr a cheveron between three cinquefoils gules, for Chichele.

Balliol CollegeGules a voided scutcheon argent, for Balliol.

Brasenose CollegeTierced in pale: (a) Argent a cheveron sable between three roses gules, for Smith; (b) Or a scutcheon of the arms of the See of Lincoln ensigned with a mitre; (c) Argent a cheveron between three bugle-horns sable quartered with argent a cheveron between three crosslets sable, for Sutton.

Christ ChurchSable a cross engrailed argent charged with a lion passant gules between four leopards' head azure and a chief or with a rose gules between two Cornish choughs, for Wolsey.

Corpus Christi CollegeTierced in pale; (a) Azure a pelican or, for Fox; (b) Or a scutcheon of the arms of the See of Winchester ensigned with a mitre; (c) Sable a cheveron or between three owls argent and a chief or with three roses gules therein, for Oldham.

Exeter CollegeArgent two bends wavy sable and a border sable charged with eight pairs of keys set back to back or, for Stapleton.

Hertford CollegeGules a hart's head caboshed argent with antlers or and between the antlers a cross formy fitchy or.

Jesus CollegeVert three harts tripping argent with antlers or.

Lincoln CollegeTierced in pale: (a) Barry argent and azure with three lozenges gules in chief and a pierced molet sable on the second bar of argent, for Fleming; (b) Or a scutcheon of the arms of the See of Lincoln ensigned with a mitre; (c) Vert three harts tripping argent with antlers or, for Scott.

Magdalen CollegeLozengy ermine and sable a chief sable with three lilies therein, for Waynflete.

Merton CollegeOr three cheverons the first and third party gules and azure the second party azure and gules, for Walter de Merton.

New CollegeArgent two cheverons sable between three roses gules, for Wykeham.

Oriel CollegeGules three leopards or, for Edward II, in a border engrailed argent.

Pembroke CollegeParty azure and gules three lions argent, for Herbert, with a chief party argent a rose gules and or a thistle vert.

The Queen's CollegeArgent three eagles gules with a spur-rowel or on the breast of the first eagle, for Eaglesfield.

St. Edmund HallOr a cross paty gules between four sea-pies proper, for St. Edmund of Abingdon.

St. John's CollegeGules a ring or on the honour point and a quarter ermine with a lion sable therein all in a border sable charged with eight stars or, for White.

Trinity College.—Party or and azure a cheveron between three griffons' heads with four fleurs-de-lis on the cheveron all counter coloured, for Pope.

University CollegeAzure a cross paty between five martlets or, for King Alfred.

Wadham CollegeGules a cheveron between three roses argent, for Wadham, impaling gules a bend or between two scallops argent, for Petre.

Worcester CollegeOr two cheverons gules between six martlets sable, for Cookes.

AbdyArgent a cheveron between three eagles sable.

Alcock, Bishop of Ely—Argent a fesse between three cocks' heads razed sable with a mitre or on the fesse.

Arundel, FitzAlan Earl of—Gules a lion or.

Arundel of Trerice—Sable six swallows argent.

AudleyGules fretty or.

AylworthArgent a fesse between six billets gules with a bezant on the fesse.

BalliolGules an orle argent.

BarryArgent a trivet sable.

Bassett of Drayton—Or three piles gules and a quarter ermine.

Beauchamp of Powyk—Gules a fesse between six martlets or.

Beauchamp of Warwick—Gules a fesse between six crosslets or.

BeaufortFrance and England quarterly with a border gobony argent and azure.

Beckington, Bishop of Bath and Wells—Argent a fesse between three harts' heads caboshed gules in chief and three pheons sable in base with a mitre or on the fesse.

BekGules a cross moline argent.

BelhouseArgent a saltire gules charged with five bezants.

BerkeleyGules a cheveron between ten crosses formy and a border argent.

BourchierArgent a cross engrailed gules between four water-bougets sable.

BreretonArgent two bars sable.

BurghershGules a lion with a forked tail or.

CalveleyArgent a fesse gules between three calves sable.

Canterbury, See of—Azure a cross-staff argent with its cross or and over all a pall argent charged with four crosses formy fitchy sable.

Canterbury St. Augustine's Abbey—Sable a cross argent.

CarminowAzure a bend or.

Carpenter, Bishop of Worcester—Paly azure and gules a cheveron argent charged with three crosslets sable in chief a mitre or.

ChaceArgent a cheveron between three talbots' heads razed sable.

Chaundler—........ two candles saltirewise.........

Chedworth, Bishop of Lincoln—Azure a cheveron between three wolves' heads razed or.

CheyneyErmine a bend sable charged with three martlets or.

Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury—Or a cheveron between three cinquefoils gules.

ClareOr three cheverons gules.

Clifford, Bishop of London—Checky or and azure a fesse gules charged with a mitre argent all in a border azure.

