An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 2, the Defences. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1972.

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, 'Index', in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 2, the Defences, (London, 1972) pp. 189-205. British History Online [accessed 22 May 2024].

. "Index", in An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 2, the Defences, (London, 1972) 189-205. British History Online, accessed May 22, 2024,

. "Index", An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 2, the Defences, (London, 1972). 189-205. British History Online. Web. 22 May 2024,

References to the left and right columns on the page are identified by 'a' and 'b' respectively after the page numbers.


Abbay, Thomas del, his legacy for repair of walls, 15b.

Abbots of St. Mary's, York, see Malton, Thomas de; Severs, William; Stephen of Whitby; Warwick, Simon de.

Abbreviations, 180–1.

Acaster Malbis, bridge of boats near, 24a.

" Selby, villagers of, 25a.

Ackworth Sandstone, 82a.

Acomb, sconce near, 22b.

" Landing, waterworks moved to, 109b.

Addyman, P. V., excavations by, 89a.

Agar's Hospital, Monkgate, burned, 26a.

Albemarle, Duke of, letter from, 27b.

Alcuin, reference to walls by, 7b.

'Alderman's Walk', in Castle Museum, 85b.

Aldermen of York: acting as Justices, 29a; elect muremasters, 34b.

Aldwark, name derived from earthwork, 9b.

Alfredian Defences, of Cricklade and Wareham, 10a.

All Saints Church, Hungate, 12a.

" " " North Street, 12b, 17a, 18a.

" " " Pavement, or Ousegate, 12b, 17a, 18a.

Alnwick, 1, 14a, 55b.

Amblény (Aisne), castle, 66b.

Ampilford, John, mason, 19a.

Andrews, G. T., architect, 66a, 82a, 109b, 116a.

Angecourt, Pierre d', mason, 44b.

'Anglian' Tower, see Tower 19.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, mentions walls at Towcester, 10a.

Appilby, Robert, muremaster, 174a.

Arcades, supporting wall-walks, 40b, 122a, 124b, 133a, 135b, 141b.

Archbishops of York, see Bothe, 87b; Bowet, 87b; Fitzherbert, 2; Greenfield, 87a; Markham, 31a, 91a; Matthews, 90a; Melton, 13b, 44b, 54a, 87a, 91b; Plantagenet, 87a; Sandys, 88a.

Archbishop's Palace, 123a, b.

Archer, James, surveyor: bastions at Castle indicated by, 65a; Castle Cornet surveyed by, 176a; map of York by, 2, 64b, 65a, 74b, 76b, 124a, 162a, 163a, Pl. 60; possibly mentioned by Reresby, 72a; Mount sconce planned by, 26b; Tower 27 shown by, 124a.
-, " James, junior; possible draughtsman of plan of York, 176a.

-, Relieving at base of Walls, 40b, 141b, 142a.
-, 11th-12th-century in gateways: 10b; 93a, 95a, 96a, Pl. 23; 116a, 117a, Pl. 31; 142b, 147b.

Architects, Masons, Surveyors and Builders, see Andrews, G. T.; Angecourt, Pierre d'; Archer, James; Atkinson, Peter, junior; senior; Bateson, William; Bewyk, William; Chassereau, Peter; Couper, Robert; Craven, Hiram; Cussins, John; Gyles, Edmund; Horner, Christopher; Ikham, Thomas; Jessop, W.; Jones, George Fowler; Matthew the Mason; Mott, Basil; Pickersgill, Thomas; Reyns, Henry de; Robinson, Peter F.; Sharp, R. H.; Smeaton, John; Staunton, Thomas de; Styan, George; Vanbrugh, Sir John; Wakefield, William; Wallace, Robert; Walmesley, Christopher; Ward, Cecil; Ward, Ruddick & Ward; Welsman, Robert; Wosewall, Thomas; Wren, Sir Christopher; Wynford, William.

Arinbjorn, courtier, helps Egil, 9a.

Arrow slits: 47a–9b; canopied, 142a, b.

Arthur, King, statue of, 55b.

Artists, see Browne, J.; Carter, H. B.; Cave, Henry; Dillon, Charles; Earp, H.; Etty, W.; Halfpenny, Joseph; Harper, J.; Hollar, Wenceslas; Lodge, William; Mulholland, James; Nicholson, George; Place, Francis; Poole, James; Price and Cattle; Vickers, J.

Ash, Simeon, newsletters by, 24a.

Aske, Robert, hanged on Clifford's Tower, 3, 20b, 59, 67a.

Asser, Bishop, mentions walls of York, 7b.

Assize Courts, in Castle, 82a, Pls. 10–13; 59, 64a, 65a, b, 66b, 78a, 86a.

Assizes, gates guarded during, 38b–39a.

Athelstan, King, destroys Danish castrum, 8b.

Atkinson, Peter, junior, 2, 32n, 65b, 82a, 96a, 175b, Pl. 10.

" " senior, 82a, 85b, 88b, 175b.

Attorney General, brings case against City of York, 31b.

Audcorne, John, common mason, 174b.

Augustinian Friars, in Custody of 1380, 17a, 18a, 36b.

Austewyk, Stephen de, sacrist of St. Mary's Abbey, 161a, 164a, 169b.

Ayscough, Samuel, City Steward and Husband, 175a.

Babington, Henry, 67b.

Bacheler, John, 174a.

Baile Hill: 87, Pl. 17; burials found at, 7a; guns on, 22b, 50b; levelled, 28b; motte of castle, 10a; new arch near, 32a; scheduled as ancient monument, 33b; steps up side of, 91a; urinal at, 32b; wall removed to foot of, 91a; wall on flank of, 91b.

" " Road, 91a.

" " Terrace, 89a.

Bailey: of Castle, 59, 60b, 61b, 64a, b, 65a, b, 74b, 77b–78a; of Old Baile, 89a, b, 91a, b, 92b.

Bailiffs, of York, 11b, 13b, 37b.

Baill, le, 61a.

Baldock, Edward, master gunner, 176b.

Ballard, John, 175b.

Bar, below the Castle, 10b.

" Dykes, 3, 32b.

" Gate, Chester, 41b.

" Lane, 101a.

" Walls, term used for city walls, 3.

Bars, The, see Gateways and Bootham, Fishergate, Micklegate, Monk and Walmgate Bars.

Barbicans, 41b-42a, 57, 96a, b, 100b, 121b, 132a, b, 149a, b; plans, 42b; Pls. 22, 32, 46, Pl. opp. 133.

Barker Hill, 4.

" Tower, 4, 17b, 18b, 36b, 104–5, 106b, Pl. 26, or see North Street Postern Tower.

Barnaby Rudge, 3.

Barrow, round, possibly under Clifford's Tower motte, 74b.

Barsteads, 3, 96a.

Bartizans, 41b, 73a, 74a, 95a, 96b, 100b, 116a, 117a, b, 121a, b, 125a, 129a, 130b, 131b, 132a, b, 134a, 142b, 148a, b, 149a, b.

Baskerville, Thomas, 28a, 65a.

Bastions, proposed at Castle, 65a, 176a, b, 177b; resemblance of rampart to a, 153a.

Bateson, William, 159a.

Bawing, 3, 4, 124a; see Tower 27.

Baynes, Robert, 174b.

Beanhills, 152a; see Fishergate Bar.

Beaumaris Castle, bartizans at, 41b.

Beckman, Martin, Second Engineer of Great Britain, 176a, 177a.

Bedern, 17a, 18a.

Belasye, Sir John, 1st Baron, 22b.

Belinus, statue of, 55b.

Bell, in Debtors' Prison clock turret, 82a.

Bellerby, Michael, 116n.

Bellhouse, Richard Speight, city engineer, 175b.

Bellman, of York, 30a.

Belsay Castle, 41b.

Benedict, son of Ingelram, 95a.

Benetson, John, 17b, 18b.

Benson, George, 271, 111a.

Bethlehem Hospital, London, pediments at, 78a.

Beverley, defences of, 1, 5, 40a.

", Robert de, 1.

Bewyk, William, 151b, 157b.

Bird in Hand, public house, 121b.

Birdsall, and Thixendale, dispute between, 87a.

Bishopgate, see Skeldergate Postern.

Bishophill, 89b.

Bishop's Fields, 24b, 25a.

Bishopthorpe, 27a, 28b.

Bitchdaughter Tower, 4, 88a, 91b, 92a; see Tower 3.

Black Tower, Norwich, 35b.

Blakeborough, George, 81b.

Blake Street, 12a.

Blocked Embrasures, 41a, 135b, 157, 158a.

Blossom Street, 96a, 100a.

Board of Health Committee, 32b, 33a, 133a, 143b.

Bodleian Library, Oxford, 2.

Bolland, John, 175b.

Bondgate Tower, Alnwick, 1.

Bone, Florence, 3.

Booms, 45b, 47a.

Bootham (street), 7a, 20b, 26a, 28a, 53b, 116b, 117a, 160a, b, 161a, b, 162b, 163b, 169b, 171a, b.

" Bar: 116a, Pls. 28, 31–3, Pl. opp. 121; arch of, 10b; arms on, 54a; arrow slits at, 47b; attacked, 19b; barbican of, 41b-42a; coin hoard near, 8a; damaged, 58; decay in roof of, 25b; ditch near, 21b, 161b; embrasures near, 122; expenditure at, 21b, 28b; Galmanlith identified with, 57, 116a, 160b; house near, 28a, n; keys of taken, 38a; Leland mentions, 21a; length of walls from, 36b; plan of, 2; Porta de Bouthum, 12b, 17b, 18b; postern near, 162b; rampart near, 112b; restored, 29a, 32b; Roman gate on site of, 7b; statue on, 3, 28b; wall near, 111a; 115b; watchmen at, 39b; wicket at, 42a; wooden bar outside, 41b.

'Boretour', 61b.

Bowman, Alice, 125b.

Breastwork, 66b, 67a.

Bretagium, 67a.

Brick, use of: 20a, 30a, 32b, 40a; Castle, 65a; Clifford's Tower, 73b, 177b; Castle bailey wall, 77b; Debtors' Prison, 78a, 80a, 81a; Assize Courts, 82a, b; Female Prison, 85a, 86a; Old Baile, 89b; Tower, 3, 92a, b; Tower 7, 93a; Tower 12, 101a; Tower 13, 102a; Tower 16, 102b; North Street Postern Tower, 106b, 107a, b; Lendal Tower, 110a; walls near, 110b; Tower 19, 113b; Tower 23, 122a; Tower 25, 123b; Tower 28, 124b; Icehouse, 133b; Summerhouse, 133b-134a; Tower 31, 134a; Tower 32, 135a, footings near, 135b; Layerthorpe Postern, 137b; Red Tower, 139b, 140a; Walmgate Bar, 149a; Fishergate Bar, 152a; Tower 39, 153a; Davy Tower, 159b; St. Mary's wall, 162b, 167a, 168a, 169b, 170b, 171b, 172b, 173a.

-, Foss, 10b, 12b, 17b, 18b, 21a, 36b, 41b, 60a, 137b, 139.
-, Ouse, 30b, 35a, 67b, 88a, 90, 109a, 158b.
-, In Castle, 60b, 61b, 64a, b, 66b.
-, See also Drawbridges.

Bridgemasters, 34b, 35a.

Brierley, Leckenby and Keighley, drawings in hands of, 32a, n.

