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Historical Collections of Private Passages of State: Volume 6, 1645-47. Originally published by D Browne, London, 1722.

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Accounts stated betwixt the Parliament and the Scots Army, p. 323, &c.

Action between the King's Forces, and the Parliament's new modell'd Army, 23

Agitators in the Army. 556

Apprentices of London, of one Party, their Petition to the Parliament, 614
-, Of another Party of. them, 616
-, Of a third Party to the Peers, 618
-, And the Peers Answer, 619

E. of Argyle's Speech to the Committee of both Houses of Parliament, 298

Army, according to the new Model, 7.
-, The Charge thereof, and Sir Thomas Fairfax nam'd General, 7.
-, Several Votes pass for disbanding it or to engage for Ireland, 418.
-, Advances to-wards London, 553.
-, Distempers in it, 480.
-, To be disbanded, and a Committee of both Houses to give them thanks, and see them disbanded, 494.
-, Several Resolutions about the Army, 501.
-, Their Representation of their dislike of being Suddenly disbanded, and desire redress of Grievances, 505.
-, Solemn Engagement assented to by all the Officers and Soldiers at the general Rendezvous at New-Market, 510.
-, Impartial Narration of their Intentions, &c. 511.
-, Approach nearer London, 555.
-, Rendezvous near Royston, and the Votes read to them, and what happened there, 556.
-, Advance to St. Albans, and a Month's Pay order'd them, 560.
-, Their Representation to the Parliament, 564.
-, Send Proposals, 570.
-, Remonstrance to the Commissioners of Parliament at St. Albans about the state of the Kingdom, 585.
-, Desires to the Parliament about the XI Members and Privileges of Parliament, 594.
-, They disclaim a Pamphlet, call'd, The Heads presented by the Army to the King, 602.
-, Appoint Officers to treat with the Commissioners of Parliament about their desires, 603.
-, Come to Reading, 604.
-, Their further Proposals from Reading, 629.
-, See Fair fax's private Subscriptions against the Army, 635.

Army name Officers to represent their Proceeding to the Parliament, 458.
-, Goes to Wickam, 596.
-, Order'd by Parliament not to come within 25 miles of London 555

Articles of Surrender of Blechington-House, 24
-, Of Surrender of Chester, 137, &c.
-, Of Surrender of Exeter, 263
-, Of Surrender of Newark, 267
-, Of Surrender of Banbury, 278
-, Of Surrender of Oxford, 280, &c.
-, Of Surrender of Worcester, 286
-, Of Surender of Ragland-Castle, 293
-, Of Pendennis, 295
-, Of Peace betwixt the Marquis of Ormond, and the Confederate Irish Papists, 401, to 414

Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland's Remonstrance to the King in June 1745, 229.
-, Letter to the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, 237.
-, Letter to both Houses of Parliament, 306.
-, Letter to the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council of London, 307.
-, Letter to the Assembly of Divines, 308

Assembly of Divines attend the Parliament, and acquaint them with what they bad done in matters of Religion, 473

Assembly Provincical of London meets at Paul's, 476

Lord Astley routed near Stow, 139
-, whereof Col. Morgan gives an Account to the Parliament, 140


Barnstaple surrender'd to General Fairfax, 266

Bath taken, 60

Battle of Naseby, 42, &c.

Monsteur Belleivre the French Ambassador had Audience of both Houses of Parliament, and obtains Passes to return into France, 318

Berkley-Castle storm'd and surrender'd 90

Best's Book censured, 635

Col. Birch order'd 4900l. 563.
-, Is taken and released, 584

Col. Bosvill gives the King a Pacquet of Letters at Holmby, and is sent for as a Delinquent by order of Parliament, 452

Bovey-tracy, the Royalists defeated there, 96

Bridgnorth taken, 260

Bridgwater taken, 58

Bristol besuged, 66.
-, Storm'd, 67,
-, The General encourages the Inhabitants to surrender, 72.
-, Surrenders upon Articles, 82

Duke of Buckingham's Sequestration taken off, 500

Buckinghamshire petitions the General against disbanding the Army, 573.
-, Their Speech at the delivery of it, 574


Carlisle surrender'd, 118

Castles in Northwales to be demolish'd, 456

Mr. Chaloner's Speech in the House about the right of disposing of the King's Person, 336

Charge against XI Members, 570. Vid. M.

Chepstow taken by Col. Morgan, 128

Chester Siege raised, 29.
-, Continued, and Surrender, 136

Citizens of London's solemn Engagement, 639, &c.