ComptonSable a leopard or between three helms argent.

Cornwall, Richard of—Argent a lion gules crowned or in a border sable bezanty.

CottesmoreAzure a double-headed eagle argent charged with a scutcheon gules.

CourtenayOr three roundels gules.

Courtenay Bishop of Norwich—Or three roundels gules and a label azure charged with nine plates.

Cranley, Archbishop of Dublin—..... a leopard's head ...... between three crowns ..........

Cromwell, Earl of Essex—Azure a fesse between three lions or with a rose gules between two Cornish choughs on the fesse.

CrowcheArgent two pales and a border engrailed sable.

CurzonChecky or and sable a fesse argent.

DaltonArgent three bars azure in chief three lozenges gules.

DamoryBarry wavy argent and gules.

Darcy of Essex—Argent three cinquefoils gules.

DarcySable a border argent charged with eight cinquefoils gules.

DraycottArgent a cross engrailed sable with an eagle gules in the quarter.

Durham, See of—Azure a cross or between four lions argent.

Edward the ConfessorAzure a cross paty between five martlets or.

EglesfieldOr three eagles gules.

Elizabeth of YorkFrance and England quarterly quartering de Burgh and Mortimer.

Ely, See of—Gules three crowns or.

Empire, The—Or an eagle sable.

Exeter, See of—Gules a sword in pale argent hilt and pommel or surmounted by two keys saltirewise or and argent.

FabianErmine three fleurs-de-lis and a border engrailed gules.

FitzjamesAzure a dolphin argent.

Fitzjames Bishop of London—Fitz james quartering Draycott; another coat—Azure a dolphin argent between three molets or in chief a mitre.......

FlaxallAzure a cheveron between three pheons or.

Fox, Bishop of Winchester—Azure a pelican or.

FroxmereSable a griffon between three crosslets fitchy argent.

Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester—Azure a cross or between four griffons' heads razed argent with a pierced cinquefoil gules on the cross.

GascoyneArgent a pale sable between two crosses for my fitchy ..... with a conger's head couped or on the pale.

Glastonbury AbbeyVert a crosslet argent and a quarter argent charged with a Virgin and Child proper.

GoldwellAzure a chief or over all a lion ermine.

Grey, Bishop of Ely—Gules a lion and a border engrailed argent.

GreystockBarry argent and azure three chaplets of roses gules leaved vert.

Hallam, Bishop of Salisbury—Sable a cross engrailed ermine with a crescent argent in the quarter.

Hatfield, Bishop of Durham—Azure a cheveron between three lions or.

HegliseErmine a chief or charged with a demi-lion vert.

Hereford, See of—Gules three fleurs-de-lis coming out of leopards' heads reversed or.

HerringGules three herrings rising argent.

HiltonArgent two bars azure.

Holland, Duke of Exeter—England with a border of France.

HorneArgent a cheveron engrailed gules between three unicorns' heads razed azure.

Joanna of SpainCastile and Leon quarterly quartering Aragon and Sicily impaled.

Kemp, Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London—Gules three wheat-sheaves and a border engrailed or.

Knight, Bishop of Bath and Wells—Parted fessewise or and gules a demi double-headed eagle in chief and over all a rose and sun dimidiated fessewise and counter coloured.

LancasterArgent two bars gules a quarter gules charged with a molet or.

LangtonOr a cross quartered gules and azure charged with five roses argent.

Lee, Archbishop of York—Azure a fesse cotised or with three leopards' heads gules on the fesse.

Lincoln, See of—Gules two leopards or and a chief azure with the Virgin and Child enthroned or therein.

London, See of—Gules two crossed swords argent with their hilts and pommels or.

London, City of—Argent a cross with a sword of St. Paul gules in the quarter.

Longland, Bishop of Lincoln—Argent a cheveron gules between three roundels sable with a cock argent on the cheveron over a fillet vert a chief argent charged with a double rose gules between two leopards' heads azure.

LongvillersSable a bend between six crosslets argent.

LovaineGules billety or a fesse argent.

LucyGules three luces rising argent.

Lumley, Bishop of Lincoln—Argent a fesse between three popinjays vert collared gules with a mitre on the fesse.

Lyhert, Bishop of Norwich—Argent a bull sable horned or with a mitre in chief and a border sable bezanty.

Malmesbury Abbey—..... a griffon......

MaltraversSable fretty or.

Marmion of Oxfordshire—Vair three lozenges gules.

Mayo or Mayhew, Bishop of Hereford—Argent a fesse sable between three roses gules with a slipped lily argent on the fesse.

Merchant Venturers' CompanyBarry wavy argent and azure a chief quarterly gules a leopard or and or two roses gules.

Merton PrioryOr fretty azure on each crossing of the fret an eagle or.

MeynellAzure three gimel-bars and a chief or.

MontaguArgent a fesse indented of three points gules.

