Armorial Index of Royal and Other Heraldry

Pages 132-133

An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in City of York, Volume 3, South west. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1972.

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This list contains blazons of Royal Arms before 1850 and of other arms before 1700. The blazons are given as they appear on the monuments surveyed and are not necessarily the generally accepted versions. The suffixes 'a' and 'b' denote the first and second column of the page.


England and France. c. 1405–1603. (Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or, for France Modern, quartering gules, three lions passant gardant or, for England.) Mutilated. (4), p. 8b.

Stuart. 1603–1707. (Quarterly: (1) and (4) France Modern quartering England; (2) or, a lion within a double tressure flory and counterflory gules, for Scotland; (3) azure, a harp stringed argent, for Ireland.)

Charles II. (11), p. 38a.

William and Mary. (Stuart Royal Arms, over all on an escutcheon azure billetty or a lion or, for Nassau.) (7), p. 26b.

Hanoverian. 1714–1800. (Quarterly: (1) England impaling Scotland; (2) France Modern; (3) Ireland; (4) per pale and per chevron: (i) gules, two lions passant gardant in pale or; (ii) or, semy of hearts gules, a lion azure; (iii) gules, a horse courant argent, for Hanover.)

Sovereign not identified (mid 18th-century). (5), p. 16a.

George III. (8), p. 30b.

Hanoverian. 1800–37. (Quarterly: (1) and (4) England; (2) Scotland; (3) Ireland. Over all an escutcheon of Hanover ensigned with an Electoral hat (to 1814), a crown (after 1814).)

William IV. (11), p. 38b.


Alcock. Argent, on a fess between three cocks' heads erased sable, a mitre or. (4), p. 8b.

Askwith. [Sable], on a fess [or] between three asses passant [argent], a crescent [gules] for difference. (4), p. 7a.

Beauchamp. Gules, a fess between six pears or. (4), p. 8b.

Blackburn. Gules, a lion rampant checky ermine and ermines [crowned or]. (4), pp. 7b, 8b.

D'arcy. Azure, crusuly and three pierced sexfoils [should be cinquefoils] argent, impaled by YORKE. (6), p. 19a.

Foster. Argent, three hunting horns stringed sable. (6), p. 19a.

Gascoigne. Argent on a pale sable [a conger eel's head couped and erect or] impaled by STAPLETON. (6), p. 19a.

Gilliot. [Ermine] on a bend [sable] three lucies' heads couped [argent]. (4), pp. 5a, 7a, 10b.

Grey. Barry of six argent and azure. (7), p. 25a.

Harsnett. [Azure], two bars dancetty ermine, between six crosses crosslet [or] three, two and one, impaled by SEE of YORK. (4), p. 10a.

Luttrell. Azure, a bend between six martlets or. (4), p. 3b.

Mauleverer. Gules, three greyhounds courant in pale argent impaled by YORKE. (6), pp. 18a, 19a.

Merchants' Staple, Calais. Argent, three bars wavy azure, on a chief gules a lion passant argent. (6), pp. 18a, 19b.

Micklethwait. Checky [argent and gules], a chief indented [azure]. (5), pp. 15a, 16a.

Neville. Gules, a saltire argent. (6), p. 19b.

Plesyngton. Azure, a cross patonce and four birds argent, impaled by STAVELEY. (7), p. 25a.

Ryther. [Azure], three crescents [or]. (8), p. 29a.

St. Edmund. [Azure], three crowns in pale [or]. (8), p. 29a.

Stapleton. Argent, a lion rampant sable with a mullet for difference impaling GASCOIGNE. (6), p. 19a.

Staveley. Or, on a chevron azure three stags' attires or impaling PLESYNGTON. (7), p. 25a.

Thornton of Tiersall. [Argent], a chevron [sable] between three hawthorn trees [proper], impaled by WITTON. (4), p. 9b.

Thornton. [Sable], a chevron [argent] and a chief indented [argent]. (8), p. 29a.

Whytehead. Azure, a fess argent between three fleurs-de-lis argent. (4), p. 9a.

Witton. [Sable], a water bouget [argent] and in chief three roundels [argent] impaling Thornton. (4), p. 9b.

York, City. Argent, on a cross gules five leopards or. (6), p. 19a, b.

York, See of. [Gules], two keys in saltire [argent] in chief an imperial crown [or] impaling HARSNETT. (4), p. 10a.

Yorke. Azure, a saltire argent. (6), pp. 18a, 19b.

Yorke impaling D'ARCY. (6), p. 19a.

Yorke impaling MAULEVERER. (6), pp. 18a, 19a.

Yorke impaling (unidentified). (6), p. 19a.


1. Quarterly: (1) gules, a fess or (? Beauchamp); (2) gules, a fret or (? Audley), (3) gules, a bend or (? Folliott or Hastings); (4) argent, on two bars gules six bezants three and three (? Martyn). (4), p. 8b.

2. [Blank] impaling gules, a chevron argent. (4), p. 8b.

3. Gules, on a chevron between three unicorns passant argent three mullets sable impaled by YORKE. (6), p. 19a.