Briggs, Thomas, mason, 174a.

Brimstone House, name for Red Tower, 140a.

Bristol, 2, 4, 11b, n, 40a, b, 50b.

Bristow, John, Captain, commanding company at Clifford's Tower, 176b.

British Museum, 2, 184.

Brittany, Alan, Count of, 9a.

Brocklebank, Thomas, 96n.

Broderygg, Richard, 174b.

Brothericke, Geffray, 22a, n.

Browne, John, birthplace of, 143b.

Bruges, burghers of, 11a.

Buchan, Countess of, 67a.

Buck, Samuel, 89a.

Buckingham, Duke of, 27b.

" House, 184.

Building Materials:
-, Brick, see above.
-, Cast iron, 171a.
-, Gritstone, see below.
-, Limestone, 94a, 101a, 102b, 117a, 137a, 140a, 153b, 159b.
-, Magnesian Limestone, 3, 57, 73a, 78a, 82b, 90, 95a, 116a, 125b, 142b, 161b, 164a, 173b.
-, Oolitic Limestone, 113a.
-, Portland Stone, 117b.
-, Sandstone, see below.
-, Slate, 78a, 82a, 85a, 100b, 143b, 166b.

Burghley, Lord, received formally, 39b.

Burlington (Bridlington), 177a.

Burton, John, 163a.

Butchers' Guild, watches gates in Lent, 39a.

Buttresses: 40b; Castle, 61b, 73a, 76b; Micklegate, 91a, b, 94a, b, 95a, b, 100b, 101a, 102a, b, 106a, Central, 110a, 111b, 121a, 122a, 124b, 130a, 132b, 133a, 135b, 137b; Walmgate, 140a, 143b, 149a, 151a, 153b, 156b, 159b; St. Mary's, 160b, 166a, b, 168b, 169a, 171a, 173b.

Bykes, Edward, 116b.

Byrland, Richard, 174b.

Cadamo (Caen), John de, 11b.

Caerlaverock Castle, windows at, 47b.

Caernarvon: defences of, 5, 40b, 45a, 45b; castle, 45b, 46a.

Calais, defences of, 2, 44b.

Cambridge, Trinity College gateway, 43a.

Canopied arrow slits, 142a, b.

Canterbury: defences of, 1, 2, 40a, 41b, 43b, 49a; Sessions House, 82b.

Carlisle: 29a, 37a, 50b; Bishop of, 162b.

Carmelite Friars: 17a, 18a, 137b.

Carpenter, James, 29a.

Carr, John, architect, 65b, 82a, 85b.

-, H. B., Plate opp. 107.
-, John, 2, 90b, 152a.

Carved Stonework:
-, 12th-century, 123a.
-, 14th-century, 95a, 172b.
-, 15th-century, 152b, Pl. 48.
-, Mediaeval, 73b, 100b, 109b, 130b, 148a, 169b.
-, 17th-century, 73a, 130b, 170a, b, Pl. 38.
-, 18th-century, 82a, b, 96b, 100b.
-, 19th-century, 86a, Pl. 4; 96b, 117b, 124a.
-, Modern, 94b, 96b, 112a, 113a, 117a, b, 130a.
-, See also Statues, Heraldry.

Castle of York: 59, Pls. 1–16; apron on towers of, 43a; Archer's plan of, 2; arrow slits in S. angle tower, 47a; bailey, 74b-78a; Bewyk, surveyor of works at, 151b; boundary between city and, 54b; built, 57; Castlegate Postern demolished to enlarge, 32a, 157b; city buys, 33b; dilapidated, 21b; dwelling incorporated in, 9b; drawbridge pit at, 76b; excavations at, 74b; Foss damned below, 10b, 57, 60a, 64; gun in, 50a; kept in good repair, 28a; Leland's description of, 21a; mint at, 59, 61b; Montgomery imprisoned in, 3; motte of, 59, 60b, 61b, 64a, b, 66a, b, 67a, 73a, 74a, b; Museum, 33b, 59, 66b, 78a, 81b, 85b, 86a; Musgrave's report on, 72a, 176–9; point on Foss opposite, 151a; prisons, 30b, see Debtors', Female Prisons; prisoners at, 60b; rebuilt in stone, 11a; recent studies of, 1; reference of 1190 to, 87a; shire laid waste for 5b; topography modified by, 9a; towers, 77.

" Cornet, Guernsey, surveyed by James Archer, 176a.

" Mills, 25a, 61a, 64b, 137b, 138b.

" " Bridge, 152a.

" Museum, 33b, 59, 66b, 78a, 81b, 85b, 86a.

Castlegate: 10b, 60a, 61a, 64b, 66b, 158b; ward, 34a.

" Postern: 157a, 159, Pl. 2; bar below castle preceded, 10b; Bewyk leased, 157a; demolished, 31n, 32a, 157b; gates, 43a; Green Pond outside, 55a; guards at, 28a; gun at, 20b, 49b; portcullis, 43a, b; postern below castle, 17b, 18b, 36b, 157a; Tower, 44a; unblocked, 25a; Walmgate area includes, 139; work near ascribed to Edward IV, 64a.

Castlegate Postern Lane, 61a, 66a.

Castrum, 8b.

Cave, Henry, artist, 2, 152a.

Cawdor Castle, 41b.

-, Roman, 7a, 59a, 74b, 87, 102a.
-, Saxon, 27a.

Central Area of York, 2, 3, 10a, 11b, 13a, 30a, 57, 108–138.

" Library, 111b.

Chains, blocking Ouse, 13a, 17b, 18b, 21a, 36b, 46b, 106b, 108a, 158a, b.

Chamberlains, York, 3, 34a, b, 35a, 174, 175.

Chambers, John, 19b, 151b.

Chapel Bar, Nottingham, 51a.

-, See St. George's, St. James.
-, In Clifford's Tower, 66b, 73b, Pl. 4.
-, In Castle, 60b, 64a, b, 65b, 81b, 86a.

Chapter House Street, 33a.

Charles I, King, 22a, 24b, 39b, 54b, 73a.

" II, King, 67b, 176a, 178b.

" I of Anjou, King, 44b.

Chassereau, Peter, surveyor, 2.

Chepstow Castle, 55.

Chester, defences of, 1, 4, 36a, 37b, 41a, 50b, 54b, 55a, b.

" (Cestrie), William de, town clerk of York, 15b, 17b.

Chichester, walls of, 40a.

Child, Thomas, 175b.

Chimneys: in Castle, 65a, 74a; in Bars, 132a, 148b; in towers, 92b, 107a, 137b, 156b, 173b; in St. Mary's Lodge, 167b.

Chipchase Castle, bartizans on, 41b.

Cholmeley, Sir Henry, 67b.

Chronological Table, 56.

Churches and Chapels, see All Saints, Chapels, Holy Trinity, Minster and under St.

City (of York) Architect, 35b.

" " Commissioners, 93a.

" " Engineer, 34b, 35b, 175b;—'s Dept., 2, 33b.

" " Husband, 25a, 29a, 34a, 35a, 175a, b.

" " Steward, 34a, 35a, 175a, b.

" " Surgeon, 29b.

Civil Court, in Castle, 84b, Pls. 10–13.

" War, York during, 22a-27b; 1, 36a, 37b, 43a, b, 47a, 50b, 51a, b, 57, 64a, 67b, 88b, 90a, 96a, 116b, 137a, 143b, 148a, 149b, 153a, 163a.

-, G. T., 33a, 121b, 122a.
-, Sir William, Lord Mayor of York, 54b, 143b.

Clementhorpe, 90a.

" Priory, 21a, 29a, 54a.

-, Arms of, 54a, 73a.
-, Family, 66b.
-, Henry, Earl of Cumberland, 22a, 54b, 64a, 67b.
-, Lord (Roger de Clifford), 59.

Clifford Street, 66a.

Clifford's Tower: 66b, Pls. 2, 4–8; Archer's section of, 2; arms on, 54a, b; arrow slits, 47a, b; Aske hanged on, 3, 20b, 67a; bartizans, 41b; battered base, 43b; battlements, 53a; built under Henry III, 60b; demolition frustrated, 22a; ditch around, 55a, 158a; forebuilding rebuilt, 64a; garrison in, 25b, 51a, 64b; guns at, 50b; gutted by fire, 28a, 177b, 184; in 17th century, 176–9; keep of Castle, 59; offices near, 33b; portcullis, 43b; proposed alteration, 65b; recesses in, 45a; repaired after siege, 25b; restored by Earl of Cumberland, 22b, 177n; shots at, 26a, — from, 24a, 67b, 72b; windows, 47b, 48.

Clifton, 24a, 27b, 47a.

Close, Minster, 11b.

Close Rolls, 1.

Cobb, Sir John, 67b.

Cockburn, William, Dean of York, 31b.

Coin hoards, 87, 115a, b, 137b.

Colchester, 4, 40a.

College Street, 11b.

Colliergate, 121a.

Collins, Wilkie, 3.

Collynwood, Jennet, 106b.

Colyer, Christopher, 174b.

Commissioners, List of, xiv.

Commissions of Array for York and Ainsty, 49b.

Common Hall or Guildhall, 25b.

" " " Moot Hall in Castle, 64b, 65a, b, 85a, 177b, 184.

" Mason of York, 18b, 34a, 35b, 174a, b.

" Pleas, Court of, 87b.

Commons, House of, 25b, 67b.

Commonwealth of Great Britain and Ireland, arms of, 96a.

Conduit, the, 139b.

Coney Street, 9a, 10b, 60a, 110b; ward, 34a.

Conisford Gate, Norwich, 35b.

Conolly, William, 95b.

Constantine I, Emperor, 55b, 133b.

Constantius I, Emperor, 7a, 115a.

Conway: defences of, 5, 44b, 45b, 55b; castle, 172b.

Conyers, Christopher, 156a.

Cooper, Thomas Parsons, 1, 53b, 74b.

Coppergate, 8b.

Corder, Philip, 27a.

Cordwainers' Guild, 35a, 174a, 175a.

Corfe Castle, 44a, b.

Corporation Surveyor, 35a, 175a, b.

Corporation, York, see York Corporation also York City Council.

Coslany Gate, Norwich, 35b.

Cots, Matthew, 174a.

Coucy le Château (Aisne), windows in castle, 47b.

Council in (or of) the North: 20a, 49b, 162b; Lords President of, 49b, 106a, 111b, 162b, 170a.

Council Chamber, 49b.

" York City, see York City Council.

County Ball, 32a.

" Committee, 73a, 82a.

" Gaol, 65b.

" Justices, 157b.

Couper, Robert, 18b, 19a, 174a.

Coventry, defences of, 1, 4, 40a, 41b, 49a, 51a.

Cowdray House, Sussex, gunports at, 49a.

Crambeck Ware, 115a.

Crane Tower, 90a; 15b, 45b, 47a, 158b.

Crankley Point, Newark, civil war fort at, 27a.

Craven, Hiram and Sons, 66a, 137b.

Crawford, Lawrence, commander during siege, 24b.

Creer, Alfred, 175b.

Cricklade, defences of, 10a.

Cripling, John, 137a, b.

Croft, William, 125b.

Crompton, Samuel, 109a.

-, Oliver, 25b, 67b.
-, Thomas, 64a.

Cromwell Road, 53a, 89b, 91a.

Crown Court, in Castle, 64b, 84b–85a, Pls. 10–11.