Club-men up, 52.
-, Their desires to General Fairfax, 53.
-, And his Answer, ibid.

Complaint of the wrongs done by the Dutch to the English, and satisfaction desired by Parliament, 200, &c.
-, Against Irish Troopers who rob in the Country about Oxon, 478

Commissioners of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland publish a solemn and seasonable Warnings, &c. 390

Commissioners of Parliament come to Newcastle with Proposals to the King, 319.
-, Return to London with the King's Answer, 321.
-, Appointed by Parliament to attend the King at Holmby 394.
-, Sent to Saffron-Walden to the Army, 457.
-, Their Proceedings there, 491

Commissioners of Scotlond's Papers about the right of disposing of the King's Person, 392

House of Commons Answer to the Scots Papers, about the disposal of the King's Person, 341, &c.
-, Choose Mr. Pelham a new Speaker, 646

Commissioners of Parliament, their Letter about their Proceedings with the Army in order to be disbanded, 499,
-, New Commissioners sent to the Army; 521.
-, More sent to the Army, 560.
-, Sent to Ireland, and land at Dublin with Forces, 562.
-, Their further Proceedings with the Army, 563.
-, From the City sent to the Army 573.
-, Of Parliament and Army treat, 606.
-, Their Proceedings, 630, &c.

Committee for the safety of the Kingdom voted to be reviv'd, 652.
-, Their names, 653

Common Council of London appoint a Committee to treat with Fairfax, 558

Conaway Town storm' d and taken, 297

Conference about punishing Raisers of false News to set variance between both Houses, 14

Consult about accusing of Cromwell for an Incendiary, 2.

Cromwell accused by the Chancellor of Scotland for an Incendiary, 2.
-, His Speech about the state of the Nation, and of the War, 4.
-, Beats the Royalists at Islip-Bridg, 24.
-, Beats up their quarters at Brampton-bush, 25
-, Summons Farington, 26.
-, Is there repulsed, ibid.
-, His letter to the House of Commons about Naseby-Battel, 45 .
-, Interview with the Western Men in Arms, and satisfies them, 61.
-, Meets 4000 Club-men, attacks and disperses them, 62.
-, Returns to the Siege of Sherborn, and makes them capitulate, 63.
-, Letter to the Speaker about the surrender of Bristol, 85.
-, Comes to the Devises, and takes it by surrender, 89, 90.
-, His Letter about taking of Winchester, 91,
-, His Letter about the storming of Basing-House, 93.
-, Takes Langford-House. 94


Dalkeith, Lady, her Letter about her carrying the Princess Henrietta into France 318

Dartmouth storm'd and taken, 96.

Debates betwixt the Parliament and the Scots Commissioners about the right of disposing of the Kings Person, 341 to 372.
-, About the XI Members, 584

Declaration of the General and Officers of the Scots Army, testifying the Integrity of their Soldiers, 303.
-, Of the Popish lrish Clergy against the Peace concluded by Ormond, 416.
-, Of Parliament to make void a former Declaration concerning the Army, 547.
-, In Vindication of the Parliament, 561.
-, Of the Army at large, 564.
-, Of the Northern Association Forces to Fairfax, 622, &c.
-, Against the petition and Engagement, 635.
-, Of Parliament against the Petition and Engagement, 643.
-, Of the Lord Mayor, &c. against the Proceedings of the Army, 648

Dennington-Castle surrender'd, 252

Lord Digby's Letter to Sir Edward Hide intercepted in Cornwall, 128.
-, His Motions towards Doncaster, and is routed by Copley, 130.
-, His Letters taken with his Coach, ibid.
-, His Letter to the Lord Jermin, 131.
-, Worsted at Sherborn, 130.
-, Escapes to Ireland, 134.
-, Letter to Secretary Nicholas, 240.
-, Letter to Lord Inchequen to leave the Parliament's Service, 414.
-, And the Lord Inchequen's Answer, 415.
-, Affronted by the Soldiers at Dublin, and flies away, 486

Sir Dudley Digg's Book complain' d of, 482

Earl of Dunfarmelin has leave to see the King at Holmby, 483.
-, Brings a Message from the King to both Houses, 504.
-, Retires into France. 551

Durham, the Bishop thereof allowed 800 l. per An. 260


Essex, Earl, and other Lords surrender their Commissions, 15.
-, And their Surrender declared acceptable, ibid.
-, E. of Essex's Death and Funeral, 329

Effex, the County's Petition to Fairfax about disbanding, 520, 556

Exeter summon'd to surrender, and the Governour's Answer, 261, 262.
-, Surrenders upon Articles; 263


