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July 1672, 16-31


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July 1672, 16-31

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
July 16Money warrant for 250l. to Frances Countess Dowager of Portland for June 24 quarter last on her pension granted by letters patent of 1662, May 9.Warrants Early XIX. p. 139.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to draw orders for 17,500l. to Sir John Bankes, being lent by him to the King for supply of His Majesty's occasions: said Bankes being to purchase fee farms to a total of 77,702l. 6s. 8¼d. representing said 17,500l., and a further 60,702l. 6s. 8¼d. owing to said Bankes by His Majesty (ut supra, p. 1267), together with interest to June 16 last). On any contracts made by said Bankes up to said total with the Trustees for Fee Farms, tallies are to be levied at the Receipt for the purchase money; and for the discharge of the Tellers issues are to be made to said Bankes on said orders to said total, the sum to be received by said Bankes without accompt. But if any of those orders were originally drawn upon accompt, then the person in whose name said orders were first drawn are to remain accomptable. Bankes's tallies of loan for 17,500l. are to be taken in and cancelled.Ibid, pp. 139–41.
Money warrant for 227l. 10s. 0d. to John Doddington, Resident at Venice, for three months to the 9th inst. on his ordinary of 50s. a day.Ibid, p. 142.
Same for 200,000l. to Sir Thomas Osborne, Treasurer of the Navy, as imprest for the Navy.Ibid.
Same for 40,000l. to same for sea victuals for 5,000 men for eight months of 28 days each at 20s. per man per month, including all contingent charges attending the same.Ibid, p. 143.
And 120,000l. for wages and wear and tear of same 5,000 men for eight months at 30s. per man per month.
Treasury warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms to admit George Wakefield, of London. merchant, to purchase fee farm rents in reversion in the counties of Oxford and Berks to the annual value of 146l. 12s. 11d. at eight years' purchase and in part extinction of the city's debt of 60,000l. per an. and as by the privy seal of the 10th inst. Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 97–8.
Royal sign manual for 100l. to Sir William Jennings. (Money warrant, dated July 19.)King's Warrant Book III. p. 134; Warrants Early XIX. p. 144.
Sir Ro. Howard to [the Customs Commissioners] to certify my Lords the salary per day proposed for Mr. Kirkby on his expedition into Ireland.Out Letters General III. p. 147.
Same to [same] transmitting a paper concerning Mr. Litcot's office for their opinion thereon.Ibid.
July 17Money warrant for 600l. to Ralph Montague, Ambassador to the French King, being for six weeks' ordinary.Warrants Early XIX. p. 138.
Same for 321l. 7s. 3d. to Sir George Downing, late Ambassador to the States of Holland, for his extraordinaries in that employment.Ibid, p. 143.
July 17
[? erratum for Sept. 17]
Same for 2,900l. to Izaac Le Gouch for two jewels of that value which were given to His Majesty when he went to Portsmouth, as is certified May 8 last by the Earl of St Albans, Lord Chamberlain of the Household.Ibid, p. 167.
July 17Treasury warrant to the Auditor and Comptroller of Excise to give credit to the respective farmers of country Excise for the following sums amounting in all to 33l. 15s. 3d. as for 6 per cent. interest on their respective advances in part of their quarter's rent ending March 25 last [for so much thereof] paid in before the utmost days limited in their covenants.Money Book (Excise). p. 16.
Prefixing:—Certificate by Thomas Street, Deputy Accomptant for the country Excise, of said allowances so due to the respective Excise Farmers of the Counties, &c. as follows, viz.: Bedford, 1l. 0s. 1d.; Berks, 3s. 3d.; Bristol, 4l. 9s. 7d.; Cambridge, 10l. 6s. 10d.; Cheshire, 10s. 9d.; Hants, 3l 18s. 9d.; Hereford, 3s. 7d.; Huntingdon. 12s. 10d.; Lancashire, 2s. 11d.; Northampton, 1l. 9s. 3d.; Somerset. 2l. 0s. 10d.; Stafford, 16s. 5d.; Warwick, 3l. 15s. 4d.; Worcester, 13s. 11d; Yorkshire, 3s. 4d.; North Wales, 4s 4d.; Derby, 18s. 8d.; Essex and Kent, 19s. 8d.; Herts, 2s. 4d.; Leicester, 1s. 3d.; Lincoln, 3s. 0d.; Nottingham, 18s. 4d.