Culloden, Battle of, 29b.

Cumberland, Earl of (Henry Clifford), 22a, b, 64a, 67b, 177n.

Curia regis, 8b.

Curtain Walls, 40a–41a, Pls. 19, 25, 34, 35 and passim.

Cussins, John, 162a.

Custodes murorum, see Muremasters.

Dalton Castle, Lancs., 55b.

Danby, Lord, 28a, 72b.

Danes, 7b, 87, 122b.

Danish Army, 8a.

" Defences, 8a–9a, 10a.

" Palace, 8b, 57.

Darley, Francis, 67b.

Dart, river, 45b.

Dartmouth, Baron, see Legge, George.

" Earl of, manuscripts of, 176.

Davison, B. K., 115a.

Davy, John, 158b.

Davy Tower: 158b, Pl. 52; blocked embrasures near, 41, 58a; chains at, 15b, 45b, 90a; custodies mention, 12b, 15a, 17b; Iron Gate postern beside, 28b, 159a; name, 4; Ouse blocked between Crane Tower and, 45b; walls between Layerthorpe Postern and, 18b; wall-walk adjoining, 40b; Walmgate area includes, 139.

Davyson, Robert, 174a.

Dean and Chapter of York, 11a, 31a, 32b, 33a.

" of York, 11b, 13b; see also Cockburn, Hamelton.

Dean's Park, 30a.

Deanery, 11b, 32b, 122a.

Deangate, 33a.

Debtor's Prison: 78a–82a, Pls. 9, 14–16; built as County Gaol, 65b; Castle includes, 59; cell doors from, 85a; converted for Museum, 33b; drains contemporary with, 77b; gallery linking Female Prison with, 66b; gun outside, 50a; proposed extension, 65b.

Dedications of Churches and Chapels, see All Saints, Holy Trinity, Our Lady, and under St.

Defoe, Daniel, cited, 27b, 78a.

De Grey Rooms, 116a.

Dekyn, William, 174a.

Demi-hexagonal towers, 43b, 45a and see Towers 5, 14, 16, 17, 22–4.

Derby, 29b.

Devon, Earl of, head exposed on Micklegate Bar, 95b.

Dicconson, Nicholas, 175b.

Dick, alias Johnson, James, 174b.

Dickens, Charles, 3.

Dickinson, Sir Thomas, mayor of York, 25b, 67b.

Dillon, Charles, 172b.

Ditches, 41a.

Dodsworth, Roger, 64a, 163a.

Domesday Book, 9b, 137b.

Dominican Friars, 11n, 12b, 17a, 18a, 21a, 36b, 102b.

Doncaster, Bridge Gate, 5, 55b.

-, 15th-century, 148b–149a.
-, 18th-century, 81a, 85a.
-, of Bars, see Gates.

Dossy, William, 28n.

Douai, citizens of, exempted from murage at York, 11a.

Douglas, Robert, diarist, on siege of York, 22b, 24n.

Doune Castle, 41b.

Dover Castle, 44b, 47a.

Drake, Francis (historian of York): 29b, 60a, 65a, 92b, 95a; cited, 162a.

Drawbridges, 19b, 43b, 76b–77a, 177a.

Driffield, prebendary of, 11b.

" Henry, 175a.

Dring, Jerome, 109b.

Duffield, Edmund, 67b.

Duncombe, Thomas, 78a.

" Park, 78a.

" Place, 11b.

Dundas, Robert, Lord Mayor of York, 54b, 91a.

Dunnok, Hugh, 17b, 18b.

Dunnyngdykes, 8a.

Durem, William de, 17b, 18b.

Durham, 37a, 41a.

" Assizes, 31a, 91a.

Durleton Castle, 47a.

Dycconson, Anthony, 174b.

Earls of Northumberland, 21b, 57, 95b, 108b.

Earlsborough, 9b, 57, 115a.

Earp, H., Pl. opp. 133.

Eastburn, H., Pl. 27.

Eastern Association, army of, 22b.

E. B., probably Emmanuel Bowen, 51b; view by, 151a, 152a.

Ebrauk, Ebraucus: 3, 39a, 95b; statue of, 28b, 55b, 116b, 121a.

Eburacum: 7a; quattuor portae, 11a; custodiae, 12a, b, 15b– 18b.

Edgar, King 9a.

Edinburgh, 96a.

Edmonson, Gregory, 174b.

Edward I, King, 1.

" II, King, 12a, 36b.

" III, King, 13b, 14b, 15a, b, 36b, 37a, 44b.

" IV, King, 3, 18b, 64a, 67a.

" the Confessor, King, coins of, 87.

Edward's Tower, name for Fishergate Postern Tower, 156a.

Egil Skalagrimsson, 8b, 9a.

Egremont, Sir, John, 19b, 151b.

Elbow Lane, 125a.

Elizabeth I, Queen: 54b, 55b.

" II, Queen, greeted at Micklegate Bar, 39b.

Ellerendyng (Elrondyng), 3, 4, 12b, 13a, 17a, 18a, 36b, 111a.

Elsley, C. H., 113a.

Enfield Crescent, 27a.

Engineer, City of York, see City Engineer.

Environment, Department of, xv, 66b, 115a.

Eric Bloodaxe, King, 8b, 9a.

Estates Committee, of York City Council, 33a, 143b, 163b.

Etampes Castle (Essonne), 66b.

Ethelred II, King, 10a.

-, John, 175b.
-, William, artist, 2, 31b, 32b.

Evelyn, John, 65a.

Evidence Room, in Assize Courts, 85a.

Exchequer, Chancellor of, 61b.

" Court, of, 31b.

" King's, 61b.

" Queen's, 61b.

" Treasury of, 66b, 73b.

Exeter Castle, gateway of, 10a.

Exhibition Square, 111b.

'Eye of the Ridings', 65a.

Eyley, John, 174b.

-, Charles, 163.
-, Ferdinando, 2nd Baron, 22b, 24a, b, 25a.
-, Guy, Recorder of York, 87b.
-, Sir Thomas, later 3rd Baron, 26a.

Fairweather, William, 174b.

Falkland Street, 89a.

Fall, Thomas, 174b.

Farnley Wood, conspirators, 27b, 72a.

Fawcett, Rowland, 175a.

Fee, farm, York released from payment, 19a.

Fell, Richard, 174b.

Female Prison: 85a–86b, Pl. 16; 33b, 59, 65a, b, 66b, 78.

Fireplaces: in Castle, 64a, 73b, 74a, 81a, 85a, 86a, Pl. 15; in Bars, 100b, 131a, b, 149a & in towers, 92b, 93a, 107b, 153a, 156b; in St. Mary's Lodge, 167b.

-, C., 82a.
-, Payne, 24a.

Fishergate, 10b, 13a, 60a, 86a, 153a, 184.

" Bar: 150a, Pl. 48; arch at High Minster Gates resembled, 11b; burned, 19b; custodies mention, 13a, 17b, 18b, 36; differed from other bars, 41a; George Street Postern, 3; house of correction, 21b; inscriptions at, 19b, 54b; Leland mentions, 21a; masons' marks, 53b; new gate at, 18b; parapet near, 51b; plinth from Fishergate Postern to, 45a; portcullis, 43a; porte de Fischergate, 14a; posterne de Fisshergate, 17b, 18b; reopened, 32a; remained walled up, 20a; wall to Foss from, 10b, 13b; — to Walmgate Bar from, 28a; Walmgate area includes, 139.

Fishergate Postern: 156a, Pl. 50, Pl. opp. 61; arch at High Minster Gates resembled, 11b; ditch beside, 61a; gate, 43a; key of, copied, 38a; lock, 34b; plinth to Fishergate Bar from, 45a; portcullis, 43a; postern near St. George's church, 3, 19a; steps at, 30a; walls at, 25a; wall to Fishergate Bar from, 15a; — between Tower 39 and, 15b, 53b, 153a; Walmgate area includes, 139; work at, 20a.

Fishergate Postern Tower, 154–157, Pls. 50, 51, Pl. opp. 61; 47a, 53b.

Fishmongers' Company, 39a.

Fishpond, King's, of Foss, 9b, 10b, 137a–138b.

Fitzwilliam, Earl, promoted restoration of walls, 31b.

Fleming, Nicholas, mayor of York, 12a.

Foss Bridge: 10b, 12b, 17a, 18a, b, 21a, 60a, 137b, 139; gate on, 17a, 18a, 41b.

" Islands, 138a.

" " Road, 138b, 140b.

" Navigation, 61a, 138a.

" river: areas both, sides of, 57; blind and deep water of, 21a; bridge to be thrown over, 24b; Castle bailey bounded by, 74b; Central area extends to, 108; curtain wall E. of, 151a; dammed for Fishpond, 10b, 57, 60a; Danish defences extended to, 8a; diversion attempted, 25a; exhalations from, 138b; Fishpond of, 137a–138b; makes defences less necessary, 9a; Monk Bridge on, 21; no early defences E. of, 10b; proposed culverting of, 33a; rampart between Walmgate Bar and, 32b; site of castle between Ouse and, 59a; slope to, 153a; soft ground near, 137a; tributary of Ouse, 3; walls between Fishergate Bar and, 13b–15a; — between Walmgate Bar and, 20a.

Fossato, Thomas de, 11b.

Fossatum regis, 9b.

Fossgate, 10b.

Foster, William, mason, 106a.

Fox, George, imprisoned in Castle, 72a.

Foxgill, John, muremaster, 174b.

Franciscan Friars: le Baill, tenement in, held by, 61a; custodies mention, 15b, 17b, 18b; enclosed ditch near Castle, 60b; granted licence for boundary wall, 12a; Grey Friars wall, 21a, 22b, 159b; guns at, 22b, 50b; king lodged with, 61b; site of Friary, 66a; tower of (Davy Tower), 158b–159b.

Free Grammar School, Gillygate or Horse Fair, 26a.

Freman, William, 174b.

Friargate Postern, 159a.

Friars Minor, see Franciscan Friars.

Friends' Retreat, 27a.

Frisian Merchants, at York, 9.

Frost Tower, see Tower 27.

" William, mayor of York, 15b.

Fugill, John, 67b.

Fulford, 24a, 47a.

Galmanlith, 57, 116a, 160b; see also Bootham Bar.

Galmou or Galmanho, 9a, 116a.

Gaol Act, 65b, 78a.

" County, 65b, 78a.

" Lane, 91a.

" Sessions, 65b.

Garderobes: at Clifford's Tower, 73b, 74a; at Fishergate Postern Tower, 156b; at Monk Bar, 131a, 132a, Pl. 39; at Red Tower, 140a; at St. Mary's Tower, 171a; on walls, 133a; at Walmgate Bar, 148b; see also Lavatories, Urinals.

Gate, Richard, 95b.

Gates, 42a–43a, 86, 96a, 116b, 129a, b, 148b–149a.

Gate-keepers, 19a, 38a, 96a.

Gateways, 41a–42a; see Bootham, Fishergate, Micklegate, Monk and Walmgate Bars.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, 3.

George, III, King, 31a.

" IV, King, arms of, 86a.

" Street Postern, see Fishergate Bar.

Georgia, governor of, 28b–29a.

-, James, 175a.
-, Thomas, 174b.

Gillygate, 9b, 26a, 33b, 46b, 122a.

Glemham, Sir Thomas, Governor of York, 25a, 143a.