Fairfax, Sir Tho. nam'd General of the New Model'd Army, 7.
-, Sens for into the House of Commons, and barangu'd, 13.
-, List of the Officers of his Army, ibid.
-, Goes to Windsor, 16.
-, Prayers for his Army, 25.
-, Is to relieve Taunton, ibid.
-, Begins his March, 27.
-, Is order'd to besiege Oxon, 33.
-, Takes Gaunt-house, 36.
-, His Men taken by a Sally at Oxon, 36.
-, Summons Borstel-house, and quits it, ibid.
-, Marches into Northamptonshire, 40.
-, His Letters to the Committees of both Kingdoms, 40.
-, Calls a Council of War, 41.
-, Gains the Victory at Naseby, 43.
-, His Letter to the Parliament about it, 45.
-, Intercepts several Letters, 49.
-, Marches to Leicester, and takes it, 50.
-, Consults about the relieving of Taunton, 51.
-, Meets the Club men, 52, 53.
-, Comes to Crookhorn, 54.
-, Fights at Langport, 55.
-, Storms Bridgwater, and takes it, 56.
-, His Actions in the West, 60.
-, Takes Nunney-Castle, 64.
-, Goes to Bedminster and Bristol, and besieges it, 65.
-, His Letter to the Scots Army about the Victory gain'd by Mortross in Scotland, 68.
-, His Offer to the Bristol-Citizens to surrender, 72, 73.
-, His Summons to Prince Rupert, 73, 74.
-, Appoints Commissioners to treat about the Surrender, 77, &c.
-, Receives Bristol by Surrender, 83.
-, Takes Tiverton-Castle, and marches towards Exeter, 95.
-, His Letter about the taking of Dartmouth, 97.
-, Takes Pouldram-Castle, 99.
-, His Letter about Torrington-Fight, 99.
-, Resolves to march into Cornwall, 103.
-, Summons the Lord Hopton, and a Treaty enter'd upon betwixt them, 105.
-, The Treaty concluded, 108.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about it, 109.
-, Articles, 110.
-, Marches to Exeter and summons it, 261.
-, Receives it upon Articles, 263.
-, Marches towards Oxon, 266, 276.
-, Prepares for the Siege, 277.
-, Summons the Marquis of Worcester to surrender Ragland-Castle, and the Transactions about it 291.
-, Comes to London, and is barangu'd by the Speakers of both Houses, 388.
-, His Letter to the Speaker about the Army's Petition, 445.
-, His Letter to the Officers of every Regiment to promote the Service of Ireland, 461.
-, Goes to Saffron-Walden, 491.
-, From thence to Edmundsbury, 494.
-, His Letter to the Colonels of every Regiment, 495.
-, His Letter to both Houses about the Army's being disbanded, 499.
-, His Letter about the King's coming to the Army, 521
-, His Letter to the Speaker about the King's going to New-market, 550.
-, His Letter to the Lord Mayor about the Army's Intentions, from Royston, 554.
-, Consents to the Kings coming to Richmond, 580.
-, His Proclamation against molesting the Country, 581.
-, Letter to the City about his coming to Uxbridge, 593.
-, Letter to the Parliament about his drawing off to Wickam, 596.
-, Letter to the Parliament about the King seeing his Children, 610, 611.
-, Letter to the Speaker about the Soldiers of the Northern Association, 620.
-, Is declared Commander in chief of all the Land - Forces in England and Wales, 626.
-, Letter to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London from Reading about their Militia, 630.
-, His Letter to both Houses about the Petition and Engagement of the Citizens, 636.
-, Sends a kind Letter to the City, 645.
-, Is desired not to advance with his Army nearer it, 645.
-, His Letter to the City about his advance towards it, 647.
-, Has no power over the Train'd Bands, 651.
-, His Letter to the Commissioners of Parliament, 653

Fast-days, 5 , 546, 596.
-, In Scotland, and the Motives thereunto, 644.
-, In the City, 645


Glamorgan, Earl, his Articles with the Irish Popish Confederates in Ireland, and his Oath to them, 239, &c.
-, His Treaty with the Irish Papists, 242.
-, Commission granted him by the King to empower him thereunto, 243.
-, Other Articles betwixt him and the Irish Papists, 245.
-, His Letter to his Lady, 246.
-, His Letter to his Majesty, 249

Glamorganshire's Grievances, and causes of their Insurrection, 578, &c. 582

Grand Committee of the House of Commons about the sad Condition of the Kingdom by the Continuation of the War, 3


Hartfordshire's Petition to Fairfax, 575.
-, Their Proposals, 576

Henderson's Conference with the King at Newcastle, 321

Hereford surprised and taken by a Stratagem, 134

Mr. Hollis accused by Lord Savill, 177.
-, Debated upon and acquitted, 179.
-, Voted into the House, 652. See XI Members.