July 17Treasury warrant to Auditor Anthony Parsons to allow on account to Tho. Rich, Esq., Receiver of the late subsidy in co. Gloucester, 65l. in respect of his travail and charges in acting also as Solicitor for same, over and above the 3d. in the £ allowed him [as Receiver].Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 103
[?]Entry of the declaration of accompt of Edward Miller as Receiver General of Hearthmoney for Cambridge and Ely for the year ending 1671, Sept. 29. (Total charge 3,356l. 18s. 0d. discharge allowances and payments 3,291l. 7s. 0d., supers 65l. 11s. 0d.).Ibid.
July 17Treasury warrant to Serjeant Francis Stephens to release on bail William Broxholme, late Receiver of Assessments for co. Lincoln, "we finding it necessary for His Majesty's service that he should have liberty for some time to go into the country and transact his affairs there in order to the satisfaction of" the moneys due from him to the King.Ibid, p. 104.
Royal warrant for a privy seal for 1,000l. per an. to Sir Edward Turner, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and for discharge of 4,000l. payable to him.King's Warrant Book III. p. 132.
Same [for same] for Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, to assign orders on the fee farms which are to be taken as ready money for purchase of fee farm rents. (Treasury subscription, dated July 19, of docquet hereof, said Packer having taken up several orders registered on said fee farms, and having taken up on loan from several persons several sums of money on the credit of those orders.)Ibid. p. 133; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 74.
Entry of reference to Sir C. Harbord of the petition of Francis Calvert, gent., praying a lease for two lives after one life in being of the profits and perquisites of courts and tolls of the Honor and manor of Pickering, co. Yorks.Out Letters General III. p. 147.
[?] Same to Sir Edmo. Sawyer to certify my Lords what Thomas Weedon owes as Receiver of the Eleven Months' tax and all other matters wherein he stands indebted to the King.Ibid, p. 148.
July 18The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to see opened at Somerset House certain things imported in the packet-boat from Calais to Dover and from thence by land carriage to the Custom House in London and consigned to Mr. Lawrence Depusty in two parcels: which things belong to some of Her Majesty's servants: and to deliver same on payment of duty.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 104.
July 18Treasury warrant to the Attorney General and Sir Peter Ball, written by way of subscription underneath a rate [ratal] made of the lands late in jointure to the late Queen Mother, and now to be in jointure to the Queen Consort, said ratal being dated the 8th inst., and signed by Sir C. Harbord. "We have perused this schedule and rate made up by Mr. Surveyor General according to our warrants and directions pursuant to His Majesty's warrant to us directed, dated the 29th of January last, 1671-2, and do approve thereof, and we do hereby (by virtue of said royal warrant of Jan. 29 last, and another royal warrant of the 16th instant) desire and direct Sir Peter Ball, late Attorney General to the Queen Mother, deceased, to prepare an assignment of the interest of himself and the other Trustees of the premises comprised in this schedule," with such savings and exceptions, and with such powers as are expressed in said rate. And His Majesty's Attorney General is to prepare a grant from the King to confirm said assignment with a special clause for the warrant and discharge of said Trustees in making said assignments, and in making such grants, leases, &c. as they have made by warrant from the King and Treasury Lords, and for confirmation of such grants, leases, &c., in such manner as shall be desired by said Trustees.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 105.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a privy seal to the Treasury to direct the Auditors of Imprests to take the account of Sir George Carteret for the sum of 191,060l., and to proceed herein as if he were regularly charged in the Exchequer: for which said Carteret is to produce vouchers as he ought to do in case the said moneys were charged upon him by way of imprest for the use of the Navy: and upon the passing of said account to fully discharge said Carteret. (Treasury subscription, dated July 30, of docquet hereof; said Carteret having received for the service of the Navy several sums of money of several persons amounting to 191,060l., which he cannot be charged with by any imprest roll out of the Exchequer because not received there, and also orders having been registered upon the Poll Act for 110,000l. for the service of the Navy, and by him assigned to the service of the then Victualler of the Navy [the money of] which [orders] was never received in regard the money [receipts] on that Act did not extend to pay the same.)Ibid, p. 106; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 80.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the order of reference of July 4 last, on the petition of Capt. Robert Challoner for taking off and remitting to him a certain fine of 140l. set by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands on a lease of a parcel of lands lying in Wilts and Southampton, called the East Walk of Buckholt Woods. We are satisfied that the present rent of the premises is near upon the full improved value thereof, and in view of his great merits and snfferings for the late King think him a fit object for your Grace in such remission.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 106–7.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to direct Giles Litcot, Comptroller of the Customs, to employ in all three clerks in his office in the place of Mr. John Dancer who is hereby removed, said clerks to be perfectly at his command and removeable by him: all as by your report representing the great charge that lies on the Comptroller's hands, and the prejudice that might arise to him from the neglect of his clerks.Ibid, p. 107.