Glover, Thomas, 174a.

Goblin Tower, Chester, 55a.

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths:
-, Langwith, John, 81b.
-, Thompson, John, 81b.

Goode, William, 24a.

Goodramgate, 9b, 21a, 125b.

Gould, I., 82a.

Governors of Prison, 66a.

" " York, 22b, 25a, 28a, 72a, 142a, 176b; see Belasyse, John; Dickenson, Thomas; Frescheville, Lord; Glemham, Thomas; Reresby, John.

Graffiti: in Debtors' Prison, 78b, 81a; in Monk Bar, 132a.

Grand Jury House, in Castle, 64a, 65a, b, 177b, 184.

-, Edwin, Lord Mayor of York, 125a.
-, Myles, 175a.
-, Thomas, Mayor of York, 162b.

Gray's Court, 7a, 122a, 125a.

Great Bar Gate, Lincoln, 41b.

" North of England Railway Company, 32b, 102a, 106a, 143b.

Green Pond, 55a.

Greenfield, William, Archbishop of York, 87a.

Greenwich, 78a.

Greyfriars, see Franciscans.

Gritstone, use of: Castle, 66a, 77b; Micklegate, 90, 94b, 95a, 96a, 102a, 106a, Central, 110a, 113b, 116a, 125a; Walmgate, 149b, 153b; St. Mary's walls, 165a.

Guildhall or Common Hall, 25b, 50b.

Guns: in Clifford's Tower, 178–9; use of at York, 49a–51a, 88b, 95b, 116b, 125b, 139b, 142b, 143a, 163a.

Gunhouse, 49b.

Gunports: in Bars, 51a, 117b, 130b, 132a; in walls, 134b.

Gurney, J. J., 65b, 78a.

Gyles, Edmund, City Husband, 25a, 35a, 91b, 101a, 157, 175b.

Gyll, Hugh, 35n.

Gysburn, John de, 17b, 18b.

Half Moon Yard, in Castle, 80b.

Halfpenny, Joseph, 2, 76b, 102b, 103b, 152a, Pls. 22, 32, 43.

Halifax, Earl of, 178b.

Hamelton, William de, Dean of York, 11b.

Harcourt, Vernon, Archbishop of York, 31b.

Hardwicke, Earl of, 29a.

Harestaffe, Gervase, 67b.

Hargrove, William, historian, 1, 31b, 78a; cited, 81b.

-, J., Pl. opp. 149.
-, John, 175b.

Hartlepool, West, defences of, 41a, 46b.

Helmsley, James, 116n.

Henrietta Maria, Queen, 177n.

Henry II, King, 85a.

" III, King, 11n, 57, 60b, 66b.

" IV, King, 15b.

" VI, King, 3.

" VII, King: daughter of, 162b; letters to city, 19a; orders guns, 49a; pressure on York from, 34b, 42a; reign of, 20a, 21a, 57, 151b; visits York, 19b, 39a, 95b.

" VIII, King, 20b, 39b, 49b, 95b, 125b.

Heraldry: 54a, 124a.
-, Royal Arms, 21b, 86a, 95b, 96b, 100b, 116b, 117a, 130b, 142b, 148a, Pl. 4.
-, City of York, 21b, 96b, 100a, 116b, 117a, 130b, 142b, 149a, 152b, Pl. 48.
-, Clifford, 73a, 177.
-, Lister-Kaye, 96a, b.

Herbert, Lord, 22a.

Hereford, defences of, 40a.

Herlot Hill, 17a, 18a, 134a.

Herring, Thomas, Archbishop of York, 29a.

Herryson, John, 174a.

Hesketh, Sir Thomas's Hospital, Heslington, 61a.

Hessay, 25a.

-, Mark, 94b.
-, Thomas, 94b.

Hewetson, Christopher, 175b.

Hewley, Thomas, 109a.

Heworth Moor, windmills on, burned, 22.

High Minster Gates, 11b.

Hillyard, Robert (Hob of Holderness), 142b.

-, Henry, 109a.
-, William, 20, 139a.

History of the King's Works, 1.

Hob of Holderness (Robert Hillyard), 142b.

Hogeson, John, 174a.

Holborn Bar, London, 41b.

Holgate Beck, 26b.

" Hill, fort on, 24a, 25a, 26b, 27a.

Holme, George, 174a.

Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

" ", Micklegate: parish, 12b, 17a, 18a; priory, 17a, 18a, 21a, 54a, 95a, 106a.

" " King's Court, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

Hopton, James, 174a.

Horner, Christopher, 139a, 174b.

Horsley, Benedict, 2, 138a, 162a.

Hospitallers, exempted from murage, 11a.

Hospitium of St. Mary's Abbey, 162a.

Houndsditch, London, 41a.

House Books of York, 3, 19n, 20b, 34a, 38n.

-, Catherine, Queen, 39b.
-, John, 78a.

Hudson, George, Lord Mayor of York, 54b, 93a.

Hughes, Mrs. Mary Ann, 55a.

Hull, Kingston-upon-: armour bought in, 50a; besieged, 22b, 50b; chains at, 45b; defences of, 67b; gates at, 41a; gun captured at, 25n; guns from York sent to, 25b, 26a; magazine at, 177a; mayor of, 67; moats enlarged for docks, 41a; towers of, 44b, 45b; walls of, 29b, 33n, 44b.

Humber, river, 3.

Hungate, 8a.

Huntingdon, Earl of, 21b, 108a, 111b.

Hurstmonceaux Castle, 51a.

Husband, of York, see City Husband.

Hyncliff, Henry, 175a.

Hyngbrygg, later Skeldergate Postern, 13a, 17b, 18b, 36b, 43b, 90a, 158b.

Ice-house, in rampart near Monk Bar, 133b.

Ikham, Thomas, 2.

-, Sir Arthur, 30, 125a.
-, Family, 137b.

Ingram's Hospital, Bootham, damaged in siege, 26a.

Inns: Bird in Hand, 121b; Jolly Bacchus, 101a; Windmill, 61b.

Inscriptions, 54a–55b, 78b, 81a, 91a, 93a, 94b, 96b, 143b, 152b, 153b, 158a, Pl. 48.

Ipswich, defences of, 40a.

Ireby, William de, 17b, 18b.

Irish Prisoners, prison for, in Castle, 60b.

Iron Gate, near Davy Tower, 54b, 159a.

Isabella of France, Queen, 37a, 61b, 67a, 87a.

-, Robert, 38b.
-, Roger, 175a.

Jacobites, 28a–29b, 51a, 58, 121b.

James I, King: 22a, 39b, 67b; statue of, 55b.

" II, King, as Duke of York, coldly received, 39b.

" IV, King, Margaret Tudor on way to marry, 39b, 162b.

Jerusalem, walls of Newcastle resemble walls of, 50b.

Jessop, W., canal engineer, 138a.

Jewbury, 8b, 10a, 12a, 17a, 18a, 41a, 93a, 135a.

Jewish Amulet, found near Layerthorpe Postern, 137b.

Jews, attacked in Castle, 60a.

John, King, 44b, 123a.

Johnson, alias Dick, James, 174b.

Jolly Bacchus, Public house, 101a.

Jones, George Fowler, architect, 33a, 110a, 140a.

Jordan, Thomas, 175a.

Justices, 29a.

Kaerebrauc, 3.

Kaye, Lister-, arms of, 54a, b, 96b, 100b.

Keep(e), Henry, describes defences, 28a, 72a.

Keeper of the Courts, 82a.

Kendal, Jacobite army near, 29a.

Kenilworth Castle, arrow slits at, 47b.

Kettlewell's Orchard, in N. angle of defences, 125a.

Key, John, 175a, b.

Keys of Gates: borrowed, copied, 38a; custodians, 17b, 18b, 36b, 38a; handed over, 28a, 39a; lost, 96a.

Kings of England, see Athelstan, Edgar, Ethelred II, Edward I–IV, George III, Henry I–VIII, James I–II, John, Richard I–III, William I–III.

" of France, see Philip IV.

" " Scotland, see James IV.

King's Court, 8b, 57.

" Ditch, 125a.

" Lynn, 41a.

" Manor House: abbey described as, 162b; abbot's house nucleus of, 162b; access to, 163b; condition of, 176b; forecourt of, 115a; governor of York in, 28a; inventory of goods in, 176b; lane beside, 111b, 173b; maps of estate, 160b, 176a; new work at, 21b; Parliamentary troops reach, 24b; Place in, 2; royal party occupied, 39b; stone from, reused, 78a, 170a, b; walls N.E. of, 160; wing of, 173b.

" Plate, in Castle, 81b.

" Pool, 9b, 61a; see also Fishpond of the Foss.

" Square, 7a, 8b.

" Tofts, 102b.

Kingston-upon-Hull, see Hull.

Kingswear, boom tower at, 45b.

Kinsale, fortifications at, 176a.

Kirby Muxloe Castle, 43a, 152b.

Kirkgate, in Female Prison, 85b, 86a.

Knapton, 25a.

Knaresborough, 24b.

Knavesmire, 39b, 65b.

Knolles, Thomas, 174a.

Koningsgartha, later King's Court, 8b.

Kycheman, William, 174b.

Kylburne, John, 174b.

Kyme Street, 89a, b.

Lacan, Robert, 174b.

Lambe, William, 174b.

Lamel Hill, site of Parliamentary battery, 24a, 26a, 27a, 67b, 143a.

Lancashire, 24b.

Lancaster Herald, see Miller, Thomas, 67a.

Lancastrian Leaders, executed, 3.

Langton, Nicholas, Mayor of York, 117b.

Langwith, John, silversmith, 81b.

Lastingham, 9.

Lathom House, Lancs., siege of, 25a.

Lathorp Towre, 137a.

Latoner, Richard, 174a.

Lavatories, at Castle, 78a; see also Garderobes, Urinals.

Lawrance, Christopher, 175b.

Lawrence, Street, 143b, 149a.

Lay Subsidy, 36b.

Layerthorpe, 33a, 135b, 138b.

" Bridge, 12a, 21a, 25b, 32b, 33a, 57, 137a, 138a, b.

" Postern: 137a, Pl. 43; arches near, 135b; custodies mention, 12b, 17a, b, 18a, b, 36a; Fishpond between Walmgate defences and, 137; gates, 43a; guns, 49b; Leland mentions, 21a; parallels, 41b; Peasholm Green Postern, 3; point near selected for attack, 24b; portcullis absent, 43b; repairs, 35a; site of, 108; walls between Monk Bar and, 20a, 28a, 40b, 132b; — near, 21b, 134b; between Davy Tower and, 18b.

Layre Close, Clifton, 27a.

Leaguer, at Clifton, 27a.

Legge, George, first Lord Dartmouth, 176, 177b, 178n.

Leland, John, cited, 21a, 45b, 64a, 67a, 88a, 108a, 151b.

Lendal, formerly Old Coney Street, 9b, 10b, 18b, 22a, 28b, 110b.

" Bridge, 57, 106b, 108, 109b.

" Ferry, 30a.

" Hill House, 109a, 110a.

" Landing, 9a, 21b, 106b, 108a, 158a.

" Tower: 108a, Pl. 27, Pl. opp. 107; altered for steam engine, 30; chains at, 17b, 18b, 36b, 45b; custodies mention, 12b, 13a, 17b, 18b; Leland's circuit starts at, 21a; round tower at, 44b; walls adjoining, 28b, 110a, 160, 173b; waterworks, used for, 4, 22a, 38b, 30b, 45b; window, 47b.