Lord Hopton's Treaty with Fairfax about Surrender, 105.
-, Letters interchanged between them, 106, &c.
-, Articles about disbanding his Army agreed upon, 110, &c.


Jenkins, Judge, debates about him, 587
-, Lord Inchequen's Success against the Rebels in Ireland, 562.
-, Ordered Provisions and Money to be sent him, 632.
-, His Success, 486

Indemnity to the Country Committees, 484.
-, For things done, 489

Instructions for a Comptrol upon the Accounts of Money to be received or paid on the Sale of Bishops Lands, 385.
-, For the Contractors for the Sale of Bishops Lands, 386.
-, For the Surveyors of the said Lands, ibid.
-, To be observed by the Register, 387.
-, To the Parliament Commissioners who are to treat with Ormond, 419

Col. Jones made Governour of Dublin, 451

Ireland, Affairs relating to it, An. 1645, 238.
-, During the Year 1646, 399.
-, Committee about Ireland to sit in Derby-House, 450.
-, Under Consideration of Parliament, 452, 453, &c.
-, Propositions to those of the Army who will under take to go thither, 457, 460, 461, 463, 468.
-, They embark at Chester, 477, 481.
-, More Forces ordered for Ireland, 482.
-, Affairs there, 485.
-, Success there under Inchequen, 486.
-, Forces to be sent thither to preserve Trim, 492.
-, Success there under Col. Conway, 492.
-, In Distress for want of Money and Provisions, 627.
-, Wants Relief, 631.
-, Papist Rebels in Ireland, their Address to Pope Innocent X. thanking him for sending them a Nuncio, 247.
-, Popish Clergy declare against the Peace concluded by the Marquis of Ormond with the Popish Irish Confederates, and give all the management of the Civil and Military Affairs to the Nuncio, 417.
-, Who there upon administers an Oath to them against the Peace. 418


King, his Field-forces for the West May 1645. p. 19.
-, In other Counties at that time, 20. &c.
-, Takes the Field, May 7, 1649. 29.
-, Takes Hawkesly House, and burns it, 29.
-, Takes Leicester by Storm, 35.
-, Retires after Nase-by-fight towards Wales, 44.
-, Houjhold Servants taken at Naseby-fight, 48.
-, Letters intercepted, 49
-, Declaration in Vindication of Prince Rupert, about the Surrender of Bristol, 84.
-, Marches to the Eastern Association, 116.
-, Takes Huntington, 116.
-, Forces defeated near Chester, 117.
-, Letter to Prince Rupert, 132.
-, Proclamation about the Book of Common-Prayer and Directory, 207.
-, Message to both House with Pro-positions, 216.
-, Reply to both Houses Answer, 218.
-, Message again, 218.
-, Reply to the Parliament's Answer, ibid,
-, And further Reply, ibid.
-, Message, 222, 223.
-, Letter to the Marquis of Ormond about his going to the Scots, 266.
-, Leaves Oxon, 267.
-, Comes to the Scots Army, ibid.
-, Comes to Newcastle, and his Message to the Parliament, 274.
-, Letter to the City of London, 275.
-, Warrant to, Sir Thomas Glonham, &c. about the Surrender of their Garrisons 276.
-, Letter to the Marquis of Ormond not to proceed in the Treaty with the Rebels, 302.
-, Answer to the Parliament's Letter about Ormond's surrendering of Dublin, 317.
-, Answer to the Parliament's Propositions for a Peace, 320.
-, Answer to the Scots Commissioners at Newcastle, 327.
-, Another Answer sent to them, 328.
-, Letter to Duke Hamilton, dissuading him from going beyond Sea, 329.
-, Last Message to the Parliament and Scots Commissioners at London for a Personal Treaty, from Newcastle, 393.
-, Query to the Scots Commissioners about the Freedom of his Person, and their Answer, 399.
-, Comes to Holmby, 398.
-, Declares he hath long waited for the Propositions from the Parliament, 484.
-, Answer to the Propositions sent him, 487.
-, Carry'd away by a Party of the Army from Holmby, and the means of it, 503, 511, 516, 517, 549,
-, Passages between the King and the General Officers at Childerly, and Cornet Joyce, 649.
-, Comes to New-market, 550.
-, To come to Richmond by Vote of Parliament, 562, 563.
-, His Discourse with Mr. Peters, 578.
-, Stays at Royston, 592.
-, Comes to Hathfield, 593.
-, Comes to Windsor, 603.
-, Comes to Causam, and is visited by the Prince Elector, 606, 607.
-, Is to see his Children, and his Letter to the Duke of York about it, 612.
-, Meets his Children at Maidenhead, and dines with them, 625.
-, Comes to Latimer and Wooburn, 639.
-, His Children to be committed to the Care of the City of London, 652

Kingdom's State in May 1645, Shewing the Strength of his Majesty's Forces, and that of the Parliament at the Beginning of the Month, 18, &c.