July 18Treasury warrant to the Receipt for tallies to be levied for the money payable on such contracts for fee farms as shall be produced by George Wakefield to the principal sum of 1,145l. 4s. 9d. as part of the city's debt of 60,000l. assigned to him by Sir Thomas Player, Chamberlain of the city: and for the usual discharging of the Exchequer hereon.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 108–9.
The Treasury Lords [to the Customs Commissioners] to employ George Street as landwaiter at Bristol, to be paid his salary from Xmas last, the deputation to be immediately delivered although he be supernumerary: but care to be taken on the next voidance that no other be admitted thereto.Ibid, p. 110.
Royal warrant for a privy seal for a grant to Michaell Brighouse and Richard Sclater, gent., of the debt of 1,047l. 11s. 7d. due from Andrew Noell and Samuell Holbech, appointed about 1664 Receivers [of Hearthmoney] for Leicester and Rutland, "but the same Samuell Holbeck only [alone] received as we are informed what was due for Leicestershire who is dead insolvent, and there is an arrear of 1,047l. 11s. 7d. or thereabouts, which was or ought to have been received by him." (Treasury subscription, dated July 22, of docquet hereof.)King's Warrant Book III. p. 133; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 78.
[?]Unfinished entry (crossed through) concerning John Dancer, an officer employed under Giles Litcot. Esq., Comptroller of Customs.King's Warrant Book III. p. 134.
July 18Royal warrant for an order to the Customs Commissioners to permit Richard Blome (Bloome) to import 4,000 reams of royal paper free of the customs duty of 12d. a ream, he having undertaken a very laudable and useful work of geography in the setting forth our kingdoms and dominions with maps and tables, wherein he has proceeded so far at his own charge as to finish one volume, and has presented the same to us. (Treasury order to the Customs Commissioners in accordance herewith, dated July 22.)Ibid; Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 118.
July 19Treasury subscription of a docquet dated 1672. July, of a creation of Henry Fitzroy, "his Majesty's second natural son by the Lady Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland," to be Baron of Sudbury, Viscount of Ipswich and Earl of Euston, co. Suffolk, with a pension of 20l. per an. to support the dignity of an Earl: with limitation to Lord George Fitzroy, third natural son by the said Duchess, and his heirs male: also a grant to Charlotte Fitzroy, the King's natural daughter by said Duchess, of the rank and precedency of a Duke's daughter.British Museum Additional MS. 28,074. p. 75.
Same of same, dated 1672, July, of a pension of 500l. per an. from Lady Day last to Bernard Greenville as one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber.Ibid. p. 76.
Same of same, dated 1672, July, of a grant to William Lord Willoughby for 21 years from Lady Day last of Bestwood Park. co. Notts, at the rent of 5l.: the said Lord Willough by and John Cary having surrendered the office of Keeper of said park and His Majesty being pleased to despark same.Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to proceed in the payment of an order for 550l. to Henry Brunkert: a former money warrant of 1671, June 30, having warranted 550l. to him to be paid out of the balance of the Customs due to the King before the Restoration or out of so much hereof as shall be recovered and paid into the Receipt at the cost and charges of said Brunkert: a certificate having been made on the 12th inst. that only 30l. 13s. 7d. has been issued to said Brunkert in pursuance of said warrant.Warrants Early XIX p. 144.
July 19Money warrant for 200l. to John Walker, Principal Usher of the Exchequer Court, in part of what is grown due on his liberates.Warrants Early XIX. p. 144.
Same for 100l. to Phillip Packer to be employed in satisfaction of the pavements made against St. James's Park.Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to allow 30s. a day to William Kir by from the time of his departure from London on his expedition into Ireland [for surveying and reporting on abuses of the Navigation Act and Plantation trade there] till the time of his return: and further to pay him 60l, by way of imprest for setting out and furnishing himself with horses. &c., for said expedition.Money Book (Customs), p. 63.
Treasury directions to the Customs Commissioners in the form of resolutions on representations made by said Commissioners on the 15th inst. As to the overplus of the money arising by the sale of the King's moiety of wine and vinegar seized at Dover which His Majesty took in specie, remaining in the hands of Mr. Stockdale, Collector at Dover, being 17l. 10s 3d., you are to allow same to said Stockdale as a gratuity for his pains. As to representing to us the names of such extraordinary tidesmen in London port as on vacancy may be tidesmen, you are to pursue the course now used. "As touching payment of Mr. Diggs, Surveyor at Virginia, his salary," payment is to be from such time as you think fit.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 109.