Lent, special regulations during, 38b–39a.

Leslie, General Alexander, see Leven.

Leven, Alexander Leslie, Earl of, commanding Scots Army, 22b.

Lewes Castle, gatehouse, 41b.

Lieutenant of the Ordnance, visits York, 72a, 176a; see Musgrave, Christopher.

Lilburne, Robert, commands garrison at York, 25a, 26a.

Lincoln, 11a, 40a, 41b, 181.

" Henry of, 67a.

Lister-Kaye, Sir John, Lord Mayor of York, 54a, b, 96a.

Little Bretgate, now Navigation Road, 140b.

" Ease, prison in Monk Bar, 129a, 131b.

" Stonegate, architectural details from, 86b.

Liverpool, besieged, 50b.

Lobley, Richard, 175b.

Lodge, William, artist, 2, 28a, 109a, 163b.

London: defences of, 2, 4, 20b, 40a, 41a, b, 45b, 50b, 54b; tolls levied at, 20n.

Lonsdale, Leonard, 174b.

Long Close, walls near, 34a.

Lonnesdayle, John, 174a.

Lop Lane, now Duncombe Place, 11b.

Lord Chancellor of England, 67a.

" General, 27b.

" Lieutenant of West Riding, 27b, 28b, 29b; see Earl of Malton.

" " " Yorkshire, 21b, 108.

" Mayor of York, 27b, 28b, 32a; see Clark, Dundas, Gray, Hudson, Lister-Kaye, Raper, Thompson.

" Mayor's Walk, 31b, 32b, 33a, 41a, 122a, 125a.

" President of Council in the North: Huntingdon, 21b, 49b, 106a, 111b; 162b; Sheffield, 173b.

" Treasurer of England, 67a.

Lounesdale, James, 174a.

Lounlith, 10b, 11b, 57, 93a; see also Victoria Bar.

Lounlithgate, 93a.

Low Hutton, lands at, 60b.

Lucera (Foggia), defences of, 45b.

Lud, statue of, 55b.

Ludgate, London, 1.

Lue, Milicia de, tombstone found, 132b.

Luetie, Margaret, imprisoned in Fishergate Bar, 152a.

Lumsden, Sir James, at siege of York, 143a.

Lynne, Henry, tenant of Lendal Tower, 108b.

Mace, Thomas, cited, 26n.

Maltby, Mr., operating waterworks, 108b.

Malton, Earl of, letter by Lord Mayor to, 29b.

" Thomas de, Abbot of St. Mary's, 162a.

Manchester, Earl of (Edward Montague), commanding Eastern Association army at siege, 24a, b, 27a, 163a.

Manorbier Castle, arrow slits at, 47b.

Mansion House, York, water supply, 109a.

Maps and Mapmakers, see Archer, James; Chassereau, Peter; Cussins, John; Horsley, Benedict; Speed, John; and 3, 176a, Pls. 60–62.

Margaret of Anjou, Queen, orders Duke of York's head to be fixed on Micklegate Bar, 3.

" Tudor, Queen of James IV of Scotland, 39b, 162b, 173b.

Markham, William, Archbishop of York, 31a, 91a.

Mars, statue of, 55b.

Marshall, Beatrice, 3.

Marston Moor, battle of, 24a, b, 50b.

Marygate, 7a, 9a, 160a, b, 161a, b, 162a, 163a, b, 164b, 165a, 167b, 169a, 171a.

" Landing, 160, 164a, Pl. 28.

Mason, City, see Common Mason of York.

-, Henry, 174a.
-, Thomas, 116n.

Masons, charged with murder, 19b, 139a.

Masons' Arms, public house, Fishergate, fireplace, 86a, Pl. 15.

" Guild, Searchers of, 34a.

" marks: 53a–54b; in Micklegate area, 91a, b, 92b; in Central area, 131a; in Walmgate area, 153b, 156b; on St. Mary's Abbey walls, 161b.

Matthew, Tobias, Archbishop of York, 90a.

" the mason of Alnwick Abbey, 1.

Mawbey, Enoch John, 175a.

Mayne, James, 95b.

Mayo, Robert Arnold, City Engineer, 175b.

Mayors of York, see Dickinson, Fleming, Frost, Gray, Langton, Lespicer, Stockdale, Talkan, Todd; and also Lord Mayors.

Melton, William, Archbishop of York, 13a, 44b, 54a, 87a, 91b.

Memorandum Book of York City Council, 95b.

Mempricius, father of Ebraucus, 3.

Merchant Taylors' Hall, 29a, 134a.

Metcalf, Miles, Recorder of York, 125b.

Micklegate (street), 7a, 8b, 30a, 95b, 96a, b.

" Area, defences of, 2, 8b, 9a, 10a, 11a, b, 13a, 14a, 28b, 30a, b, 32a, 36a, b, 57, 90.

" Bar: 95a, Pls. 22–3, Frontispiece; arch beside, 30b; arms on, 54a, b; arrow slits in, 47a; barbican, 31a, 32a, 100b; bartizans, 130b; cannon ball near, 53a; Elizabeth II, greeted at, 39b; guns on, 49b; Henry VII received at, 39a; Henry VIII, prepared for, 20b, 39b; house over, 35b; houses near, 26a; inscriptions, 54b, 55a; key lost, 96a; Leland mentions, 21a; Mik(el)lith, 12b; Norman arch, 10b; oath of watchmen at, 38b; Porta de Mikelgate, 12b, 17a, b, 18a, b; rear of, 116b; repaired, 33b; Richard III received at, 39a; St. William welcomed at, 3; Shakespearian scenes at, 3; stone figure on, 22a; walk, footpath to, 30a, 103b; walls, ramparts, moats near, 11a, 32a, 35n, 92b, 94a, b; wooden bar outside, 41b.

Middlethorpe Ings, 25a, 26b.

Milburn, George W., sculptor, 117b.

-, Steuart Napier, 111a, 115a, 122a, b, 124a, 125a, 133b, 134a.
-, Thomas, 67a.

Milner, Joan, 151b.

Minster Close, 11b, 17a, 18a.

" Court, 125a.

" Gates, 11b, 86b.

" Yard, 28a.

" York, 2, 11b, 13n, 24b, 26a, 36b, 54a, 67a, 125b, 143b.

Mint Yard, 43a, 61b, 111a.

Minter, Charles John, 175b.

Monk Bar: 125a, Pls. 36–40, Pl. opp. 133; arcades on wall from, 40b; arms on, 54a; arrow slits, in, 47b; barbican, 31n, 32a, 42a, 132a, b; gate N. W. of, 57; gun ports, 51a; guns on, 49b, 50b; heightened, 20a, 57; keys taken, 38a; musket loops S.E. of, 51b; notice near, 55b; oath of keeper, 38a; parapet adjoining, 133a; Porta de Munkgate, 12a, b, 17a, b, 18a, b; portcullis, 43a; prison, 21b; repaired, 33b; sally from, 24b; sweeps on gate, 43a; tower numbered from, 4; view of, 2; wall near, 28a, b, 33b, 36b.

" Bridge, 21a, 64b, 125b, 137b.

Monkgate (street), 26a, 125b, 130a.

" Porta de, 12a, b, 17a, b, 18a, b; see also Monk Bar.

" Ward, 49b.

Monmouth, bridge gate at, 41b.

Montgomery, defences, 55b.

" James, poet, 3; cited, 78a, 82b.

Moor Monkton, 25a.

Moot Hall, in Castle, 64a, 65a, b, 85a, 177b, 184.

Moray, Earl of, raid by Scots under, 13b.

Moreton, Thomas de, 17b, 18b.

Morton, William, 38b.

Mott, Basil, architect, 73a.

Mount, fort on The, 24a, 26a, b, 96a.

Mulgrave, Earl of, 176b.

Mulholland, James, artist, Pl. opp. 121.

Multangular Tower, 111a, b, 112, Pl. 29; 3, 32a, n, 33b, 36b, 40b, 47b, 53a, 55a, 108, 110b; see Elrondyng.

Murage: 2, 11a, 12a, 14a, b, 15a, b, 18b, 19a, 20b, 35b; regulations to prevent evasion of, 20n.

Murage Rolls, 19a.

Muremasters: duties of office, 34b–35a; list of, 174–5; mentioned, 20b.

" at Chester, 36a.

Muro, John de, 11b.

Museum, British, 2.

" Gardens, 33b, 39b, 110a, 111b, 160, 173b.

" Lodge, 110a.

" Yorkshire, 32n, 55b, 61b, 81b, 100a, 115n, 152b, 163b.

Musgrave, Sir Christopher, 72a; cited, 176–9.

Musket loops, 41a, 51b, 53a, 106a, 133a, 140a, 151a.

-, Henry, 175b.
-, John, 175a.

Myton-on-Swale, battle of, 13b.

Naburn, cannon found near, 50a.

Navigation Road, formerly Little Bregate, 140b.

Nessgate, on Roman line, 10b.

Neville, Geoffrey de, 9b, 11a.

Nevilles of Sheriff Hutton, 137b.

New Arch, 32a, 54b.

" Drop, at Castle, 65b.

" Residence, gardens of, 122a.

" Tower (Tower 32), 135a, Pl. 42.

" Walk, made, 28b.

" York Waterworks Company, 109b.

Newark-on-Trent, civil war earthworks near, 26b, 27b, 50.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, defences of, 4, 35b, 37b, 40a, 41a, b, 43b, 44a, 45b, 50b, 51a, 54b, 55b.

" Earl of (William Cavendish), 22b, 24b.

Newcomen Engine, in Lendal Tower, 30b.

Newey, G. J., clock in Debtors' Prison repaired by, 82a.

Newton Terrace, 89a, b.

Nicholson, George, artist, 2, 106b, 107, 115b, 133a, 152a; Pls. 33, 43.

Nollekens, Joseph, sculptor, 86.

Norman Conquest, 9b, 10a.

North Street, Ferry, 103b.

" " Postern: 106a; arches through defences between Tower 17 and, 33; ditch near, 32b; ducking stool at, 55a; gate, 43a; Micklegate area includes, 90; musket loops adjoining, 41a, 51b; not mentioned in 1450, 19a; payment for rights at, 32b; rampart near, 33; repaired, 29a; sentry at, 28a; walk to, 30a; walls between Micklegate Bar and, 32a; widened, 21b, 32b.

" " " Tower, 106a, Pl. 26; 4, 36b, 40, 45a, 47a, b, 48, 90a.

Northeby, John, 174a.

Northern Earls, 36a; see Northumberland and Westmorland, Earls of.

Northumberland, Earl of, leads rebellions, 21b, 49b, 95b, 108b.

Northumbria, 9a.

Northumbrian Metropolis, 9a.

Norwich, defences of, 4, 35b, 40a, 44a, 45b, 54b.

" Gates, 41b, 46n.

Nottingham, 40a, b, 41a, 51a.

" Castle, 76a.

" Shire Hall, 82b.

" Thomas, 174b.

Nun Mill Hill, fort at, 24a, 26b, 27a.

Nunnery Lane: 93a; wall facing, 32b, 51b.

Oastler, William, 175a.

Oglethorpe, James Edward, major-general, 28a, 29a, 121n.