Litchfield, Earl, kill'd, 117

Letters from the Committee of both Kingdoms to General Fairfax, 30, 31.
-, About the besieging of Oxford, 33.
-, From the Committee of both Kingdoms to Fairfax, 34.
-, From Cromwell about the Associated Counties, 37.
-, From the Committees at Northmpton, ibid, &c.
-, From Fairfax to Cromwell, 39.
-, From the Committee of the Army to the Speaker about Nseby-fight, 48.
-, Taken in a Ship coming from Ireland, making considerable Discoveries, 104.
-, Between Lord Hopton and General Fairfax, 107.
-, Between Sir Will. Bereton and Lord Byron, about the Surrender of Chester, 136, &c.
-, And the Articles, 139.
-, Intercepted from Oxon to the King, 280.
-, Between the Marquis of Worcester, and Col. Morgan, about the Surrender of Ragland-Castle, 290.
-, From the Parliament of Scotland to the English Parliament, 395.
-, From the Parliament of England to that of Scotland, 397.
-, From Saffron-Walden, about the Actions of the Army, 445, 447
-, Lord Littleton, Lord-keeper, dies, 116

Lord Lisle appointed Governour of Ireland, 248.
-, Reports to the House the State of Affairs in Ireland, 479

London Charter to be confirm'd, 316.
-, Commons, about the 200000 l. for the Scots Army, 326, &c.
-, City's Letter to Gen. Fairfax, 577.
-, Militia (see Militia) sends Six Commissioners to Fairfax not to advance, 645

Lord Loughborow or Hastings marches out of Leicester, 51

Lowdon Lord Chancellor of Scotland accuses Cromwell for an Incendiary, 2.
-, His Speech to the King at Newcastle, 319.
-, His Speech at a Conference of both Houses, 329, 331, 334


Mayor, Lord, of London's Answer to Fairfax's Letters about the Army's advancing towards London, 557.
-, Letter about changing the Militia, 632

Members of Parliament guilty of Breach of the self-denying Ordinance, are to refund, 550

Eleven excepted Members withdraw from the House, 593.
-, Council appointed them, 612.
-, Put in their Answer to the Charge of the Army against them, 626.
-, Offer freely to withdraw, and their Demands, 628.
-, Sit in the House again, 647.
-, Voted into the House, 652

Militia of London, 316.
-, Great Debate upon't, 445.
-, Chosen by the Common Council, and desired to be approved by the Parliament, 470.
-, Approved by Parliament, 478. 12000 l.
-, ordered for the Militia of London for the Guard of the City, 496.
-, To raise Horse, 609.
-, changed, 632, 633, 634

Ministers Petition for Tithes, 632.
-, Ordinance for it, 635

Money raised and ready to pay the Scots Army in order to their Departure, 389.
-, Ordered for Arrears, 548.
-, For Ireland, 625

Col. George Monk takes the Covenant, and is employ'd by the Parliament to serve in Ireland, 388

Major General Munroe's Letter about his Defeat at Benburgh in Ireland, 399

Montrose worsted at Dundee, 228.
-, Fights doubtfully at Aldern, 229.
-, Defeats Gen. Bayly at Alford, 230.
-, Obtains a great Victory at Kilsyth, 230.
-, Is defeated at Philiphaugh near Selkirk, 231.
-, Betakes himself to the Hills, 232.
-, Receives the Kings Orders to dismiss his Forces and withdraws out of the Kingdom. 232.


Naseby-fight, 42

Navy-Royal, and the Lift of them and other Ships appointed for An. 1645. 144

Negotiation betwixt the Marquess of Ormond, and Commissioners of Parliament, about the surrender of Dublin, 418 to 443.
-, It succeeds not, 444

Newark summoned to surrender, 250.
-, The Negotiation thereupon, 251.
-, Surrenders upon Articles, 269

Norfolk Petition to Fairfax, 559.
-, That and Suffolk Petition to the Parliament about setling the Peace of the Nation, 601

Nottinghamshire-Horse, their Petition to Fairfax, 624.
-, To the Parliament, ibid.