Same to same to permit the unlading and delivery, customs free, for His Majesty's use in the coining of farthings, of 61 barrels of copper blanks on board the ship of Hans Meyer, from Stockholm.Ibid, p. 110.
Treasury warrant to same to employ Nathaniell Temple as waiter at Barking loco John Beech not attending:Ibid.
William Miller as waterman abovebridge loco Thomas Hall absenting himself.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to take the securities of George Vincent, of Sheepy, as Collector of Hearthmoney for Leicester and Rutland, viz. said Vincent himself. Thomas Merry, senr., of Gopsall, co. Leicester, William Warner, of Lubenham, co. Northampton, and John Oneby. of Barwell, co. Leicester, Attorney at Law: a commission for taking these securities to be issued to Sir William Nowell, of Kirkby Mallory, bart., John Faunt, of Foston, Beamont Dixie, of Market Bosworth. William Roberts, of Sutton Cheney, and William Trymwell, of Foxton, all of co. Leicester.Ibid.
Same to same for a patent to said Vincent as collector as above.Ibid, p. 113.
Same to same to prepare a commission to Sir John Skelton, Sir Rich. Edgcombe. Robert Nappier. Matthew Halse, Edmund Packer, to view a piece of ground called the Lambhay, lying near the King's fort at Plymouth, and the several houses, palaces and buildings thereupon erected, and the maps and descriptions thereof lately made, and to enquire when same were erected, and by whom, and how much of the ground of said Lambhay is contained within said buildings, and the yards, gardens and enclosures thereto belonging, and what the value of said buildings for letting purposes, and which of them are necessary for His Majesty's use and service in respect of the said fort. and what the purchase value of same: and how much of said Lambhay remains open beyond what is contained in said buildings. and how much thereof may be fit to be built upon without any hurt to said port, and what houses or other buildings may be so erected thereupon for His Majesty's immedite use and the cost thereof: and whether the said grounds were not all building ground before the new erected fort.Ibid, pp. 111–2
Prefixing:—Articles of instruction to said Commissioners.
July 19Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay all process against William Broxholm or his estate: it being necessary for His Majesty's service to allow him his freedom in the country till further order.Warrant's Not Relating to Money III. p. 113.
Same to same for immediate process of excent against Thomas Herlackenden, of Woodchurch. Kent, and Thomas Munns. of Bearsted, Kent, on their bond penalty of 600l. for guarantee of their paying into the Receipt a sum of 300l. by the first day of April last, which they have not performed.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms to admit Philip Packer to contract for the several rents as in the schedule hereto [wanting]; same to be in liquidation of several sums of money appointed for the service of the Works out of moneys arising by fee farms: "and that you likewise make certificate to us of all other rents which remain unsold and not set apart by our order and also of such as have been contracted for and the contracts not performed."Ibid, p. 115.
July 20Royal warrant to the Treasury to order the Trustees of the late Queen Mother to pass extension of leases to Francis Lord Hawley of the manor of Norstead, co. Yorks, and the herbage and pannage of land called Dalby with a sheep walk there. parcel of the honor and manor of Pickering, co. Yorks: and to remit to him the fine of 600l. set thereon by the Surveyor General in his ratal.King's Warrant Book III. p. 139.
[?]Same for a lease to Robert Challoner, Esq., at the old rent, and without the fine of 140l. rated thereon, of a parcel of land in Wilts and Southampton called the East Walk of Buckholt Woods, in view of petitioner's great merits and sufferings: the present rent being near the full improved value thereof.Ibid.
July 20Entry of reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition from Sir William Godolphin and Sir Ro. Harley, barts, Tho. Bland, John Bennet, Symon Smith, John Trout, John Watts, James Lancashire, and William Green, Esqrs., Receivers General of fee farm rents, praying compensation for their loss in their several offices by reason of the sale of the said rents. You are to report a "full state of their several grants in order to their satisfactions as is graciously intended by His Majesty."Out Letters General III. p. 148.
July 22Letter of direction on an order dated 1671, Nov. 16, for 636l. to Sir John Bankes in repayment of loan.Warrants Early XIX. p. 148.
Same on an order of 1670, June 27, for 1,500l. to the Duke of Monmouth.Ibid.
[?]Same on an order dated 1670. Dec. 7, to Sir Thomas Osborne and Sir Thomas Littleton, late Treasurers of the Navy. viz. as to 1,500l., and 60l. part of said order and due to Sir Ste. Fox, assignee of said order.Ibid.