Old Baile: 87; angle of, 25a, 45a; castle of, 10a, 60a, 90; custodies mention, 12b, 13a, 17a, b, 36a; ditch of, 46b, 92b; leased, 35b; walled, 13b, 54a, 57; wall of, 45b, 53b, 54a; watch house at, 25a, 92a. See also Baile Hill.

" Coney Street, now Lendal, 10b.

" Station, Toft Green, 32a, 102a.

" York, see Ebrauk.

Orange, William of, see William III, King, 28a, 72b, 78a.

Oswald, St., Archbishop of York, 9a.

Oulston, property at, 25b.

Our Lady by the Gate, chapel, 162a.

Ouse Bridge, 30b, 35a, 61b, 67b, 88a, 90, 109a, 158b.

" " Gaol, 109b.

" " Rolls, 87n.

" Lea, on site of leaguer, 27b.

" river: area both sides of, 8b, 57; Baile Hill W. of, 89a; blocked, 18b, 47a; boats moored across, 22b; bridge of boats across, 24a; Central area extends from, 108; chain across, 10, 15b, 18b, 46b; custody of, 12b; divides city, 3; ferry across, 106b; Foss confluence with, 3, 10b; Franciscan precinct between Castle and, 60b; gun from, 50a; Holgate Beck confluence, 26b; Lendal Landing, at, 9a; Lendal Tower, near, 160; Marygate Landing, at, 160, 164; Micklegate area S.W. of, 7a, 57, 90; New Walk beside, 28b; rampart between Roman wall and, 9a; — leading towards, 10a; site of castle between Foss and, 59; St. Mary's Abbey wall from, to, 160, 161a; stream from Scarcroft to, 91b; wall alongside, 12a, 159b; — from Castlegate Postern to, 158a; walls terminating on, 12b, 13a, 15b, 17b; waterwheel in, 109a; York Castle on other side of, 87.

Oxford, defences of, 4, 40a, 44b, 45b, 47b, 50b.

Pak, Thomas, tenant of Monk Bar, 125b.

Pallisadoes, across Ouse, 25a.

Panniermen, Company of, watch Bars in Lent, 39a.

Papists: arms taken from, 176, 179; licences to leave York for, 29b.

Paragon Street, 153a.

Parks Department, use of tower as store by, 106b.

Parliament, Acts of, 30b, 78a, 138a, b.

" Forces of, 22b, 24b.

" House of Commons, 25b, 67b.

" Members of, 25b.

Patent Rolls, 1, 11a.

Patrik, John, murdered, 19b, 139b.

Patton, John, entrusted with ordnance, 49a.

Pawson, Henry, planted trees on Baile Hill, 88b.

Pearson, Robert, 175a.

Peasholme Green, 3, 8a, 29a, 137b.

" " Postern, see Layerthorpe Postern.

Peirson, Francis, writes to Earl of Malton, 29b.

-, Henry de, Lord, 14a, 15b.
-, Sir Henry (Hotspur), head exposed on Micklegate Bar, 95b.

Percy Inn, Walmgate, 14a.

Petergate, High, 12a, 116b, 117b.

Petrehall, 17a, 18a.

Pevensey Castle, 47a.

Pheleskyrk, John, 174a.

Philip IV, the Fair, King of France, 44b.

Philippa of Hainault, Queen, 61b.

Philips, Matthew, 82a.

Phillips, John, 163b.

Piccadilly Bridge, 139.

Pickard, Leonard, 175b.

Pickering Castle, towers at, 44b.

Pickersgill, Thomas, city surveyor, 32a, 175a.

Pilgrimage of Grace, 20b, 36a.

Pipe Rolls, 95a.

Piper, John, builds Female Prison in Castle, 60b.

Place, Francis, artist: Castle by, 64b, 77a, Pl. 3; Castlegate Postern by, 43b, Pl. 2; Clifford's Tower interior by, Pl. 7; Fishergate Bar by, 152a, Pl. opp. 184; Fishergate Postern Tower by, 156a; Layerthorpe Postern by, 51b, 134b; St. Mary's Abbey gatehouse by, 163b, Pl. 54; — river wall by, 162a; towers by, 161n; York and Ouse by, Pl. 28; York views by, 2, 28a.

Plague, precautions at York during, 22a, 38b.

Plantagenet, Geoffrey, Archbishop of York, 87.

Plasterwork, 84a, b; Pls. 10–13; 54b.

Plate: communion, from Castle, 81b, Pl. 15; 'King's', in Castle, 81b.

-, George, 174b.
-, John, 174a.

Plinths: 15b, 43b, 44, 45a, 46a, 78b; on curtain wall, 140b, 142a, 149b, 151a, 152b, 153a, b, 159b, 165a; on gateways, 130a, 148a, 151a, 166b, 168a; on towers, 91b, 92b, 93b, 94a, b, 101a, 102b, 103b, 109b, 115b, 122a, 123a, b, 124a, b, 134a, 135a, 137a, 140b, 142a, 151a, 153a, 156b, 159a, 169b, 172b.

Plumer, John, 175a.

Plumpton, Sir William, 95b.

Pompey's Parlour, in Debtors' Prison, 81a, Pl. 14.

Pontefract Castle, 24b, 41b, 50b, 66b.

Poole, James, artist, 163b.

Porta decumana, 125a, b.

" principalis dextra, 116a.

Portcullises, 19b, 42a, 43a, 51a, 73a, 74a, 100a, 121a, b, 130a, 131b, 149a, 152b, 156a, 157b, 168a.

Portland Stone, 117b.

Portsmouth, boom at, 45b.

Posterns, 17b, 18b, 19a, 21b, 22b, 25b, 36a, 37b, 38b, 42a, 43a, 162b, 173b; see Castlegate, Fishergate, Friargate, Layerthorpe, North Street, Skeldergate.

Postern Tower, 173a, Pl. 59; 20b, 49a, 162b.

Poynton, John de, 17b, 18b.

Poyntz, Sydenham, Governor of York, 25a.

Prescott, H. F. M., authoress, 3.

-, John, 174a.
-, Robert, 116b.

Price and Cattle, 172b.

Price's Lane, wall facing, 51b.

Priestley, Jacques, 175a.

Prince, John, builder, 85a.

Privy Council, 64b.

Profiles of the Defences, opp. 41.

Pulleyn, Jonathan, 175a.

Purdy, London, 86a.

Quarr Abbey, Hants., early use of guns at, 49a.

Queens, see Catherine Howard, Elizabeth I–II, Henrietta Maria, Isabella, Margaret of Anjou, Margaret Tudor, Philippa.

Queen Margaret's Arch, 20b, 55a, 162b, 163b, 173b, Pl. 59.

" Street, 101a, 102a.

Queen's Pocket Pistol, cannon used in siege, 25n.

" Sconce, Newark resemblance of Mount fort to, 26b.

Radley, Jeffrey, 113a, b.

Raglan Castle, gunports at, 51a.

Railway Station, York, 10a, 33a, 103b.

" ", Old, 32b, 33b, 101a, 102a.

-, Angelo, 1, 115a.
-, John, 28n.

Raisin, Richard, joiner, 85a.

Ramm, H. G., 125b.

Ramparts: 7a, b, 8a, b, 9a, b, 10a, 11b, 13a, b, 14a, 29a, 40a; in Micklegate area, 89b, 91a, 102a, b; in Central area, 110a, b, 112b, 113b, 115a, 122a, b, 124a, 125a, 133a, b, 134a, 135a, b; in Walmgate area, 140b, 149b, 153a, b, 158a.

Ranks and Occupations, see Abbot, Archbishop, Architect, Bishop, Bridgemaster, Butcher, Chamberlain, Chancellor, Engineer, Fishmonger, Governor, Husband, King, Mason, Muremaster, Panniermen, Queen, Recorder, Sheriff, Steward, Surveyor, Town Clerk.

Raper, John, Lord Mayor of York, 29a.

Recorders of York: 19b, 28b; Guy Fairfax, 87b; Miles Metcalf, 125b.

Red Tower: 139a–40a, Pl. 44; arcades near, 40, Pl. 45; bricks resembling those of, 140b; building led to murder, 19b– 20a; building under Henry VII, 57; ditch around, enlarged, 25a, 140b; Foss Islands between Layerthorpe Bridge and, 138a; guns at, 20b, 49b, 142b; name, 4; plinth between and Walmgate Bar, 45a; rampart S. of, 140b; repairs, 20b; ruined, 30b; slits in, 47a, 51a; walls between and Walmgate Bar, 28a, 33a, b; walls at, 29a.

Redhead, Robert, Gaoler of York Castle, 64a, 67a, 74a.

Reresby, Sir John, Governor of York, 28a, 72a, 176a, b, 177b, 178a, b; cited, 72a, 178n.

Restormel Castle, gateway, 10a.

Reyd, Robert, 174b.

Reyns, Henry de, to advise on design of York Castle, 60b, 66b.

Rhodes, defences of, 49a.

Rhuddlan Castle, windows at, 47b.

Richard II, King, reign of, 15b.

" III, King, 19a, 21b, 39a, 64a.

Richards, Jacob, 176a, Pls. 60, 61.

-, Dorothy, cited, 30a.
-, Edward, 174b.

Ridley, R., sculptor, 96b.

Robin Hood Tower (Tower 27), 124a, pl. 34; 3, 4.

Robinson, Peter F., architect, 32b, 82a, 117a.

Rochester, walls of, 1.

Roger, the priest, 95a.

" Thomas, 174a.

Rogers, John, Mayor of Hull, 67b.

Rolleston, William, 1.

Roman Cemeteries, 59a, 74b, 87, 102a.

" Defences, 7a–8b, 9a, 14a, 40a, 57, 112a, 113b, 115a, b, 116a, 122a, b, 124a, 134a, Pls. 29, 30.

" Fortress, 7a–8b, 9a, 40a, 108, 110a, b, 111a, b, 113a, 116a, 125a, b, 135a.

" pottery, 115, 134a.

" sarcophagi, 100a.

-, Copper, 109a.
-, Lead, 64a, 74a, 78a, 121b, 132a, 139b, 149a, 166b.
-, Slate, 78a, 82a, 85a, 100a, 166b.
-, Tile, 74a, 90a, 106b, 140a, 156b, 167a, 169a.
-, 16th-century, 132a, 156b–157b, Pl. 51.
-, 19th-century, 100b, 171a.

Royal Archaeological Institute, 89a.

" Commission on Historical Monuments: xiv, 113a; Report of, xv–xvii.

" Engineers, 2.

" Regiment of Hunters, 29a.

" Station Hotel, 102a.

" Warrant, xi–xiii.

Rufforth, villagers of, 25a.

Rupert of Rhine, Prince, 24b, 25a.

Rye, gateway at, 43b, 54b.

Ryther, Sir Robert, Constable of Castle, 67a.

Sadler Tower, 93a, Pl. 20; 3, 4, 17a, 18a.

St. Andrew, parish, 12, 17a, 18a.

St. Andrew's Landing, 151a.

St. Anthony's Hall, 109b.

St. Clement, parish, 12b.

St. Crux, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

St. Cuthbert: church, 10a, 135a, b; parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

St. Denys: church, 26, 184; parish, 13a, 14a, 17, 18.

St. George: chapel, 61a, 65a; church, 3, 19a, 26a, 156a, 184.

St. George's Close, 158b.

" " Field, 61b.

" " Guild, 61b.