Officers not employ'd in the new Army to have their Arrears paid them, 15.
-, Their Vindication, 469.
-, They meet Commissioners, 479

Orders of the House of Commons against Members that take Money for any thing depending in the House, 215.
-, That all who have born Arms against the Parliament, depart out of London, 250, 611.
-, for discovering the KingTheir Vindication, 267.
-, For Papists and Cavaliers to depart 20
-, miles from London, ibid.
-, Concerning those who come from Oxon, 205.
-, To keep Malignants from the King, 694.
-, That the Army come not within 25
-, miles of London, and rewards promised to Soldiers who fall off from them, 555

Ordinance of Parliament, self denying one, 1, 16,
-, Past the House of Commons, and Speeches upon't 7.
-, The Lords reject it, ibid.
-, Debates about it betwixt Lords and Commons, 8.
-, Past the Lords, 15

Ordinance of Lords and Commons for maintaining the Forces raised for defence of the Kingdon-under Sir Thomas Fairfax, 15.
-, For Fairfax's Commission, 14.
-, For imposing an Oath on those that come into the Parliament's Protection. 141.
-, For exempting the University of Cambridge from Taxes, 142.
-, That none shall preach but such as are ordain'd, 143.
-, For the better taking and expediting the Accompts of the Kingdom, 145.
-, For Redemption of Captives, and Regulations upon't, 179, 181.
-, for setting up the Directory, 205.
-, For taking away the 5th part of Delinquents Estates, 209.
-, Concerning the Inhabitants, of Wales, 209.
-, About Suspension from the Sacrament, with Rules and Directions there-about, 211.
-, For the Ordination of Ministers, 212.
-, and Rules for their Examination, 213.
-, For establishing a Court-Martial, 252.
-, For abolishing of Episcopacy, and selling of Bishops Lands for the use of the Common-wealth, 373.
-, For appointing the sale of Bishops Lands, 376.
-, For raising 60000l. per mensem, for the Service of England and Ireland, and debates thereupon, 450.
-, For indemnisying the 'Officers and Soldiers of the Army who acted by Authority of Parliament, 519.
-, Against the Observation of Holiday's, allowing days for Recreation, 548.
-, Enabling the Committee of the Militia of London to raise Horse, 552.
-, For taking away the Excise on Flesh and Salt, 553.
-, For raising 60000 l. per mensem, and every Country's proportion thereof, 582.
-, Against tumultuous Meetings of Officers and Soldiers, 595.
-, New one for the Militia, 634.
-, About setling the Militia, 634.
-, About setling the Militia of London, 634.
-, To revoke the Settlement of the same, 643.
-, For the Militia of London, 655

Marquess of Ormond's Letter to Major Gen. Munroe, 272,
-, Negotiation with the Commissioners of Parliament about the surrender of Dublin, 418, &c.

Offory, the Popish Bishop thereof excommunicates the Clergy in Ireland for adbering to the Peace, 417

Oxford ordered to be besieged by Fairfax, and his approaches to it. 33.
-, Besieged, 276.
-, Commissioners to treat about the surrender of it, 279
-, Surrenders upon Articles, 280, &c.
-, University visited, and Visitors nam'd, 476.
-, A Committee appointed for Oxford Appeals, 477


Parliament's Field-forces in the West, 19,
-, In other Counties, 20, &c.
-, State of their Affairs and Councils there-upon, 29, &c.
-, Declaration to the States General, 182, &c.
-, Transactions between them, 186, &c.
-, Second Declaration and Proceedings with the Ambassador of the States General, concerning Restitution of Ships and Course of Trade, 193, &c.
-, Answer to the Kings Messages about Peace, 217.
-, Answer to other Messages, 219.
-, Incensed at the printing of the Scotish Papers, the Preface whereof was burnt, 257.
-, Declaration of their Intentions to maintain the fundamental Government, 257.
-, Vote Thanks to the Scots Commissioners, 394
-, Debates about the King's coming nearer London, 314, 489.
-, Sends Sir Peter Killigrew to compliment the Archduke Leopold Governour of Flanders, 490.
-, To be purged, and a Period to be put to their Sitting, 566, &c.
-, Not to be dissolved at the King's Pleasure, 568.
-, Vote the Militia void, 574.
-, Against Suspending the XI Members, 592.
-, Disturbers of Parliament to suffer military Execution, 646,
-, Send a Letter to Fairfax concerning London, 654

Peace treated and concluded betwixt the Marquis of Ormond and the Irish Rebels, 401.
-, The Popish Clergy exclaim against it, 415.
-, Propositions agreed upon in order to a Peace, and offered to the King at Newcastle, 309

Pendennis-Castle surrender'd upon Articles, 295

Mr. Pelham made Speaker of the House of Commons, 652.
-, Presented to the Lords, ibid.