July 22Money warrant for 125l. each to the following Grooms of the Bedchamber, being for a quarter each, viz.: Thomas Elliott, Col. Lane, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Killegrew, Mr. Godolphin, Col. Titus, Mr. Felton, Mr. Coventry, Mr. Walter. Mr. Progers, Mr. Seymour, William Chiffinch, George Kirke.Warrants Early. XIX. p 150.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to permit Patience Ward, of London, merchant, to ship commodities as follows Customs free, being for the clothing of the soldiers under the command of the Duke of Monmouth, viz.:Warrents Not Relating to Money III. p. 114.
300 cloths for coats.
300 kerseys for breeches.
300 pieces of Bayes for linings.
200 serges for the officers.
4,800 pairs of shoes.
4,800 pairs of stockings.
4,800 pairs of drawers.
4,800 calico shirts and crevatts.
10,000 yards of worsted ribban.
Privy seal for 200l. forthwith, and 600l. per an. for three years from Sept. 29 next, and 500l. per an. to commence from 1675, Michaelmas, for his natural life to John, Earl of Dover: to be in full satisfaction of the damages by him sustained by the passing of the late Act of Parliament for taking away the court of Wards and Liveries and tenures in capite by knights' service and purveyance: the said Earl's petition for such compensation having been referred to the Lord Keeper et al., and they having reported that there were several persons who did hold lands of said Earl as of his honour and manor of Conisbrough by knights' service, and that the benefit of those tenures were of considerable value, and that upon the last reading of the bill before the passing of the said Act the 20th of December, 1660, in the House of Peers, the said Earl desired that a consideration might be provided for him before the passing the said bill, and thereupon before the question put for passing the same, the Lord Chancellor and then Lord Treasurer undertook to the House to move the King so effectually on the said Earl's behalf that they did not doubt but that the said Earl should have a sufficient satisfaction for his loss, which undertaking is entered in the Journal book: and said referees therefore advise a present payment of 500l. to said Earl for supply of his present occasions, and a pension of 500l. per an. (Royal warrant, dated July 17, for said privy seal. Treasury subscription, dated July 22, of docquet hereof.)King's Warrant Book III. pp. 132, 143–5; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 78.
Treasury warrant to the Paymaster of the Works of Windsor Castle. There is an entry made in the Pay Book for Windsor Castle by the officers of the Works [there] for 30l. to be allowed to Capt. Baron, Controller of the Works, and 6l. to William Rowlanson, Purveyor and Controller clerk there, for extraordinary charges relating to that service, for attendance &c. for 2½ years from 1668, June to 1670, Xmas. You are to pay and allow same.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 117–8.
Treasury allowance of Robert Sutton, Esq., Hugh Tresse and Robert Heron, gent., as Sub-commissioners of Excise for co. Notts., as prayed by T. Gaywood on behalf of the Farmers thereof for said county.Ibid, p. 119.
July 22Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of a parcel of land in cos. Wilts. and Southampton, called the East Walk of Buckholt Wood, with a view to a lease thereof to Capt. Robert Challoner.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 121.
Royal warrant to the Treasury to grant to Richard Hughs, gent., the next vacant place of a King's waiter, London port. next and immediately after Henry Brouncker: this having been previously signified, "and although our said direction was by you taken notice of and entry made thereof in your books yet the same not being signified under our royal sign manual and we having since our first direction signed several warrants for reversions upon the said places for other persons, the said Richard Hughs may run a hazard of being disappointed in his just succession."King's Warrant Book. III. p. 140.
Treasury subscription of a docquet, dated 1672, July, of a warrant to the Exchequer to discharge William Greene, late Receiver of His Majesty's revenue in Warwick and Leicester, late in jointure to the Queen Mother, on his paying 1,500l. towards his debt of 2,050l. owing to His Majesty in his accompt: he being fallen into a low condition.British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 78
July 23Royal warrant for a privy seal for a grant to Charles Gifford, Esq., "of all that money be it more or less than 2,704l. 4s. 3d. due to us from Thomas Weedon, Receiver General of the Eleven Months' tax for co. Bucks." With power to sue for said debt, &c. (Treasury subscription of same date of docquet hereof.)King's Warrant Book III. p. 137; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 79.
Same for 47l. to Henry Bish in reward for a book by him presented to the King. (Money warrant, dated July 24.)King's Warrant Book III. p. 138; Warrants Early XIX. p. 153.
[?]Same for a great seal for a grant to Philip Lloyd, gent., of the office of Comptroller of Excise and New Impost in reversion after Elias Ashmole with the salary of 500l. per an. [for himself] and 250l. per an. for four clerks and with all rights, &c., as enjoyed by said Ashmole or by Thomas Chiffinch, deceased.King's Warrant Book III. p 138.