" " Wharf, 138b.

St. Gregory, Micklegate, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

St. Helen on the Walls: church, 9b, 133b; parish, 12a, 17a, 18a.

" " Stonegate, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 36b.

St. Helen's Square, 7a.

St. Hilda, Tang Hall, church, 81b.

St. James, chapel, 26b, 95a.

St. John, Hungate, parish, 12a, b.

" " Ouse Bridge, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

" " Del Pyke, church, 125b; parish, 17a, 18a.

St. Lawrence: churchyard, 24a, 26a, 143a; parish, 17b, 18a.

St. Leonard's Hospital: cartulary, 116a; Castle Mills granted to, 61a; custodies mention, 17a, 18a; extension, 116a; infirmary, 20b, 160a; mint transferred to, 59, 61b; pre-Conquest defences retained from, 10a; Roman fortress wall at, 9a; — reduced for buildings of, 110b; stone footings near, 9b; walls near, 54a, 110a; water gate, 43a, 111a.

" " Place, 8a, 32b, 44a, 111b, 113a, 115a, 116b, 173b, 181.

" " Tower, see Lendal Tower.

St. Margaret, Walmgate: church, 140b; parish, 13a, 17, 18.

St. Martin, Coney Street, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 36b.

" " cum Gregory, Micklegate: church, 184; parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 50a, 103b.

St. Mary, Abbey of: 9a, 11a, 11b, 12a, 13a, 20b, 21a, 33b, 43b, 45a, b, 61b, 74a, 109b, 110b, 111b, 116b, 160a, 161a, b, 162b, 163b; mill, 137b; walls of: 160a–173b, Pls. 28, 53–9; acquired by city, 33b; arrow slits in, 47a, b, 49a; built, 11a, 57; bullets recovered from, 26a; change of direction in, 9a; city wall approached by, 116a; exposed by clearance, 33b; height, 12a; history, 160a; licence to crenellate, 13a; masons' marks, 161; parapets, 40b; portcullis, 43b; towers, 44a, b; triforium, 184.

" " Bishophill, Junior, parish, 12b, 15a, 17b.

" " " Senior, parish, 12b, 15a, 17b.

St. Mary, Castlegate: church, 12b, 15a, 17b; parish, 12b, 15a, 17b.

" " Walmgate, parish, 13a.

St. Mary's Liberty, 162a.

" " Lodge, 166a–7, Pl. 54; 163b, 164b, 165a, b, 167a.

" " Terrace, 94b.

" " Tower, 169b–171a, Pl. 57; 24b, 58, 161a, 163a, b, 168b, 171a.

St. Maurice, church, 26a.

St. Michael le Belfrey, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 50b.

" " Spurriergate, parish, 12b, 17a, b.

St. Nicholas, church and hospital, 22b, 26a, 142n, 149b.

St. Olave: church, 9a, 22b, 43b, 50b, 162a, b, 165b, 166b, 167b; parish, 27a.

St. Omer, citizens of, 11a.

St. Paul, London, treasurer of, 4.

St. Peter, the Little, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a.

" " (le Willows), parish, 13a.

St. Sampson: church, 24a, 26a; parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 25a.

St. Sampson's Square, 26a.

St. Saviour, parish, 12a, 17a, 18a, 25a.

St. Saviourgate, 86b, 121b.

St. Thomas, Hospital of, 54a.

St. Wilfrid, parish, 12b, 17a, 18a, 36b.

Salmon, Edward, 67b.

Salzman, L. V., 61a.

Sandstone, use of, 82a, 85b, 91a, 103b, 137a.

Sandwich, defences of, 40a, 41b.

Savile, Sir William, Governor of York, 22b.

Saxon Defences, 4, 10a.

Saxo-Norman Pottery, 89a.

Scarborough, 5, 24a, b, 29b, 51a, 181.

" Castle, 19b, 49a.

Scarcroft, 91b.

Scarlet Pit, 156a.

Scots and Scotland, 13b, 22b, 24a, 28b, 29b, 36a, b, 37a, 38a, 42a, 50b, 54a, 55a, 59, 101a.

-, John, 67b.
-, Sir Walter, 31b, 55a, 96a.

Scrope, Lord John, 95b, 125b.

Scropes of Bolton and Upsall, 19b.

Sculptors, see Milburn, George; Nollekens, Joseph; Purdy; Ridley.

Selby, 22b.

" William de, 17b, 18b.

Serle, Robert, 174a.

Serpentines, 19b, 20b, 49a.

Sessions House, in Castle, 65a, 184.

Shakespeare, William, 3.

Sharp, R. H., 65b, 82b.

Sheffield Castle, siege of, 25a.

" Lord, 170a, 173b.

Shepherd, William, 85b.

Sheriff Hutton, 138a, b.

Sheriffs of York, 20a, 34b, 174a, b, 175b, 181.

" " Yorkshire, 60b, 61b, 65b, 78a, 82a, 87a.

Sherwood, Nicholas, 174b.

Shipton Road, 27b.

Shrewsbury: defences of, 40b; tolls levied at, 29a, n.

Shrovetide, games in Old Baile, 89a.

Shutters, in embrasures, 40b, 161a, 165a, 169b.

Siege Precautions: 21b, 22b, 37b; siege of York, 1, 36a, 57, 64a, 67b, 96a, 116b, 143b, 163a.

Silcock, William, 159a.

Simnell, Lambert, 19b, 36a, 49a, 87b.

Simon (of Northampton), the carpenter, sent to York, 60b.

Simpson, James, 38a.

Siward, Earl, 9a, 116a.

Skaife, R. H., 153a.

Skeldergate, 12a, 32a.

" Bridge, 22b, 33a, 57, 90a, 91a.

" Postern: 90–91a; custodies mention, 36a; demolished, 31a; drawbridge, 43b; gates, 43a; Ouse near, 91b; repairs to, 29a; sentry at, 28a; site of, 90; walk between site of Victoria Bar and, 30a; watch house proposed at, 25a.

" William de, 12a.

Skipton, 25a.

Skott, Thomas, 174b.

Slingsby, Sir Henry, 22b, 65a; cited 24a.

Smeaton, John, 30b, 109b.

-, C., and Sons, 85a.
-, David, 175a.
-, John, 175b.
-, Sydney, 65b.

-, Thomas, 17b, 18b.
-, William, 38a.

Somerset, 10a.

South Cadbury, 10a.

Southampton, defences of, 1, 4, 40a, b, 41a, 49a, 54b.

Southlands Methodist Church, 27a.

Sowerby, Robert, 29a.

Sowray, family, 72b.

Spanish Invasion, expected, 50a.

Speed, John, surveyor, 88a, 156a, 162a, 163a.

Spurr, Frank Watson, 175b.

Spynk, Richard, 45n.

-, Brick, 173a.
-, Cast Iron, 171a.
-, Stone, 30a, 121b, 132a, 149a, 152a.
-,-, 14th-century, 129, 131a, b.
-,-, 15th-century, 167b.
-,-, 16th-century, 156b.
-, Wood: 110a.
-,-, 18th-century, 81a, b, Pl. 14.
-,-, Modern, 149a.

Straith, the (King's), 152a.

Stamford Ware, 87.

Stanforth, Geoffrey, 175a.

Station Avenue, 33b.

" Road, 102a.

Statues: 55b, Pls. 22, 32, 36, 38; 22a, 96b, 117b, 130b; Ebrauk, 3, 28b, 55b, 116b, 121a, Pl. 33; Justice, 82b.

Staunton, Thomas de, mason, 1, 13b–15b, 153b.

Stephen, King, 95a.

" of Whitby, Abbot of St. Mary's, 9a.

Stillington Mill, 138a.

Stockdale, John, 49b.

Stodert, John, 174a.

Stoke Field, battle of, 19.

Strensall, 138b.

Stukeley, William, antiquary, cited, 26b.

Styan, George, 91a, 175a.

Stycas (Northumbrian coins), found, 87, 115a.

Sugar House, 158b.

Symson, Robert, 20a.

Tadcaster, 3, 13b, 20b, 26b, 41b, 78a, 95a.

Talkan Tower, identified with Fishergate Postern Tower, 3, 4, 20a, 156a.

Talkard Tower, near Monk Bar, 124b.

Tang Hall Beck, 137b.

Tanner Row, 4, 103b.

Tate, J. Ridsdale, 66b.

Telephone Exchange, excavations on site of, 8a.

Templars, 4, 11a, 61a, 181.

Tenby, defences of, 40b.

-, John, 78, 81b.
-, Leonard, 175b.

Tesymond, James, 175a.

Thanet, men of, plunder York merchants, 9a.

Thevesdale Quarry, stone from, 13b.

Thicket Priory, tenant of tower, 156a.

Thirsk, road from York to, 41b.

Thixendale and Birdsall, dispute between, 87a.

-, John, silversmith, 81b.
-, Jonas, Lord Mayor of York, 54b, 159a.
-, Suzanna (wife of Jonas), 72b.
-, Thomas, 163a.

-, Richard, 174a.
-, Simon, 174a.

Thoresby, Ralph, 72a.

Thornton Abbey, Lincs, gatehouse, 46a, 121b.

-, Mary, 109a.
-, William, 109a.

Thurnam, John, excavates Lamel Hill, 27a.

Thursday Market: 26a; cross, 29a.

Thurvie, Peter, 38a.

Timber: framing, 21b, 95b, 121a, 142b, 148a, 149a; work, 45b, 161a.

Tirrell, John, 174a.

Titchfield House, Hants, gun ports at, 49a.

-, George, 152a.
-, Sir William, Mayor of York: Drake notes inscription mentioning, 95a; inscriptions set up by, 19b, 21a, 54b, 152a, b, Pl. 48; knighted, 19b; wrote to Henry VII, 19b.

Tofts Tower (Tower 13), 101a, Pl. 24; 4, 17a, 18a, 24b, 46, 51a.

Tonbridge Castle, Kent, gatehouse, 76a.

Tower of London, 50b, 59.

" Place, 158a, 159a.