Montfort of Beaudesert—Bendy or and azure.

MonthermerOr an eagle vert.

NevilleGules a saltire argent.

Neville Archbishop of York—Gules a saltire argent and a label gobony argent and azure.

NewburghChecky or and azure a cheveron ermine.

Norreyssee Ravenscroft.

NowersAzure a fesse argent between three sheaves or.

Oldham, Bishop of Exeter—Sable a cheveron between three owls argent and a chief or with three roses gules therein.

PembridgeBarry or and azure a bend gules.

PercyOr a lion azure quartering Lucy.

Philip I (of Burgundy), King of Spain—Austria quartering Burgundy modern, Burgundy ancient and Brabant with a scutcheon of Flanders impaling Tyrol.

Pole de la—Azure a fesse between three leopards' heads or.

PoltonArgent three molets sable.

Ponthieu, Count of—Or three bends azure and a border gules.

Portugal, Kingdom of—Argent five scutcheons azure set cross-wise each charged with five roundels argent in saltire all in a border gules charged with castles or.

Ramsey AbbeyOr a bend azure charged with three rams' heads couped argent.

Ravenscroft (for Norreys)—Argent a cheveron between three ravens' heads razed sable.

Richard, Duke of YorkFrance and England quarterly a label argent charged with nine roundels gules.

Rochester, See of—Argent a saltire gules charged with a scallop or.

Roet (Chaucer)—Gules three wheels or.

RussellArgent a lion gules and a chief sable with three scallops argent therein.

Russell, Bishop of Lincoln—Azure two cheverons or between three roses argent.

St. Alban's AbbeyAzure a saltire or.

Salisbury, See of—Azure the Virgin and Child or.

SalkeldArgent fretty and a chief gules.

Scott (or Rotherham), Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York—Vert three harts tripping argent with horns or.

Sever—..... a fesse nebuly ..... between three rings .......

Sherborne of Stonyhurst—Argent a lion vert quartering vert an eagle argent.

Sherborne—Bishop of Chichester—Vert a pelican in piery argent (and a border indented vert and argent).

SherlandAzure six lions argent and a quarter ermine.

SkeltonAzure a fesse between three fleurs-de-lis or.

SkiptonGules five rings or.

Skirlaw—Bishop of Durham—Argent a cross of six bastons interlaced sable.

SmythArgent a cheveron sable between three roses gules.

SnarbyArgent a bend cotised between six lions sable.

SondesArgent two cheverons between three Moors' heads sable.

StandonQuarterly ermine and gules fretty or.

StanhopeSable a bend between six crosslets argent.

Staple of CalaisBarry wavy argent and azure a chief gules charged with a leopard or.

Stokesley, Bishop of London—Lozengy ermine and erminees a cheveron argent charged with a demi-lion between two gilly-flowers gules and a chief azure with a rose between a lily and a pelican or therein.

StrangwaysSable two lions passant paly argent and gules.

StubbsSable a cheveron engrailed between two lilies in chief and a pheon in base argent with three leopards' heads azure on the cheveron and a chief gules charged with two crossed keys between two tree-stubs or.

TalbotGules a lion and a border engrailed or.

TameArgent a wivern vert fighting a lion azure.

Taylor—..... an escarbuncle and over all a cross formy a doctor's cap in chief.

Tour, de la—Azure a tower argent.

UffordSable a cross engrailed or.

VannalArgent a cheveron vert and a border sable bezanty.

VereQuarterly gules and or with a molet argent in the quarter.

Veysey, Bishop of Exeter—Argent a cross sable charged with a hart's head couped between four martlets argent and a chief azure with a cross paty between two roses or therein.

Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury—Gules a fesse or between a goat's head razed in chief and three scallops in base argent.

Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester—Lozengy ermine and sable a chief sable with three lilies argent therein.

Wells, See of—Azure a saltire quartered saltirewise argent and or.

WessingtonGules two bars and in chief three molets argent.

Whelpdale, Bishop of Carlisle—Argent three whelps gules a molet for difference.

William of York, St.—Gules nine voided lozenges or.

Winchcombe Abbey—..... a saltire ..... charged with a cross formy ......

Winchester, See of—Gules two keys or and argent in bend and a sword argent saltirewise between them.

WiseSable three cheverons ermine with a crescent or in the quarter.

WolseySable a cross engrailed argent charged with a lion passant gules between four leopards' heads azure and a chief or charged with a rose gules between two Cornish choughs.

WoodvilleArgent a fesse and a quarter gules.

Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester—Argent two cheverons sable between three roses gules.

WykwanArgent a cheveron sable charged with three fleurs-de-lis or.

York, See of (Old)—.... a cross-staff ..... over all a pall charged with four crosses formy fitchy ........

York, See of (New)—Gules two keys saltirewise argent in chief a papal crown or.

York City of,—Argent a cross gules charged with five leopards or.