July 23Treasury subscription of a docquet dated 1672, July, of a pension of 500l. per an. to Dame Ruth Trevor, relict of Sir John Trevor: to date from June 24 last.British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 77.
Same of same dated 1672, July, of a warrant to the Exchequer for 1,000l. per an. to Sir Edward Turner, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, as an additional fee over and above his 1,000l. per an. fee as such: a former privy seal for 4,000l. to him being hereby revoked.Ibid.
Same of same, dated 1672, July, of a grant to Sir John Duncombe of four messuages with gardens and one small stable, situate in St. James's Street, in reversion after the leases in being, to be held as of the manor or bailiwick of St. James's in common soccage.Ibid, p. 79.
[?]Same of same dated 1672, July, of a grant to Josia Beacham, clerk, of 77l, 10l. and 25l., levied on the estate of Ann Osborn, widow, on an outlawry at the suit of said Beacham.Ibid, p. 80.
July 23Money warrant for 600l. to Ralph Montague for six weeks on his ordinary as Ambassador to the King of France.Warrants Early XIX. p. 146.
July 23Money warrant for 30,000l. to George Wharton, Treasurer of the Ordnance, for the service of the Ordnance.Warrants Early XIX. p. 146.
Same for 1,300l. to the Earl of Sunderland for one quarter (May 14 last to Aug. 13 next) as Ambassador Extraordinary to Spain.Ibid, p. 147.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt. Lord St. John and his partners have contracted for so many fee farms in reversion at eight years' purchase as come to 30,000l. and upwards. The Earl of Bath had before contracted for several of the said rents at 8½ years' purchase. Said Lord St. John and his partners are content to relinquish to said Earl such rents to the principal value of 5,600l. on his paying to them 2,800l. being the cash moiety of the purchase money ("the sum wherewith his orders should have been doubled"). On proof of payment of said 2,800l., so many of said Earl's orders as amount to 2,800l. are to be applied to such contracts as said Earl shall make as above.Ibid.
Money warrant for 100l. to Alice Biron and Lucy Biron, daughters of the late Lady Biron, for half a year to June 24 last of their pensions.Ibid, p. 149.
Same for 160l. to John Doddington, Resident at Venice, for his extraordinaries 1672, April 1 to July 1.Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Principal Officers and Commissioners of the Navy, to order the Treasurer of the Navy to pay 5,000l. (by 1,000l. a week for five weeks) to Mayor Thomas Beckford, slopseller to the Navy: on the certificate from said Navy Commissioners that said Beckford has made many very considerable supplies of clothes for that service, and that it has been the usual practice of the Navy to assist him with money for that purpose by way of imprest, to enable him to proceed therein.Ibid, p 150
Money warrant for 100l. to Mrs. Anne Windham, for June 24 quarter last on her pension.Ibid, p. 151.
Same for 168l. to Thomas Chudleigh, Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to Spain, for the second three months' advance on his ordinary.Ibid.
Same for 90l. to William Legge, one of His Majesty's Pages of Honour, for three quarters to June 24 last on his pension.Ibid p. 152
Same for 6,000l. to Sir Allen Apsley, for the Duke of York. for June 24 quarter last on his 24,000l. per an [for two years] as compensation for the Wine Licences.Ibid.
Same for 455l. to Sidney Godolphin for three months' advance of his ordinary as Envoy Extraordinary, appointed to follow the French camp this present campaign.Ibid, p. 153.
Same for 100l. to Jacob Fix, master of the "Jupiter" ship, of Stockholm, for transporting the goods and servants of Ambassador Coventry to Sweden.Ibid, p. 154.
Treasury warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms. There is a great sum of money due to Sir John Bankes, which is directed to be satisfied out of moneys arising by sale of fee farms. We are informed there are not sufficient [possession] rents to satisfy said debt, and [he] being willing to accept of reversions of the Duchy rents in part satisfaction of what is due to him; you are to contract with him for so many rents in reversion lying in the Duchy of Lancaster as amount to 2,000l. per an.; notwithstanding our former warrant to you to the contrary.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 115.
[? July 23]Same to the Earl of St. Albans [et al. Trustees of the late Queen Mother's jointure], in pursuance of the Royal sign manual of the 13th inst., to pass reversionary leases of all and every the several and respective tenements, grounds, lands and premises mentioned in the report of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands annexed to the said Royal sign manual to John Hervey, Esq., and Sir John Coell, Kt., in trust for the Earl of St. Albans, Chamberlain of the Household, in consideration of service and of the sum of 3,000l. to be by said Earl paid into the Receipt, being mentioned to be granted by the late Queen Mother to said Earl for 21 years after the term therein granted by the late King James: reserving only one year to be assigned over to her present Majesty the Queen Consort's use.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 116.