Persons excepted out of the General Pardon, 313.
-, All concerned in the Irish Rebellion, and who deserted the Parliament, and went to Oxon, and who have born Arms against the Parliament, 314, &c.

Petition of Gen. Leven, and the general Officers of the Scots Army, to the King at Newcastle, 304.
-, and his Majesty's Answer thereunto, 305.
-, Petitions against the Army from Essex, 448, 541
-, Of the Officers of the Army to the House of Commons, 468.
-, To the House of Commons as the Supreme Authority, voted Seditions; and to be burnt, 488.
-, Of some Officers of the Army to their General, 495
-, with 10000 hands laid aside, 500.
-, Of the City for raising of Horse, 546.
-, With Debates and Thanks to the City for their guarding the Parliament, 547,
-, Of the Lord Mayer and Common Council to the Parliament, about the State of the Kingdom, 597 to 600.
-, For which they have Thanks, 600.
-, Of the Citizens to the Lord Mayor, &c. 638.
-, Of the Lord Mayor, &c. to the Parliament, 640.
-, Of the well-affected Citizens to the Lord Mayor, 640.
-, Of divers Apprentices, 641.
-, To the Parliament, 642

Pope's Nuncio comes into Ireland, 247

Pontesract-Castle surrender'd, 118

Col. Poyntz secured by his Soldiers, 625
-, Made a general Officer of the new Regiments of Reformades, 647

Prince Charles goes to Scilly, 104.
-, Goes into France, 285

Prince Rupert falls upon Col. Massey at Ledbury, 23.
-, His Narrative about the Siege and Surrender of Bristol, 69, 70 &c.

Prisoners Taken at Naseby-fight, 46, 47

Proclamation for Soldiers to repair to their Colours, 25.
-, Against Plunder, 606

Publick Justice and Oblivion, 569

Punishment remarkable for Breach of Articles, 92.
-, For Treachery on the Person of Major George Sadler, 95


Qualifications for Parliament Men, 580

Queen of Bohemia ordered 10000l. at present, and 10000 l. per annum for her Support, by the House of Commons, 260

Questions put to the Assembly of Divines by the Commons about the Jus Divinum of Presbytery, 260


Ragland-Castle besieged, 289.
-, Summon'd by Col. Morgan, and Surrenders upon Articles, 293, 294

Reformado's to be Regimented, 646.
-, Many offer to be listed, 647.
-, To rendezous in St. James's, 653

Remonstrance of the Protestant Clergy of Ireland to the Marquis of Osmond, upon the Conclusion of the Treaty of Peace with the Popish Rebels, 414.
-, Of the Army at St. Albans to the Parliament about the State of the Kingdom, 585 to 590

Resolution of the Lords about the Choice of Elders, Religion and Church Government, 224, &c.

Rules to be observed by the Commissioners residing with the Army, 32

Rupert Prince. Vid. Prince.


Saffron-Walden, the Army's Headquarter, where the Soldiers choose a Committee, 485

Scarborough-Castle yields upon Articles, 118, &c.

Scots Commissioners Paper to the Parliament about the Return of their Army, 322
-, Have the Thanks of the House of Lords, 323.
-, Their Accounts and Demands amount to above two Millions. 323

Scotish Army's Proceedings in the North, 118.
-, Take Cannon-Froam, 110.
-, Besiege Hereford, and summon the Governour, 122.
-, They raise the Siege, and Declaration upon't, 123.
-, Letters betwixt them and the Committee of Parliament, 124.
-, March to Glocester, and ordered by Parliament to sit down before Newark, 126.
-, March into Scotland against Montrose, 231.
-, Fight Montrose, and give him a great defeat at Selkirk, 231.
-, Their General's Letter about the King's coming to them, 268.
-, They march Northward, and the King with them, 271.
-, Their Reason for not delivering up Col. Ashburnham and Dr. Hudson, 272.
-, They Petition their General for a Declaration of their Integrity, which is granted them, 302, 303.
-, Their Demands for their Pay 325.
-, and are willing to aceept of 500000l. in all, ibid.
-, Have 200000l. voted them by Parliament, 320
-, March out of Newcastle, leaving the Town in the Hands of Maj. General Skippon, appointed Governour, 398.
-, Officers ordered to be paid their Arrears, 461