Towers: 3, 43a; in Castle, 64b, 66a, 77a, b, Pls. 3, 19; Tower 1, 91a; Tower 2, 46, 91b, Pl. 18; Tower 3, 91b–92a, Pl. 18; 44, 44a, 51b, 53b; Tower 4, 92b, 46, 48; Tower 5, 92b, Pl. 19; 44, 48, 53b, 94b; Tower 6, 92b–93a, 44, 47b; Tower 7, 93a, Pl. 20; 12a, 44, 44a, 47a, b, 48, 53a, 94b; Tower 8, 93b, Pl. 18; 44, 53a, 94b; Tower 9, 94a, Pl. 21; 44, 44a, 48, 49; Tower 10, 94b, Pl. 18; 44, 47b, 48; Tower 11, 94b, 95a, 32, 44, 44a, 47, 48; Tower 12, 101a, Pl. 24; 4, 44; Tower 13, 101a, Pl. 24; 4, 17a, 18a, 24b, 46, 51a; Tower 14, 102b, 44, 53a; Tower 15, 102b, Pl. 25; 48, 53a; Tower 16, 102b, Pl. 25; 30a, 45a, 46, 48, 103b; Tower 17, 103b, 30a, 44, 51b, 53a; Tower 18, 106a; Tower 19, 111b, 113b, Pl. 30; 8a, 115a; Tower 20, 115a; Tower 21, 115b, Pl. 28; 44a, 47b; Tower 22, 44, 122a; Tower 23, 122a, Pl. 5; 44, 45a, 51b; Tower 24, 123a, 44, 45a, 48; Tower 25, 123b, 44, 44a, 51b; Tower 26, 123a–4, Pl. 34; 44, 44a; Tower 27, 124a, Pl. 34; 3, 4, 51b, 123b; Tower 28, 124a, Pl. 34; 44, 48, 54b; Tower 29, 124b, 125a; Tower 30, 133b; Tower 31, 134a, Pl. 35; 44, 44a, 47a, 48, 51b; Tower 32, 135a, Pl. 42; 12a, 46, 47a, 48, 51b, 53b, 136; Tower 33, 137a, 12a, 136; Tower 34, 137a, Pl. 42; 108, 135b, 136; Tower 35, 140b, Pl. 45; Tower 36, 142a, Pl. 45; 30a, 44; Tower 37, 149a, 151a; Tower 38, 153b; Tower 39, 153a, Pl. 49; 15b, 46, 48, 49a, 53b: Tower A, 165a, 162a, 164b; Tower B, 165a; Tower C, 168b, Pl. 56; 44b, 169b; Tower D, 171a, b, 172a, Pl. 58; 53a, 161b; Tower E, 172a, b, Pl. 58; 161b, 171a, b. see also Barker, Bitchdaughter, Bore, Clifford's, Crane, Davy, Fishergate Postern, Frost, Lathorp, Lendal, Multangular, New North Street Postern, Postern, Red, Robin Hood, Sadler, St. Mary's, Talkan, Tofts, Water Towers.

Town Clerk of York, 15b, 17b, 31n, 87a.

Towton, battle of, 3.

Trajanic Inscription, 8b.

Treasury, housed in Clifford's Tower, 61b, 66b.

Trematon Castle, arrow slits at, 47a.

Trew, Richard, 174a.

Trinity College, Cambridge, gate of, 43a.

Tunstall, Sir Richard, pays for part of defences, 19b.

Tuppyn, George, 175a.

-, Dr. Hilary L., 40n.
-, Christopher, 175b.

Turnour, Thomas, 174b.

Turpin, Dick, fetters worn by, 81b.

Twenty-Four, electors of city officers, 34b.

Urinals, at gateways, 32b; see also Garderobes.

Vanbrugh, Sir John, 78a.

-, in Gateways, 61b, 131a; Pls. 39, 40.
-, in Towers, 44a, 51b, 61b, 92b, 93a, 94b, 102b, 113a, 134a, 135a, 153a, 173a.

Vause, Thomas, 174b.

Vicars Choral, of York Minster, 13n.

Vickers, J., Pl. opp. 65.

Victor Street, 32b.

Victoria and Albert Museum, 2

" Bar, 93a, Pl. 20; 10b, 30a, 31n, 32b, 54b, 57, 90, 91a.

Victoria County History, 1.

'View of artillery' at Old Baile, 50a, 87b, 89b.

Views, old, of defences:
-, Castle: 59, 64b, 65a, 74a, 76a, Pls. 2, 3.
-, Curtain Walls: 30a, 40b, 51b, 103b, 133a, 151a.
-, Gateways: 43b, 55a, 90b, 100b, 132b, 138, 143b, 152a, 159, Pls. 22, 23, 32, 33, 43, opp. 121, 133, 149.
-, General: 2, 6, 28a, 89a, Pls. 28, opp. 65, 107.
-, St. Mary's Abbey Walls: 160a, 161n, 162a, 163b, 164b, 165b, 169b, 172b, Pl. 54.
-, Towers: 106b, 107, 109a, 115b, 137a, 139b, 156a.
-, See also Artists.

Waite, Peter, 175a.

Waits of York, to play on Bootham Bar, 39b.

-, Thomas, 175a.
-, William, architect, 65b, 78a.

Wales, castles and towns in, 1, 44b.

Wallace, Robert, architect, 5, 62, 65b.

Wallingford, defences of, 4.

Walls, of York: 3, 40a and passim; history of, 7; literary associations, 3; manning, 36a; natural history, see Sowden, H., 184a; plans of, 2, 162a, 176a, Pls. 60, 61; plinths on, 40b, 44; repair of, 34a; views of, 2, 28a, Pls. 28, 43; works on, 1, 180.

" of other towns, see Alnwick, Beverley, Bristol, Caernarvon, Calais, Chester, Chichester, Colchester, Conway, Coventry, Durham, Hartlepool, Hereford, Hull, Ipswich, London, Lucera, Newcastle, Nottingham, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Rye, Sandwich, Shrewsbury, Tenby, Wareham, Warwick, Winchelsea, Winchester, Yarmouth.

Walmesley, Christopher, common mason, 35a, 137a, 174b.

Walmgate (street), 3, 10b, 11a, 13a, 14a, 15a, 148a, b.

" Bar: 142b, Pls. 46, 47, Pl. opp. 149; arms on, 54a, b; barbican, 41b, 149a; bullet holes in, 53a, 148a; burned, 19b, 151b; breaches in, 25b; damaged, 24a; decoration on, 21b; detached from main defences, 41b; Edward IV at, 3; existed in 1155, 10b; — in 1345, 57; gates, 42a, 148b; gun ports at, 51a; guns on, 49b, 50b; Henry VIII enters by, 20b, 39b; inscription on, 54b; Lamel Hill, S.E. of, 24a, 27a; Leland mentions, 21a; mine under, 24a; mortar shells found at, 26a; plinth between and Red Tower, 45a; Porta de Walmegate, 13a, 17b, 18b; rampart between Fishergate Bar and, 149b, 181; — Foss and, 32b; rear façade, 116b; restored, 32b; steps at, 30a; stone gate at, 57; wall between Red Tower and, 28a, 33a; watch house beside, 25a, 143b; watchman (Robert Jackson) convicted, 38b.

" Ward, area, 5, 10b, 13a, 14a, 15a, 19b, 20a, 34a, 36a, b, 40b, 41a, 46a, 51b, 53b, 54a, 57, 137b, 139–59.

Walsshworth, John, 174a.

Walton, Thomas, 38b.

-, Cecil, 84b.
-, Kenneth, 66b.

Ward, Ruddick and Ward, 82a.

Warde, Robert, 17b, 18b.

Wardmote, 34a.

Wards of York, 34a, 35a, 36a; see also Bootham, Micklegate, Monk, Walmgate Wards.

Wareham, defences of, 4, 10a.

Warkworth Castle, 47b.

Warwick: Castle, 51n; defences of, 4, 41a.
-, " Simon de, 160a.

Water Gate: of St. Leonard's Hospital, 111a; of St. Mary's abbey, 162a.

" Lanes, 66a.

" spouts: in Castle, 74a, 77b; in Bars, 96b, 117a, 148b; in towers, 96b, 107b, 111a, 137a, 156b, 164b.

" Tower, 164a, Pl. 53; 162a, 165a.

Waterworks, 4, 22a, 28b, 30b, 58, 108b, 109a, b.

Watson, Robert, 175b.

-, Family, 73a.
-, Samuel Wilkes, 66a, 74b.

Weapons, 49a, b, 50a, b, 51a, 81b, 102b.

Wedderall, Charles, 174a.

Weeds, to be removed from walls, 19a.

Wellbeloved, Charles, 31b, 162a.

Welsman, Robert, 149b.

Wenham, L. P., 3.

Wensum, river, 35b, 46b.

Wentworth, Sir George, 25b.

West Riding, Lord, Lieutenants of, 27a, 28b; see also Malton, Earl of.

" Stow Hall, Suffolk, windows of, 49a.

Westcote, John, 1.

Westminster, 59.

Westmorland, Earl of, 21b, 49b, 108b.

Wharfe river, 13b.

" Thomas, 174a.

Wharton, Mr., 29a.

Whistler, Henry, 109a.

White, Francis, 6.

Whitehall Palace, meeting in, 177b.

Whittington, Richard, 175a.

Wilkinson, Thomas, joiner, 85a.

William I, King, 10a, 57, 60a, 137b; coins of, 87.

" II, King, 9a.

" III, King, 28a, 72b, 78a.

" " Block, Greenwich, 78a.

" St., Archbishop of York, 2.

-, Jeffray, 174a.
-, John, 175b.

Willmot, G. F., excavation by, 111a.

Willoughby, John Rivis, 175a.

Wilot, Henry, 174a.

-, Alexander, 174b.
-, Thomas, 175a.

Wilton, Robert, 29a, 175a.

Winchelsea, defences of, 41a.

Winchester, defences of, 5, 40a, 41a, 54b.

Windmill Inn, 61b.

Wirchedik, Werkdyk, 9b.

Wode, William, 125b.

Wolstenholme, John, 85a.

Wombwell's Circus, 4.

-, John, 174b.
-, William, 175b.

Worcester, 2, 40b.

" William, 2, 4.

Works, Ministry of; Office of, 66b, 73a; see also Environment, Dept. of.

Wosewall, Thomas, 36a.

Wrangwysh, Thomas, 19b, 151b.

Wren, Sir Christopher, 78a.

Wroxeter, Old Work at, 9b.

Wryght, Richard, 174a.

Wynford, William, architect, 1.

Yarmouth, defences of, 40b, 46b.

Yearsley Lock, remains of, 138b.

Yett, or Yat, in gateways, 42a.

Yevele, Henry, designs West Gate, Canterbury, 1.

York City and Ainsty Gaol, 88b, 91a.

" " Art Gallery, 2.

" " Civic Records, 1.

" " Corporation: Act enabling abandonment of Navigation by, 138b; Bootham Bar restored at expense of, 32a, 117a; Castle bought by, 33b; Castlegate Postern acquired from, 66a; Female Prison bought by, 85b; Foss Islands and Foss Navigation Company bought by, 138b; intend demolition of fortifications, 58; new postern ordered by, 158b; Old Baile acquired by, 87b; permit restoration of walls, 32a; renew efforts to demolish walls, 31b; resolved to apply for Act to demolish walls, 30b; St. George's Chapel granted to, 61b; sued by Archbishop, 31a; Tower 19 excavated for, 113a; troubled by vandals, 30a; Walmgate Bar restored by, 32b, 143b.

" " Council, 91a, 125a, 152a, 163b.

" " " Committees, see Board of Health, Estates.

" " Library, Reference Library, 2, 112b.

" " Officers, see Bellman, Bridgemasters, Chamberlains, Engineers, Husbands, Lord Mayors, Masons, Mayors, Muremasters, Recorders, Sheriffs, Stewards, Surveyors, Town Clerk, Waits.

" Dukes of: James (II), 39b; Richard, 3, 55a, 95b.

" Footpath Association, 32a.

" and North Midland Railway Company, 32b, 102a.

" Street Act, 31a.

" Tyburn, 65b.

" United Gas Light Company, 1.

Yorkshire Archaeological Society, 1.

" East Riding of, 59, 60b.

" Lord Lieutenants of, 21b, 108b.

" Museum, 32n, 55b, 61b, 81b, 100a, 115n, 117n, 152b, 163b.

" North Riding of, 59, 64a, 65a.

" Philosophical Society, 32b, 111a, 152a, 163b, 173b.

" Sheriffs of, 60b, 61b, 65b, 66a, 78a, 82a, 87a.

" West Riding of, 27b.

Ypres, citizens of, excused payment of murage, 11a.