July 23Privy seal to the Treasury Lords and the Trustees of the late Queen Mother that upon payment by William Greene, late Receiver of Crown Revenues, co. Warwick and Leicester, of 1,500l. to Sir Rob. Long, said Greene be discharged of the whole 2,050l. due from him upon his account of the said Queen Mother's jointure revenues in said counties: he being fallen into a very low and mean condition and not able to pay the same: and thereupon to vacate the said Greene's recognizance of 1670, Aug. 1, for 2,000l., and to re-assign the lease of certain lands in the Lordship of Combe, co. Warwick, demised by the Earl of Craven to him and by him assigned to Sir Henry Wood [for said Queen Mother], 1662, Oct. 2. as further security for said debt. (Royal warrant, dated July 17, for said privy seal.)King's Warrant Book III. pp. 189–90.
Sir Ro. Howard to Auditor Parsons or his deputy to certify my Lords whether any moneys paid to Henry Killegrew on a privy seal for 2,000l. were ever allowed to Nicholas Veale, Receiver of the Aids [co. Gloucester], upon any account whatsoever, my Lords being now desired by Thomas Veale, Receiver of the Hearthmoney, for allowance of said money to him on his account as having been paid by him to said Killegrew.Out Letters General III. p. 148.
Same to Sir Francis Rolls, kt., and the rest of the Commissioners for Finckley Forest. A commission has been directed to you to enquire into certain misdemeanours in said forest. My Lords are informed that said commission is not yet executed. My Lords desire you to see it executed and returned so that the offenders may be punished.Ibid, p. 149.
Entry of reference to the Excise Commissioners of a letter to the Treasury from the Quarter Sessions held by the Justices of Peace of the North Riding of Yorkshire the 16th inst., about several complaints against Edward Warriner, Richard Pottes and Richard Balthrop, officers of Excise in those parts.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to give Mr. Kirby all countenance possible in his commission for the discovery of such abuses as we are informed are frequently practised in Ireland by merchants who import commodities thither contrary to law. In particular he will require your orders to the Customs [Farmers in Ireland] for inspecting their books.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 117.
July 23The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners to punctually observe the directions of the Declaration in Council of May 10 last, for suspending the Navigation Act in relation to any ships, or vessels, or goods, or commodities imported or exported to or from Norway or the Baltic Sea: we being informed that not withstanding the said Declaration you demand and take the Custom duty for such goods. You are not to take other duty for such goods than what are by the said Declaration to be taken.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 119.
Same to same. We are informed that sundry of the Farmers of Petty Commodities do make use of His Majesty's weights and scales, and also of his officers of the Customs for the despatch and management of their respective farms. This is not to be permitted. You are to give strict order that no officer whatever of the Customs do intermeddle in the management of the petty farmers at their peril, and that His Majesty's weights, scales and beams be not used by any of the said Farmers or their officers.Ibid, p. 120.
July 24Privy seal for granting to Sir George Downing, late Ambassador to the United Provinces his [ambassadorial] plate amounting to 2,391l. 12s. 2½d., viz. 5,855oz. ¾, ½, of white plate, and 1,131oz. ¼, of gilt plate, delivered to him out of the Jewel office, valuing the white plate at 6s. 4d. the oz., and the gilt plate at 9s. 6d. the oz.: all in satisfaction of so much in part of a loan of 2,410l.: and for the balance 18l. 7s. 9½d. of said loan, and all interest due to be paid him: said loan having been made upon the Customs at a time past, with interest; both which are unpaid. (Warrant for said privy seal, dated July 19. Treasury subscription undated of docquet hereof.)King's Warrant Book III. p. 134; British Museum Additional MS. 28,074, p. 77.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Commissioners. There are 44 trunks, boxes, bundles and portmanteaus belonging to the Duke of Buckingham, and the Earl of Arlington, and 16 same belonging to Viscount Halifax, now being conveyed by land carriage to the Custom House, London. You are to see said goods opened at their Lordships' respective houses.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. p. 120.
Same to the Earl of St. Albans and the rest of the Trustees of the Queen Mother's jointure, to remit the fine of 600l. set in the ratal of the lease to Lord Hawley, of the reversions of the manor of Norstead, co. Yorks., and for the herbage and pannage of land called Dalby, with a sheepwalk there, parcel of the honour and manor of Pickering, co. Yorks., and to pass said lease accordingly: all as by the royal sign manual of the 20th inst.Ibid.