Scots Commissioners scruple to join in the Propositions to be sent to the King, 253.
-, Their papers to both Houses about the Proportions, ibid. 256.
-, Their Declaration about the King's Letter to Ormond, 272.
-, Their Papers consenting to the Proportions of Peace, 300.
-, Their Paper desiring their Armies in England and Ireland to be supply'd, the Accompts to be adjusted, and all Armies to be disbanded, 301.
-, To go to the King, 574

Parliament of Scotland meets at Edinburgh, 229.
-, Letter to the City of London, 232.
-, To the Assembly of Divines, 233,
-, To both Houses of Parliament, 233, 234.
-, Of the Committee of Parliament in Scotland to both Houses about Church Government, 23.
-, Their Instructions to their Commissioners about the disposal of the King's Person, 390.
-, Their Declaration about the King's coming into their Army in England, 395, &c.
-, Their Concurrence with England about the disposal of the King's Person, 396.
-, The desires of Scotland, 397

Great Seal broken in pieces, 285

Mr. Selden's Speech about Excommunication, 203.
-, has 5000l. ordered him for Damages he suffered, 482

Self-denying Ordinance and Debates upon't, 5.
-, Past the Lords. 15.

Skippon's Speech to the Soldiers at Reading, 17.
-, Made Governour of Newcastle, 398

Skirmish betwixt Lord Goring and Cromwel at Radcot-bridge, 27

Sligo in Ireland taken, 289

Soldiers ready to rendezvous without their Officers, 498.
-, Petition against Grievances and disbandings ibid.

Speeches about the state of the War, 4.
-, Speaker's Speech to Gen. Fairfax at his coming to London, 388

Speaker of the House of Commons absents, 646.
-, A new one chosen, ibid.

Swedish Ships refuse to strike to the English, upon which follows a Fight, 481.
-, The Swedish vice Admiral taken, and set at liberty, 484


Taunton ordered to be relieved, 28.
-, Col. Welden commands the Party that is to do it, ibid.
-, and is accordingly relieved, ibid.

Train'd-bands raised at the News of the approach of the Army towards London, 646

Treaty betwixt the Commissioners of Parliament and the Army, 603.
-, Begins, 604, 605, 606.
-, Propositions in order to it, 605, 606.
-, Continues, 626

Tuam, the Archbishop of it kill'd, and Papers found about him, 239


Vaughan, Sir Will. routs some of the Parliament Horse, 29.
-, Is defeated at Denbigh, 136

Vote of the House of Commons, That no Member shall enjoy any Office civil or military, 4.
-, Reasons for't, 5.
-, For propositions to be sent the King in order to a Peace, 205.
-, Upon the Rumour of his Majesty's intending to come privately to London, 244.
-, About the disposal of the King, 268.
-, Of the House of Commons, that they have no further need of the Scots Army, 305.
-, To pay the Scots Army 400000l. About the Settle ment of Ireland, 444, 445, &c.
-, about disbanding the Foot, 496.
-, Their Votes dissans factory to the Army, 497.
-, And the Army's Reasons for't ibid.
-, In favour of the Army, 595.
-, Concerning the XI Members, 628.
-, of the House of Commons after they had chosen Mr. Perham their New Speaker, 646.
-, And Orders of both Houses for bringing the King to any of his Houses near London in Safety and Liberty, to receive Propositions from both Kingdoms in order to a Peace, 652

Ulster, British Forces there make an Expedition into Connaught, 238


Walker, Dr. appointed Judge of the Admiralty, 652

Col. Washington's Letter about the surrender of Worcester, 286

Col. Weldon relieves Taunton, 28

Westchester taken by the Parliament-Forces, 135

Westminster guarded, 561

Whitlock his advice about Cromwell's being accused for an Incendiary by the Chancellor of Scotland, 3.
-, His Speech about the State of the Kingdom, 4.
-, He is accused by Lord Savil, and his Speech in his own Vindication, 177.
-, and after some Debate in the House is acquitted, 178, 179.
-, His Speech about Excommunication, 203

Wickam the place of Treaty betwixt the Commissioners of Parliament and Army, 203
-, Head Quarters of the Army 652

Widows ordered 3000l. 500

Windebank Governour of Blechington sentenced to be shot to death for surrendring the place, 25

Woodstock surrender'd, 260

Worcester surrender'd upon Articles, 287


York, Duke, brought to St. James's, 285
-, The King's Letter to him to come to Come to Causam, 625, 626