July 27Money warrant for 150l. to John Berkley for 1¼ years to Xmas. last of his pension of 120l. per an.Warrants Early XIX. p. 158.
Same to same for 200l. to John, Earl of Dover, in part of satisfaction of damages by him sustained from the late Act of Parliament for taking away the Court of Wards and Liveries.Money Book (Excise), p. 18.
1671 [sic erratum for 1672]
July 29 Monday.
Entry of a Treasury minute as follows. Upon hearing the matter in difference between Dr. Dobell and John Banister, of New Windsor, yeoman, by the Earl of Shaftsbury, concerning the quitting of the possession of a certain messuage or lodge in the Great Park of Windsor, called Lister's Lodge, and touching the satisfaction of said Banister for what he laid out upon the land belonging to the said lodge as tenant to the same under Dr. Dobell by virtue of a lease made by the said Dobell to him it was agreed by the mutual consent of the Counsel of said Dobell and Mr. Potkins, appearing for him, and of said Banister, who appeared in person, that the whole matter be referred to Major Huntingdon and Charles Whittacre, who are to make their award and determination before the first day of Michaelmas term next. In case they fail in so making said award then the matter is agreed to be referred to the final end and umpirage of Lord Clifford, one of the Lords of the Treasury.Out Letters General III. p. 152.
July 30Money warrant for 27l. 10s. 0d. to Henry Norrice. for 1½ years of his salary of 19l. 11s. 8d. as joiner to His Majesty's Privy Chamber.Warrants Early XIX. p. 154.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Capt. Robt. Challoner of the wood and woodlands known as the East Part of Buckholtwood alias the East Walk of Buckholt. co. Southampton. containing about 468 acres formerly overgrown with great firewood beech but now completely devastated [of timber] and converted to pasture and a coney warren.Ibid.
Prefixing:—Particular and ratal of the premises.
Same to the Auditors of and Receivers of Crown Revenues for South Wales and North Wales to pay to the Marquess of Worcester 553l. 6s. 8d. for half a year of the 1,106l. 13s. 4d. ordered to him by the privy seal of the 10th inst. for the diet of himself and Council and for foreign expenses: and dormant warrant for same in future: to be paid by equal halves out of the revenues of North and South Wales respectively.Ibid, pp. 155–6.
Same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease under the Exchequer Seal to John Pearse for 99 years or for two lives from the death of Penelope his wife of the farm of those messuages, lands, and tenements lying in Pinckworthy Superior and Pinckworthy Inferior, in the parish of Pyworthy. co. Devon, parcel of the manor of Bradford: as demised by Charles I, 1637, Nov. 30, to said John Pearse for the lives of Penelope his wife and Mary Cory, daughter of William Cory, of Pyworthy.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 122–3.
Prefixing:—Particular and ratal of the premises.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a lease under the Great Seal to Richard Franklyn of the farm of that messuage, tenement or capital manor, called Frogmore in New Windsor, with 77 acres 1 rood of land in New Windsor: all as last granted to Thomas Howell, 1660–1. Mar. 18. in reversion after a former grant thereof to William Holt and William Gwyn. by the late King James, 1624, July 10: with covenant for the present grantee to deliver within 12 months to the Auditor of co. Berks a perfect Terrier or particular of the premises, expressing the several houses thereupon the quantities mounds and boundaries thereof and the like thereafter once in every seven years to remain of record for the service of the Crown, and [? every year] to plant six or more young saplings of oak, ash or elm upon some part of the premises fit for that purpose, and to defend same from spoil or harm that they may grow up and become timber trees for the benefit of the Crown.Ibid, pp. 124–5.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and ratal thereof by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
July 30Treasury warrant to Walter Breames, Comptroller of Customs of Sandwich port, authorising Cadwallader Jones to enter on and execute the office of Customer of Sandwich port, and for said Comptroller to pay him the profits of said office from Lady Day last: all in accordance with the privy seal of April 30 last: said Jones having been suspended from office by Treasury warrant of 1668–9, Feb. 1, for defaulting on his bond as a surety of William Harris, Receiver of Hearthmoney for Devon, but he having since (June 13 last) paid in the 300l. in final discharge thereof in accordance with the terms of abovesaid privy seal.Warrants Not Relating to Money III. pp. 127–8.
July—Treasury allowance of the 1672 Lady Day quarter's bill of the charges, and 1672 Midsummer quarter's bill of salaries [of the Excise Office, London, being the portion] disbursed and payable on the receipt of the Country Excise. (Totals respectively 81l. 19s. 9d. and 344l. 9s. 9d.)Money Book (Excise), p. 17.